SBPE :: Volume #16

#8429: Chapter 8429

This goods know that Hua Wuyu and Lin Yi friendship is deep, to face, taking along will naturally train one these new combat generals the say/way of battlefield, then delivers some pill medicine to promote their strength. 这货知道化物语林逸交情深厚,自然会给面子,捎带手训练一番这些新战将的战阵之道,然后送些丹药提升他们本身的实力 Within the short time, these new combat generals had the remarkable progress, the battle efficiency had not come the beforehand fight association to increase steadily compared with Lin Yi! 短时间之内,这些新战将就有了明显的进步,战斗力比起林逸没来之前的战斗协会有增无减! Then, was makes up took away so many combat generals had a deficit. 如此一来,也算是弥补了一些带走那么多战将的亏欠。 Takes over control of the fight association as for Hua Wuyu, was supposing is also because after previous Hua Wuyu renders meritorious service, has not obtained the proper praise, continent martial Meng comforted afterward. 至于化物语重新接管战斗协会,估摸着也是因为上次化物语立功后没有得到应有的嘉奖,大洲武盟事后安慰了一下。 Is the branch must the matter, said what merit! Let alone to spend Daqiang that boy has also stayed in the fight association, after melting the brother you, has anything to need him to do, although asked him to be good!” “都是分所应当的事情,说什么功劳!何况费大强那小子本身也是在战斗协会呆过,化兄你以后有什么事需要他做的,尽管找他好了!” Politeness that Lin Yi said that Hua Wuyu will not take seriously, to spend Daqiang and Lin Yi's relate him , is more intimate, asking to spend Daqiang to help, really must tell naturally how finally not to say. 林逸说的客气,化物语可不会当真,费大强和林逸的关系比他只有更亲密,请费大强帮忙可以,真要理所当然的吩咐,结果如何可不好说。 Brother Sima your was too polite...... first did not say these, we found a place to drink two cups, did you come back to see to spend Daqiang? Otherwise also looks for the same place him?” “司马老弟你这就太客气了……先不说这些了,我们找个地方喝两杯,你回来见过费大强没有?要不然把他也找来一起吧?” Hua Wuyu and Lin Yi are speaking walked outward, two people do not intend desolate Ouyang Changqing, has not really felt relieved this person on! 化物语林逸说着话就往外走了,两人都不是有意冷落欧阳常青,是真的没把这个人放心上! Therefore two people have not thought from the start must greet with this lobby lord. 所以两人压根没想起来要和这位大堂主打个招呼。 Because does not intend, that disregarding feeling makes Ouyang Changqing go wild! 正因为不是有意,那种无视的感觉才更让欧阳常青抓狂! presently, Ouyang Changqing did not have the means to cope with Lin Yi and Hua Wuyu, but he has recorded in small book at heart, so long as there is an opportunity, wants this them to be attractive. 现在,欧阳常青还没有办法对付林逸化物语,可他已经在心里的小本本上记好了,只要有机会,一定要这俩人好看。 Lin Yi and Hua Wuyu have not walked are too far, looked for a restaurant to eat meal near martial pledge branch, asked people to go to spend Daqiang and stretch/open Yiming while convenient looked. 林逸化物语没走太远,就在武盟分部附近找了个酒楼吃饭,顺便叫人去把费大强和张逸铭找了过来。 These two buddy are the Lin Yi's trusted aide, Lin Yi is not in the time of Namibian imperial capital, very good haunched the facade, frequently and Hua Wuyu has to do, established the good friendship. 这俩哥们林逸的心腹,林逸不在纳朵帝都的时间里,很好的撑起了门面,也经常和化物语打交道,建立了不错的交情。 Four people meet, naturally is a liveliness. 四人见面,自然又是一番热闹。 After sitting down starts drinking, Lin Yi simply said some processes, to spend Daqiang started to complain to Lin Yi: Boss, you throw down me to go each time natural, this is not right! Next time cannot, where you go to like this, my to spend Daqiang with where! Becoming inadequate?” 坐下开始喝酒之后,林逸简单说了一些过程,费大强就开始向林逸抱怨了:“老大,每次你都丢下我一个人去潇洒,这可不对啊!下次不能这样了,你去哪里,我费大强就跟着去哪里!成不成?” to become Chengcheng! You decide, this general headquarters?” “成成成!