SBPE :: Volume #16

#9382: Chapter 9382

Makes the best use of things, even does a dog still have its use not? What is a Profound Step symbol? However is the meat bone, and if not, we have no loss.” “物尽其用,就算是一条狗也有它的用处不是吗?一点玄阶阵符算什么?不过是根肉骨头罢了,即便不成功,我们也没什么损失。” The adviser said with a smile spookily: Said again, if they really let slip, we have follow-up changing, this net scatters in any case, Lin Yi must die, otherwise old man on came in vain this.” 师爷幽幽笑道:“再说了,他们真要是失手,我们也有后续的变招,反正这一网撒下去,林逸必死,要不然老夫就白来这一趟了。” Female student dormitory entrance. 女生宿舍门口。 Tang Yun cautious about looked, sees Lin Yi not to defend outside, this relaxes, being eased had the king poetic appeal to start to stroll Campus. 唐韵小心翼翼的左右看了看,见林逸没有守在外面,这才松了口气,一身轻松的带着王诗情开始逛起了校园 The result has not arrived at two minutes, discovered that Lin Yi has been calm and composed even in press of work in the front crossroad. 结果没到两分钟,就发现林逸已经好整以暇的等在了前方路口。 This fellow is tells fortunes? How to be haunted by the ghost?” “这家伙是算命的吗?怎么阴魂不散?” Looks that to Lin Yi that oneself beckon, Tang Yun turned a supercilious look ill-humoredly, has not noticed king Shiqing secretly titter behind her completely, has such all-weather young traitor within to follow in the side, she can throw off Lin Yi that really damn. 看着向自己招手的林逸,唐韵没好气的翻了一记白眼,完全没注意到王诗情在她背后暗暗偷笑,有这么个全天候小内奸跟在身边,她能甩掉林逸那才真是见了鬼了。 Be that as it may, Lin Yi must not have the means with her wholeheartedly, do not approach besides the warning to ten meters , can only hold one's nose the default. 话虽如此,林逸一心要跟上来她也没办法,除了警告不要凑近到十米内之外,只能捏着鼻子默认。 Quick, the fellow of another command Tang Yun unstated criticism also with, to pass the family/home cheap school leader Jiang Ziheng who is good to pose as. 很快,另外一个令唐韵腹诽的家伙也跟了上来,正是以通家之好自居的便宜学长姜子衡。 Although the Tang Yun's attitude throughout is neither cold nor hot, but looks to brave various come out doing everything to please Jiang Ziheng, rear Lin Yi still knit the brows. 虽然唐韵的态度始终是不冷不热,但看着冒出来各种献殷勤的姜子衡,后方林逸仍旧皱眉不已。 This cheap school leader obviously spent the big time on Tang Yun, merely is not pure stemming from liking wanting to pursue Tang Yun, the back also has attempt of important inevitably! 这位便宜学长明显在唐韵身上下了大功夫,绝不仅仅是单纯的出于喜欢想要追求唐韵,背后必然还有更重要的企图! Lin Yi was not too worried actually Tang Yun will break faith, but if Jiang Ziheng has gotten refused on her, the sword will walk the slant probably. 林逸倒是不太担心唐韵会变心,可如果姜子衡一直在她身上碰钉子,保不齐就会剑走偏锋。 This is the hidden danger that has to attach great importance. 这是一个不得不重视的隐患。 Jiang Ziheng shot a look at Lin Yi one with no trace, then proposed with a smile: „The Tang Yun study younger sister, our school opened a female student supermarket for your female students specially, inside has many to cultivate/repair the item commodity of design for the female specially, pays attention to both practical and face/color price/value, can look?” 姜子衡不着痕迹的瞥了林逸一眼,转而笑着提议道:“唐韵学妹,咱们学院专为你们女生开了一家女生超市,里面有许多专为女修设计的道具商品,兼顾实用和颜值,要不要去看下?” Good.” “好啊。” Tang Yun hears word eyes one bright, even the king poetic appeal also follows full of enthusiasm, the shopping is the instinct of woman, especially the cultivate female was rarely seen to the commodity, facing so seduces is not naturally able to reject. 唐韵闻言眼睛一亮,连王诗情也都跟着兴致勃勃,购物是女人的天性,尤其修炼界女性向商品本就不多见,面对如此诱惑自然无法拒绝。 Since the Tang Yun two people must go, Lin Yi naturally must follow. 既然唐韵二人要去,林逸自然也要跟着。 