SDT2BMS :: Volume #2

#139: The sadness and joy of mouse king

The sadness and joy of Chapter 139 mouse king 第139章鼠大王的悲伤与快乐 Right, air-to-air! Your that big mouse probably was a little not a moment ago right. Was it enters the step? After entering the step, probably it has the evil intention to you.” Long Dangdang serious and earnest saying, is shifting the topic meticulously. “对了,空空啊!刚才你那大老鼠好像有点不对。它是进阶了吧?进阶之后,好像它对你有恶意。”龙当当严肃认真的说道,一丝不苟的转移着话题。 Long Kongkong gawked, „? I have no feeling! However, it should be the evolution. Its others summoned the beast to give to eat. Luckily eats is not the life summon beast, turn head I must tell well glutton fellow, but in inspection others this life summon beast not swallowing, that may trouble. However, Brother, is the glutton very fierce?” 龙空空愣了一下,“是吗?我没什么感觉啊!不过,它应该是进化了的。它连人家召唤兽都给吃了。幸亏吃的不是本命召唤兽,回头我要跟吃货这家伙好好说说,可千万别在考核的时候把人家本命召唤兽给吞了,那可就麻烦了。不过,老哥,吃货是不是挺厉害的?” Long Dangdang nods, said: Is fiercer than the imagination. That silver back gorilla should be six levels of demon beasts, being equivalent to us fifth-order. Your that big mouse five levels, are equivalent fourth-order , like you. Can jump over the step to swallow unexpectedly . Moreover the opponent does not have the strength of resistance, this is not very truly ordinary. Does not know that its limit is many. Moreover, you have not entered the step, it has been promoted to six levels unexpectedly. The being promoted speed that this to swallow is a little fast.” 龙当当点了点头,道:“比想象中要厉害。那个银背大猩猩应该是六级魔兽,相当于我们五阶。你那大老鼠才五级,相当于四阶,和伱一样。竟然能越阶吞噬,而且对手毫无反抗之力,这确实很不一般了。只是不知道它的极限是多少。而且,你都还没进阶呢,它竟然就已经晋级到六级了。这以吞噬的晋级速度有点快。” Long Kongkong touches the nose saying: Possibly is because I am away from fifth-order am not far.” 龙空空摸摸鼻子道:“可能是因为我距离五阶也已经不远了吧。” Truly, in the process that in three people cultivation together, without him of liquid spirit strength, instead is progresses quickest that. Under strength of baptism that moon/month spirit especially in the dark blue moon/month angel brings, his body bearing capacity increases day by day similarly, withstood is not the liquid spirit strength, progressive speed fast. From fifth-order is not truly far. 确实,在三人一起修炼的过程中,没有液态灵力的他,反而是进步最快的那一个。尤其是在沧月天使带来的月灵之力洗礼下,他的身体承受能力同样是与日俱增,承受的又不是液态灵力,进步速度飞快。距离五阶确实是已经不远了。 Long Dangdang hesitates saying: „After it entered the step at that time, probably made anything to you, but instead was harmed probably, later you must be careful its point, although there is a fetter of contract, the lifeform that but this summoned from the different world had the place that we did not understand, should not be negligent. Cannot easily supplement the spirit strength with the Yuan whorl spirit furnace to it again.” 龙当当沉吟道:“它当时进阶之后,好像是对你做了什么,但好像反而是自己受到了伤害,以后你一定要小心它一点,虽然有契约的束缚,但这从异世界召唤来的生物还是有很多我们不了解的地方,千万不要大意了。不能再轻易用元涡灵炉给它补充灵力。” Ice Monroe seems to have also forgotten the previous topic, with the Long Dangdang thread of conversation: Your elder brother said right. Is careful. However, the time that the blood agreement completes is longer, hobbling between both sides is also deeper, violates the contract possibly is also lower. The blood agreement is very high-end contract, historically probably had not heard has anything to revolt against the blood agreement. But you must be wholehearted to it, is connected through the blood agreement, you were very easy to have the friendship, friendship deeply, even if in the future it will become incomparably powerful, will always be protecting you.” 