SBPE :: Volume #16

#9376: Chapter 9376

Good Yun'er, Young Hero Lin to be responsible for your future personal safety, cannot be impolite.” “好了韵儿,林少侠负责你日后的人身安全,不可无礼。” Wang Yuming acts to mediate, seeing Tang Yun is discontented, then makes up one: „Don't you want to go to Jianghai Institute? If no one personal protects, my closes then cannot pass.” 王玉茗出面打了个圆场,见唐韵还是不满,便补上一句:“你不是想要去江海学院么?若是没人贴身保护,我这一关便过不去。” Tang Yun the language obstructs immediately, the shock said: „Does he also want to go to school with me?” 唐韵顿时语窒,震惊道:“难道他还要跟我去上学?” Goes to school?” “上学?” Lin Yi startled, he can look at come out similarly now the Tang Yun's boundary not with Xiaoke, with oneself same is the boundary of broken day grand perfection, then just selected for promotion so huge rank scope in a short time, used the reason of some intensive mystique inevitably, the background was worse. 林逸同样愕然,他能够看得出来如今唐韵的境界非同小可,跟自己一样是破天大圆满之境,只不过那么短时间内拔升了如此巨大的等级幅度,必然是用了某种速成秘法的缘故,底蕴差了很多。 Changed others to dare to play, has exploded the body to perish, can only say that the Wang Family foundation truly was very solid. 换了其他人敢这么玩,早就爆体而亡了,只能说王家的底蕴确实深厚无比。 However Tang Yun presently boundary, but true strength was the strength also misses the long distance particularly, under small and weak opponent facing broken day period, but can also a strength fall ten meetings, ran into broken day Initial Phase military, it is estimated that must show one's ignorance. 不过唐韵现在境界是到了,但真正的实力尤其是即战力还差了十万八千里,面对破天期之下的弱小对手,还能一力降十会,遇到个破天初期的武者,估计都要露怯。 But even like this that is still broken day grand perfection expert, where regardless of such character placed is side expert, what returned studies? 可即便这样那也是破天大圆满高手啊,这样的人物无论放在哪里都是一方高手了,还上哪门子学? Wang Yuming explained: Reason that yes, this time advertises for Bodyguard to Yun'er, to go to Jianghai Institute prepares, after all you also know that the Wang Family present situation is somewhat subtle, making Yun'er go out, really did not feel relieved.” 王玉茗解释道:“是的,这次之所以给韵儿招聘保镖,就是为去江海学院做准备,毕竟你也知道王家如今的形势有些微妙,让韵儿自己一个人出门,实在是不放心。” What background is this Jianghai Institute?” “这个江海学院是什么来头?” Lin Yi is mystified, before to deal with Nanjiang king Suishuo also collected some information, but does not include Jianghai Institute. 林逸一脸迷惑,之前为了应付南江王虽说也收集了一些信息,但其中并不包括江海学院。 The smoking male replied in nearby spooky interrupting solution: That is the local highest school, the threshold that student enters a school is broken day grand perfection, the true heavenly arrogance gathering place, does the Jianghai hidden dragon list know? Qualified basically is student of Jianghai Institute.” 抽烟男在一旁幽幽插嘴解答道:“那是本地的最高学府,学生入学的门槛就是破天大圆满,真正的天骄聚集之地,江海潜龙榜知道吧?榜上有名的基本全是江海学院的学生。” Lin Yi thinks: That...... probably not strong?” 林逸想了想:“那……好像也没多强?” !” “噗!” The smoking male was almost choked by old smoke, curls the lip saying: Your boy do not think that land herd type can represent the level of hidden dragon list, he is to make up the number at most, these people who are the top position truly, calculates one is the monster, you not necessarily can win steadily.” 抽烟男差点被一口老烟呛死,撇嘴道:“你小子别以为陆牧这种就能代表潜龙榜的水准了,他顶多算是个凑数的,真正排名前列的那些人,有一个算一个都是怪物,你未见得就能稳赢。” Be that as it may, actually also affirmed in disguised form Lin Yi's strength, tacitly approved him arranges in the hidden dragon list top position. 