SDT2BMS :: Volume #2

#140: Deters three kings

Chapter 140 deters three kings 第140章威慑三王 Hunts for the demon group trials tournament, Zou Liang who in the Long Dangdang third round of opponent lunar motion a round of institute faces. 猎魔团选拔赛排名赛,龙当当第三轮的对手正是月离上一轮所面对的邹靓。 Has the magnificent level best quality goods shield three king shield six steps to fight the sect. Without a doubt, this is not a very opponent who is good to cope with. An opposite party that three king shield attack and defense body , the spirit strength support of six steps, want to defeat the opposite party is not easy. Therefore, after yesterday observed, Long Dangdang comes back is also the careful ponder, three king shield who how resisted the opposite party. 拥有辉煌级极品盾牌三王盾的六阶战宗。毫无疑问,这是个非常不好对付的对手。对方那三王盾可谓攻防一体,又有六阶的灵力支持,想要战胜对方绝不容易。所以,在昨天观战之后,龙当当回来也是仔细思考,如何对抗对方的三王盾。 Enters the sports field, Zou Liang vision brilliant looks to Long Dangdang, on the face keeps a serious look. His first competition defeated the opponent, second lost to the lunar motion, one win and one loss, now has three overalls. But Long Dangdang is two wins, six points, is in itself the seeded player. But each group of seeded players are this group of other members most want to defeat without doubt. Because only then beats the seeded player to enter the first eight possibilities. 进入比赛场地,邹靓目光灼灼的看向龙当当,脸上表情严肃。他的第一场比赛是战胜了对手的,第二场输给了月离,一胜一负,现在有三个积分。而龙当当是两战全胜,六分,本身更是种子选手。而每一组的种子选手无疑都是这一组其他成员最想要击败的。因为只有击败种子选手才有进入前八名的可能。 both sides stand firm, looks at the tower shield that the opponent has face-to-face, Long Dangdang can feel to come from the constriction of this magnificent level equipment. Really was too big, in the flexible aspect, three king shield did not have what advantage without doubt. Zou Liang also is very obviously strong to the dependence of this equipment, these three king shield use to seven steps even, even is eight steps, felt that has no issue. A bigger spirit strength, can let the shield strength of better displays on three king. But is stronger along with his future strength, the function gradually will also reduce. But as six steps, this was the divine tool exists simply generally. 双方站定,面对面的看着对手持有的塔盾,龙当当更能感受到来自于这件辉煌级装备的压迫感。真的是太大了,在灵活性方面,三王盾无疑是不占什么优势的。邹靓明显对这件装备的依赖性也很强,这三王盾就算是用到七阶,甚至是八阶,感觉都没什么问题。更大的灵力,能让盾牌上的三王之力更好的发挥出来。只不过伴随着他未来实力越强,作用也会逐步降低。但作为六阶来说,这就简直是神器一般的存在了。 Looked at the competition of previous Zou Liang and lunar motion, making Long Dangdang have about one step understanding regarding the powerful equipment. Naturally, now they do not have the means to obtain. Only then after become hunted for the demon group members, again by the meritorious service and makes money gradually to replace. 看了上一场邹靓和月离的比赛,让龙当当对于强大装备有了近一步的认识。当然,现在他们还没办法获得。只有等成为了猎魔团成员之后,再凭借功勋和赚钱来逐步换装了。 Competition starts!” Announced along with referee one, the first group of third round of tournaments formally start. “比赛开始!”伴随着裁判一声宣布,第一组第三轮排位赛正式开始。 The Long Dangdang look concentrates, almost did not have to initiate the charge that the half a point stopped directly, the charge of knight! 