SDT2BMS :: Volume #2

#138: Mouse king tragedy

Chapter 138 mouse king tragedy 第138章鼠大王又悲剧了 The mouse king obtained the supplement of Long Kongkong spirit strength, the dark golden color of its body surface becomes even more is immediately rich, the plump body revolves when Long Kongkong jumps vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered, a pair of small claw looks not big, but actually can bring dark golden blade glow, whenever there is a branch that Long Kongkong cannot avoid, by its precise cut-off, is unable to fall the attack on Long Kongkong. 鼠大王得到了龙空空灵力的补充,它身体表面的暗金色顿时变得越发浓郁起来,肥硕的身体就围绕在龙空空身边纵横跳跃,一双小爪子看上去不大,但却总能带起一道道暗金色的刃芒,每当有龙空空避不开的树枝时,都会被它精确的切断,无法将攻击落在龙空空身上。 However, this visual impact appeared somewhat strange, side Long Kongkong, a big mouse stomped, regarding in his body surrounding that picture, was really a little happy...... 不过,这视觉冲击就显得有些怪异了,龙空空身边,一只大老鼠蹦来蹦去的,围绕在他身体周围那画面,着实是有点美好…… Group also has the knight, somebody this little while that two, shortly fights keeps aloof when the knight temple like the appearance that the mouse of people in mourning runs away, they feel some tooth acids. This fellow, is such? 同组也是有骑士的,还有两位之多,眼看着在骑士圣殿那边战斗时高高在上的某人这会儿如同丧家之鼠逃窜的样子,他们就觉得有些牙酸。这家伙,原来是这样的么? Quick, Long Kongkong was escapes finally in the corner, spread out enough, relied on the Saint to direct a day of deep pool to solve the peach flower petal, temporarily had the opportunity of panting for breath. 很快,龙空空总算是逃到了角落里,拉开了足够的距离,凭借着圣引天渊解决着桃花瓣,暂时获得了喘息的机会。 Subdue soul tree under the control of peach numerous, at this time already in slowly pulls out from the ground the rhizome, but this requires time obviously. 镇魂树在桃林林的控制下,此时已经在缓缓的将根茎从地面下拔出来,但这显然需要一点时间。 What to do? The mouse king, this fellow was also too strong. Or do we admit defeat?” Long Kongkong to swallows a day of mouse to ask. “怎么办?鼠大王,这家伙也太强了。要不咱们认输?”龙空空向身边的吞天鼠问道。 Swallows the day of mouse ill-humored say/way: Fool, what recognizes to lose, its weakness is much obvious, its this speed, in certain range truly also good, but there is such a big location, do you also admit defeat? Swallows it quickly full power, after it was separated from the ground, the spirit strength supplemented that will be much slower. Spirit strength that you swallow to me, I digested the beforehand that gorilla wanted it to be attractive. Comes under your fool's influence on let me , is equivalent to you this world fourth-order ability, this king has given to eat him.” 吞天鼠没好气的道:“笨蛋,认什么输,它的弱点多明显,就它这速度,一定范围内确实还行,但有这么大的场地,你还认输?快全力吞噬它,它脱离了地面之后,灵力补充会慢得多。把你吞噬来的灵力都给我,我把之前那大猩猩消化了就要它好看。要不是受到你这笨蛋的影响让我只有相当于伱们这个世界四阶的能力,本大王早就将他给吃了。” „! You use you to use!” The Long Kongkong Saint directs the ability that a day of deep pool swallows to be extremely strong, this is the three spirits furnace fusion technique! It can be said that in this time hunts for in the demon group trials, can use the three spirits furnace fusion technique, only then his own. Even if Ling Menglu, the Zisang colored glaze glimmer peerless talent cannot achieve like this. “得嘞!您用您用!”龙空空圣引天渊吞噬的能力极强,这可是三灵炉融合技啊!可以说,在这次猎魔团选拔赛之中,能用出三灵炉融合技的,也只有他自己一个。就算是凌梦露、子桑琉荧这样的绝世天才都做不到。 