SBPE :: Volume #16

#9378: Chapter 9378

, Jiang Ziheng made up one specially: Naturally by the Wang Family symbol background, the Tang Yun study younger sister does not need to test, I can incur to be exempt from taking an examination directly to join a company in the name of president especially.” 顿了顿,姜子衡又专门补了一句:“当然以王家的阵符底蕴,唐韵学妹并不需要测试,我以社长的名义直接就可以特招免试入社。” king Shiqing has profound respect immediately: Can going through the motions to say fresh refined, you are powerful.” 王诗情顿时肃然起敬:“能把走后门说得这么清新脱俗,你还是蛮厉害的。” A few words choke the opposite party to be speechless quite a while. 一句话噎得对方半天无语。 Tang Yun, she has not contacted a symbol awkwardly before then, let alone refined a symbol, even if in Wang Family the days, after accepting was enlightened, mainly still in the adaptation boundary. 唐韵尴尬不已,在此之前她根本都没接触过阵符,更别说炼制阵符了,即便在王家的这段日子,接受醍醐灌顶之后主要也是在适应境界。 Made symbol one not saying that did not understand completely, but to true crossed the threshold or misses the long distance, If nothing else, the light was the king poetic appeal can create all -around steamroll to her. 制符一道不说完全不懂,但离真正的入门还是差了十万八千里,别的不说,光是王诗情都能对她造成全方位碾压。 Also therefore, she so will be intimate with the king poetic appeal, half is a reason get along well, the other half actually regarded half initiation Teacher theoretical knowledge rich little girl. 也正因此,她才会跟王诗情如此亲密,一半是眼缘投契,另一半其实是将理论知识丰富的小丫头当成半个启蒙老师了。 Jiang Ziheng mediates saying: By Tang Yun study younger sister's solid educational foundation received from family elders, joining a company is only the First step, has planned for you for the brothers, six months later will be the vice-president, one year later will take over the position of my president, when the time comes in addition for the assistance of brother, all members of society will tie up the Wang Family chariot, believes that king master will be very gratified.” 姜子衡圆场道:“以唐韵学妹的家学渊源,入社只是第一步,为兄都已替你计划好了,半年后担任副社长,一年后接任我的社长之位,到时候加上为兄的辅佐,所有社员都将绑上王家的战车,相信王师会很欣慰的。” Tang Yun shakes the head again and again: President what considers as finished? My this level is insufficient.” 唐韵连连摇头:“社长什么的还是算了吧?我这点水平不够的。” No, goes to none other than you.” “不,非你莫属。” Jiang Ziheng is self-confident, solemn overbearing President conduct: Makes the symbol society I to decide, come, I send you to the freshman dormitory.” 姜子衡自信满满,俨然一副霸道总裁的做派:“制符社我说了算,来吧,我送你去新生宿舍。” Said then before the lord initiates guides, does not give the opportunity of Tang Yun rejection. 说完便主动头前带路,根本不给唐韵拒绝的机会。 Gets down, communication passer-by student as if by prior agreement simultaneous/uniform simultaneous/uniform is salute to Lin Yi several people, naturally, noticeable is not Lin Yi. 一路下来,来往路人学生不约而同齐齐对林逸几人行注目礼,当然,引人注目的可不是林逸 The Tang Yun's beauty adds on the Wang Family Great Young Lady background halo, becoming the people key concern is the natural matter, as long as is a male, must look at two, only if sexual orientation has the issue. 唐韵的姿色加上王家大小姐的背景光环,成为众人关注焦点本是理所当然的事情,但凡是个男的,就不可能不多看两眼,除非性取向有问题。 On communication female student as for road, attention is actually Jiang Ziheng. 至于路上的来往女生,关注的却是姜子衡。 Making President rune/symbol of She this new promote obviously is the man of the hour in school, not only has the outstanding contour makings, the Nanjiang king such domineering backer, more essential is his truly ox Pi. 这位新晋的制符社社长显然已是校内的风云人物,不仅有着出众的外形气质,还有南江王这样的强势靠山,更关键是他本人确实牛批。 Although the mass organization is the student spontaneous organization, but has the school all-around resources protection, its gold content only high is not low compared with extracurricular any travelling together association. 