龙当当眼神一凝,几乎是没有半分停顿的直接发起了冲锋,骑士的冲锋! Opposite Zou Liang not startled counter- is happy his these three king shield might to be without doubt giant, but also has an issue, that is full power the eruption time was too big regarding the consumption of spirit strength. Yesterday confronted the lunar motion is because the spirit strength could not continue, has to admit defeat finally. 对面的邹靓不惊反喜他这三王盾无疑威力巨大,但也有个问题,那就是全力爆发的时候对于灵力的消耗太大了。昨天对阵月离就是因为灵力无以为继,不得不最终认输。 Facing knight, what he most fears is the opposite party and specific consumption, although three king shield Baowang has the ability of acceleration, but that is only the instantaneous sprint, by speed, not possible compared with others this disciplinary punishment knight quick many with light packs, if the opponent must avoid intentionally, going around in circles with him, he must specially careful dealing, avoid consuming excessively. 面对骑士,他最怕的是对方和自己比消耗,三王盾的豹王虽然有加速的能力,但那只是瞬间的冲刺,论速度,也不可能比人家这轻装的惩戒骑士快多少,对手如果故意要躲避,跟他绕圈子的话,他也必须要特别小心的应对,避免消耗过度。 But saw that Long Dangdang fires into itself unexpectedly directly, this is he most desired aspect, the front impact, by three king shield explosive force, he believes that even if this these super talents that hunts for the demon group, is not own opponent. The magnificent level best quality goods equipment adds on the full power eruptions of oneself six step spirit strength, who can block? 而眼看着龙当当竟然直接冲向自己,这是他最希望看到的局面,正面碰撞,以三王盾的爆发力,他相信,哪怕是这届猎魔团的那些超级天才,也不是自己的对手。辉煌级极品装备加上自己六阶灵力的全力爆发,谁挡得住? Three king shield surface, Baowang first shone, Zou Liangxiang is very clear, since the opposite party charges into directly own, that do not want to change. He is also the speed increases suddenly, in big strides welcomed toward Long Dangdang. 三王盾表面,豹王第一时间就亮了起来,邹靓想的很清楚,既然对方是直接冲向自己的,那就别想变招了。他也是速度陡增,大踏步的朝着龙当当就迎了上来。 both sides are away from are getting more and more near, has pulled closer to ten meters in shortly. Also at this time, Zou Liang three king shield surface, the relief of Lion King and shape king shone simultaneously. 双方距离越来越近,眼看就已经拉近到十米以内了。也就在这个时候,邹靓三王盾表面,狮王、象王的浮雕同时亮起。 Three king roared! Three king shield strongest skill, the strength of three king unite, under erupts full power, does not have to hide in the short distance. 三王咆哮!三王盾最强技能,三王之力合一,全力爆发之下,在近距离内根本无所遁形。 Zou Liang absolutely did not have the plan and Long Dangdang comes what exploratory attempt, Long Dangdang to fight the explosive force he also to see before, therefore, he decided to come the strongest eruption directly, in one vigorous effort, by three king shield advantage, the steamroll opponent, did not give the opportunity that the opponent displayed. 邹靓根本就没打算和龙当当来什么试探性的尝试,龙当当之前战斗中的爆发力他也看到了,所以,他决定直接就来自己最强的爆发,一鼓作气,凭借三王盾的优势,碾压对手,不给对手发挥的机会。 In the war zone, the lunar motion looks that is so headstrong rushing Long Dangdang, at this time had tightened the brow pressed. She about deep that very Zou Liang knows, dreaded to three king shield. If were not own spirit furnace evolved, she wanted to defeat Zou Liang is not an easy matter. Facing three king shield, the best way is to consume him, lets the Zou pretty spirit strength, because to the utilization fast consumption of shield, rubs to him does not have the spirit strength, naturally won. 待战区中,月离看着就那么莽着冲上去的龙当当,此时已经蹙紧了眉头。她对邹靓了解的很深,对三王盾也是十分忌惮。如果不是自己的灵炉进化了,她想要战胜邹靓也不是一件容易的事情。