RBP :: Volume #3 两界·神话篇

#448 Part 3: Finally the war( 2 gathers 1( finally), terminates the countdown: Two)

Lin Su used for one minute then to be merely Divine Martial brought about seven mythical level and new hopes, had far exceeded the imagination of Venerable Rong. 林朔仅仅用一分钟便为神武带来了七尊神话阶和新的希望,本就已经远超过榕尊的想象。 At this moment entire Divine Martial changes after this minute, has surpassed its understanding. 此刻整个神武都在这一分钟后变化,已然超出了它的理解。 But actually Lin Su how achieves, actually he made anything, perhaps only then found him to know. 林朔究竟是如何做到的,他究竟做了什么,或许只有找到他才能知晓。 Hears the Venerable Rong words, all life simultaneously look to six small. 听到榕尊的话语,所有生灵齐齐看向六小只。 Yes, Lin Su breaks through Mythical Rank, saved human clan. 是啊,林朔突破神话级,拯救了人族 He at this moment actually where? 那他此刻究竟在哪里呢? Six small only each other look at each other one, the complexion in abundance becomes strange. 六小只彼此对视一眼,脸色纷纷变得古怪起来。 „If not out of the anticipation...” The Qiuqiu sluggish opens the mouth, I possibly know that which he was.” “如果不出意料的话…”球球慢吞吞开口,“我可能知道他在哪了。” This week ends the book friend who moves has not participated to participate as soon as possible 完本周边活动没参加的书友尽快参加】
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