SBPE :: Volume #16

#9381: Chapter 9381

Following is Shen Yifan making up blade makes king Quan several fall into the stupor completely thoroughly, from this judged, by the attainments in divine sense aspect, this new roommate did not say can only be on par with, at least is also quite powerful, has not spread out too big with rank strength of body. 后续完全是沈一凡的补刀才令王犬几个彻底陷入昏迷,由此判断,单论神识方面的造诣,这位新室友不说能和自己比肩吧,至少也是相当强大,和身体的等级实力并没有拉开太大距离。 Shen Yifan shakes the head again and again: Different, Old Lin you by the hard strength steamroll, I by the small skill of heresy, I have not guessed the wrong words, Old Lin your origin spirit boundary should also achieve broken day grand perfection?” 沈一凡连连摇头:“不一样的,老林你是靠硬实力碾压,我是靠旁门左道的小技巧,我没猜错的话,老林你的元神境界应该也已经达到破天大圆满了吧?” Good.” “不错。” Lin Yi nod acknowledgment. 林逸点头承认。 Shen Yifan is flabbergasted: Mother's you also are really a monster! I long am so big, First time sees the origin spirit boundary to be flush with the strength boundary, Old Lin your is opens simply hangs, later fights the person proper same level invincible.” 沈一凡不由咋舌:“娘的你还真是个怪物!我长这么大,还是第一次见元神境界跟实力境界齐平的,老林你这简直是开挂啊,以后跟人动手妥妥的同级无敌啊。” The advantage that origin spirit brings powerful is not only restricted in the divine sense level certainly, it to the strengthening of overall strength is the entire aspect, offensive advantage that just like Lin Yi divine sense dashing and shake bring. 元神强大带来的优势绝不仅限于神识层面,其对整体实力的强化是全方面的,正如林逸神识冲撞和震荡带来的先手优势。 Lin Yi shows neither approval nor disapproval, then asked: Words said that what unique element this golden Buddha jumps over the wall does have? Let you so regard as important?” 林逸对此不置可否,转而问道:“话说这黄金佛跳墙到底有什么特殊之处?让你如此看重?” Old Lin you ate one not to know.” 老林你吃一口不就知道了。” Shen Yifan keeps guessing, Lin Yi half believing and half doubting tasted one, then feels the whole person immediately by a mysterious Energy package, not only the inexplicable whole body is unobstructed, origin spirit seemed being awakened general, for the first time had a sign of spontaneous growth unexpectedly. 沈一凡卖了个关子,林逸将信将疑的尝了一口,立马便感觉到整个人被一股神秘能量包裹,不仅莫名浑身通畅,连带着元神仿佛都被唤醒一般,竟是破天荒的出现了一丝自发增长的迹象。 Although at the Lin Yi witch Linghai mass, this growth falls into the sea to be similar to a water drop, but still cannot write off this is the real promotion! 虽说以林逸巫灵海的体量,这一丝增长就和一滴水掉进大海差不多,但依然不能抹杀这是货真价实的提升! „Can this gadget strengthen origin spirit?” “这玩意儿能增强元神?” Lin Yi shocked immediately, origin spirit does not have no way to grow, besides boundary breakthrough, so long as grasps the related method, by closing up the self-torture actually can also make its promotion, but promotes extremely to be slow. 林逸顿时震惊了,元神不是没法增长,除了境界突破之外,只要掌握相关法门,靠闭关苦修其实也能令其提升,但是提升十分缓慢。 Regarding eating a thing made the origin spirit spontaneous growth, that listened not to listen radically, only if were in Legend encourages origin spirit heavenly materials and earthly treasures specially. 至于说吃点东西就令元神自发增长,那根本听都没听过,除非是传说中专门助长元神天材地宝 Shen Yifan nods excitedly: „! Thing that as long as links up with origin spirit, is the thing of sky-high price, but this golden Buddha jumps over the wall may be institute's unique benefits, because it is said the food request is quite special, the ordinary time very few saw, can eat, not only need look at the luck, but must look that your hand is quick enough, big group of people are staring.” 沈一凡兴奋点头:“正是!