SBPE :: Volume #16

#9379: Chapter 9379

Lin Yi looks secretly laughs in spite of trying not, he was so a moment ago assured , because fully realizes the Tang Yun's manner. 林逸看得暗暗失笑,他刚才之所以如此笃定,就是因为深知唐韵的为人。 Indeed, Tang Yun does not know that now especially is why repugnant about him, can say beforehand some multi- liking, presently repugnantly, but this still cannot change the Tang Yun's three view natural dispositions. 诚然,唐韵如今不知为何对他格外讨厌,可以说以前有多喜欢,现在就有多讨厌,但这依然改变不了唐韵的三观本性。 In the Tang Yun bone is three view extremely people, even if there is her happiness wickedly, there is her small temperament, will not therefore distort the facts, will also speak out from a sense of justice in turn, but this exactly is her most lovely place. 唐韵骨子里就是一个三观极正的人,哪怕有她自己的喜恶,也有她自己的小脾气,可绝不会因此颠倒黑白,甚至还会反过来仗义执言,而这恰恰就是她最可爱的地方。 However, Tang Yun along with, even if a thread of conversation revolution, turns the head to be cold the face to look to Lin Yi: Do not think that like this you can act in a self-serving manner, so long as makes me discover that least bit place out of the ordinary, I will make mother dismiss you, absolutely!” 不过,唐韵随即便又话锋一转,转头冷着脸看向林逸:“不要以为这样你就可以为所欲为了,只要让我发现半点出格的地方,我就会让母亲把你解雇了,绝对!” „Is, you are Boss, you decide.” “是是,你是老板,你说了算。” Lin Yi raises both hands to express the coordination, but fell in the Tang Yun eye became the frivolous performance immediately, changed cold snort/hum. 林逸举双手表示配合,只是落在唐韵眼里顿时又成了轻佻的表现,换回来一声冷哼。 Does not have the words. 一路无话。 Jiang Ziheng delivered to the female student dormitory entrance Tang Yun personally, is forced to halt, without means that school custom so, even if he again is school man of the hour, still arrives sits in a dormitory entrance Auntie cold look. 姜子衡亲自将唐韵送到了女生宿舍大门口,然后被迫止步,没办法,学院规矩如此,就算他再是学院风云人物,也抵不过坐在宿舍门口大妈的一个冷冽眼神。 Said one, cannot see this Auntie boundary at the Lin Yi's eyesight unexpectedly obstinately, guesses continually guesses not come out...... 多说一句,以林逸的眼力居然愣是看不出这位大妈的境界,连猜都猜不出来…… The king poetic appeal naturally is follows Tang Yun to live together, as for Lin Yi, can only go to the guy(s) building in another side freshman dormitory. 王诗情自然是跟着唐韵一起住,至于林逸,就只能去另一边新生宿舍的男生楼。 Looks the dormitory that the front stands in great numbers, Lin Yi sighs one, Campus life. 看着前方林立的宿舍楼,林逸不由感叹一句,久违的校园生活啊。 Before he in vice- island, although also spun in various types of schools frequently, however to be honest, the Campus life with secular world has the enormous difference, moreover not by the student status. 之前他在副岛虽说也经常在各种学院之间打转,但是说实话,跟世俗界校园生活还是有着极大区别的,而且也不是以学生的身份。 Only presently, the admittance is also good the dormitory is also good, almost not the slightest difference from secular world School, this familiar feeling also really made Lin Yi give birth to a subtle excitement unexpectedly. 唯独现在,入学也好住宿舍楼也好,跟世俗界学校几乎别无二致,这种熟悉的感觉竟还真令林逸生出一丝微妙的兴奋。 The only issue is, dormitory too *** Lin Yi has seen any dormitory is rotten! 唯一的问题是,宿舍楼太***林逸至今所见过的任何宿舍都烂! Not is only the semblance is obsolete, the essential inside facility also makes one complain cannot, does not have the independent bathroom , without the independence to wash the bathroom, these but actually also even, after all to broken day grand perfection boundary these not important. 不仅是外表老旧,关键里面设施也让人吐槽不能,没有独立卫生间,没有独立洗浴室,这些倒也就算了,毕竟到了破天大圆满境界这些都不重要 The key is, this damn unexpectedly is six worlds, is the bunk bed! 