SBPE :: Volume #16

#9383: Chapter 9383

Boy your very Congming/smart? But you have not listened, is the Congming/smart person, dies quickly!” “小子你挺聪明啊?可是你没听过吗,越是聪明的人,死得越快!” king Quan killing intent is imposing immediately, his cooperation with Jiang Ziheng cannot expose to the bystander knows, but is known by a deceased person, that is not all that serious. 王犬当即杀意凛然,他跟姜子衡的合作是不能暴露给外人知道,但是被一个死人知道,那就没什么大不了吧。 The Lin Yi sinking sound asked back: Last issue, you come to me, right?” 林逸沉声反问:“最后一个问题,你们是冲着我来的,对吗?” At death's door also so many idle talk!” “死到临头还那么多废话!” king Quanleng snort/hum, along with, even if acts in harmony also with other three people acts, acts is killing move! 王犬冷哼一声,随即便同其他三人配合默契的同时出手,一出手全是杀招 Right? That is good.” “是吗?那就好。” Lin Yi saw that actually smiled, opposite party response was just right for his intent, since the goal were not Tang Yun and king poetic appeal, he felt relieved, at least showed that the Tang Yun two people will not have what danger temporarily. 林逸见状却是笑了,对方这个反应正合他意,既然目标不是唐韵和王诗情,他就放心了,至少证明唐韵二人暂时还不会有什么危险。 Then, drawing out the hand is a divine sense shake of maximum intensity! 说罢,起手便是一记最高强度的神识震荡! Because here cultivator universal origin spirit boundary drawing hip, the beforehand fact had shown, the Lin Yi's divine sense shake and divine sense dashing were easier-to-use than any time in the past, it can be said that out-and-out last trick up sleeve. 因为这边修炼者普遍元神境界拉胯,之前的事实就已证明,林逸的神识震荡和神识冲撞比以往任何时候都好用,可说是不折不扣的撒手锏。 However this time, the move withstanding the test for the first time lost the effect unexpectedly. 然而这一次,屡试不爽的招数居然破天荒失去了效果。 divine sense shakes, king Quan four people unexpectedly are safe and sound, instead a face taunted: Idiot! Also really thinks that Father will link is falling in the same strip ditch?” 一记神识震荡下来,王犬四人竟是安然无恙,反而一脸嘲讽:“蠢货!还真以为老子会连着摔在同一条沟里啊?” During the speeches four people of killing move are the solid bang on Lin Yi. 说话间四人的杀招已是结结实实的轰在了林逸身上。 Was good starts ultra limit Butterfly Small Step because of the Lin Yi card at the final moment, the danger dangerous escaping , the bonus is so, was affected a vitality to turn by these four people of killing move jointly unavoidably wells up. 好在林逸卡在最后时刻启动了超极限蝴蝶微步,险之又险的逃过一劫,饶是如此,被这四人的联手杀招波及还是免不了一阵气血翻涌。 General idea/Careless, previous time extremely relaxed, caused to have the contempt about these four fellows! 大意了,上次太过轻松,导致对这四个家伙心存轻视了! Has saying that Jianghai Institute worthily is the monster agglomeration, even if only the second grade lives, is much more maneating than outside these same level expert. 不得不说江海学院不愧是怪物聚集地,哪怕只是二年级生,也比外面遇到的那些同级高手凶悍得多。 Protects a god symbol?” “护神阵符?” Until this moment Lin Yi discovered that four people of nape places pasted a symbol, before is the king poetic appeal, with he has proposed a protecting god symbol. 直到此刻林逸才发现四人后颈处都贴了一张阵符,乃是王诗情之前跟他提过的护神阵符。 This is a solid Profound Step 1-grade symbol, it is said can defend perfectly any in view of the attack of origin spirit, the premise cannot exceed the injury upper limit that it can withstand. 这可是实实在在的玄阶一品阵符,据说可以完美防御任何针对元神的攻击,前提是不能超过它所能承受的伤害上限。 Lin Yi's divine sense shakes to this group of people, although dimensionality reduction attack, but cannot over protect a god symbol eventually the withstanding limit! 林逸的神识震荡对这帮人虽说是降维打击,可终究没能超过护神阵符的承受极限! Mother will also very hide!” “妈的还挺会躲!” king Quan has not expected the Lin Yi's speed to be able obviously unexpectedly quickly to this share , the aspect of theoretically steadily eating falls short unexpectedly obstinately. 