His issue is the spirit strength that the body cannot withstand itself to swallow. Swallowed is too quick, the capacity is limited. Now had one to proclaim the drain port, that also output and swallowing not whole-heartedly? 他的问题是身体承受不了自己吞噬的灵力。吞噬的太快,容量有限。现在有了一个宣泄口,那还不全力以赴的输出和吞噬? Sees only around the Long Kongkong body to fill the air black light, black bands of light coil around around his body, the huge attracting customer interest is absorbing the spirit strength of that town/subdues soul tree unceasingly. Injection continuously to mouse king within the body. 只见龙空空身体周围黑光弥漫,一条条黑色光带盘绕在他身体周围,庞大的吸扯力不断的吸收着那镇魂树的灵力。再源源不绝的注入到鼠大王体内。 In the small eyes of mouse king flashes through wipes the golden light, body surface, dark golden halo unceasing presents the retractable collapse shape to glitter inward. 鼠大王的小眼睛中闪过一抹金光,身体表面,暗金色光晕不断的呈现向内收缩式的塌陷状闪烁着。 Its aura starts to change, first changes reminded, it looked like approximately diameter about one meter ball, but at this point, actually started inflation slowly, the dark golden color of body surface obviously became prettier, in the fur/superficial knowledge the gloss won, the back tail also started to lengthen the aura to promote rapidly. 它的气息开始发生着变化,首先变化的就是提醒,它原本就像是一个大约直径一米左右的球,而在此时,却开始缓缓的膨胀起来,身体表面的暗金色明显变得更加靓丽了,皮毛上光泽更胜,背后的尾巴也开始变长气息迅速提升。 Its that swallows the ability of the world, has extremely strong digestion. This was it once dominated a potential surface livelihood life core skill, at this time erupted full power, particularly with the Long Kongkong spirit strength support continuously, is digested by the silver back gorilla that he swallowed before fast, unifies with the spirit strength that Long Kongkong injected, inspires its body to evolve rapidly. 它那吞食天地的能力,有着极强的消化力。这是它曾经称霸一个位面赖以生存的本命核心技能,此时全力爆发起来,尤其是在龙空空源源不绝的灵力支持下,之前被他吞噬的银背大猩猩被快速消化,与龙空空注入过来的灵力相结合,引动着它的身体迅速进化。 Long Kongkong stimulates to movement the Saint to direct to swallow full power, has not noticed, at this time in the small eyes of mouse king is revealing somewhat self-satisfied none. 龙空空全力催动着圣引吞噬,并没有注意到,此时鼠大王的小眼睛之中正流露出有些得意的精光。 The peach numerous drew out the tree root of town/subdues soul tree finally, gradually approaches toward Long Kongkong, but its speed truly is not quick . Moreover, the Saint directs to swallow is swallowing his spirit strength crazily, making him obviously feel the body is becoming unceasingly weak, particularly after the body was separated from the ground, weakly this comes is getting quicker and quicker. 桃林林终于拔出了镇魂树的树根,缓步朝着龙空空这边逼近,但它的速度确实是不快,而且,圣引吞噬正在疯狂的吞噬着他的灵力,让他明显感觉到身体正在变得不断虚弱,尤其是身体脱离了地面之后,这份虚弱来的就越来越快。 He is the fifth-order controlling beast causes, regarding the summon master, fifth-order ratio other is directly more important, is the biggest watershed. Is because after fifth-order, can have own the life summon beast. 他是五阶的控兽使,对于召唤师来说,五阶比其他直接都更重要,是最大的分水岭。就是因为到了五阶之后,才能拥有属于自己的本命召唤兽。 The town/subdues soul tree of peach numerous is special, is the highest level summon lifeform, the powerful aspect and disease are very bright. Moreover, he controls the time of town/subdues soul tree a little to be short. This little while heart had somewhat flustered slightly, he hesitates is being should continue to take root to attack. 