SBPE :: Volume #16

#9375: Chapter 9375

Two Butler, they two residences you arrange well.” “二管家,他们两位的住所你好好安排一下。” Wang Yuming told, saw Tang Yun to chat with king Shiqing who had a relish, then caused a meaningful glance to Lin Yi: Young Hero Lin, taking advantage of a speech?” 王玉茗吩咐了一声,见唐韵已经饶有兴致的跟王诗情聊了起来,便给林逸使了一个眼色:“林少侠,能否借一步说话?” Naturally.” “当然。” Lin Yi follows hastily, actually compares Tang Yun, the appearance of Wang Yuming is a bigger suspicion, must hurry to find the opportunity to clarify. 林逸连忙跟上,其实相比起唐韵,王玉茗的出现才是更大的疑团,必须赶紧找机会弄清楚。 Two people come to stand firm to a pavilion, Wang Yuming vision gentle sized up Lin Yi, warm sound said: Little Yi, you come to here to look for Yun'er, right?” 二人来至一处凉亭站定,王玉茗目光柔和的重新打量了林逸一番,温声道:“小逸,你来这里就是为了找韵儿的,对吗?” Good, I obtained the Tang Yun missing news to look.” “不错,我得到唐韵失踪的消息就找过来了。” Lin Yi nods immediately, is too busy to send to ask: How tea aunt can you here? How is this matter?” 林逸当即点头,忙不迭发问道:“茗姨你怎么会在这里?这到底是怎么一回事?” This matter is a long story, actually you should know part, I am also good, pure also good, strict is Wang Family scatters bloodlines outside, but we do not know the circumstances of the matter.” “此事说来话长,其实你应该已经知道一部分了,我也好,玉洁也好,严格来说都是王家散落在外的血脉,只是我们自己并不知情罢了。” Purity in her mouth, naturally is Tang Yun's foster mother Wang Yujie. 她口中的玉洁,自然是唐韵的养母王玉洁 Lin Yi is not accidental/surprised, the dispersion investment is the old tricks of aristocratic family large clan, but symbol aristocratic family Wang Family the writing skill is a little big is really unthinkable, unexpectedly went the investment to secular world, big of layout made one be afraid. 林逸对此倒不意外,分散投资是世家大族的惯用手法,只不过阵符世家王家的这个手笔大得实在有点匪夷所思,居然投资到世俗界去了,布局之大着实令人不寒而栗。 How will you come back here suddenly?” “那您怎么会突然回来这里?” Wang Yuming started to speak but hesitated, considers the moment saying: This matter involves a Wang Family secret, concrete is what actually I also knows not many, roughly described that was Wang Family had/left some inexpressible accident, needs scattering bloodlines outside convenes, inherited main family's base industry.” 王玉茗欲言又止,斟酌了片刻道:“此事涉及到王家一桩隐秘,具体是什么其实我也知道不多,大致形容就是王家这边出了一些不可言说的变故,需要将散落在外的血脉召集回来,继承本家的基业。” Main family's base industry?” “本家的基业?” Lin Yi hears word is stunned, the egg does not place Family strategy in a basket he to understand, may make the spare tire that disperses come back to inherit main family's base industry, this matter is really rare. 林逸闻言愕然,鸡蛋不放在一个篮子里的家族策略他能理解,可让分散出去的备胎回来继承本家的基业,这种事情实在少见。 According to the normal plot launches, as long as the spare tire has the least bit improper ambition, that must be broken the head by the main family absolutely, in front of the benefit any so-called bloodlines kinship is the floating clouds, let alone related to the symbol aristocratic family Wang Family such big family property. 按照正常的剧情展开,备胎但凡生出半点非分之想,那绝对是要被本家打破头的,利益面前任何所谓的血脉亲情都是浮云,更别说涉及到阵符世家王家如此之大的家业了。 I same am also shocked with you from the beginning, but Wang Family is truly different from other Family, because the bloodlines are the Wang Family foundation, main family here bloodlines inheritance has problems, many benefit many planning are the floating clouds.” “我一开始也跟你一样震惊,但王家确实跟其他家族不一样,因为血脉是王家的立足之本,本家这边血脉传承出了问题,再多的利益再多的算计都是浮云。” Wang Yuming, then asked: Little Yi you should know why Wang Family can develop today's scale?” 