SR :: Volume #14

#1396: Compensation of Firmament

who are you?!” Finally some people could not bear, shouts a question loudly, is very discontented with that several mysterious men and women, picks the peach in this moment unexpectedly, must intercept others' good fortune, what is most essential, this does not have the enmity, actually must offer a sacrifice to others exactly, the method is brutal, is somewhat excessive. 你们是什么人?!”终于有人忍不住了,大声喝问,对那几个神秘男女很不满,竟在这种关头摘桃子,要截取别人的造化,最关键的是,本无仇怨,却要活祭别人,手段残酷,有些过分。 The silver-haired youth of person who precisely Black-Yellow clan opening the mouth, coldly, has been very since cool, making Chu Feng repeatedly admit defeat, but this time, actually is also his first looks that five people are not pleasing to the eyes. 开口的人正是玄黄族的银发青年,一直以来都冷冷的,酷酷的,让楚风都多次吃瘪,可这种时刻,却也是他第一个看着五人不顺眼。 Many Evolver hearing this have the same feeling, in the heart is all discontented with five people, because has been too overbearing and made widely known, since several people arrive at here latter looking disdainfully world, belittles the stances of various clans, really insolent excess. 不少进化者闻言都有同感,心中皆对五人不满,因为太霸道与张扬了,自从几人来到这里后一副睥睨天下,小觑各族的姿态,着实张狂的过分。 That earth cave bank, is Supreme immortal stone Luqian, five people stop figure, must enter the furnace, the hearing this all surprise, after looking back, reveals light murderous intention. 那地窟畔,也就是太上不朽石炉前,五人都止住身形,原本要入炉了,闻言皆诧异,回首后露出淡淡的杀机 Also dares to scold me and others? Originally some origins, Human King bloodline, truly some ways, but we actually do not care, first cuts and others!” “也敢呵斥我等?哦,原来有些来历,人王血脉啊,确实有些门道,不过我们却不在乎,先斩掉尔等!” People in five mysterious powerhouse open the mouth, domineering , after hearing the interrogation sound, must kill people, moreover must extinguish in the associated furnace Black-Yellow Human King Race all people. 五位神秘强者中的一人开口,着实的强势,听到质问声后就要去杀人,而且是要灭伴生炉内玄黄人王族的所有人。 This makes in stone furnace nearby person heart vibrate, what origin they have, dares to overlook a branch in World of the Living Human King like this? 这让石炉附近的人都心中震动,他们到底有什么来历,竟敢这样俯视阳间人王中的一个分支? However, at this time, another people in five people have opened the mouth, has prevented that person. 不过,这时,五人中的另一人开口了,阻止了那人。 Ok, Human King bloodline but actually also uncommon, inquires into to seek the source words, some old codgers possibly did not have died during meditation, do not cause complications, keeps their life.” “算了,人王血统倒也不凡,寻根求源的话,有些老不死的可能还没有坐化呢,就不要节外生枝了,留他们一命吧。” Was this information of no small matter, Human King lineage/vein end Old Ancestor possibly also lived in the ancient times in world? This is the frightening secret! 这是非同小可的信息,人王一脉古代尽头的老祖可能还活在世间?这可是让人心惊肉跳的秘闻! The Black-Yellow Human King Race silver-haired youth snort/hum, said: Really is rampant, here is the World of the Living restricted area, but is not your back gardens!” 玄黄人王族的银发青年哼了一声,道:“真是嚣张的可以,这里是阳间禁地,而不是你们的后花园!” At this time, hold Yuxian from overseas Heavenly Immortal island is also light the language, said: Several Dao Brother, if refining up does not extinguish the body, performs to carry on, but why the opens the mouth must strike to kill others , helping oneself, this was really frigid.” 此时,来自海外天仙岛的盛玉仙也轻语,道:“几位道兄若是炼不灭身,尽可以进行,但何必张口要击杀别人,成全自身呢,这实在过于惨烈了。” Now, in the Supreme furnace, Chu Feng cannot hear their dialogues, if knows some people to aim at him like this, already got angry the blood ebullition. 