你说了算,这总行了吧?” The Lin Yi smile shakes the head: This time goes on behalf of the rising typhoon alchemy school, who knows that back will have these things, is accidental/surprised!” 林逸微笑摇头:“这次是代表扶摇炼丹学院去的,谁知道后边会有这么些事情,都是意外啊!” You could rest assured that I do not want to throw down you, this does not leave behind you to assume personal command here, just also helps the brother train the new fight association! Melted the brother boasts you to come before me a moment ago, did well!” “你放心,我从来也没想丢下你,这不是留下你在这里坐镇嘛,刚好还帮化兄训练一下新的战斗协会!刚才化兄可是在我面前夸你来着,干得不错!” to spend Daqiang lit up with pleasure immediately, gave a Hua Wuyu your really kind look, then started to boast itself, simultaneously did not forget to pat the Lin Yi's horse buttocks. 费大强顿时喜笑颜开,给了化物语一个你够意思的眼神,然后就开始吹嘘自己,同时不忘拍林逸的马屁。 Roughly is my to spend Daqiang can have the presently result, is Boss Lin Yi leads in the right way, the instruction waits for the similar repertoire in the right way. 大体就是我费大强能有现在的成绩,都是林逸老大带领有方,指导有方等等差不多的套路。 Without the words of nutrition, listens to smile, even if, Lin Yi turns the head to ask stretch/open Yiming: I not in does these days, what special matter accept an imperial capital to happen?” 没营养的话,听过笑过就算,林逸转头问张逸铭:“我不在的这段时间,纳朵帝都有没有什么特别的事情发生?” stretch/open Yiming sat respectfully immediately, straightened up the lower back: Boss, in this time, and has no special matter to happen, quite significant is Ouyang Changqing is put on regular status is the formal lobby lord, melts the vice- owner to take over the fight association and starts to reconstruct.” 张逸铭马上正襟危坐,挺直了腰背:“老大,这个时间段内,并没有什么特殊的事情发生,比较重大的就是欧阳常青转正为正式大堂主,化副堂主重新接手战斗协会并开始重建。” In addition, too many important things have not deserved consideration! Wait, is the underground devil's lair? Has the hearsay underground devil's lair to have the change, although did not have the important matter to happen, but I think happened, became the situation of not being able to stop!” “除此之外,并没有太多重要的事情值得重视!等等,地下魔窟算不算?有传闻地下魔窟有异动,虽然还没有大事发生,但我以为到了发生的时候,就成了阻拦不住的大势了!” Lin Yi nods, the matter of devil's lair slightly can also be the important matter again, cannot treat lightly! 林逸点点头,魔窟的事情再小也会是大事,不可等闲视之! Hua Wuyu should have long known this news, even the reconstruction fight association to deal with the devil's lair changes! 化物语应该是早就知道这个消息,甚至重建战斗协会就是为了应对魔窟异动! gold/metal Botian Teacher, is on dark gold/metal Jian causes to tell the Lin Yi's news to have the prompt in this aspect! 金泊田的老师,也就是上一任暗金级暗使告诉林逸的消息就有这方面的提示! When hears stretch/open Xiaopang raised, Lin Yi is not accidental/surprised. 所以当听到张小胖提起的时候,林逸对此并不意外。 The devil's lair change is sooner or later matter, Hua Wuyu is also an insider, it is estimated that will also make some preparations ahead of schedule. 魔窟异动是早晚的事情,化物语也是知情者,估计也会提早做些准备。 Done good! The devil's lair change is the important matter, just my time comes back also to prepare to process these broken matters of dark demon beast! Melts the brother, finished eating the food you to arrange, I need you to give the combat generals of fight association to meet! to spend Daqiang, called with our these combat general brother, in front of the principle of righteousness, shared everything!” “做的不错!魔窟异动是大事,刚好我这次回来也准备要把黑暗魔兽的这些破事处理一下!化兄,吃完饭你安排一下,我需要你给战斗协会的战将们开个会!费大强,把跟着我们的那些战将兄弟也叫去,大义面前,不分彼此!” to spend Daqiang is striking one's chest commitment: Boss felt relieved, I will inform, brother have this heart, so long as Boss ordered, hit wherever he wants, absolutely did not have two words!” 