王玉茗顿了顿,转而问道:“小逸你应该知道王家为何能发展到今日的规模吧?” Lin Yi nods: Because makes the symbol to be very strong.” 林逸点头:“因为制符很强吧。” Good, is Earth Step sea area system symbol aristocratic family tens of thousands , is only this Jianghai city more than dozens, Little Yi you may know why Wang Family can be so outstanding?” “不错,可是地阶海域制符世家成千上万,光是这江海城就不下数十家,小逸你可知道王家为何能够如此出众?” Because the Wang Family inherited secret technique foundation is solid?” “因为王家祖传秘术底蕴深厚?” Lin Yi blurted out, but along with even responded: Is it possible that is related with the Wang Family bloodlines?” 林逸脱口而出,但随即便反应过来:“莫非跟王家血脉有关?” „Related with the bloodlines, you had personally experienced a moment ago Profound Step frozen symbol, except for the Wang Family bloodlines, anybody, even if recognized symbol big Grandmaster is impossible to refine come out, because refines the frozen symbol, needs Wang Family to come down in a continuous line snow and ice rune/symbol fire who!” “正是跟血脉相关,刚才你亲身体验过的玄阶冰封阵符,除了王家血脉,其他任何人哪怕是公认的阵符大宗师都不可能炼制出来,因为炼制冰封阵符,需要王家一脉相传的冰雪符火!” Wang Yuming said a Wang Family core secret language. 王玉茗王家的核心隐秘一语道出。 Lin Yi suddenly, just like alchemy, a refinement symbol needs the special symbol fire immediately, although can also use other flame theoretically on, but such could not obtain any guarantee in the symbol quality. 林逸顿时恍然,跟炼丹一样,炼制阵符需要专门的符火,虽说理论上也可以用其他火焰将就,但那样在阵符品质上就得不到任何保证了。 rune/symbol fire and between rune/symbol fire have difference between heaven and earth, but even if our Wang Family snow and ice rune/symbol fire takes a broad view at known all rune/symbol fire is the best quality goods of being among the best exists, an ice snow element symbol that still therefore, in the market is in vogue now was basically monopolized by us, other make the possibility that rune/symbol master has almost not bribed.” “符火跟符火之间有着天差地别,而我们王家的冰雪符火即便放眼已知的所有符火都是名列前茅的极品存在,也正因此,如今市面上盛行的冰雪系阵符基本都被我们垄断了,其他制符师几乎没有染指的可能性。” Wang Yuming whole face with having glory, but along with even transfers the worried look: „The issue that but presently comes across is, after the beforehand sudden a series of accidental/surprised accident, has snow and ice rune/symbol fire main family direct descendant younger generation to be not much left, particularly the aptitude outstanding young later generation, develops the embarrassing situation that will evolve to lack successors sooner or later again......” 王玉茗满脸与有荣焉,但随即便转为忧色:“可现在遇到的问题是,经过之前突如其来的一连串意外变故,拥有冰雪符火的本家嫡系子弟已经所剩无几,尤其是资质出众的年轻后辈,再这么发展下去迟早会演变成后继无人的尴尬局面……” So that's how it is, no wonder this Patriarch moves your powder the collateral branch recruits.” “原来如此,难怪本家主动将你们这些散出去的旁系征召回来。” Lin Yi understood the cause and effect finally, is related to Family to last, the interest between main family and branch plans can only first put the one side, at this time each Wang Family bloodlines were the precious fire seed. 林逸总算理解了前因后果,事关家族存续,本家与分支之间的利益算计只能先放一旁,这种时候每一个王家血脉都是珍贵的火种。 If once Wang Yuming said that falls into the aspect of lacking successors, entire Wang Family disintegrates only feared that divides the minutes matter, after all as top symbol aristocratic family, if refines not come out including own signboard symbol, which also has what competitiveness? 