但凡与元神挂钩的东西,无一不是天价之物,而这黄金佛跳墙可算是学院特有的福利了,据说由于食材要求极为特殊,平常时候很少见到,能不能吃到不仅要看运气,还得看你手够不够快,一大堆人盯着呢。” Un, although origin spirit growth rate extremely is limited, but this growth is at least solid, five ten thousand spirit jade are actually not the white bloom.” “嗯,虽然元神增长幅度十分有限,但这增长至少是实实在在的,五万灵玉倒是不算白花。” Lin Yi comments critical. 林逸中肯评价道。 Shen Yifan said with a smile: Far more than is not the white bloom, the blood gains simply, your spirit jade many not necessarily can buy outside again, we also occupied the school to supply the imperial cuisine Grandmaster small advantage especially, if naturally you flower school grades point gained, so long as four school grades points.” 沈一凡笑道:“何止不是白花,简直血赚好吧,在外面你灵玉再多都不见得能买到,咱们也就是占了学院特供御膳宗师的便宜,当然你要是花学分点的话就更赚了,只要四点学分点。” But when two people eat and drink, another side, ate shrivelled king Quan and the others to be blocked by two people muddleheaded, was the head was new promote makes President rune/symbol She impressively unexpectedly, with for Jiang Ziheng of second-grade man of the hour. 而就在两人吃喝的时候,另一边,稀里糊涂吃了瘪的王犬等人则被两个人拦住了,为首的赫然竟是新晋制符社社长,同为二年级风云人物的姜子衡。 Sees Jiang Ziheng the appearance, always unruly king Quan obviously somewhat dreaded, sinking sound said: President Jiang big is hits a person when he is down? Snort, perhaps you must miscalculate!” 看到姜子衡的出现,向来桀骜的王犬明显有些忌惮,沉声道:“姜大社长是来落井下石的吗?哼,恐怕你要打错算盘了!” Jiang Ziheng hears word laughs in spite of trying not to: Hehe, copes with a under the hand | subordinate defeated general also to need to hit a person when he is down?” 姜子衡闻言失笑:“呵呵,对付一个手下败将还需要落井下石?” king Quan explodes with rage immediately, but actually does not know how for a while should refute, what because the opposite party said is the truth, he also is really the under the hand | subordinate defeated general, the key also loses clearly, even/including thinks denied that could not find the reason. 王犬顿时气炸,但一时却不知道该如何反驳,因为对方说的是实话,他还真就是手下败将,关键还输得明明白白,连想否认都找不到理由。 At this time, clearly did not belong to the school the student middle age to walk come out from Jiang Ziheng behind, was the left and right hands adviser of Nanjiang king. 这时,一个明显不属于校内学生的中年从姜子衡身后走了出来,正是南江王的左右手师爷。 little brother is patient, our time asks you actually to help you, might as well listens to get angry well again, how?” 小兄弟稍安勿躁,我们这次找你其实是帮你的忙,不妨好好听一听再上火,如何?” Saying that the adviser smiles. 师爷笑眯眯的说道。 king Quan sees that obstructs, the dangerous aura that in this person feels even must above Jiang Ziheng, must draw back a footpath: Has the fart to put quickly.” 王犬见状一窒,在这人身上感受到的危险气息甚至还要在姜子衡之上,只得退一步道:“有屁快放。” The adviser does not think the pestle actually, looked at each other one to say with Jiang Ziheng: Made that freshman that you admit defeat be called Lin Yi a moment ago, happen to we also looked that he is not pleasing to the eyes, might as well cope with him together jointly, what kind of?” 师爷倒是不以为杵,同姜子衡对视了一眼说道:“刚才让你吃瘪的那个新生叫做林逸,正好我们也看他不顺眼,不如一起联手对付他,怎么样?” Collaborates? Aren't you his opponent?” “联手?连你们也不是他对手?” king Quanwen said knits the brows greatly. 王犬闻言大为皱眉。 The adviser laughs: That is insufficient but actually, but our ginger is rare the excellent future, how can make a move to freshman with no reason at all casually? But as issue student you, did not have this to worry, not?” 师爷哈哈一笑:“那倒不至于,只不过我们姜少有着大好前途,无缘无故怎么可以随便对一个新生出手呢?而身为问题学生的你,就没这个顾虑了,不是吗?” king Quan looks the taunt to sneer: Sunlight positive/direct outstanding student naturally cannot dirty own hand, must therefore look for my such issue student to make the black glove, really must have problems, several of us are the ready-made being a scapegoat heroes, is this meaning?” 