凌梦露似乎也已经忘记了先前的话题,跟着龙当当的话头道:“你哥说得对。还是小心一点好。不过,血契完成的时间越长,双方之间的牵绊也就越深,违背契约的可能也就越低。血契是很高端的契约,在历史上好像也没听说过有什么能反抗血契的。但你也要对它真心实意,通过血契相连,你们本来就很容易产生友情,友情深了,哪怕未来它变得无比强大,也会始终守护着你。” Un, I know. I had not felt that it must be disadvantageous to me. If any, the blood agreement should have the feedback.” Long Kongkong said. “嗯呢,我知道的。我没有感觉到它要对我不利。如果有的话,血契应该会有反馈的。”龙空空说道。 Now recalls, he also thought at that time swallowed a day of mouse seems like to oneself made anything, was a bit like itself just with it signed the contract the time, but this time he has not actually felt what evil intention from the mouse king. At least it seems like does not want to injure oneself. 现在回想起来,他也觉得当时吞天鼠好像是对自己做了什么,有点像自己刚和它签订契约的时候似的,但这次他却没从鼠大王身上感受到什么恶意。至少它似乎是没想伤害自己的。 Returns to the spirit furnace school, three people first return to the dormitory recuperation respectively, after the reaching agreement dinner, cultivates together, the dark blue moon/month angel in the night efficiency is highest, can absorb the strength of moon/month spirit. 返回灵炉学院,三人先各自回宿舍休整,相约晚饭之后再一起修炼,沧月天使在夜晚的效率是最高的,才能汲取月灵之力。 Long Kongkong went to the room to close the dormitory door, immediately opens own contract space, is trying the summon mouse king. 龙空空自己回了房间关上宿舍门,立刻就开启了自己的契约空间,尝试着召唤鼠大王。 But also let alone, really responded, the dark golden ray flashes, after the mouse king enters the step, was plumper than a body to appear before his body. 别说,还真的响应了,暗金色光芒一闪,鼠大王进阶后比之前肥硕了一圈的身体出现在他身前。 It crawls on the ground, the plump body looks like a dark golden big meatball to be common, the long tail coils around around own body, but seems like, small eye little while that its pair of originally none sparkles actually seems somewhat soulless, even some dispiriteds. 它匍匐在地上,肥硕的身体就像是个暗金色的大肉球一般,长长的尾巴盘绕在自己身体周围,只是看上去,它那双原本精光闪闪的小眼睛这会儿却显得有些无神,甚至有些萎靡。 Glutton, are you all right? What kind is this?” Before Long Kongkong gathers up, touched in its head, let alone, mouse king fur/superficial knowledge feels the feel really to be good, as smooth as glass! “吃货,你没事儿吧?咋的了这是?”龙空空凑上前,在它头上摸了摸,别说,鼠大王这皮毛摸着手感还真不错,油光水滑的! Before mouse king ill-humored uphold , the claw opens out his hand, I have the matter, I am very depressed.” 鼠大王没好气的抬起前爪拨开他的手,“我有事,我很郁闷。” It truly is very depressed, originally it is thinking, after oneself seize the chance the step, the strength of large scale promotion bloodlines, comes bloodlines to determine again time, should be able to suppress the bloodlines of Long Kongkong, by that time, came a blood agreement instead to sit directly again, the master and servant dystopia, wasn't that very happy? 它确实是很郁闷,本来它想着,自己趁机进阶之后,血脉之力大幅度提升,再来一次血脉判定,应该就能压制龙空空的血脉了,到了那时候,直接再来一个血契反坐,主仆异位,那不就美滋滋了吗? But who knows, when it sends out the bloodlines determination again, unexpectedly with the first no difference, that in fear from bone almost makes its heart stop suddenly, moreover backlashes even the first time must be fiercer, it is really not clear, did the bloodlines suppression why oneself go smoothly everywhere, to this and no boy of skill on, malfunction unexpectedly thoroughly? The strength of its bloodlines after experiencing does not know that many time swallows the world, under the unceasing depuration, achieved existence of most peak in once a potential surface! 