SBPE :: Volume #16

#10218: Chapter 10218

Ye Qiyuan also saw the Lin Yi's predicament obviously, overlooks wear a look of says with a smile lightly: To be honest you can achieve this step, has made me hold in high esteem to you sufficiently, as for letting me acts personally, you perhaps did not have that qualifications, making the wolf extinguish also almost.” 叶启元显然也是看出了林逸的窘境,面带俯视轻笑道:“说实话你能做到这一步,已经足以让我对你刮目相看了,至于让我亲自出手,你恐怕还没有那个资格,让狼灭来还差不多。” Right? That may really be difficult, after all that goods become famous lazy.” “是吗?那可就真的难了,毕竟那货可是出了名的懒啊。” During the Lin Yi speeches was rumbled again jointly the bottom by opposite six people, joint impact that the entire six complete body ten great swords, it has really not with Xiaoke, even if his god body presented cracks. 林逸说话间再度被对面六人联手轰进地底,整整六把完全体十大名剑,其造成的联合冲击着实非同小可,哪怕他的神体都出现了一圈圈的裂纹。 Solemn could unable to withstand, at the scene indication of disintegration. 俨然一副可能要承受不住,当场解体的征兆。 Therefore you, since is not the wolf extinguishes, then accepts fate on obediently, this can also be short by a point pain.” “所以你既然不是狼灭,那就乖乖认命吧,这样还能少受一点苦。” Ye Qiyuan shows a faint smile, all these all within his plan, no matter Lin Yi has how powerful card in a hand, at least theoretically, from entering that moment of sword tomb all advantages had been levelled. 叶启元微微一笑,这一切全在他的计划之内,不管林逸有多么强大的底牌,至少在理论上,从进入剑冢的那一刻开始其所有的优势就已经被抹平了。 Even can also the remaining anything, not help matters in front of present such weaponry. 即便还能剩下点什么,在眼下这样的阵仗面前也无济于事。 At least in his eyes, Lin Yi, since has entered the conclusion, that will not have the opportunity that any is separated from him to control again, a wee bit will not have! 至少在他眼中,林逸既然已经入了局,那就已经不会再有任何脱离他掌控的机会,一丁点都不会有! Lin Yi actually smiled suddenly: Excuse me, suffers hardships this matter, I always endure gladly.” 林逸却是忽然笑了:“不好意思,受苦这种事情,我可是一向甘之如饴呢。” The complete individual imposing manner rises suddenly suddenly, a ripple that has the mysterious powerful aura swings from his body, buzzes including surroundings that dense and numerous ancient sword, for the first time presented knelt unexpectedly the potential of bending down! 说完整个人的气势陡然暴涨,一圈圈带着神秘强大气息的波纹从其身上荡开,连周围那密密麻麻的古剑都嗡嗡作响,竟破天荒呈现出了跪伏之势! Ye Qiyuan eyelid jumps. 叶启元眼皮一跳。 Although these ancient sword have died, famous sword that but every once commanded wind and cloud in the outside world, even if the sword mortal form is damaged, its arrogance has also merged into one organic whole with the fitness, will not easily submit to anybody. 这些古剑虽然已死,可每一把曾经都是在外界叱吒风云的名剑,哪怕剑魄受损,其傲气也早已经与健身融为一体,轻易根本不会向任何人屈服。 Even is his present age sword Saint, must draw support from the halo of rule of sword, can so large-scale subdues them. 甚至就是他这位当代剑圣,也都要借助剑之规则的光环,才能如此大规模的收服它们。 However at this moment, they knelt to bend down unexpectedly collectively in the Lin Yi under foot, was this possible? 然而此刻,它们居然集体跪伏在了林逸脚下,这怎么可能? For a long time, in Ye Qiyuan gap between teeth jumps the come out two characters: God is near!” 许久,叶启元牙缝中蹦出来两个字:“神临!” adore/admire strong is all race inherent instinct, the weapon is no exception, weapon that in all Legend is unable to be subdued, the essence is the same reason, they have not met the enough powerful master. 慕强是所有种族与生俱来的天性,兵器也不例外,所有传说中无法被收服的兵器,本质都是同一个原因,它们没有遇上足够强大的主人。 