However waited till the female student supermarket entrance, Lin Yi was immediately awkward, guy(s) does not let. 不过等到了女生超市门口,林逸顿时就尴尬了,男生不让进。 This is not strange, the issue lay in Lin Yi is blocked, Jiang Ziheng actually openly went. 这本身不奇怪,问题在于林逸被拦住了,姜子衡却是堂而皇之的进去了。 My Lin Yi big brother cannot enter, why can he enter? He is not male?” “我林逸大哥哥不能进,他为什么就能进?他难道不是男的吗?” The king poetic appeal jumps come out to defend against injustice for Lin Yi decisively. 王诗情果断跳出来林逸打抱不平。 Jiang Ziheng smiled: little girl, I naturally male, here custom is the male guest halts, but I actually cannot be a guest, after all in the hand also holds the 10% stocks of this supermarket, the size is also Boss.” 姜子衡笑了:“小丫头,我当然是男的,不过这里的规矩是男性宾客止步,而我却不能算是宾客,毕竟手上还持有这家超市的10%股份,大小也算是个老板。” Nearby entrance waiter echoes the nod. 一旁的门口服务生纷纷附和点头。 King poetic appeal speechless, can only helpless looks to Lin Yi, Lin Yi has not said anything, but returned to a comfort look. 王诗情哑然,只能无奈的看向林逸,林逸倒没有多说什么,只是回了一个安慰的眼神。 Although suspected that Jiang Ziheng harbors evil intentions, but should be also insufficient to face universal condemnation, moves what hands and feet in supermarket public place to Tang Yun directly, otherwise quite in public however confronts symbol aristocratic family Wang Family to ride the face output, perhaps let alone Jiang Ziheng, his back Nanjiang king does not have that courage. 虽说怀疑姜子衡居心不良,但应该还不至于冒天下之大不韪,直接在超市这种公众场合对唐韵动什么手脚,否则就相当于公然对阵符世家王家骑脸输出,别说一个姜子衡,他背后的南江王恐怕都没那个胆子。 That trouble Lin Yi brother you waited outside, relax, the Tang Yun study younger sister I will look.” “那就麻烦林逸兄弟你在外面等了,放心,唐韵学妹我会照顾好的。” Jiang Ziheng Blanking bar happily shot a look at Lin Yi one, along with, even if accompanies Tang Yun to enter the female student supermarket. 姜子衡暗带得意的瞥了林逸一眼,随即便陪着唐韵进入女生超市。 Regarding this obvious provocation, Lin Yi naturally cannot have any overact, although oneself was forced to keep out of the door, but its powerful divine sense can actually search into, can grasp Tang Yun as before clearly in inside whereabouts. 对于这种明摆着的挑衅,林逸自然不会有什么过激反应,虽然本人被迫留在了门外,但其强大的神识却可以探入其中,依旧能够清晰掌握唐韵在里面的行踪。 All are very normal. 一切都很正常。 Until waited for a half hour after outside, inside Tang Yun and king poetic appeal aura does not have suddenly, evaporated in Lin Yi's divine sense unexpectedly suddenly! 直至在外面等了半个小时后,里面的唐韵和王诗情突然之间气息全无,竟是在林逸的神识中忽然蒸发了! Lin Yi in great surprise, must force one's way in immediately, finally is blocked by the guard who two higher grades lived the concurrent job. 林逸大惊,当即就要强行闯入,结果被两个高年级生兼职的护卫拦了下来。 Courts death! Can't understand the signboard? If you dare to rush one step, we can execute summarily, you may think!” “找死!看不懂招牌吗?你若敢闯进来一步,我们就可以格杀勿论,你可想好了!” Two higher grades live guard complexion not Seondeok. 两个高年级生护卫面色不善道。 Lin Yi then saw that these two are not simple, is not only the strength boundary, the key is passes one share to murder the resolute aura, really must begin is not an untalented person. 林逸一眼便看出这两人都不简单,不仅是实力境界,关键是身上都透着一股子杀伐果决的气息,真要动起手来绝非庸手。 In order to exempt the situation becomes totally out of control, Lin Yi must bear the temper saying: I had two companions to lose the trail in inside, was important, but also please two stretch the rules 12.” 为免局势变得不可收拾,林逸只得耐着性子道:“我有两个同伴在里面失去了踪迹,事关重大,还请两位通融一二。” Finally the opposite party snorts contemptuously: Nonsense! Here is the female student supermarket, inside has certainly to block the divine sense private region, otherwise others interview clothing in, to be peeped by your these people casually?” 