面对三王盾,最好的办法就是消耗他,让邹靓的灵力因为对盾牌的运用快速消耗,磨到他没灵力,自然就赢了。 But, Long Dangdang actually chose flushed, was like the front competition. How can attack to three king shield like this? This is completely unwise! Saw that Zou Liang released three king to roar directly, the lunar motion's first thought was, ended, Long Dangdang must lose. 可是,龙当当却就这么选择了强冲,和前面的比赛一样。对三王盾怎么能这样攻击呢?这完全是不明智的啊!眼看着邹靓直接就释放了三王咆哮,月离第一个念头就是,完了,龙当当要输。 But also at this time, suddenly, at the beginning of Long Dangdang Bank of China wave magic the surface shone to wipe the light golden light, the clear and melodious sword whining noise recited buzz the cry just like dragon general. 但也就在这个时候,突然之间,龙当当手中银浪魔法之初表面亮起了一抹淡淡的金光,清越的剑鸣声宛若龙吟一般嗡鸣。 Three king who also in this moment, just started to erupt roared burns out suddenly, the three reliefs of shield surface were almost the same time gloomy. Long Dangdang also soared at this time, both hands gripped at the beginning of the silver wave magic, the Saint sword divided to cut! 也就在这一刻,刚刚开始爆发的三王咆哮突然间熄火,盾牌表面的三尊浮雕几乎是同一时间暗淡了下去。龙当当也就在这个时候腾空而起,双手握住银浪魔法之初,圣剑劈斩! When-” has not ravelled what's the matter Zou Liang, with shield divided falls to draw back backward. Three king shield lost three kings, that is also the magnificent level defense shield. Moreover his spirit strength all poured into to the shield released three king to roar, three kings burnt out, the spirit strength that but output may not have to return. This sword chops, on Zou Liang shone the Saint light. “当-”还没弄明白是怎么回事儿的邹靓,连人带盾被劈的向后跌退。三王盾失去了三王,那也就是辉煌级防御盾牌。而且他的灵力全都注入给了盾牌释放三王咆哮,三王熄火,但输出的灵力可没有归还回来。这一剑劈的,邹靓身上都亮起了圣光。 Long Dangdang borrows potential the rebound, is in in the air, within the body thunders, conflagration! 龙当当借势反弹,身在空中,体内轰鸣,爆燃! The ray of Saint sword shines immediately again. Directly soared Zou Liang to divide again. 圣剑的光芒顿时再次亮起。直奔邹靓就再次劈了下去。 Zou Liang compels the condition at this time completely ignorant, since having three king shield this equipment, he applied in the fight did not know many times. This magnificent level best quality goods equipment has not disappointed him, but he actually cannot think absolutely why the so powerful shield, will burn out unexpectedly suddenly. 邹靓此时完全是懵逼状态,自从拥有了三王盾这件装备之后,他在战斗中应用了不知道多少次。这件辉煌级极品装备也从来都没有让他失望过,可他却万万想不到,为什么自己如此强大的盾牌,竟然会突然熄火了。 He passes the life to three king Dunzhen, at this time the shield has problems, his whole person was scared. 他对三王盾珍逾性命,此时盾牌出了问题,他整个人都傻眼了。 This was to equipping the dependent excessively negative role, once the equipment had the problem his even continuous fighting intent to drop the extremely low degree, even erupted the skill unable to achieve. Actually he wants to inspect now oneself three king shield is how. 这就是对装备依赖过度的负面作用了,一旦装备出现了问题他甚至连战意都下降到了极低的程度,连爆发技能都无法做到。他现在只是想要检查一下自己的三王盾究竟是怎么了。 He who the Long Dangdang following a series of attacks suppress does not have the strength to hit back, rapid admitted defeat. After admitting defeat, he cannot even attend to with Long Dangdang expresses best wishes mutually, ran in a hurry, inspects own three king shield. 龙当当接下来一连串的攻击压制的他毫无还手之力,迅速的就认输了。认输之后,他甚至顾不上和龙当当相互致意,就匆匆的跑了,去检查自己的三王盾了。 