社团虽是学生自发组织,但有着学院全方位的资源保障,其之含金量比起校外任何一家同行公会都只高不低。 The president of Jianghai Institute any mass organization, that absolutely is the eminent in eminent, advances into Jianghai hidden dragon list first ten existences sufficiently! 江海学院任何一个社团的社长,那都绝对是翘楚之中的翘楚,足以跻身江海潜龙榜前十的存在! But Jiang Ziheng, just enters a school now for a year! 而姜子衡,如今也才不过刚刚入学一年而已! The rapidness of the high-rank speed, renovated the school regulations of Jianghai Institute directly, did not say exaggeratingly, this is one is doomed to be written down the school regulations man of the hour. 其上位速度之快,直接刷新了江海学院的校史,毫不夸张的说,这是一个注定要被记入校史的风云人物。 Good pair of young boys and girls, mother did not have the opportunity.” “好一对金童玉女啊,妈的没机会了。” Roadside one crowd of guy(s) look Jiang Ziheng and Tang Yun who walk shoulder to shoulder shed tears silently. 路边一群男生看着并肩而走的姜子衡和唐韵默默垂泪。 However was not everyone will easily accept fate, has to look to follow directly in back Lin Yi that did not lose heart, came on stops up without delay at the scene a spirit jade card: brother are you Tang Yun's Bodyguard? card has five ten thousand spirit jade, you receive.” 不过也不是所有人都会轻易认命,有不死心的直接找上了跟在后边的林逸,二话不说当场就塞过来一张灵玉卡:“兄弟你是唐韵的保镖吧?卡里有五万灵玉,你收好喽。” Lin Yi blinks: „Is this does do?” 林逸眨眨眼睛:“这是干嘛?” Do not consider too little, 50,000 are only the advanced payment, big end also in behind, so long as you can make your family Young Lady information to me, or creates a right opportunity to me, guarantees you to fill of enjoyment.” “别嫌少啊,五万只是预付款,大头还在后面,只要你能弄点你家小姐的情报给我,或者给我创造个合适的机会,保你吃香喝辣。” Coming the person is the man who a warrior takes, after patting the Lin Yi shoulder, then departs fast. 来人是个一身武士服的男子,拍了拍林逸肩膀后便快速离去。 In looks to begin the spirit jade card, Lin Yi does not know whether to laugh or cry simply, Jianghai Institute is really a good place, this just entered school gate anything not to do, picks five ten thousand spirit jade white/in vain. 看着手里的灵玉卡,林逸简直哭笑不得,江海学院果然是个好地方,这才刚进校门什么都没做呢,就白捡五万灵玉 Shameless!” “无耻!” Tang Yun does not conceal the dislike stared Lin Yi one. 唐韵毫不掩饰厌恶的瞪了林逸一眼。 Lin Yi startled, Tang Yun although now is broken day grand perfection, but the essence is actually an intensive parallel import, just this warrior took brother to be possible not only to lower the sound, meanwhile the arrange/cloth got down stratification, theoretically Tang Yun should unable to hear is right. 林逸不由愕然,唐韵如今虽然是破天大圆满,但本质其实就是一个速成的水货,刚刚这位武士服兄弟可不仅是压低了声音,同时还布下了一层结界的,理论上唐韵应该听不到才对。 Only if, some people wear out to tie desirably the sound synchronously to him. 除非,有人穿破结界刻意将声音同步给他。 Has no need to guess, this person inevitably is Jiang Ziheng who the front maintains composure. 用不着猜,这个人必然是前方不动声色的姜子衡。 This buddy has one! 哥们有一手啊! Lin Yi shows a faint smile, without such as Jiang Ziheng was actually expected that such worries to argue, instead worked as the Tang Yun's surface, natural was receiving the spirit jade card. 林逸微微一笑,却没有如姜子衡预料中那样着急辩解,反而当着唐韵的面,大大方方就这么将灵玉卡收了起来。 Tang Yun air/Qi at the scene: What meaning feeds your? How was I owe you wages? This spirit jade you also dare to receive unexpectedly, but also is in front of my?” 唐韵当场气得要死:“喂你什么意思啊?我是欠你工钱了怎么着?这种灵玉你居然也敢收,还当着我的面?” Jiang Ziheng takes advantage of opportunity to make up the blade in the one side: Serves the interest of outsiders, Tang Yun study younger sister your Bodyguard receives truly a little issue, cleans up, looks for one for the brother to you credibly.” 姜子衡在一旁顺势补刀:“吃里扒外,唐韵学妹你这个保镖收的确实有点问题,清理掉吧,为兄给你找一个靠谱的。” Tang Yun immediately speechless. 