可谁知道,当它再次发出血脉判定的时候,居然和第一没什么差别,那种发自骨子里的恐惧差点让它心脏骤停,而且反噬的甚至比第一次的时候还要更加厉害,它是真的不明白,为什么自己无往不利的血脉镇压,到了这个并没有什么本事的小子身上,竟然就彻底失灵了呢?要知道,它的血脉之力可是在经历了不知道多少次吞食天地之后,不断的提纯之下,在曾经一个位面达到最巅峰的存在啊! Therefore, it is very depressed it not to think clearly, but the result is dreary, it cannot recapture eventually actively, is unable to restore oneself once peak to cultivate/repair is. Present it, has to plant the feeling that living might as well die simply. 所以,它很郁闷它想不明白,但结局却是惨淡的,它终究还是不能夺回主动,也就无法恢复自己曾经的巅峰修为。现在的它,简直有种生不如死的感觉。 Ok, depressed anything. Before my father, has told me, the person this life, so many days, happy is also one day, depressed are also one day, why is that unhappy? Happy doesn't live well? You first rest here, I urge to go faster come.” Saying, Long Kongkong is throwing a mouse king person in the dormitory walks. “行了,郁闷个啥。我老爹以前就跟我说过,人这一生,就那么多天,开心也是一天,郁闷也是一天,那干嘛不开心点?开开心心的过日子不好吗?你在这儿先歇会儿,我去去就来。”说着,龙空空就这么把鼠大王一个人丢在宿舍里走了。 The mouse king sits the straight body slowly, before a pair, claw environmental protection in chest front, a look of small eye gradually becomes sharp! 鼠大王缓缓坐直身体,一双前爪环保在胸前,一双小眼睛的眼神渐渐的重新变得锐利起来! Actually must how be able to get rid of this boy, can retrieve the honor of mouse king? Now looks like, the bloodlines determination malfunctioned probably, what specialness perhaps is the formation of that blood agreement has? It is regardless of does not believe that small human can suppress on the bloodlines own. Right, definitely is in the blood agreement has problems, oneself must study blood agreement on a lower part of the body well. 究竟要怎样才能摆脱这个小子,才能重新找回自己鼠大王的荣光呢?现在看来,血脉判定好像是失灵了,或许就是那血契的形成有什么特殊?它是无论怎么也不相信那小小人类在血脉上能够压制自己的。没错,肯定是血契上出了什么问题,自己要好好研究一下身上的血契了。 Now fifth-order, own strength had very big promotion, although the boy is not much, but his swallowing ability and agree with actually. This time can enter the step quickly, it has not thought. 现在已经五阶了,自己的实力有了很大的提升,那小子虽然不咋地,但他那个吞噬的能力和自己倒是十分契合的。这次能够这么快进阶,它自己也没想到。 It to swallow to promote itself, in fact swallows does not swallow anything and everything uncritically, instead is very harsh. The swallowed any lifeform, needs to pass through its to swallow the special space that the world forms to purify continually, then can purifying energy absorption. Basically with swallowing compared with energy, hundred of finally deputing less than one, therefore, wants the step is not that easy matter. 它以吞噬来提升自身,实际上吞噬并不是兼收并蓄,反而是非常苛刻的。吞噬的任何生物,都需要经过它那吞食天地形成的特殊空间持续提纯,然后才能将纯化过的能量吸收掉。基本上和吞噬的能量相比,最终提纯出来的百不足一,所以,想要进阶也不是那么容易的事情。 However, with Long Kongkong in the same place, it actually discovered, own promotion compared with past years, when originally that potential surface easy many. It when signs the contract with Long Kongkong was suppressed in fourth-order cultivated/repaired is, but that is also the fourth-order peak. As if away from fifth-order is not far, but in fact, demon beast from fourth-order to fifth-order, is five levels to six levels is a watershed, wants to break through this bottleneck is not easy. 但是,和龙空空在一起,它却发现,自己的提升比当年在原本那个位面的时候容易了不少。