Buries in in Jianzhong these ancient sword, their all unruly only aims at the weak one, but in truly and has the front to the strength of top level, they compare any lifeform to know the limitation. 埋葬于剑冢之中的这些古剑,它们所有的桀骜不驯都只针对弱者,而在真正至高层次的力量和存在面前,它们比任何生物都更识相。 After all, the lifeform perhaps cannot get out concerned about the mood and face, but they cannot. 毕竟,生物也许会碍于情绪和面子下不来台,但它们不会。 Lin Yi admittedly is not the god level exists, but his combustion belief, enters the god by the body of god body at this moment forcefully near the condition, only on the aura, this is true such as the god arrives! 林逸固然不是神级存在,但他此刻强行燃烧信仰度,以神体之躯进入神临状态,单就气息而言,这可是真真正正的如神亲临! Takes a broad view at the entire sea area, even if these absolutely strength compared with he stronger top strength, even is the ceiling strength, is impossible to achieve compared with he purer god is near. 放眼整个海域,哪怕是那些绝对实力比他更强的顶层战力,甚至是天花板战力,都不可能做到比他更加纯粹的神临。 Bang! 轰! A sword, permits Tai 16 people of jointly attacking were decoded by the upfront merely conveniently, moreover decodes with the most overbearing unreasonable stance strongly, 仅仅随手一剑,许太一六人的合击就被正面破解,而且是以最霸道不讲道理的姿态强势破解、 Six people fly upside down collectively, six ten great swords let go completely, scatter place. 六人集体倒飞而出,六把十大名剑全部脱手,散落一地。 Good such as the god to arrive!” “好一个如神亲临!” Ye Qiyuan look sheet ice is cold, this had gone beyond his expectation thoroughly. 叶启元眼神一片冰寒,这一幕已经彻底超出了他的预料。 During his design, the sword tomb can seal all strength, naturally also be able to cease the god naturally near this kind of ultimate big moves that communicated various god strengths. 在他的设计之中,剑冢天然可以封印一切实力,自然也能杜绝掉神临这一类沟通了诸神力量的终极大招。 Don't forget, but here the exclusive territory of rule of sword. 别忘了,这里可是剑之规则的专属领地。 At the top level of certainly rule of sword, even various God must ban the line! 以剑之规则的绝高层次,即便诸神也得禁行! This irrelevant strength strong and weak, but is the inherent level sets up, the rule of sword as an extremely special kind of regular strength, at least in the level other rules with existence that treat as an equal. 这无关力量强弱,而是与生俱来的层次排定,剑之规则作为极特殊的一类规则力量,至少在层次上是与其他规则平起平坐的存在。 Reviews so-called various God, its essence is various regular super managers. 反观所谓的诸神,其本质不过是各类规则的超级管理员罢了。 Even if they controlled the use jurisdiction, but its level compared with the rule, actually must on an obviously low head, other regular strengths unable to step in the sword tomb, various gods are not naturally better! 就算他们掌控了使用权限,可其层次比起规则本身,却还是要明显低上一头,其他规则力量无法涉足剑冢,诸神自然更加不行! Therefore from the beginning, he has not thought will meet such scene. 所以从一开始,他就没想过会遇上这样的场面。 As everyone knows, the normal condition is not truly able to open the god to be near here, but Lin Yi has new World as the stopover station, new World as the independent World source, even if the evolved degree is low now, but level as before above the rule of sword! 殊不知,正常情况确实无法在这里开启神临,可林逸有新世界作为中转站,新世界作为独立的世界本源,哪怕如今演化程度还低,可层次依旧远在剑之规则之上! The sword tomb can block various God, actually could not block new World. 剑冢可以阻断诸神,却阻断不了新世界 Ye Qiyuan as the present age sword Saint, stands in the extraordinary character of entire sea area ceiling rank, how its vision cannot calculate to lower, is in front of Lin Yi this anomaly, has saying that his vision level has been truly insufficient. 