桃林林的镇魂树非常特殊,是最顶级的召唤生物,强大的方面和弊病都很鲜明。而且,他掌控镇魂树的时间还有点短。这会儿心头已经略微有些慌了,他犹豫着自己是应该继续扎根下去还是出击。 The issue of location, with cannot beat the opponent a moment ago at one fell swoop, swallowing that and opponent strengthens, making him actually only not have the choice to continue to take root can by the suck dry, the action have an opportunity. 场地的问题,和刚才没能一举拿下对手,以及对手增强的吞噬,让他其实没得选择继续扎根只能是被吸干,行动还有一线机会。 But after really the root pulls out, he feels the Saint to direct a day of deep pool to be fearful. Especially after Long Kongkong has mouse king proclaimed the drain port, that more unscrupulous swallowing makes his spirit strength fast probably bottom, moreover is he bottoms with the town/subdues soul tree together. 但真的把根拔出来之后,他才感受到圣引天渊有多么可怕。尤其是在龙空空有了鼠大王这个宣泄口之后,那更加肆无忌惮的吞噬让他的灵力已经快速就要见底了,而且是他与镇魂树一起见底。 The great strength of town/subdues soul tree is as this life summon beast to be able with the summon master fusion to be one, an attack and defense body, the spirit strength overlay, made up for the summon master emaciated this shortcoming, but after a body common origin , once comes under the attack and such spirit strength swallows at present also undertakes together. Although the peach numerous the spirit strength in such condition is always huge, is two times of same rank summon, but cannot support the Saint to direct the swallowing ability of day of deep pool is too strong, he lost a lot of time. 镇魂树的强大就在于作为本命召唤兽可以与召唤师融合为一,攻防一体,灵力叠加,把召唤师本身孱弱这个缺点弥补了,但一体同源之后一旦受到攻击和眼前这样的灵力吞噬也是共同承担。桃林林虽然在这样的状态下总灵力非常庞大,是同级别召唤师的两倍,但架不住圣引天渊的吞噬能力太强,他又耽误了不少时间。 Must arrive distance that shortly can attack the opponent, but the spirit strength of town/subdues soul tree must support continuously, the huge trunk and branches starts to burst to shrink, this invisible reduced the striking distance, under is in inverse proportion, the peach numerous heart is somewhat desperate. 眼看着就要走到可以攻击对手的距离了,但镇魂树的灵力已经要支持不住了,庞大的枝干开始溃缩,这无形又降低了攻击距离,此消彼长之下,桃林林心头已是有些绝望。 Also at this time, suddenly, the dark golden ray shone together suddenly side Long Kongkong. The body of mouse king inflated fiercely, diameter one meter body inflated one meter suddenly five, hair becomes smoothly is obviously brighter, each seems glittering the dark golden brilliance, the entire body increases, the tail lengthens, a small eye is fiery. 也就在这个时候,突然,一道暗金色光芒在龙空空身边骤然亮起。鼠大王的身体猛的膨胀了一下,原本直径一米的身躯骤然膨胀到了一米五,身上的毛发明显变得更加光滑明亮起来,每一根仿佛都在闪烁着暗金色的光彩,整个身躯变大,尾巴变长,一双小眼睛更是炯炯有神。 Yes, it entered the step! Enters from the original five levels of demon beasts to six levels of boundaries, is equivalent to the fifth-order of human follower. 是的,它进阶了!从原本的五级魔兽进入到六级境界,相当于人类修炼者的五阶。 The mouse king obviously feels own bloodlines surge, strength of galloping bloodlines is turbulent. This level cross-over, is also like the demon beast, human had the liquid spirit strength, but the demon beast stimulates own bloodlines ability significantly, the exciting bloodlines talent appears. 鼠大王明显感受到自己的血脉彭湃,血脉之力奔腾汹涌。这个层级的跨入,对魔兽来说也是一样的,人类是拥有了液态灵力,而魔兽则是大幅度激发自身的血脉能力,刺激血脉天赋出现。 The mouse king only felt the strength of own bloodlines rises dramatically, it does not have to attack the peach numerous, but has turned around suddenly, looked to Long Kongkong, a small eye turned into the blood red instantaneously. 