话虽如此,其实也是变相肯定了林逸的实力,默认将他排在了潜龙榜顶层的位置。 Sees Lin Yi looking pensive, the smoking male also reminded one: Your presently should also detect that the broken day grand perfection road is very long, without that can walk quickly.” 林逸若有所思,抽烟男又提醒了一句:“你现在应该也察觉到了吧,破天大圆满的路可是很长的,没那么快就能走完。” Said that then no longer pays attention, greets with Wang Yuming and Tang Yun, turns around to depart. 说完便不再理会,跟王玉茗唐韵打了个招呼,转身离去。 Another side, under using both persuasion and threats of Wang Yuming, Tang Yun did not prefer conditions that accepts the Lin Yi accompaniment that to go to school eventually in every possible way. 另一边,在王玉茗的软硬兼施之下,唐韵终究还是百般不情愿的接受了林逸陪同上学的条件 This is only goes through the motions, do not want! Later at home also good, in School also good, you cannot have presently to my ten meters, should better not presently in my line of sight, otherwise I, even if pays the big price still to you replace, understood what is heard?” “这只是走个过场而已,你可不要想多了!以后在家里也好,也学校里也好,你都不能出现在离我十米之内,最好不要出现在我的视线中,否则我就算付出再大的代价也要将你换掉,听明白了没?” Tang Yun stares the Lin Yi warning to say. 唐韵瞪着林逸警告道。 Lin Yi helpless tracing nose: That School isn't classroom accidentally big?” 林逸无奈的摸了摸鼻子:“那万一学校教室没那么大呢?” Tang Yun has food stuck in the throat, is blushing to be spiteful under the vision that Lin Yi ponders: You go to outside classroom to attend a lecture!” 唐韵不由噎住,在林逸玩味的目光下红着脸赌气道:“那你就去教室外听课!” Punishes by forcing to stand without the reason?” “就是无理由罚站呗?” Lin Yi laughs in spite of trying not to speechless. 林逸失笑无语。 What since you do is living of Bodyguard, stands should not be suddenly? Remembered, to my distant point!” “既然你干的是保镖的活,站一下不是应该的么?记住了,离我远点!” Tang Yun has far exceeded the normal understanding category to the Lin Yi's resistance obviously, almost, so long as will say two words rude situations to Lin Yi slightly, will put down a hard order, will draw the king poetic appeal to walk rashly. 唐韵林逸的抗拒显然已经远远超出了正常理解范畴,几乎到了只要跟林逸稍微说两句话就会失态的地步,撂下一句硬邦邦的命令,不由分说拉着王诗情就走。 Lin Yi big brother felt relieved, I will help your.” 林逸大哥哥放心,我会帮你的。” king Shiqing turns head with the shape of the mouth silent said to Lin Yi, trades Lin Yi one to smile. 王诗情扭头用口型无声的对林逸说了一句,换来林逸一阵莞尔。 This time may be bumps into, perhaps the king poetic appeal, absolutely does not have the opportunity to see Tang Yun, now little girl obviously gets along well with Tang Yun very much, in the future can also say that for oneself the word of praise hits auxiliary. 这次可算是误打误撞,要不是王诗情,恐怕根本都没有机会见到唐韵,如今小丫头又明显跟唐韵很是投契,日后还能替自己说说好话打个辅助。 Saying over and over again, the king poetic appeal simply is the biggest lucky star of tour of this Earth Step sea area, it is fortunate that brought her! 说来说去,王诗情简直就是此趟地阶海域之行的最大福星啊,得亏把她带来了! Nanjiang palace. 南江王府。 Looked the information that the information place hands over, in Nanjiang king Shuangmou ominous offense aura flashes to pass: Also was really mixed by that boy, then must move him to be possible again a little to be troublesome.” 看完情报处递上来的情报,南江王双眸中的凶戾气息一闪而逝:“还真被那小子混进去了,这下再要动他可就有点麻烦了。” The brain truster that a under the hand | subordinate adviser dresses up said with a smile lightly: Sir considered thoroughly, although the Wang Family person is not good to move lightly, but that is a dog that Wang Family receives newly, kills dog many means that not necessarily must be in front of master.” 