王犬显然也没料到林逸的速度竟能快到这个份上,理论上稳吃的局面居然愣是功亏一篑。 However also slightly was surprised, then pats another Profound Step symbol with other three people simultaneously, a barrier symbol. 不过也就稍微惊讶了一下而已,紧接着便和其他三人同时拍下又一张玄阶阵符,壁障阵符。 As the name suggests, the symbol biggest effect gives birth to invisible barrier baseless, four person four barrier, happen to the encirclement forms a fitting together perfectly barrier shackles! 顾名思义,阵符最大的效果就是凭空生出一堵无形壁障,四个人四堵壁障,正好合围形成一个严丝合缝的壁障牢笼! This, Lin Yi did not have to flash the space that the revolutions organized immediately. 这一下,林逸顿时就没了闪转腾挪的空间。 Ultra limit Butterfly Small Step in narrow space, although does not become invalid directly, but the effect falls short inevitably greatly, imagined again avoided four people of killing move jointly a moment ago like this, almost difficult such as to ascend to heaven. 超极限蝴蝶微步在狭窄空间中虽说不是直接作废,可效果必然大打折扣,再想像刚才这样避开四人的联手杀招,几乎难如登天。 „Doesn't boy you escape is very quick? Escapes again? Could be hit a gap by you?” “小子你不是逃挺快?再逃啊?说不定能被你撞开一个缺口呢?” king Quan four people being calm and composed even in press of work approaches again. 王犬四人好整以暇的再度逼近过来。 Lin Yi sees that to nod: Good, I try.” 林逸见状点点头:“好啊,那我试试。” A few words made king Quan four people smile to turn directly at the scene, smiled out of breath, the collective with looking at the mental handicap look looks at Lin Yi: Before looked that you play Yin with us, but also thinks that is the Congming/smart person? Enters the broken day grand perfection first-grade rookies initially, but also really wants to break Profound Step barrier? Knows that what meaning the Profound Step barrier four characters do represent?” 一句话直接令王犬四人当场笑翻,一个个笑得上气不接下气,集体用看智障的眼神看着林逸:“之前看你跟我们玩阴的,还以为是个聪明人呢?一个初入破天大圆满的一年级菜鸟,还真想打破玄阶壁障?知不知道玄阶壁障四个字代表什么意思?” Father strikes full power cannot leave the least bit trace, depends on you?” 老子全力一击都留不下半点痕迹,就凭你?” king Quan exaggerates actually not, but is the fact is so, barrier this type of thing does not have the technique content at first sight, but the reality is actually a seemingly simpler thing often does not jump over simply, especially after taking the Profound Step two characters. 倒不是王犬夸大其词,而是事实就是如此,壁障这种东西乍看起来毫无技术含量,可现实却是越看起来简单的东西往往越不简单,尤其在带上了玄阶二字之后。 In line with looking to play the mentality of monkey, king Quan four people have not worried to begin, but put out a hand to give the hand signal of invitation, showing mercy gave Lin Yi to sell the stupid opportunity one time. 本着看耍猴的心态,王犬四人并没有着急动手,而是伸手做了个请的手势,大发慈悲的给了林逸一次卖蠢的机会。 Then, then sees Lin Yi to trample, Profound Step barrier crashes accordingly. 然后,便见林逸一脚踹出,玄阶壁障应声崩塌。 The shackles tiny bits that suddenly, four sides Profound Step barrier composes, felt at the scene follow to collapse with the trim space generally. 眨眼之间,四面玄阶壁障组成的牢笼当场稀碎,给人的感觉就跟整片空间都跟着坍塌了一般。 What sorcery that you, you and you use?” “你、你、你用的什么妖法?” king Quan four people turn into the stutter immediately, is one damn the frightened expression, sees Lin Yi to turn the head, was simultaneous/uniform simultaneous/uniform retroceded unexpectedly subconsciously five steps, for fear that trampled to oneself on. 王犬四人顿时变成结巴,全都是一副见了鬼的惊悚表情,见林逸转过头来,竟是齐齐下意识后退了五步,生怕那一脚踹到自己身上。 Even the Profound Step barrier tiny bits became this welldoing, really must trample to them on, that scene light is thinks to be afraid. 