它在与龙空空签订契约的时候被压制在了四阶修为,但那也是四阶巅峰。似乎距离五阶不远,但实际上,魔兽从四阶到五阶,也就是五级到六级是个分水岭,想要冲破这个瓶颈并不容易。 But the swallowing of today, the energy of that silver back gorilla gives it to digest normally definitely is not enough, has three again not necessarily enough. However, Long Kongkong provides the energy of coming actually to play very major role, depuration effect extraordinary good of his what spirit furnace, takes to the mouse the energy of king to be pure unexpectedly, the swallowing world effect of mouse king was therefore improved unexpectedly, probably absorbed the energy that the Long Kongkong Yuan whorl spirit furnace brought with swallowing the world produced the resonance, thus let it in the process of digestion absorption, directly the energy that the silver back gorilla brought with the energy fusion that the Yuan whorl spirit furnace brought in one. 而今天的这番吞噬,那银背大猩猩的能量正常给它消化肯定是远远不够的,再有三个都未必够。但是,龙空空提供而来的能量却起到了很大的作用,他那个什么灵炉的提纯效果居然出奇的好,带给鼠大王的能量非常纯粹,以至于鼠大王的吞食天地效果居然因此而提升了,好像吸收龙空空元涡灵炉带来的能量与吞食天地产生了共鸣,从而让它在消化吸收的过程中,直接将银背大猩猩带来的能量与元涡灵炉带来的能量融合在了一起。 The pure energy, swallowed the world unable to absorb, but unified food to absorb together, actually seemed like feasible, finally unexpectedly really one tried to force through the checkpoint successfully, entered fifth-order. This is a unexpected happiness, but also made it have the thoughts, came bloodlines to determine again. 单纯的能量,吞食天地是吸收不了的,但结合了食物一起吸收,却似乎是可行的,结果居然真的就一下冲关成功,进入五阶了。这是意外之喜,但也让它动了心思,再来了一次血脉判定。 The mentality of mouse king stabilizes gradually, after all, it had dominated existence of potential surface, will that is very firm and resolute. It decided that must study the blood agreement well, how studied to find the blood agreement the flaw, while drew support from the Long Kongkong Yuan whorl spirit furnace to promote itself again, the strength was stronger, the talent ability that it can awaken were more. In the near future, ahem! 鼠大王的心态渐渐稳定下来,毕竟,它是曾经称霸过一个位面的存在,心志那是十分的坚毅。它决定了,要好好研究血契,一边研究如何找到血契的破绽,再一边借助龙空空的元涡灵炉提升自身,实力越强,它能觉醒的天赋能力就越多。不久的将来,哼哼! At the same time thinking, its mentality is gradually calm and steady, then it thinks suddenly, the boy did do? How to run is so long? Did this have 20 minutes? 一边想着,它的心态渐渐安稳下来,然后它才突然想到,那小子干什么去了?怎么跑出去这么久?这都有二十分钟了吧? In this time, the dormitory gate one is being shoved open, Long Kongkong hurriedly flushed from outside, in the hand is also carrying two big troughs. Above has the steaming steam to brave outward. 正在这时,宿舍门一下就被推开了,龙空空风风火火的从外面冲了进来,手里还端着两个大盆。上面有腾腾热气向外冒着。 The pupil of mouse king contracts the needle-tip size instantaneously, the sharp nose shrugs crazily. 鼠大王的瞳孔瞬间收缩到针尖大小,尖尖的鼻子疯狂耸动起来。 Incense stick|Fragrant, was too fragrant! This flavor......, this...... 香,太香了啊!这味道……,这…… In an instant, all after depressed has thrown puts in the brain, surplus unequalled intense hopes. 刹那间,所有的郁闷都已经抛置于脑后,剩余的只有无与伦比的强烈渴望。 Comes quickly, comes quickly, glutton. Complies your, my Uncle He gave back to the quantity. This basin is the spareribs, this basin is the food. Quickly, we eat together, while also has the pan gas, the pan gas you understands? I go! The gluttons do not push I! You were also too fat, you keep a place to me, this inside has my one!” “快来,快来,吃货。答应你的,我赫叔还给加了量。这一盆是排骨,这一盆是饭。赶快,咱们一起吃,趁着还有锅气,锅气你懂吗?我去!