手下一个师爷装扮的智囊轻笑道:“大人多虑了,虽然王家的人是不好轻动,可那不过是王家新收的一条狗而已,弄死一条狗还是有很多办法的,未必就要当着主人的面。” „? Mentioned listens.” “哦?说来听听。” Nanjiang king to come the interest, he did not care regarding Lin Yi, refuses stubbornly dead does not matter, but thinks kind spares no effort for the appearance that Lin Yi socializes especially, this murderous intention immediately rich. 南江王来了兴致,对于林逸他本来并不太在意,死不死都无所谓,不过一想到尤慈儿不遗余力替林逸周旋的模样,这股杀机顿时就浓郁了起来。 More secret thoughts, Lin Yi imposing manner made him have to dread, simply was the greatest shame, wanted to wash off this shame, killing Lin Yi obviously was the most direct means. 还有一层更隐秘的心思,林逸身上的气势令他心存忌惮,简直是莫大的羞辱,想要洗去这种羞辱,干掉林逸显然是最直接的办法。 The adviser wisdom bead is grasping saying: Wang Family Great Young Lady must enter Jianghai Institute, presently move of personal Bodyguard also to enter a school to prepare inevitably, we cannot certainly practice dirty tricks in Wang Family, but if entered Jianghai Institute, Wang Family may be beyond control, after all Jianghai Institute flaunts absolutely neutrally, does not allow any external forces to meddle.” 师爷智珠在握道:“王家大小姐要进江海学院,现在贴身保镖必然也是为了入学做准备,在王家我们当然不能搞小动作,可要是进了江海学院,王家可就鞭长莫及了,毕竟江海学院可是标榜绝对中立,决不允许任何外部势力插手其中的。” „, School that group of old stick-in-the-mud.” “呵,学院那帮老顽固。” Nanjiang king look complex sighed with emotion one, he has the right to speak in this aspect, because he himself once wants to extend the hand, the result loss is serious, until now remembers profoundly. 南江王神色复杂的感慨了一句,在这方面他是有发言权的,因为他自己就曾经想把手伸进去,结果损失惨重,至今记忆深刻。 We, so long as looks to make Lin Yi die by the school, the Wang Family person cannot blame our heads, let alone really by that time, regardless the face factor, Wang Family really wants does the dog that for receives newly wage a war? Wang Family these meat are so innocent?” “我们只要找个由头让林逸死在学院,王家的人就怪不到我们的头上,何况真到那个时候,抛开面子因素,王家真愿意为了一条新收的狗大动干戈?王家那些肉食者有这么天真烂漫?” The adviser is swinging the feather fan, a school of calm and composed wise man style. 师爷摇着羽扇,一派羽扇纶巾的智者风范。 The Nanjiang kings have an intent to move: But do we have no manpower in Jianghai Institute?” 南江王有所意动:“可我们在江海学院没什么人手啊?” The adviser smiled: Sir, did you forget your younger brother also to go to school in Jianghai Institute? As far as I know, he may have the admire to Wang Family Great Young Lady, so long as us provides some resources, plays with a freshman retinue by your younger brother's ability in the stock palms, to be easy?” 师爷笑了:“大人,您忘了令弟也在江海学院就学吗?据我所知,他对王家大小姐可一直都是心存爱慕的,只要咱们这边提供一些资源,以令弟的才能将一介新生仆从玩弄于股掌之间,岂不是轻而易举?” Nanjiang kings hesitant moment, finally nods saying: Ok, this matter you operate.” 南江王犹豫了片刻,最终点头道:“行吧,这事儿你来操作。” Understood.” “明白。” But remembers, do not let the child graduated arm adventure, especially do not make him stare by Wang Family, when necessary us can shed a blood, even can break an arm, is he is not good, security First.” “但记住一点,不要让子衡冒险,尤其不要让他被王家盯上,必要的时候咱们这边可以出点血,甚至可以断一条臂,可是他不行,安全第一。” Nanjiang king Shuohua is never wordy, close relative who when is alive related to Jiang Ziheng this only, so will be rude. 南江王说话从不啰嗦,只有在涉及姜子衡这个唯一在世的至亲的时候,才会如此失态。
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