鼠大王只觉得自己血脉之力暴增,它没有去攻击桃林林,而是骤然转过身,看向了龙空空,一双小眼睛瞬间就变成了血红色。 Long Kongkong is gawked, subconscious feeling that it looks some back round of cold, but also in this flickers, the body of he and mouse king stagnated together. 龙空空被它看的一愣,下意识的感觉到背脊有些发寒,而也就在这一瞬,他和鼠大王的身体一同凝滞了。 Swallows a day of mouse, the talent skill, the bloodlines determination! 吞天鼠,天赋技能,血脉判定! Yes, at this time, the mouse king started the bloodlines determination once again. 是的,在这个时候,鼠大王又一次发动了血脉判定。 As once a control of potential surface, how can it be resigned to itself to be enslaved by a human? So long as the bloodlines determination can be successful, it can reverse the blood agreement, thus became the control by oneself. It can restore itself in the previous potential surface strength, becomes the true mouse king, the mouse Great Emperor! It can swallow the present all, and starts to swallow the entire potential surface life energy. 作为曾经一个位面的主宰,它怎能甘心自己被一个人类奴役呢?只要血脉判定能够成功,它就能逆转血契,从而让自己成为主宰。它就可以恢复自身在上一个位面的实力,成为真正的鼠大王,鼠大帝!它就能将眼前的一切吞噬,并且开始吞噬整个位面的生命能量。 The innermost feelings of mouse king have become fiery at this time, so long as reversed the contract, in this potential surface it believes that oneself can become most powerful existence as before, even must exceed once the great strength of that potential surface. 鼠大王的内心此时已经变得一片火热,只要逆转了契约,在这个位面它相信自己依旧能够成为最强大的存在,甚至还要超越曾经那个位面的强大。 Later, the spareribs food wants to eat eats! Snort! When the time comes, that shop also remains, although that gadget has no energy, but the flavor is really good. 以后,排骨饭想吃就吃!哼!到时候,那个店还留着,虽然那玩意儿没什么能量,但味道还真不错。 Has been starting to give free reign to the imagination the future when the mouse king, gives free reign to the imagination is becoming existence that controls all, it saw the purple, that wipes to make it incomparably desperate purple. 就在鼠大王已经在开始畅想未来,畅想着自己重新成为主宰一切的存在时,它又看到了紫色,那一抹令它无比绝望的紫色。 Just likes is enlightened general ice-cold, transmits instantaneously, the mouse Great Emperor only thought that the bloodlines in within the body were frozen to congeal instantaneously , fierce trembles. Not only trembling of bloodlines, came from shivering in innermost soul! 犹如醍醐灌顶一般的冰冷,瞬间传来,鼠大帝只觉得体内的血脉瞬间都被冰冻凝结了似的,紧接着,就剧烈的颤栗起来。那不只是血脉的颤栗,更是源自于灵魂深处的颤抖啊! Squeak squeak squeak-” the mouse Great Emperor called out pitifully, the plump body one but actually, fainted backward directly. “吱吱吱-”鼠大帝惨叫一声,肥硕的身体向后一倒,直接就晕了过去。 Long Kongkong blinks, he somewhat is even vacant, because he has not felt anything, but thought that own vitality a little boils probably. Then he saw, the mouse Great Emperor changes the red eyes to turn to, the spherical body rolled to pour the one side. 龙空空眨了眨眼睛,他甚至有些茫然,因为他根本就没感觉到什么,只是觉得自己的气血好像有点沸腾似的。然后他就看到,鼠大帝变红的双眼向上一翻,球状身体就滚倒到了一旁。 Glutton, your what kind of?” Doubts of Long Kongkong face. “吃货,你咋的了?”龙空空一脸的疑惑。 But also at this moment, the opposite broadcast the sound of peach numerous, I admitted defeat......” in his voice clearly to bring weeping sound. 而也就在这时,对面传来了桃林林的声音,“我认输了……”他的声音中分明带着一点哭声。 