吃货你别挤我啊!你也太胖了,你给我留个地方,这里面有我一份的!” Long Kongkong adds basin rice to put down basin spareribs, plump big buttocks pushed, a big buttocks swing, pushes to stagger him, falls to fall back on the one side, the sharp dark golden advantage tooth started instantaneously like a whirlwind that sweeps away scattered clouds. 龙空空才把一盆排骨加一盆米饭放下,一个肥硕的大屁股就挤了过来,大屁股一个摇摆,就把他挤得一个趔趄,跌退到一旁,锋利的暗金色利齿瞬间开始了风卷残云。 Has his one? Bah! In the mouse king heart makes a determined effort secretly, for the enmity of report bloodlines determination, the bone does not keep one to him, snort/hum! 有他一份?呸!鼠大王心中暗暗发狠,为了报血脉判定之仇,骨头都不给他留一根,哼! Originally this fellow went out to make the spareribs food to me! 原来这家伙出去是给我弄排骨饭去了! Although the mouse king in the heart is not willing to acknowledge, but its body is honest, in this moment, it obviously felt own mood also had the joyful mood finally. These spareribs and rice, obviously does not have any energy addition, but this flavor, too certainly! 鼠大王虽然心中并不愿意承认,但它的身体却是诚实的,在这一刻,它明显感觉到自己的心情终于又有了愉悦的情绪。这些排骨和米饭,明明没有什么能量加成,但这味道,也太绝了! Long Kongkong pushed unable to arrive at the basin three times, has to give up. Somewhat helpless falling by the mouse king, looks at it to eat to the heart's content. 龙空空挤了三次都没能到盆边,就不得不放弃了。有些无奈的跌坐在鼠大王旁边,看着它大快朵颐。 Mouse king that calls one to eat, it first clings to tenaciously spareribs that basin, led the bone to eat none inside spareribs even/including meat/flesh, then the surplus spareribs soup pouring in the meter/rice rice container, then came big sweeping. 鼠大王那叫一个会吃,它先是死守排骨那一盆,将里面的排骨连肉带骨头吃了个精光,然后再把剩余的排骨汤浇在米饭盆里面,再来一个大扫荡。 It eats, although is not slow, but must with swallowing the world swallows compared with the silver back gorilla time, that is not quick, the small eye is narrowing the eyes, full is the color of enjoyment, the long tail curled upwards, is guarding against Long Kongkong, avoided him and snatches the food. 它吃的虽然不慢,但要和吞食天地吞银背大猩猩时候相比,那也不算快,小眼睛眯着,满满的都是享受之色,长长的尾巴都翘起来了,提防着龙空空,避免他和自己抢食。 Finally, two big troughs emptied, the mouse king perfectly round big belly of looks does not have the too big change actually. 终于,两个大盆空了,鼠大王溜圆的大肚皮看上去倒是没有太大的变化。 I said the glutton, you are atypical, here has my one obviously! Do you have the human nature?” Long Kongkong angry say/way. “我说吃货,你也太不地道了,这里明明有我一份的!你有没有人性?”龙空空愤然道。 No, I swallow a day of mouse, what human nature wants? My instinct eats!” Saying that the mouse king coldly. “没有,我是吞天鼠,要什么人性?我的天性就是吃!”鼠大王冷冷的说道。 It lifts the small claw, makes a grain of rice that on own nose moistens, hands in front of Long Kongkong, gives, your.” 它抬起小爪子,把自己鼻子上沾的一颗米粒弄下来,递到龙空空面前,“给,你那一份。” Scratches!” Long Kongkong is looking angrily at it, the mouse king said easely: Do not consider as finished.” At the same time saying, the last grain of meter/rice was also forcing in own mouth, the looked Long Kongkong corners of the mouth tic. “擦!”龙空空怒视着它,鼠大王悠悠然道:“不要算了。”一边说着,最后一粒米也塞进了自己的嘴里,看的龙空空嘴角直抽抽。 But next quarter Long Kongkong changed the complexion, the say/way of smiling: Mouse king! Was happy to select?” 但下一刻龙空空就变了脸色,满脸笑容的道:“鼠大王啊!心情好点了没有呀?” The look of mouse king one becomes vigilant, „do you want to do?” 鼠大王的眼神一下就变得警惕起来,“你要干啥?” Say/Way that Long Kongkong smiles: Today won the competition, this was the tournament won first, I also want certainly to win again. I am nothing skill, but you are fierce! Your this fifth-order, whether we could kill the four directions greatly?” 