现在,太上炉中,楚风根本听不到他们的对话,若是知晓有人要这样针对他,早已怒血沸腾。 These five people of halfway pick the peach, but also regards as the sacrificial offering him, must enter in the furnace the slaughter to fall him, paves own Nirvana path by his bone. 这五人半路摘桃子也就罢了,还将他视为祭品,要进炉中屠掉他,以他的骨铺就自己的涅槃道路。 "hē hē, my knows you are very curious, think that knows our origin, told you and others also to might as well, we person who walked from this Evolution Road end, the family/home in the World of the Living border land. ” “呵呵,我知道你们很好奇,想知道我们的来历,也罢,告诉你等也无妨,我们是从这条进化路尽头走来的人,家在阳间边缘地。” Youth opens the mouth in five people, but at this time they had turned around, has revealed the appearance/portrait. 五人中的一个青年开口,而这时候他们都转过身来,露出了真容。 Suddenly the aura rises suddenly, swift and fierce incomparable, making the surrounding space twist, blurred, five people as if must collapse by pressure Six Directions and Eight Desolates. 一时间气息暴涨,凌厉无匹,让周围的空间都扭曲了,模糊了下去,五人仿佛要压塌六合八荒 They from the Dao Body share, this is frightening, feared that initiates the popular anger to have the mishap, now warned with own background. 他们自道身份,这是一种震慑,怕引发众怒而发生不测,现在以自身来头进行警告。 Around these five people are furnace fires, is accompanying the dense fog, clouds and mist were steaming, they who served as contrast are similar to the ancient times immortal demon, visited to taboo construction work, the domineering was incomparable. 这五人周围都是炉火,也伴着迷雾,烟霞腾腾,衬托的他们如同远古的仙魔,踏足禁土中,强势无匹。 They wear black Full-Body Armor, the callous face, is similar to general that the blade truncates, many sons and daughters, some people of golden color send the silk to be bright, but face fair like jade, some people silver send the silk shawl, the look is desolate, is having the cold tone. 他们都身穿黑色的甲胄,冷酷的面孔,皆如同刀削的一般,三男两女,有人金色发丝灿烂,而面孔白皙如玉石,有人则银色发丝披肩,神色冷淡,带着冷冽的气韵。 These five people of Full-Body Armor are all having the boundless years aura, but oneself unexpectedly so young, that is handed down for generations mostly battle armour, is treasure that the ancestor grants. 这五人身上的甲胄皆带着无边的岁月气息,而自身竟这般的年轻,那多半是传世战甲,是祖先赐予的瑰宝。 Immortal blood has boiled down Full-Body Armor?” “仙血熬炼过的甲胄?” At this time, was Black-Yellow Human King Race Quasi-Heavenly Venerate was startled, revealed the surprised color, was staring at five people of black Full-Body Armor, the feeling was very shocking. 这个时候,便是玄黄人王族准天尊都吃惊了,露出惊疑之色,盯着五人身上的黑色甲胄,感觉很震惊。 Some of his naturally knows hearsay, because of live enough remote, but own family background is also oversized. 他自然知道一些传闻,因为活的足够久远,而自身家族也来头过大。 Hands down, World of the Living possibly is separation evolution branch road, once made war with the immortal, said that was World of the Living has defeated, but there is a possibility actually from breaking the channel, thus formed the airtight space. 相传,阳间可能是断开的一条进化支路,曾与仙开战,说是阳间战胜了,可是有可能却是自断通道,从而形成密闭的空间。 Now sees these people, how can not think? 现在看到这几人,怎能不让人多想? In the past, when Chu Feng entered World of the Living few years, has entered a stretch of gray area with Nine Nether only Old Gu, was the transaction place of underground dark influence, once had heard this hearsay. 当年,楚风进入阳间没几年时,就同九幽老古进入过一片灰色地带,属于地下暗势力的交易地,就曾听到过这种传闻。 However, now he in stone furnace, does not know to the matter that in the ground has. 不过,现在他在石炉中,对地面上发生的事不知晓。 