Waits for Long Dangdang to go out of the sports field the time, the lunar motion had welcomed, surprised looks at him, said: How does your magic change? How do you make Zou Liang three king shield expire?” 龙当当走出比赛场地的时候,月离已经迎了上来,一脸惊讶的看着他,道:“你这个魔术是怎么变的?你怎么让邹靓三王盾失效的?” Long Dangdang shows a faint smile, said in a low voice: This is a secret!” 龙当当微微一笑,低声道:“这是个秘密!” The lunar motion shows the whites of the eyes, also keeps guessing.” 月离翻了个白眼,“还卖关子呢。” Long Dangdang shrugs, you try hard.” Then, walks outward, he must give air-to-air brings up the rear. 龙当当耸了耸肩,“你努力。”说完,就向外走去,他还要去给空空压阵呢。 As for three king shield who how he restrains, is actually very simple. When he was pondering yesterday evening how to deal with this magnificent level shield, the sea direct language awakens the dreamboat. 至于他怎么克制的三王盾,其实很简单。在昨天晚上他思考着如何来应对这件辉煌级盾牌的时候,沧海直接一语惊醒梦中人。 Golden Dragon is small, that is also Golden Dragon. Such a few words, make Long Dangdang understand. 黄金龙再小,那也是黄金龙。就这么一句话,就让龙当当明白过来。 Golden Dragon small eight since him, most time deep sleep in contract space, but Long Dangdang in process of cultivation, quite therefore has been using the strength and own bloodlines strength of accumulated moon/month spirit raises eight slightly. He and small between eight relations and most knights and mounts are different. Generally the knight and mount are only the contract relations, Lord from contract. But small eight and he is the blood agreement, is not the ordinary blood agreement, small eight were hatched radically with the strength of their bloodlines by him. It can be said that is connected with his painstaking care, just like a body. This also why the small eight newly-born time that small and weak reason, Long Dangdang the strength of bloodlines suppressed the small eight talent, without a birth like ordinary dragon clan was very powerful. But this also lets among them close of bloodlines union. The Long Dangdang cultivation, quite small eight are therefore practicing. Small 81 are growing. But its growth also requires the time, with more energies. 黄金龙小八自从跟了他之后,大多数时间都在契约空间之中沉睡,而龙当当在修炼的过程中,也相当于是一直在用月灵之力和自己的血脉之力蕴养小八。他和小八之间的关系和大多数骑士与坐骑不同。一般骑士和坐骑只是契约关系,主从契约。但小八和他是血契,还不是普通的血契,小八根本就是被他用自身的血脉之力孵化出来的。可以说是和他心血相连,宛如一体。这也是为什么小八刚出生的时候那么弱小的缘故,龙当当的血脉之力压制了小八本身的天赋,没有像普通龙族那样一出生就特别强大。但这也让他们之间的血脉结合的更加紧密。龙当当修炼,就相当于是小八在修炼。小八一直都在成长着。只不过它的成长还需要时间,和更多的能量。 Long Dangdang on preserved small eight aura at the beginning of the silver wave magic, when the opponent erupts three king shield full power, he released this aura. Three king shield is powerful, is three king aura that because on the shield leave leeway, when the spirit three kings feel to come from Huang Jinlong's bloodlines suppression, coming out where can also erupt? Directly frightened ceasing all activities. That is five claw Golden Dragon, dragon sovereign lineage/vein aura! Has the natural bloodlines suppression to most demon beasts. 龙当当只是在银浪魔法之初上留存了一道小八的气息,当对手全力爆发三王盾的时候,他就将这道气息释放了出来。三王盾之所以强大,就是因为盾牌上留有的三王气息,当器灵三王感受到来自于黄金龙的血脉压制时,哪里还能爆发的出来?直接就被惊吓的偃旗息鼓了。那可是五爪黄金龙,龙皇一脉的气息啊!对绝大多数魔兽都有着天然的血脉镇压。 After all, three king shield is also only the magnificent level equipment, if a higher rank, possibly can also resist reluctantly, but magnificent level weak a point. 毕竟,三王盾也只是辉煌级装备而已,如果是更高级别,可能还能勉强对抗一下,但辉煌级还是弱了一点。 