结果对方嗤之以鼻:“废话!这里是女生超市,里面当然有阻断神识的私密区域,要不然人家在里面试个衣服,岂不是随便被你们这些人偷窥?” Lin Yi stares, thinks also truly is this truth, must give up temporarily. 林逸一愣,想想也确实是这个道理,只得暂时作罢。 However a half hour passes by, Tang Yun and hasn't the aura of king poetic appeal appeared as before, tries clothing to try for a half hour? 但是又半个小时过去,唐韵和王诗情的气息依旧没有出现,试衣服试半个小时? This matter possibility? 这种事情可能吗? Good, very has the possibility probably. 好吧,好像是挺有可能的。 However two people always treat the blocked private region, from beginning to end has not walked the come out half step, this eventually is some fishy. 但是两个人始终都待在被阻断的私密区域,从始至终没有走出来半步,这终究还是有些蹊跷。 Lin Yi decides no longer to use wastefully white/in vain, naturally above pours is also insufficient to arrive rushes directly, such Tang Yun two people really wanted what accident/surprise, if the final discovery were only a misunderstanding, he himself halved minutes to be dismissed by School certainly. 林逸决定不再白白耗下去,当然倒也不至于上头到直接强闯,那样唐韵二人真要出了什么意外还则罢了,要是最后发现只是个误会,他自己绝对分分钟学校开除。 However did not rush not to represent anything unable to do, the region that the Tang Yun two people of aura vanished happen to was close to the supermarket back door, since could not obtain the result the main entrance, went to the back door to try one's luck would rather. 不过不强闯并不代表就什么都做不了,唐韵二人气息消失的区域正好接近超市后门,既然在正门这边得不到结果,倒不如就去后门碰碰运气。 Really incorrect words, even can also consider that finds the opportunity to sneak to slip to have a look secretly, do not forget Lin Yi to have the plant attribute, going into hiding the aura plays to submerge is one certainly. 实在不行的话,甚至还可以考虑找机会偷溜进去看看,别忘了林逸可是有着植物属性,隐匿自身气息玩潜入可是一绝。 Really, the guard of supermarket back door compares the front door to be much looser, attempts after over and over cannot explore the Tang Yun two people of aura as before, Lin Yi decisively then must be put into action. 果然,超市后门的守卫相比前门要松散得多,再三尝试依旧探索不到唐韵二人的气息之后,林逸果断便要付诸行动。 However just stepped into the back door half step, in a twinkling is the alarm sound rings out unexpectedly! 然而刚一踏进后门半步,霎时间竟是警报声大作! The next second, Lin Yi had then been encircled by four familiar person's shadows in the middle, impressively before , threw king Quan the numerous of garbage heap by him and Shen Yifan conveniently! 下一秒,林逸便已被四个熟悉的人影围在中间,赫然正是之前被他和沈一凡随手扔到了垃圾堆的王犬一众! Sneaks the female student supermarket secretly? Hehe, the boy your Huahua intestines are very many, this was grasped by us present, according to the custom kills is not overrated!” “偷偷潜入女生超市?呵呵,小子你花花肠子挺多啊,这回可是被我们抓了现行,按照规矩打死都不为过!” The intently watch that king Quan a face grins fiendishly Lin Yi, other three people are also showing the pleased expression. 王犬一脸狞笑的逼视着林逸,其他三人也都纷纷露出快意的表情。 The Lin Yi eyelid jumps, then thought through all instantaneously: „Is this you with the bureau that Jiang Ziheng sets up?” 林逸眼皮一跳,瞬间便想通了一切:“这是你们跟姜子衡设的局?” king Quan obviously gawked, the complexion immediately becomes somewhat ugly, before Jiang Ziheng gave forewarning to him, each other relations cannot know to the bystander in the exposition. 王犬明显愣了一下,脸色随即变得有些难看,之前姜子衡对他可是有言在先,彼此关系绝不能在暴露给外人知道。 After all what Jiang Ziheng needs is one can do the black glove of dirty job to him, rather than pure hired thug. 毕竟姜子衡需要的是一个能够给他干脏活的黑手套,而不是单纯的打手
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