Great Divine King, are five people Great Divine King?!” At this time, in the Supreme restricted area on black Undying Mountain picked on the Dao Race powerhouse face of Medicinal Herb full is the startled color. 大神王,五人都是大神王?!”这时,太上禁地中一座黑色的不死山上采摘药草道族强者脸上满是惊色。 What, is Great Divine King, to be how possible, is that most magnificent time, a clan is also very difficult to go out of five Great Divine King!” “什么,都是大神王,怎么可能,就是那最为辉煌的时代,一族也很难走出五位大神王!” Many people shock, felt that this was too absurd. 许多人都震撼,感觉这太荒谬了。 We not from a clan, the peripheral zone that we are, you will never understand, passable Firmament!” In five people a silver-haired man opens the mouth lightly. “我们可不是来自一族,我们所在的边缘地带,你们永远不懂,可通上苍!”五人中一位银发男子淡淡地开口。 Do not think, our ancestors are only the life in this branch road front, does not stand in the people of this side, hey!” At this time, another people in five people opened the mouth. “不要多想,我们的祖上只是生活在这条支路前沿,可不是站在你们这一方的人,嘿!”这时,五人中的又一人开口。 You are outside creature, your is don't tell me degenerates Immortal Race?” The person with overseas Heavenly Immortal island stand Jiang Luoshen is startled, like this losing one's voice opens the mouth. “你们是界外生灵,你们难道是堕落仙族?”同海外天仙岛的人站在一起的姜洛神吃惊,这样失声开口。 Buddha Race, is Dao Race, enforces, from far to near, comes to here, if, the issue were too so serious. 无论是佛族,还是道族,都严肃起来,由远而近,向这边而来,若是如此的话,问题就太严重了。 You have considered thoroughly, we belong to neutral ancient aristocratic family, is not partial in any side, is only the life in the World of the Living end, is not responsible for guarding this evolution branch road.” “你们多虑了,我们属于中立的古世家,不偏向于任何一方,只是生活在阳间尽头而已,不并不负责镇守这条进化支路。” Obviously, that five people also realized that issue gravity, does not want to become the public enemy, only to deter people, one of them rare has carried on the explanation. 显然,那五人也意识到问题的严重性,并不想成为公敌,只为震慑众人,其中一人难得的进行了解释。 But in this moment five people have one person to stand, is a young female, the golden long hair is smooth, the face is similar to the suet jade carving, the black pupil is very profound, said: “Wú, offers sacrifices to start, not having time may delay, should enter Eight Trigrams Furnace, will otherwise miss the best opportunity. ” 而此刻五人中有一人站出,是一位年轻的女子,金色的长发光滑柔顺,面孔如同羊脂玉石雕刻而成,黑色的瞳孔很深邃,道:“唔,献祭开始,没有时间可耽搁,该进入八卦炉了,不然将错过最佳时机。” The scene is silent, various clans have thought that unexpectedly somewhat is suddenly lost, dull is all in a daze, nobody prevents them. 现场寂静,各族都想到了很多,一时间竟有些出神,皆呆呆发愣,没有人阻止他们。 Five people vanish quickly, seize the chance to enter in the furnace! 五人倏地消失,趁机进入炉中! They do not want to miss enter the furnace opportunity best. 他们不想错过最佳进炉时机。 Suddenly, roaring flame such as vast, flame is dreadful, the bad fog is turbulent, the entire bedstone furnace blurs, five people of mysterious and unfathomable even more, were similar to is treading the ancient times channel, walked gradually, stood is in immortal Supreme Eight Trigrams Furnace. 一时间,烈焰如汪洋,火光滔天,大雾汹涌,整座石炉都模糊起来,五人越发的神秘莫测,如同踏着远古的通道,一步一步走来,立身在不朽的太上八卦炉中。 Their Full-Body Armor too strange, unexpectedly has blocked the flame, oneself has not been damaged, is calm and gentle, vanishes in the dense fog of stone furnace. 他们身上的甲胄太奇异了,居然挡住了火光,自身没有受损,镇定而平和,消失在石炉的迷雾中。 Until the people could not see, five talented person looks are serious, are serious, like was not overbearing a moment ago and domineering. 直到众人看不到,五人才神色严肃,郑重起来,不像刚才那么霸道与强势。 