Long Kongkong is overjoyed immediately, at this moment, he hears the heart as if to have the sound of islet tung oil tree to resound indistinctly, overreaches oneself......” 龙空空顿时大喜过望,也就在这时,他隐约听到自己心头仿佛有屿桐的声音响起,“不自量力……” His little while has immersed in the joy of achievement, has not gone to think, this time that this overreached oneself was says the opponent who says already the stupor in the place, was covered, some king who re-entered the contract space by the dark golden ray. 他这会儿已经沉浸在获胜的喜悦之中,也没去想,这不自量力是说的对手还是说的此时已经昏迷在地,被暗金色光芒笼罩,重回契约空间的某大王。 Peach numerous recovered the original condition, the complexion is somewhat pale, the body has creakied. within the body spirit strength swallowed is close to dry up, but in his eye actually full is unwilling, lost, oneself lost to that hateful fellow unexpectedly. 桃林林的身体重新恢复了原状,脸色有些苍白,身体已经摇摇欲坠了。体内灵力被吞噬的接近枯竭,但他眼中却满是不甘心,输了,自己竟然输给了那个可恶的家伙。 He looks at Long Kongkong bitterly, Long Kongkong actually somewhat happily arrives in front of him at this time, very natural touches his head, receiving let. Oh, you said you, how is a boy? If girl this/should good. Very attractive.” 他恨恨的看着龙空空,龙空空此时却有些得意的走到他面前,很自然的摸了摸他的头,“承让了哦。唉,你说你,怎么就是个男孩子呢?要是个女孩儿该多好。挺漂亮的嘛。” You......” look that however turns around to walk Long Kongkong, the peach numerous only thought leisurely at present one black, the referee supports him rapidly, takes one to fall to the ground. “你……”看着施施然转身就走了的龙空空,桃林林只觉得眼前一黑,要不是裁判迅速扶住他,就要一头栽倒在地了。 Brother, am I fierce? I also had three points of man!” Long Kongkong saw own brother, walked complacently. “老哥,我厉不厉害?我也是有三分的男人了!”龙空空一眼就看到了自己的老哥,得意洋洋的走了过来。 When he sees the lunar motion, immediately eye one bright, elder sister, you are not my brother that group? Also comes to see me to compete? Such insightful?” 当他看到月离的时候,顿时眼睛一亮,“姐姐,你不是我哥那组的吗?也来看我比赛?这么有眼光?” The lunar motion gawked staring, these two brothers grow are exactly the same, but this character, as if somewhat defeats the purpose! But on her mouth said: I accompany your elder brother to come to see.” 月离愣了愣,这两兄弟长得是一模一样,但这性格,似乎有些南辕北辙啊!但她嘴上还是说道:“我陪你哥来看看。” Long Kongkong sized up lunar motion several up and down, the say/way of smiling: Elder sister you very well look! However, missed a point compared with my cousin, I estimated that my brother......” he, was covered the mouth by Long Dangdang at this point. 龙空空上下打量了月离几眼,笑眯眯的道:“姐姐你长得挺好看啊!不过,比我表姐还差了一点,我估计我哥……”他才说到这里,就被龙当当一把捂住了嘴。 We competed finished, first walked.” Long Dangdang wielded wielding with another hand to the lunar motion, hugs the head of Long Kongkong to walk out, walks also while said: You do not speak no one to work as the mute you.” “我们比赛都结束了,就先走了。”龙当当用另一只手向月离挥了挥,就那么搂着龙空空的脑袋向外走,一边走还一边说道:“你不说话没人会把你当哑巴。” „!” In this time, fair element is hitting, happen to pats on the palm of Long Dangdang, Long Dangdang eats the pain, immediately loosened covered the hand on Long Kongkong mouth. “啪!”正在这时,一只白皙的素手打来,正好拍在龙当当的手掌上,龙当当吃痛,顿时松开了捂在龙空空嘴上的手。 Cannot bully air-to-air.” Ice Monroe horizontal Long Dangdang, fishes from his hand Long Kongkong, the smile said: Air-to-air, today displays really well.” “不许欺负空空。”凌梦露横了龙当当一眼,把龙空空从他手里捞出来,微笑道:“空空啊,今天表现真不错呢。” Long Dangdang then discovered, originally does not know when ice Monroe also observed, but his former thoughts on the younger brother, have not noticed. 