关键是,这尼玛竟然是六人间,还是上下铺! Was reasonable, presently this year let alone was so other advanced cultivator school, was ordinary School, six worlds were rarely seen, making one crowd of broken day grand perfection expert rest the bunk bed, that picture thinks strangely. 讲道理,现在这个年头别说是如此高级别的修炼者学院,就是普通学校,六人间都不多见,让一群破天大圆满高手睡上下铺,那画面想想就诡异。 However this is the strange reality. 然而这就是吊诡的现实。 213? This room number odd......” “213?这房号就离谱……” Lin Yi complained while gets through moved in formalities, when his push open gate, the discovery has a roommate to move in impressively. 林逸一边吐槽一边办完了入住手续,等他推开门,赫然发现已经有一位室友入住了。 The roommates put out a hand with a smile on own initiative: Hello, my name was Shen Yifan.” 室友笑着主动伸出了手:“你好,我叫沈一凡。” Lin Yi.” 林逸。” Lin Yi shakes hand with the opposite party, reads smoothly to ask one: „Is Shen brother the Jianghai native?” 林逸同对方握了握手,顺嘴问了一句:“沈兄是江海本地人?” Shen Yifan held the eyeglasses on bridge of the nose, selects the eyebrow to ask back: Makes one think so? Should I not have the belt/bring local accent a moment ago?” 沈一凡扶了扶鼻梁上的眼镜,挑眉反问:“何以见得?我刚才应该没带本地口音吧?” No, I am casual guess, perhaps by Jianghai this city's makings influence, the Jianghai natives was always given people in an atmosphere to pass the astute feeling, looked that you very tally.” “没,我就是随便一猜,也许是受江海这座城市本身的气质影响,江海本地人总给人一种大气中透着精明的感觉,看你就挺符合。” Lin Yi said with a smile. 林逸笑道。 Shen Yifan hears word laughs in spite of trying not to: In atmosphere is passing astutely? Is this word of praise or the malicious remarks? Ok, I truly am a native, several other took 1 : 00 pm to arrive evidently, did we first go out to rub?” 沈一凡闻言失笑:“大气中透着精明?这是好话还是坏话?行吧,我确实是本地人,其他几位看样子要晚 1 点才能到了,咱俩先出去搓一顿?” Good, you find the place.” “好啊,你找地方。” Lin Yi looked at cellphone, sees not to have the news, immediately complies joyfully. 林逸瞄了一眼手机,见没有消息,当即欣然答应。 Said one, the relation of here with secular world is much closer than other Sky Step Island places, various high-tech intelligence products are here everywhere, although intelligent cellphone was inferior that secular world is so popular, may regarding slightly a little person of family property also be every. 多说一句,这边跟世俗界的联系远比天阶岛其他地方都要紧密得多,各种高科技智能产品在这里比比皆是,智能手机虽说不如世俗界那么普及,可对于稍微有点家底的人来说也是人手一部了。 As Tang Yun's personal Bodyguard, in public or in private and ensure Tang Yun's safely is the First important matter, what a pity Tang Yun does not coordinate. 身为唐韵的贴身保镖,于公于私,确保唐韵的安全都是第一要务,可惜唐韵根本不配合。 Is good because of having king poetic appeal young planted agent, so long as Tang Yun goes out, Lin Yi can obtain the news, was insufficient by mistake the proper business. 好在有王诗情这个小内应,只要唐韵出门,林逸这边就能得到消息,不至于误了正事。 Shen Yifan guides, two people come to the cafeteria. 沈一凡带路,二人来至食堂。 Looks that the cafeteria has the luxurious arrangement that one puts together with symbol aristocratic family Wang Family, Lin Yi grins: How I felt discriminated? This School where is good, our dormitory is rotten, Poor hole treatment.” 看着食堂内部与阵符世家王家有一拼的奢华布置,林逸不由咧嘴:“我怎么感觉被歧视了?这学校哪里都挺好,就咱们宿舍烂得不行,贫民窟待遇啊。” Shen Yifan said with a smile: Gives us these freshman demonstration of authority, this is the old tradition of Jianghai Institute, enduring the First year has changed the dormitory to be good.” 沈一凡笑道:“给我们这些新生一个下马威,这是江海学院的老传统,忍过第一年换了宿舍就好了。” Ok, when recalled past suffering.” “行吧,就当忆苦思甜了。” Lin Yi laughs, this immaterial matter he did not care, let alone really must live not comfortably, his also nine glazed pagodas hide. 