RBP :: Volume #3 两界·神话篇

#449 Part 3: The inspector sign( 2 gathers 1, terminates the countdown: One)

This sign, is another powerful life by the gathering. 这张牌,是另一种强大的生灵以道汇聚而成。 On this sign, is surging that powerful life trace. 这张牌上,涌动着那一尊强大生灵道的痕迹。 Is only the trace? 仅仅只是痕迹? ? But actually seems the mighty force that has measures not. ?但却好似有着莫测的伟力。 This strength is completely invalid to the Lin Su present boundary, but said the source boundary following life, if contacted with it, then met naturally perishes in the illusory samsara, only waited for the samsara finishing or breaking through to the source boundary is no longer affected by it, can work loose. 这力量对林朔如今的境界全然无效,但道源境以下的生灵若是与之接触,便会自然地沉沦在虚幻的轮回之中,唯有待轮回结束或者突破到道源境不再受其影响,才能够从中挣脱。 The inspector sign, is one life's reincarnation hall. 巡使牌,就是一世轮回殿 This week ends the book friend who moves has not participated to participate as soon as possible 完本周边活动没参加的书友尽快参加】 Qiuqiu illustration in painted eggshell chapter 球球插画在彩蛋章】 Big result 20 th 12 : 00 round 大结局20号12:00发】
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