费大强拍着胸脯承诺:“老大放心,我会通知到的,兄弟们都有这份心,只要老大下令,指哪儿打哪儿,绝对没二话!” These combat generals are the people of fight association, if Lin Yi did not speak, they will go back to help somewhat be awkward on own initiative, but has nothing to have scruples now! 这些战将本来就是战斗协会的人,若是林逸不发话,他们主动回去帮忙会有些尴尬,但如今就没什么可顾忌的了! Hua Wuyu also nods to comply, he does not care about Lin Yi to meddle the business of fight association, if Lin Yi wants, he does not matter to Lin Yi the fight association presidents directly, Lin Yi also has to work as in any case. 化物语也点头答应,他更不在意林逸插手战斗协会的事务,若是林逸愿意的话,他直接把战斗协会会长给林逸都无所谓,反正林逸又不是没当过。 Therefore in the following time, the topic started to revolve the devil's lair, the reaching an agreement reception and celebration feast, turned into the pre-war symposium directly. 于是接下来的时间里,话题就开始围绕魔窟来进行了,说好的接风和庆功宴,直接变成了战前讨论会了。 After being satiated with food and wine carelessly, Hua Wuyu and to spend Daqiang each one calls the manpower, Lin Yi and stretch/open Yiming is the place that first gathers is waiting, starts to arrange location position wait/etc. trivial matters. 草草吃饱喝足之后,化物语和费大强各自去召集人手,林逸和张逸铭则是先一步去聚集的地方等着,开始安排好场地位置等等琐事。 After the people arrive in full, the conference starts! 人到齐之后,会议开始! Devil's lair is related to the safety in our entire vice- island, therefore in the war of protection node, we have not flinched! This time is no exception! In order to win, must first have the accurate information!” “魔窟事关我们整个副岛的安危,所以在守护节点的战争中,我们这些人都没有退缩过!这次也不例外!为了获得胜利,首先就要掌握准确的情报!” Lin Yi brings to light the matter that needs to handle beyond the shadow, collects the information! 林逸开门见山的挑明了需要做的事情,就是搜集情报! Before without the information, brigade expert goes in without the significance! 没有情报之前大队高手进去毫无意义! Such will only waste the time. 那样只会浪费时间。 To grasp to our optimization is also the simplest method, I decided that must send a substantial number of people to enter the devil's lair, seeks for the dark demon beast plan the oversight, Yi inscription!” “为了掌握对我们最优化也是最简单的方法,我决定要派遣为数不少的人进入魔窟,寻找黑暗魔兽计划的疏漏,逸铭!” Lin Yi first selected stretch/open Yiming the name, as information head! 林逸先点了张逸铭的名,作为情报的负责人! Yes, Boss!” “是,老大!” stretch/open Yiming austere accommodates accordingly, can participate in this important matter, making in his heart very excited. 张逸铭肃容应声,能参与这种大事,令他心中很是兴奋。 You choose the manpower, fans into the bottom devil's lair, must as soon as possible collects the information and clue, even without the obvious sign, must reorganize various seemingly irrelevant traces!” “你来挑选人手,散入地底魔窟之中,务必尽快将信息和线索都收集起来,即便没有明显的迹象,也必须要把各种看似无关的蛛丝马迹都整理好!” What presently said is the matter, a Lin Yi's tone not fluctuation, making all those present feel the important nature. 现在说的是正事儿,林逸的语气没有一丝波动,令所有在场的人都感觉到了其中的重要性。 stretch/open Yiming bows to receive an order, starts to calculate to screen the manpower at heart. 张逸铭躬身领命,心里开始盘算筛选人手。 Carrying out this task uncertain important person are many, but must enough elite, the skill good brain to be flexible, can adapt to changing circumstances, therefore the right candidate will not be many. 执行这种任务不一定要人多,但必须足够精锐,身手好脑子灵活,能随机应变,所以合适的人选并不会太多。 Following in Lin Yi's that group of combat generals who is appropriate, opens Yi to be unforgettably engraved on one's mind clear. 跟着林逸的那批战将中有谁合适,张逸铭心中门儿清。 ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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