林逸哈哈一笑,这种无关紧要的事情他本就不在意,何况真要住得不舒服,他还有九层琉璃塔可是躲呢。 I am a landlord, this I invited.” “我是地主,这一顿我请。” Shen Yifan proposed on own initiative. 沈一凡主动提议。 Lin Yi is not artificial, should directly under: Good, next changes me.” 林逸也不矫情,直接应下:“好,下一顿换我。” Two people come to the cafeteria window, only looked at a vegetable price, the bonus is Lin Yi has a scare: really expensive/noble!” 二人来至食堂窗口,只看了一眼菜价,饶是林逸都不禁吓一跳:“真特么贵!” Indeed, can have presently here is not the ordinary dish, is by the assorted heavenly materials and earthly treasures cookery, even is still of great help regarding broken day grand perfection such boundary. 诚然,能够出现在这里的都不会是普通菜品,全都是由各色天材地宝烹制而成,即便对于破天大圆满这样的境界也都大有裨益。 But, one bowl of fried rice price-mark eight thousand spirit jade, isn't this really cheating? 可是,一碗炒饭标价八千灵玉,这真不是在坑人? According to the above marked price, that five ten thousand spirit jade that Lin Yi just received is also an ordinary board, luxurious feast is not continually. 照上面的标价,林逸刚收的那五万灵玉也就是一顿普通饭钱,连豪华大餐都算不上。 This is to bystander's marked price, is used purely rip-off, in school grades words with the school was more normal, feast got down at most also on 1-2 school grades points.” “这是给外人的标价,纯粹用来宰人的,用校内学分点的话就正常多了,一顿大餐下来顶多也就1-2学分点而已。” Shen Yifan ordered food while answers. 沈一凡一边点菜一边解释道。 Lin Yi surprise: School grades point? Buys to eat?” 林逸诧异:“学分点?买吃的?” The school grades he knows, secular world University generally is the credit system, how many school grades cultivates to be full to graduate what, moreover must pay to buy the school grades specially the expense, but can this gadget also be used to go shopping? 学分他都是知道,世俗界大学普遍都是学分制,修满多少学分才能毕业什么的,而且还要专门付买学分的费用,可这玩意儿还能用来买东西? „Haven't you gone to get study the branch customs station?” “你还没去领过学分卡?” Shen Yifan then responded: Simply speaking, the school grades are our school the hardest hard currency, from purchase class hour curriculum, to purchase common daily use articles, so long as in school, only then you cannot think that without you cannot buy.” 沈一凡这才反应过来:“简单来说,学分是咱们学院内部最硬的硬通货,上至购买课时课程,下至购买寻常的日用百货,只要在学院内部,只有你想不到的,没有你买不到的。” Lin Yi suddenly: That spirit jade in school useless?” 林逸恍然:“那灵玉在学院内部岂不是没什么用?” It can be said that if not want to be regarded the fool to get ripped off, the spirit jade biggest use was also purchases the school grades to select here, at present the official marked price should be ten thousand spirit jade school grades points, the black-market price will be cheaper, but also at least over 8000.” “可以这么说,如果不想被当成冤大头挨宰的话,灵玉在这里最大的用途也就是购买学分点了,目前官方标价应该是一万灵玉一个学分点,黑市价格会便宜一些,但也至少在八千以上。” After Shen Yifan, added: Right, freshman entered a school has the benefits, the school will infiltrate 100 free school grades points in each freshman account.” 沈一凡顿了顿后补充道:“对了,新生入学是有福利的,学院会在每个新生的账户上打入一百个免费的学分点。” That also is really a great writer.” “那还真是大手笔。” School grades 0.1, 100 school grades are 1 million, this was not the small number, especially freshman was not one two, according to Lin Yi knew each freshman population about 3000. 一个学分点一万,一百个学分点就是一百万,这可不是什么小数目了,尤其新生可不是一个两个,据林逸所知每届新生人数都在三千左右。 In other words, the school authorities are only give freshman school grades on value 30 hundred million spirit jade, this number pulled out to empty Jianghai over 90% so-called big Family sufficiently. 换而言之,校方光是送给新生的学分点就价值三十亿灵玉,这个数目都足以掏空江海九成以上的所谓大家族了。
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