一旦如王玉茗所说陷入后继无人的局面,整个王家分崩离析只怕是分分钟的事情,毕竟作为顶级的阵符世家,若是连自家的招牌阵符都炼制不出来,哪还有什么竞争力可言? That clean aunt? Did she also come back?” “那洁姨呢?她也回来了?” What Lin Yi asked was Tang Yun foster mother Wang Yujie, Wang Yuming was the Wang Family bloodlines, Wang Yujie naturally is also. 林逸问的是唐韵养母王玉洁,王玉茗王家血脉,王玉洁自然也是。 Wang Yuming shakes the head: She also in secular world, from the beginning what the main family actually looks is she, but she, although inherited the Wang Family bloodlines, helpless the talent is really limited, finally can only give up, then found my head.” 王玉茗摇了摇头:“她还在世俗界,本家其实一开始找的是她,可她虽然继承了王家血脉,无奈天赋实在有限,最终只能放弃,转而找到了我的头上。” Lin Yi sighed one lightly: Also good, not necessarily is the misdemeanor.” 林逸轻叹一声:“也好,未必就是坏事。” Although is unable to understand what crisis truly present Wang Family is facing, but looked at come out from Wang Yuming few words sufficiently, Wang Family seemed like that the raging fire boiled the oil, is actually crisis-ridden, at this time was curled comes, only feared that was the real weal and woe is difficult to predict. 虽然还是无法真正了解如今的王家到底面临着什么样的危机,但从王玉茗刚才的只言片语中就足以看得出来,王家看似烈火烹油,实则已是危机四伏,这个时候被卷进来,只怕是真的福祸难料。 The presently biggest problem is, no matter Tang Yun do have this consciousness, in fact has fallen into the vortex center. 现在最大的问题是,唐韵不管自己有没有这个意识,事实上都已经陷入漩涡中心了。 Regarding Lin Yi this judgment, Wang Yuming is also feels very much the same way obviously, sinking sound said: Little Yi, Yun'er presently lost with your related memory, but she is she, she is you remembers that Tang Yun, I believe one day she can think, therefore I hope that you can defend side her, protects her for me well, Ok?” 对于林逸这个判断,王玉茗显然也是深有同感,沉声道:“小逸,韵儿现在失去了与你相关的记忆,但她还是她,她还是你记忆中的那个唐韵,我相信总有一天她会想起来的,所以我希望你能守在她身边,替我好好的保护她,可以吗?” Lin Yi sincere complies: Tea aunt you could rest assured that regardless of will suffer what situation in the future, I will certainly protect good Tang Yun, does not make her receive any injury, only if I die.” 林逸正色答应:“茗姨您放心,无论未来遭遇何种处境,我都一定会保护好唐韵,绝不让她受到任何伤害,除非我死。” Wang Yuming looks at Lin Yi, suddenly deeply bows: Had your words I to feel relieved, later, Yun'er asked you.” 王玉茗怔怔的看着林逸,忽然深深鞠了一躬:“有你这句话我就放心了,以后,韵儿就拜托你了。” Lin Yi helps up her hastily. 林逸连忙将她扶起。 At this time Tang Yun led king Shiqing to walk, alert looked at Lin Yi one, will deliberately pull open several steps Wang Yuming in the future, knit the brows: What did you say to my mother?” 这时唐韵带着王诗情走了过来,戒备的看了林逸一眼,刻意将王玉茗往后拉开几步,皱眉道:“你跟我母亲说什么呢?” Looked the alert stance that this treats pervert, Lin Yi only feels to seem to have met before, does not know whether to laugh or cry: Doesn't use such anxiously? After we chatted one next, how should protect you.” 看她这副对待色狼的戒备姿态,林逸只觉得似曾相识,哭笑不得:“不用这么紧张吧?我们只是聊一下以后该怎么保护你而已。” You did a bit less, do not think that glib can seize my mother favorable impression, I told you, such will only make me more repugnant you!” “你少来了,别以为油嘴滑舌就能搏取我母亲的好感,我告诉你,那样只会让我更讨厌你!” Tang Yun makes the fierce expression that raises the eyebrows and stare in anger diligently, only this expression builds pitifully on this face, really no lethality, instead made Lin Yi have one type to return to the past warm feelings. 唐韵努力做出拧眉瞪眼的凶恶表情,只可惜这副表情搭在她这张脸上,实在没什么杀伤力,反而令林逸有一种回到过去的亲切感。 This initial Commoner wasn't School Beauty, this expression? 这位当初的平民校花,可不就是这个表情么?
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