龙空空笑眯眯的道:“今天赢了比赛呢,这是排位赛赢得第一场,我当然还想再赢下去。我是没什么本事,但你厉害啊!你这都五阶了,我们是不是可以大杀四方了?” No matter!” The mouse king raised the head. “不管!”鼠大王扬起了头。 Long Kongkong said: Eats others mouths to be short, you may just have my so many spareribs food.” 龙空空道:“吃人家的嘴短,你可刚吃了我这么多排骨饭呢。” Mouse big kingly way: That is today helps you hit that reward.” 鼠大王道:“那是今天帮你打那一场的报酬。” Ok, without issue. Tomorrow you continue to help me play the competition, I ask you to eat other delicious. Having a that hot shrimp is very good. I estimated that your beforehand world absolutely does not have. To taste?” “行,没问题。明天你继续帮我打比赛,我请你吃别的好吃的。有一家那个麻辣虾特别好。我估计你以前的世界绝对没有。想不想尝尝?” Gurgle!” The mouse king swallowed saliva, urgently asked: With spareribs food compared with how?” “咕嘟!”鼠大王吞咽了一口唾液,急急地问道:“和排骨饭比怎么样?” Long Kongkong smiles, style is different, but is the good food!” 龙空空嘿嘿一笑,“风格不一样,但都是美食!” A mouse king eyeball revolution, in the heart muses, since came, then settle it, when used this boy to cultivate. At that moment, say/way of assuming an air of self approbation: Ok, looked, in you also know that in the share of filial this king, this king complied on pushing someone take on a difficult job.” 鼠大王眼珠一转,心中暗想,既来之则安之,就当利用这小子修炼了。当下,摇头晃脑的道:“行吧,看在你还知道孝顺本大王的份上,本大王就勉为其难的答应了。” „! Meaning what he says. Tomorrow will compete I to buy for you.” Long Kongkong feeling pleased nod. “得嘞!说话算数。明天比赛回来我就给你买去。”龙空空喜滋滋的点点头。 Acted bashful! In the Long Kongkong heart somewhat is self-satisfied. The strength of mouse king he looks in the eye, the high first-order demon beast said that swallows swallows, seems like also no side effect, but can also promote. This fellow is not the ordinary demon beast can compare absolutely. Coaxed it, oneself were even weak, that can still the level! The king hits auxiliary is not very happy to the mouse steadfastly? 拿捏了!龙空空心中不禁有些得意。鼠大王的实力他是看在眼中的,高一阶的魔兽说吞就吞,看起来还没什么副作用,还能升级。这家伙绝对不是普通魔兽能比的。把它哄好了,自己就算弱一点,那也能躺平啊!踏实给鼠大王打个辅助不是美滋滋么? leaf once has taught him, the person is lazily unimportant, but must find the way to let a oneself better laziness. All dead beats are actually most intelligent, because they can always invent something to become a more comfortable laziness by themselves. Therefore, the person can be lazy, but has no alternative but to think, if wants the means to make itself safe lazy and joyful lazy is good. Long Kongkong deep is so! 那叶曾经教导过他,人懒惰不要紧,但要会想办法让自己更好的懒。所有的懒人其实都是最聪明的,因为他们总能发明出一些东西让自己变得更舒适的懒惰。所以,人可以懒,但不能不动脑子,要想办法让自己安全的懒、快乐的懒才行。龙空空深以为然! The tournament two days of competition schedule ended, various group of players have some to collide mutually. Different with the elimination series, the elimination series is most brutal, but the round robin competition must emphasize the strategy to a certain extent, like Long Kongkong to Zisang colored glaze glimmer that admitting defeat, looks like in many people instead is normal and is the outstanding choice. 排位赛两天赛程结束,各组选手都已经有了一些相互碰撞。和淘汰赛不一样,淘汰赛最为残酷,而循环赛在一定程度上还要讲求策略,像龙空空对子桑琉荧那种认输,在很多人看来反而是正常而且是优秀的选择。 The third round of competition, comes. 第三轮比赛,如约而至。 ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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