龙当当这才发现,原来不知道什么时候凌梦露也来观战了,只不过他之前心思都在弟弟身上,没注意到。 A Long Kongkong eyeball revolution, sticks out chest saying: That must. Whose younger male cousin does not look is!” 龙空空眼珠一转,挺起胸膛道:“那必须的。不看是谁的表弟!” Long Dangdang has not noticed the cousin, can he not notice? Looking carefully in all directions to be vigilant is also safety first's key! 龙当当没注意到表姐,他能没注意到么?眼观六路耳听八方也是安全第一的关键! The lunar motion gazes after the cousin younger brother three people to go far away gradually, in the heart somewhat is surprised. That wears the pastor long gown, how leading the young girl of veil to seem a little to look familiar. Although is hoodwinking the face, but can see as before is the beautiful woman semifinished product, did their cousins also enter hunted for the demon group trials? Oneself did not know that should be the students of spirit furnace school? 月离目送着表姐弟三人渐渐远去,心中不禁有些惊讶。那身穿牧师长袍,带着面纱的少女怎么看起来有点眼熟。虽然蒙着脸,但依旧能看出是个美人坯子,他们这表姐也是进了猎魔团选拔赛的?自己不认识,那应该就是灵炉学院的学员了? A moment ago was that elder sister your group?” At the same time the round trip is walking, Monroe resembles is asking of having no intention. “刚才那个姐姐是你们组的?”一边往回走着,梦露似是无意的问道。 Long Dangdang honest say/way: Yes! Magicians. Yesterday first fought my opponent. Her spirit furnace is the livelihood same splendor spirit furnace, was happen to restrained by the moon/month bright sea spirit furnace, the sea said, this livelihood same splendor spirit furnace is the inheritance of he and his partner. Yesterday was controlled that spirit furnace after by the sea, her spirit furnace evolved, after she said wanted to join, my hunting for demon group. Because the moon/month bright sea spirit furnace may let her spirit furnace ultra step evolution.” 龙当当老实的道:“是的!魔法师。昨天第一战我的那个对手。她的灵炉是日月同辉灵炉,正好被月明沧海灵炉克制了,沧海说,这日月同辉灵炉是他和他那伙伴的传承。昨天被沧海控制了那灵炉之后,她那灵炉就进化了,她就说想要加入以后我的猎魔团。因为月明沧海灵炉有可能会让她的灵炉超阶进化。” Monroe's say/way looking pensive: Livelihood same splendor spirit furnace, I know. Originally is she! Initially when it is said this spirit furnace selected the students of temple main hospital magic section also caused the stir. First ten of livelihood same splendor spirit furnace ranking magic temple spirit furnace, moreover in can only evolve in situations to rank first ten three times, is only the spirit furnace. In other words, your moon/month bright sea spirit furnace may make its evolution surpass three times, no wonder she will be entangling you.” 梦露若有所思的道:“日月同辉灵炉,我知道。原来是她啊!当初据说这个灵炉选中了圣殿总院魔法部的学员时还引起了轰动呢。日月同辉灵炉排名魔法圣殿灵炉的前十名,而且是在只能进化三次的情况下就排名前十了,是唯一灵炉。也就是说,你的月明沧海灵炉有可能让它的进化超过三次,难怪她会缠着你呢。” The Long Dangdang forced smile said: Others have not been entangling me, but has a look at the air-to-air competition with me.” 龙当当苦笑道:“人家也没有缠着我,只是跟我去看看空空的比赛。” Ice Monroe's say/way with a smile: „Is that I speaks incorrectly?” 凌梦露笑吟吟的道:“那是我说错咯?” Long Kongkong bumped Long Dangdang, said in a low voice: Murderous aura!” 龙空空碰了龙当当一下,低声道:“有杀气!” Long Dangdang stared his one eyes ill-humoredly, shuts up no one to work as the mute you!” 龙当当没好气的瞪了他一眼,“闭上嘴没有人会把你当哑巴!” ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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