But suppressed three kings, Long Dangdang confronted Zou Liang again easily on were too many. Won. 而压制了三王,龙当当再对阵邹靓就容易的太多了。就这么赢了。 Therefore, in others seemingly inconceivable situation, actual regarding Long Dangdang is actually the simple matter. 所以,在别人看起来不可思议的情况,实际对于龙当当来说却是再简单不过的事情。 Naturally, regarding has been paying attention to south his knight temple Saint knight length the feather, was actually one sees him to make anything. To this young people who is very likely to become the temple's fourth dragon knight, he gave many attention. 当然,对于一直关注着他的骑士圣殿圣骑士长南羽来说,却是一眼就看出他做了什么。对这位很可能成为圣殿第四位龙骑士的年轻人,他给予了最多的关注。 Long Dangdang seems like this to walk not to show too many powerful strengths, but he actually steady defeated opponents, particularly the knights, soldiers and magician six steps, 11 losses in his hands, this not only the talent was so simple. 龙当当看起来这一路走来也没有展现出太多的强大实力,可他却就是稳稳的战胜了一个又一个对手,尤其是六阶的骑士、战士、魔法师,11败在他手中,这就不只是天赋那么简单了。 Long Dangdang has not watched the competition of lunar motion, arrived in the second group of sports fields of directly. Long Kongkong this little while has not entered the stage, the front competition is still continuing. 龙当当没有看月离的比赛,直接来到了第二组的比赛场地之中。龙空空这会儿还没出场呢,前面的比赛还在继续。 That side you finished up? Won?” Long Kongkong asked in a low voice. “伱那边完事儿了?赢了?”龙空空低声问道。 Long Dangdang nods. 龙当当点了点头。 Long Kongkong feeling pleased giving the thumbs-up, said: Outstanding brother.” 龙空空喜滋滋的竖起大拇指,道:“优秀啊老哥。” Who is your today's opponent?” Long Dangdang asked. “你今天的对手是谁?”龙当当问道。 Long Kongkong pouts toward not far away, that is a soldier who wears fish scale shape light armor, moreover is a female soldier. Slender, the height does not lower compared with their brothers unexpectedly, at least is also one meter over 75. A pair of long leg very striking. 龙空空朝着不远处努了努嘴,那是一名身穿鱼鳞状轻甲的战士,而且还是一名女战士。身材修长,身高竟是不比他们兄弟低,至少也有一米七五以上。一双长腿非常的醒目。 What our school is the temple main hospital?” Long Dangdang asked. “咱们学院的还是圣殿总院的?”龙当当问道。 Long Kongkong said: Our school, third grade. Very strong. You know that what her weapon is?” 龙空空道:“咱们学院的,三年级的。很强。你知道她的武器是什么吗?” Long Dangdang looked at his one eyes, said: Your such a asked, her weapon definitely is the rare and beautiful flowers.” 龙当当看了他一眼,道:“你这么一问,她的武器就肯定是很奇葩的。” Long Kongkong said: That is not the common rare and beautiful flowers. You see a miss to brandish the mallet? Was this. That mallet is that heavy mallet of giant circular cylinder. Simply. Her first round of time, the opponent who that mallet pounds almost does not have the strength of resistance. She fifth-order, but the explosive force is very strong, should the innate strength very be talented.” 龙空空道:“那可不是一般的奇葩。你见过一个姑娘抡大槌的么?就是这位了。还是那种槌头是巨大圆柱体的那种重槌。简直了。她第一轮的时候,那大槌砸的对手几乎毫无反抗之力。她还是五阶,但爆发力却特别强,应该先天力量就很有天赋的。” How do you plan to deal?” Long Dangdang asked. “那你打算怎么应对?”龙当当问道。 Long Kongkong said: I give me the house mouse king to overcome the hand! I swallow, it withstands. Both of us coordinate tacitly. Should have the opportunity.” 龙空空道:“我给我家鼠大王打下手啊!我吞噬,它顶住。我俩默契配合。应该有机会。” One hear of Long Kongkong to the mouse king's name, Long Dangdang understand that this boy has not suppressed the fart. Stared his one eyes ill-humoredly, you must enhance quickly your strength. Also! Do not let your glutton swallowing others. Eats the summon beast to have no, if this ate the person, troublesome to be big.” 