王犬面露嘲讽冷笑:“阳光正面的杰出学生自然不能脏了自己的手,所以就要找我这样的问题学生做黑手套,真要出了问题,我们几个就是现成的背锅侠,是这个意思喽?” The adviser is just about the speaking swivel, unexpectedly Jiang Ziheng unexpectedly is the direct nod: You understand very proper.” 师爷正要出言转圜,不料姜子衡竟是直接点头:“你理解得很到位。” President Jiang big, you special, when I am a fool?” “姜大社长,你特么当我是傻子?” king Quan laughs suddenly, defeated regarding in Jiang Ziheng the hand he may take to heart, both sides had a grudge. 王犬突然大笑,对于之前败在姜子衡手上他可一直都是耿耿于怀,双方可是有仇的。 Suddenly, each other plays out. 一时间,彼此剑拔弩张。 Jiang Ziheng is at a moderate pace lightness said: So long as you solved Lin Yi, end of the period grade trial, I can you quota of joining my squad.” 姜子衡却是不紧不慢的淡淡道:“只要你解决了林逸,期末年级试炼,我可以给你一个加入我小队的名额。” One Word And It's Settled!” 一言为定!” king Quan performs the really fragrant law decisively. 王犬果断上演真香定律。 End of the period grade trial is placed in each Jianghai Institute student front threshold, the cross past was happy, has the rich reward that various types were usually inconceivable, cross light, then failed a grade, heavy direct academic dismissal. 期末年级试炼是摆在每一个江海学院学生面前的槛,跨过去皆大欢喜,有着各种平常难以想象的丰厚奖励,跨不过去轻则留级,重则直接勒令退学。 By strength of king dog, although is insufficient is so difficult, can his personal connection at all impossible form a team with what powerful character, but this means that is unable to win the front position, naturally also missed with various rewards. 以王犬的实力虽不至于这么艰难,可以他的人缘根本不可能跟什么强力人物组队,而这就意味着无法取得前排名次,自然也就与各种奖励无缘了。 Reviews Jiang Ziheng, by the trial squad that his rallying point group gets up inevitably is the grade apex, so long as joins, means greatly the reward can succeed in obtaining with ease, whom like this seduces to be able to resist? 反观姜子衡这边,以他的号召力组起来的试炼小队必然是年级顶尖,只要加入,就意味着大把的奖励可以轻松到手,这样的诱惑谁能抵挡得住? Felt relieved, Jiang less/small will not make you be busy at work white/in vain.” “诸位放心,姜少是不会让你们白忙活的。” The adviser smilingly has handed over tall Pinzhen a symbol. 师爷笑眯眯的递过一把高品阵符。 king Quan several people swallow the saliva collectively, in this symbol unexpectedly several is a Profound Step symbol! 王犬几人不由集体咽了咽唾沫,这一把阵符中居然好几张都是玄阶阵符! Makes President rune/symbol She worthily, is really filthy rich, is convinced.” “不愧是制符社社长啊,果然财大气粗,服气。” king Quan is overjoyed, was not treated issue student that sees like his type by the school, most lacks is this kind of high-end resources, a Profound Step symbol in the hand, his actual combat ability at least raises a rank! 王犬大喜过望,像他这种不受学院待见的问题学生,最缺的就是这类高端资源,玄阶阵符在手,他的实战能力至少上调一个级别! Faint say/way that Jiang Ziheng occupies a commanding position: These goods to you are the treasure, in me is actually the trash, so long as handles matters for me, wants many to have many compared with this grade higher symbol, but, looked that you do have that strength to come, when my black glove.” 姜子衡居高临下的淡漠道:“这些货色对你是宝贝,于我却是垃圾,只要替我办事,比这品级更高的阵符要多少有多少,不过,就看你有没有那个实力来当我的黑手套了。” king Quan wants counter- resentment two subconsciously, but looked that bore in the share of Profound Step symbol, sinking sound said: You wait to look.” 王犬下意识想要反怼两句,不过看在玄阶阵符的份上还是忍住了,沉声道:“那你就等着看吧。” Looks that king Quan several people depart, Jiang Ziheng opens the mouth suddenly: Adviser you really thought that several goods are reliable?” 看着王犬几人离去,姜子衡忽然开口:“师爷你真觉得那几个货靠得住?”
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