叶启元身为当代剑圣,站在全海域天花板级别的超绝人物,其眼界怎么都不能算低了,可是在林逸这个怪胎面前,不得不说,他的眼界层次确实有所不足。 But this point leaks the result of calculating, directly caused crashing of his entire pre- tuart! 而这一点漏算的结果,直接就导致了他整个预桉的崩盘! Six complete body ten great swords, suppress Lin Yi theoretically sufficiently thoroughly, but actually cannot suppress the god near condition Lin Yi! 六把完全体十大名剑,理论上足以彻底压制林逸,可却根本压制不了神临状态的林逸 After a putting in an appearance bang flies six people, next put in an appearance wiped in Li Yang neck directly, the persimmon first from softest pinching, the Lin Yi's collapsing approach wrote on the face clearly. 一个照面轰飞六人之后,下一个照面直接就抹了李阳中的脖子,柿子先从最软的捏起,林逸的破局思路明明白白写在了脸上。 Looks at the head/number of people of Li Yang declining place, Ye Qiyuan eyelid jumps crazily. 看着李阳中落地的人头,叶启元眼皮一阵狂跳。 He hears the laughter that the child clapped the hands and shouted praise! 他听到了孩童拍手叫好的笑声! This may be entirely different from the script that he writes in advance, he deliberately guides the child to pay attention to Lin Yi, was truly suggesting unceasingly, Lin Yi is the most perfect next generation sword Saint candidate. 这可跟他预先写好的剧本完全不是一码事,他是刻意引导孩童关注林逸,也确实在不断暗示,林逸就是最完美的下一代剑圣人选。 But this does not represent him to be really willing to yield in Lin Yi! 但这可不代表他真的愿意让位于林逸 Lin Yi, is only a pretence of his careful choice, is doomed only to match to work as a pretence! 林逸,只是他精心挑选的一个幌子而已,也注定只配当一个幌子! Really thinks that this can collapse? Hehe, naive.” “真以为这样就能破局?呵呵,天真。” Ye Qiyuan shoots moye sword suddenly, but its goal is actually not Lin Yi, but was straight falling in the people. 叶启元忽然将身旁的莫邪剑掷出,不过其目标却并非林逸,而是直直的落在了众人正中间。 Immediately has together powerful fluctuation being centered on, toward swings in all directions, the soul most deep place of long jab everyone. 随即就有一道强大的波动以之为中心,向着四面八方荡开,直击每个人的灵魂最深处。 Liverwurst breaks, horizon where seeks the intimate friend.” “一曲肝肠断,天涯何处觅知音。” With Ye Qiyuan's voice, permits Tai 16 people, flow off two lines of tears of blood as if by prior agreement. 伴随着叶启元的话音,许太一六人,不约而同流下两行血泪。 Following is the terrifying strength increase! 随之而来的则是恐怖的力量提升! Although the strength increase of single view everyone, being far from the Lin Yi's god near is so exaggerating, but compares strengthened ability that other are familiar, actually also is still ready the proper abnormal rank. 虽然单论每个人的力量增幅,远没有林逸的神临这么夸张,可是相比起其他耳熟能详的强化能力,却也依然是妥妥的变态级别。 Let alone six people put together, this and other exaggerating degrees of total increase, has levelled the Lin Yi god before bringing completely strength increase. 何况六个人加在一起,这等总增幅的夸张程度,已经完全抹平了林逸神临带来的实力增幅。 Each other returned to the beforehand starting line all of a sudden. 彼此一下子回到了之前的起跑线。 Although from the scene, has not reduced like before to the one-sided aspect thoroughly, but permits Tai 16 people get the obvious winning side, even if Lin Yi also has the resistance, still is very difficult to draw such big disadvantage. 虽然从场面来看,没有像之前那样彻底沦落到一边倒的局面,可许太一六人却是占据着显而易见的上风,林逸即便还有招架之力,却也很难扳回如此之大的劣势。 However, Ye Qiyuan is unsatisfied. 不过,叶启元却还是不满意。 According to this stance hits, even if the midway does not have other variables, wants to take Lin Yi still to require period of not short time truly inevitably, but he does not have this patience. 照这个架势打下去,即便中途不生出其他的变数,想要真正拿下林逸也必然需要一段不短的时间,可他却已经没有这个耐心了。
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