玄阶壁障都稀碎成了这副德行,真要踹到他们身上,那场面光是想想都不寒而栗。 Lin Yi crooked the head said with a smile: I, if said the thickness that this gadget might as well I refine conveniently, you do will think I did install?” 林逸歪了歪脑袋笑道:“我要是说这玩意儿还不如我随手炼制的厚实,你们会不会觉得我太装了?” king Quan four people look at each other in blank dismay, immediately changes into collectively sneers: Really has enough installs, Father is most repugnant is your depending small method on not knowing the immensity of heaven and earth acting cool gang leader, I have not guessed that wrong words, did you just use to extinguish a law symbol?” 王犬四人面面相觑,随即集体化为冷笑:“确实有够装,老子最讨厌就是你这种仗着一点小手段就不知天高地厚的装逼头子,我没猜错的话,你刚刚是用了灭法阵符吧?” Theoretically, extinguished a law symbol to achieve just that so long as the grade did not have the absolute disparity, extinguished a law symbol almost to decode all symbols. 理论上,灭法阵符就能做到刚刚那一幕,只要品级没有绝对差距,灭法阵符几乎可破解一切阵符。 Shrugging that Lin Yi shows neither approval nor disapproval: Knows that can be this, was indifferent.” 林逸不置可否的耸了耸肩:“就知道会是这样,无所谓了。” As everyone knows his is the solid frank talk, a barrier symbol he has truly refined several conveniently, moreover draws out the hand is Profound Step 2-grade, perfect quality. 殊不知他这可是实实在在的大实话,壁障阵符他确实顺手炼制过几张,而且起手就是玄阶二品,完美品质。 formation with the symbol is body both sides, by the Lin Yi's formation attainments, barrier rune/symbol self who decodes a personally refinement is easy, on a matter of foot. 阵法与阵符乃是一体两面,以林逸的阵法造诣,破解一个自己亲手炼制的壁障阵符自是轻而易举,也就一脚的事情而已。 Mother blocks him quickly!” “妈的快拦住他!” king Quan responded that ordered, not to have the Profound Step barrier shackles hastily, showed the come out speed really to wholeheartedly by Lin Yi want a moment ago to run, their four people also really had no means. 王犬反应过来连忙下令,没了玄阶壁障牢笼,以林逸刚才展现出来的速度真要一心想跑,他们四人还真没什么办法。 Today if really ran away by Lin Yi, their troubles may be big, solely is not school, was That side Jiang Ziheng does not only confess! 今儿真要是被林逸跑掉,那他们的麻烦可就大了,不单单是学院方面,光是姜子衡那边就交代不了! Finally Lin Yi does not have the meaning that the least bit must run from the start, instead a face is inexplicable: Blocks me to do? Don't I run?” 结果林逸压根没有半点要跑的意思,反而一脸莫名:“拦我干嘛?我又不跑?” Doesn't run?” “不跑?” king Quan stares, immediately shows a strange expression: Boy you should not think that can also maintain a livelihood under our hands? I acknowledged, your origin spirit has real skill, what a pity in front of protecting a god symbol is child's play, without this method, you in the Father eye is a trash!” 王犬一愣,随即不由露出一副诡异的表情:“小子你该不会以为还能在我们手底下活命吧?我承认,你元神是有两下子,可惜在护神阵符面前就是小儿科,没了这点手段,你在老子眼里就是个渣渣!” Then, immediately the meaningful glance hints other three people to act together. 说罢,当即眼色示意其他三人一起出手。 However from the Lin Yi recent that person does not know why is the body shakes unexpectedly, pastes explodes in the protecting god symbol of nape suddenly, was exploded the dripping with blood at the scene, was also made up a foot by Lin Yi while convenient, flies upside down beyond dozens meters the human affairs not to know directly. 然而距离林逸最近的那人不知为何竟是身子一震,贴在后颈的护神阵符猛然爆裂,当场被炸得鲜血淋漓,顺便还被林逸补上了一脚,直接倒飞出数十米外人事不知。 This has not calculated, other two's protecting god symbol also explodes one after another, connects on the step that goods footsteps. 这还不算完,紧接着另外两人的护神阵符也都接连爆裂,接连步上那货的后尘。 Suddenly, four people encircled became king Quan a loner. 眨眼之间,四人合围就成了王犬自己一个孤家寡人。
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