And a humanity: I and other family older generations year to year guard in this evolution branch road end, the attention degenerate the Immortal Race trend, is guarding World of the Living's to be unusual, is in the place of bitter cold, resides in chaotic, this is Firmament regarding our compensations, endures the present, the merit, the efforts, are how big!” 其中一人道:“我等家族先辈常年镇守在这条进化支路的尽头,关注堕落仙族的动向,也在看守阳间的异常,身在苦寒之地,居于乱界,这是上苍对于我们的补偿,熬到现在,功劳,苦劳,何其大!” This is we should obtain, five Great Divine King Nirvana chances, this is only not worthy of mentioning granting, but also is far from enough, hopes the elders in clan obtain are more, various aristocratic family Old Ancestor all make the breakthrough!” “这是我们应该得到的,五个大神王涅槃的机缘,这只是微不足道的赐予,还远远不够,希望族中的长辈得到的更多,各世家老祖皆有突破!” This is their dialogues, by the soul light exchange, the bystander cannot hear, will otherwise initiate the star Bao Juantian mighty waves, will form 18 zero Eighth Level hurricane storms in World of the Living. 这是他们的对话,以魂光交流,外人听不到,不然的话的会引发星瀑卷天的波澜,会在阳间会形成18零八级飓风般的风暴。 Various Heaven's Above, have Firmament. 天之上,有上苍 Their some ancient aristocratic families, dwell in the World of the Living end, is related with Firmament. 他们这样的一些古老世家,栖居在阳间尽头,与上苍有关。 If the bystander understood that did not need to shock five people is Great Divine King! 若是外人了解,那也就不用震惊五人皆为大神王了! These involve the compensations of Firmament to their these families unexpectedly! 这其中竟涉及到上苍对他们这些家族的补偿! Their black Full-Body Armor, are ancient, that is the ancestor has dressed, is contaminated secret blood, has the immortal blood, there is a Buddha blood, has Divine Bird Mutant Beast ancient blood, quite uncommon. 他们的黑色甲胄,非常古老,那是祖先所穿戴过的,浸染着秘血,有仙血,也有佛血等,更有神禽异兽古血,相当的不凡。 Suddenly, in roaring flame, they if still Undying Bird Nirvana, must obtain the eternal life, each and every one was covered by dark Full-Body Armor, starts to reappear the Black Gold safety mask including the surface, only reveals the pupil, appears is extremely fearful and aloof. 一时间,在烈焰中,他们犹若不死鸟涅槃,要获得永生,一个个被黑暗甲胄覆盖,连面上也开始浮现黑金防护罩,只露出瞳孔,显得极其可怕与超然。 This time, we must realize a peerless transformation, refining up not to extinguish the body immortally, even if some day enters Firmament, there are with the energy that other clans dispute.” “这一次,我们要实现一次绝世蜕变,炼成不朽不灭身,哪怕是有朝一日进入上苍,也有与其他族较量的底气。” A person opens the mouth, the tone is very firm. 一人开口,语气无比坚定。 "Um, I and others prepared such for a long time, has in the clan these many years accumulations, compensation that place gives, this time sacrificial offering was enough. ” “嗯,我等准备这么久,有族中这么多年的积淀,还有那个地方给予的补偿,这次的祭品足够了。” At this time, they cautiously took out five special golden universe bottles, middle had the thing of unimaginable sacrificial offering. 这个时候,他们又小心翼翼的取出了五个特殊的金色乾坤瓶,当中有不可想象的祭祀之物。 Five golden universe bottles, just opened, flows unimaginable secret power, has the intermittent say/way to flow unexpectedly, moreover is accompanying the scrip­tures sound. 五个金色的乾坤瓶,刚刚开启,就流淌出不可想象的秘力,竟有阵阵的道则流淌而出,而且伴着经文声。 We to not offer a sacrifice to hero soul, but is the genuine sacrifice furnace, offers many, can obtain many, said Saint to look back, after boiling down to Golden Body, can visit Ultimate Road. But, Quasi-Heavenly Venerate turns head not to be late, our Great Divine King this Realm, boils down oneself body again, may be aloof as before. First boils Divine Realm, even Shining Upon Level, then borrows these many innate thing, heavy anti- Great Divine King Level, when the time comes who with resists?!” “我们可不是为了祭英灵,而是真正的祭炉,奉献多少,就能得到多少,都说圣者回首,熬炼到金身后,才能踏足终极路。