一听龙空空对鼠大王的称呼,龙当当就明白这小子没憋好屁了。没好气的瞪了他一眼,“你还是要赶快把自己的实力提升上来。还有啊!别让你那吃货把人家给吞了。吃个召唤兽没什么,这要是吃了人,麻烦可就大了。” Knows and knows, has urged. But my house mouse king now fifth-order, that definitely is vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered invincible existence!” Long Kongkong has thought the mouse king can hear his words through the contract space, this little while pats the sound that the mouse fart pats. “知道、知道,早就叮嘱过了。我家鼠大王现在可是五阶了,那肯定是纵横无敌的存在!”龙空空一直都觉得鼠大王是能够通过契约空间听到他的话的,这会儿拍鼠屁拍的啪啪响。 The competition in field drew to a close finally, the peach numerous that yesterday Long Kongkong defeated, relied on own life summon town/subdues demon tree powerful prestige to defeat the opponent. Looks the opponent who town/subdues demon tree that branch brushes does not have the strength of resistance, Long Kongkong is flabbergasted secretly, he knows, yesterday can defeat the opposite party, really has certain luck ingredient, no, is very big luck ingredient. 场中的比赛终于落下了帷幕,昨天龙空空战胜的桃林林,凭借着自己的本命召唤物镇魔树强大的威能战胜了对手。看着镇魔树那一根根枝条抽打的对手毫无反抗之力,龙空空不禁暗暗咋舌,他知道,昨天自己能够战胜对方,真的是有一定运气成分的,不,是很大的运气成分。 Brother, this/should I, I went.” At the same time saying, Long Kongkong stood up, raised the pants, shot a look at one stride to walk into the female soldier in location, hurried with. “老哥,该我了,我去啦。”一边说着,龙空空站起身,提了提裤子,瞥了一眼已经大步走入场地的女战士,赶忙跟了上去。 woof Changxin arrives in the sports field, stands firm, then summoned own weapon, leaned on the ground, looked to the Long Kongkong direction. 汪常欣走到比赛场地之中,站定,然后召唤出自己的武器,拄在地面上,看向龙空空的方向。 Although woof Changxin is not the type of that outstandingly beautiful beautiful woman, but the look is also very delicate, is slender, the perfect stature proportion, these types put together, the contour was quite outstanding. 汪常欣虽然不是那种绝色美女的类型,但相貌也十分清秀,身材修长,完美的身材比例,这几样加在一起,外形就是相当的优秀了。 However, before her body, that mallet appears, the atmosphere was obviously destroyed. The mallet long is two meters, circular cylinder huge mallet 80 cms in height, the lateral section diameter was about 30 centimeters. Places there, can give people an extremely serious feeling. The peak of great mallet mounts one to have the yellow gem of fist size fully, is sending out the light ray, is joined to beautiful young girl, the picture is really a little beautiful. At least Long Kongkong looks at front this mallet time, the leg a little becomes tender. 但是,当她身前那柄大槌出现的时候,气氛就明显被破坏了。大槌长柄有两米,圆柱体的巨大槌头高有80公分,横截面直径更是达到了三十公分开外。只是放在那里,都能给人一种极其沉重的感觉。巨槌的顶端镶嵌着一枚足有拳头大小的黄色宝石,散发着淡淡的光芒,配上身边的美少女,画面着实是有点美。至少龙空空看着面前这大槌的时候,腿都有点发软。 The Long Dangdang expression also somewhat enforces, can use such weapon others to have the forte surely. Let alone, this is the third grade of spirit furnace school lives, a female soldier, can test into the spirit furnace school, has proven a lot . Moreover, the spirit furnace day chooses the ceremony, she should have the harvest. 龙当当的表情也有些严肃起来,能够使用这样的武器人家必定有过人之处。更何况,这可是灵炉学院的三年级生,一个女战士,能够考上灵炉学院,就已经证明了很多事情,而且,灵炉天选仪式,她应该也有收获吧。 ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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