唐韵顿时哑然 She wants to make Lin Yi walk actually, may about the Lin Yi's power over personnel in her hand, all not be her mother Wang Yuming decides from the start, how will otherwise Lin Yi follow she to have presently here? 她倒是想让林逸走呢,可关于林逸的人事权压根不在她手上,全是她妈王玉茗说了算,否则林逸又岂会跟着她出现在这里? Sows dissension, your school leader probably also not much?” “挑拨离间,你这个学长好像也不怎么样哦?” The king poetic appeal is helping the Lin Yi counter-attack decisively. 王诗情果断帮着林逸反击。 Jiang Ziheng has food stuck in the throat, what a pity he is not good to lose one's temper facing little girl, must bear the temper saying: I consider the matter and of itself , without other meaning, little girl you do not raise to the plane of political principle, no matter how said that he does receive spirit jade this matter always unable to wash off? I said that his does serve the interest of outsiders excessively?” 姜子衡不由噎住,可惜面对一个小丫头他又不好动怒,只得耐着性子道:“我只是就事论事而已,没有别的意思,小姑娘你可不要上纲上线,不管怎么说他收灵玉这事儿总洗不掉吧?我说他一句吃里扒外过分吗?” This time was Lin Yi of litigant is a face is indifferent: As Bodyguard all gives priority to the personal safety of employer, I , if not accept his spirit jade card, will be difficult to guarantee him not to use other crooked brains, might as well will so accept with it, avoid being hit one unexpectedly, will have the issue?” 这时身为当事人的林逸却是一脸淡然:“身为保镖一切以雇主的人身安全为重,我要是不收下他的灵玉卡,难保他不会动其他的歪脑筋,与其如此还不如收下,省得被打一个出其不意,有问题吗?” Jiang Ziheng has food stuck in the throat again, sized up Lin Yi: Who can guarantee you for the Tang Yun study younger sister, rather than for your oneself selfish desire? Can you from proving purely?” 姜子衡再度噎住,重新打量了林逸一番:“谁能保证你是为了唐韵学妹,而不是为了你的一己私欲?你能自证清白吗?” A few words then put in the dilemma Lin Yi. 一句话便将林逸置于两难境地。 Once anything develops to need from proving the pure situation, not to mention the difficulty is enormous, even finally succeeded from the card, still must pay the huge price, stands in the Lin Yi's angle, how regardless to do loses finally. 任何事情一旦发展到需要自证清白的地步,且不说难度极大,即便最后自证成功了,也必然要付出巨大代价,站在林逸的角度,无论怎么做最后都是输。 The ancient spirit demon king poetic appeal naturally understands that this is a pit, immediately then must stand come out to dispute for Lin Yi, was actually prevented by Lin Yi: clear purified oneself, don't I need to be pure from the card to you probably?” 古灵精怪的王诗情自然明白这是个坑,当即便要站出来林逸辩驳,却被林逸阻止:“清者自清,我好像没必要向你自证清白吧?” Jiang Ziheng smiled: Truly does not need to me, but you must be responsible for the Tang Yun study younger sister, how did this say?” 姜子衡笑了:“对我确实没必要,可是你总要对唐韵学妹负责吧,这怎么说?” Lin Yi has not spoken, turns the head to look to Tang Yun. 林逸没有说话,转头看向唐韵 Under Jiang Ziheng the heart laughs in one's heart, displays the extreme dislike of come out by Tang Yun to this person, definitely will push the boat along to comply. 姜子衡心下暗笑,以唐韵对此人表现出来的极度厌恶,必然会顺水推舟答应下来。 Finally, Tang Yun actually shakes the head directly: Ok, next time limelight.” 结果,唐韵却是直接摇头:“算了,下次注意点吧。” Jiang Ziheng is stunned: „The Tang Yun study younger sister did you let off gently? No matter teaches?” 姜子衡愕然:“唐韵学妹你就这么轻轻放过了?不管教一下吗?” A Tang Yun face felt strange on the contrary: What does this have to be good to teach? He receives person spirit jade arbitrarily truly is very repugnant, but he said is not groundless, can't determine guilt by the fabrication?” 唐韵反倒一脸奇怪:“这有什么好管教的?他擅自收人灵玉确实是很讨厌,可他说的也不是完全没有道理,总不能以莫须有来定罪吧?” Studies the younger sister to stand to reason.” “学妹言之有理。” Jiang Ziheng has embarrassed to echo with a smile. 姜子衡只得尬笑着附和。
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