可是,准天尊回头也不晚,我们大神王这个境界,再熬炼己身,依旧可超脱。先熬回神境,甚至映照级,再借用这么多的先天之物,重反大神王级,到时候谁与相抗?!” This words are very astonishing! 这种话语很惊人! Generally speaking, arrived here to carry on Nirvana to be OK, that was the rare big good fortune. 一般来说,来到这里进行涅槃就可以了,那是罕有的大造化。 But a Six-eared Macaque clan, then to let in the clan the juniors boils down Golden Body from Saint Level, the process that realizes history upload to call the turn the strongest suppression that transforms again, is similar to refines nine revolutions of Golden Core. 六耳猕猴一族,则是为了让族中子弟从圣级熬炼到金身,实现史上传言中的最强压制再蜕变的过程,如同炼制九转金丹般。 Chu Feng previously came this, for the World of the Living body, boils down own World of the Living Saint Level body and spirit to the Golden Body level, hereafter then can Sea is broad enough for fish to leap about , start to contact various pollen directly, realizes the swift and violent super evolution. 楚风早先来此,也是为了阳间身,将自己的阳间圣级体魄熬炼到金身层次,此后便可以海阔凭鱼跃了,直接开始接触各类花粉,实现迅猛的超级进化。 But now, some people must realize this boiling down in the Great Divine King boundary, that appeared shocks. 而现在,有人要在大神王境实现这种熬炼,那就显得震撼了。 Actually, Chu Feng has also wanted to try, in this place by the body of own World of the Dead body-- Great Divine King, carried on time hell tempering, boils down in every possible way, looked whether can succeed. 其实,楚风也一直想试一试,在这个地方让自己的阴间——大神王之体,进行一次地狱般的磨砺,百般熬炼,看是否可以成功。 He had not grasped, never hears some people able to carry on the attempt of this narrow escape. 只是,他一直没有把握,从未听到有人能进行过这种九死一生的尝试。 Great Divine King boils down Divine Realm, even Shining Upon Level, is really absurd, theoretically speaking, is unlikely. 大神王熬炼到神境,甚至映照级,实在过于荒谬,从道理上讲,不太可能。 However, he also believes, certainly some people pass through such path, a while ago when he came to here, has consulted the massive old books, has seen some fuzzy suggestions, vague record. 不过,他也相信,一定有人走过这样的道路,前段时间他来这里时,查阅了大量的古籍,看到过一些模糊的暗示,隐晦的记载。 Although does not have the positive evidence, but, he believes that perhaps has the old friend to pass through such road. 虽然没有直接证据,但是,他相信或许有故人走过那样的路。 Heavenly Venerate has the regret, turns around or may have opportunity of the again modelling! 天尊有悔,转身或可有一线再塑之机! These many innate thing, enough our five people have used, turns around to re-enter God Level, even Shining Upon Level, boils down True Self not to extinguish the body, accumulates in this place, then again returns to big Divine King Physique originally, by this as entering the Firmament capital and inside story, strives for hegemony with these most abnormal creature, then fearless.” “这么多的先天之物,足够我们五人用了,转身重回神级,甚至映照级,熬炼出真我不灭身,在此地积淀,而后再回归原本的大神王体,以此作为进入上苍的资本与底蕴,与那些最变态的生灵争雄,也就无惧了。” Five people were whispering, was talking, the each and every one confidence increased sharply, was preparing. 五人在低语,在交谈,一个个信心激增,在做准备。 Starts, has that sacrificial offering, opens the road ahead for us, drew out some Fire of Life, now should be I and others intercepted the chance, to melt Soaring Dragon to enter the illustrious time on Thirty Three Layer Heaven!” “开始吧,有那个祭品在,为我们开辟出前路,引出部分生之火了,现在该是我等截取机缘、化龙腾三十三重天上的光耀时刻了!” . Sougou 。搜狗
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