RBP :: Volume #3 两界·神话篇

#449 Part 2: The inspector sign( 2 gathers 1, terminates the countdown: One)

My say/way, the say/way of named ten thousand spirit.” “我的道,名为万灵之道。” At the beginning of the birth, will then carve the life in chaos situated in ignorant in I, takes them to create a smaller and weaker life as the main source, this is the say/way gives my talent ability.” “在诞生之初,处于懵懂中的我便会摹刻混沌中的生灵,以它们为蓝本创造更弱小的生灵,这是道赋予我的天赋能力。” Such say/way, belongs in the say/way of chaos life is quite ordinary.” “这样的道,在混沌生灵的道之中属于颇为平凡的。” Experienced the extremely long years, I quite achieved half footpath boundary from the source boundary difficultly.” “经历了极为漫长的岁月,我才颇为艰难地从道源境达到了半步道界境。” Boundary?” Hears here, Lin Su cannot bear the opens the mouth. “道界境?”听到这里,林朔忍不住开口。 This him, is a new noun. 这于他而言,又是一个新的名词。 But sounds, this is the source boundary later boundary. 而听上去,这便是道源境之后的境界。 Sees the doubts of Lin Su, hunted to suspend own narration, explained. 看出林朔的疑惑,狩暂停了自己的叙述,解释起来。 Said the source boundary, but was the life controls one saying that took own backing by this.” “道源境,不过是生灵掌控一条道,以此作为自身的依托。” Regarding the domain, such life has achieved the pinnacle, but regarding the life in chaos, this is all starts.” “对于界域而言,这样的生灵已然达到极致,但对于混沌中的生灵而言,这不过是一切的开始。” „After breakthrough source boundary, wanting the strength to continue to break through, must continue to fill and enrich own say/way.” “突破道源境之后,想要实力继续突破,就要继续填充和丰富自身的道。” If just broke through the source boundary, the say/way seems like a line, then the source boundary then must do, is divided into two and three this line carefully and even are more, then weaves own say/way net by massive lines.” “如果说刚突破道源境,道像是一条线,那么道源境接下来要做的,就是将这条线更细致地划分为两条、三条乃至更多,而后以大量的线编织成属于自己的道网。” „The knitting way of net has the difference respectively, a difference, the most suitable say/way net is not same, this needs the long years to inquire about and understand.” “道网的编织方式各有差异,道不同,最适合的道网也不相同,这需要漫长的岁月去探寻、了解。” If a line cut off easily, is on the other hand unstable, works as this line differentiation is innumerable, after constitution structure unique say/way net, it will become stabler.” “如果说一条线容易被斩断,相对来说不稳定,那么当这一条线分化为无数,构成结构独特的道网之后,它将会变得更加稳定。” Even if a line separates, said that the net will not easily collapse, instead can easily patch.” “哪怕其中一条线断开,道网也不会轻易崩溃,反而能够轻易修补。” However said the net, was the foundation of domain.” “而道网,是界域的基础。” Hunts grasps at will, nearby domain then appeared in its hand. 狩随意一抓,附近一个界域便出现在了它的手中。 Like analyzing the toy is ordinary, she dismantles gradually it. 如同拆分玩具一般,她将其逐步拆解开来。 When all in domain were dismantled, appeared by the network of knitting in Lin Su at present. 当界域内的一切被拆解,一张由道编织的网出现在了林朔的眼前。 That net has several tens of thousands of different routes fully, but these routes are various, has the things in common, the careful observation can find, they are actually split up by the same say/way. 那道网足有数万条不同的道线,而这些道线虽然各不相同,却有共通之处,仔细观察能够发现,它们其实是由同一条道分化而成。 But they are the skeleton and foundation of that side domain. 而它们是那一方界域的骨架和根基。 You look, this is a net.” “你看,这便是道网。” After its demonstration Lin Su looked, hunts to count on the fingers a ball, that and Blue Star and domain of Divine Martial scale being close then flew back to its original position, all that previously dismantled, returns to the new moon to restore like the time generally all. 将其展示给林朔看后,狩屈指一弹,那和蓝星神武规模接近的界域便飞回了它原本的位置,就连此前拆解开的一切,也如同时间回朔一般尽数恢复。 In which life order as before, completely had not perceived the world that oneself are at experienced a total destruction. 其中的生灵秩序依旧,全然不曾觉察自己所在的世界经历了一次灭顶之灾。 The mighty force, is hunting shows incisively, making Lin Su praise to the heavens. 伟力,在狩举手投足间展现得淋漓尽致,让林朔叹为观止。 „The domain in chaos, is the nature birth.” “混沌中的界域,是自然诞生的。” However after the covering the road source boundary establishes own say/way net, it then can imitate the chaos to create, by own strength, builds a side world.” “而当道源境编制出属于自己的道网之后,它便可以效彷混沌创界,凭借自己的力量,构筑出一方世界。” However such world, with say/way unified whole of source boundary, therefore the world is the life, the life is a world, both cannot analyze.” “而这样的世界,与道源境的道浑然一体,因此世界便是生灵,生灵便是世界,两者不可拆分。” For in the domain with chaos separates it, we call it say.” “为了将它与混沌中的界域分开,我们将其称为道界。” „Was this boundary?” Lin Su cannot bear ask. “这就是道界境了么?”林朔忍不住开口询问起来。 Strict, has not achieved.” Hunts to shake the head. “严格来说,还没有达到。”狩摇了摇头。 „The knitting of net, has the division of strong and weak.” “道网的编织,是有强弱之分的。” Some lives are divided into several hundred then to weave the becoming enlightened net the say/way, can form own world.” “有的生灵将道划分为数百条而后编织成道网,可以形成自身的世界。” Some lives split up to tens of thousands of the say/way, the knitting own say/way net constitutes a side world.” “有的生灵将道分化为成千上万,编织属于自己的道网构成一方世界。” These two's strength, is obviously different.” “这两者的实力,显然是不同的。” Therefore can gather to make a debut, is only half footpath boundary.” “所以能够汇聚出道界,只是半步道界境。” Is only correct is certain intensity, is treads to become a lay priest officially the boundary.” “唯有道界达到一定的强度,才算正式踏入道界境。” „A intensity depends on a packing and say/way network knitting way two aspects, the different lives are various, but its weight way generally is actually suitable.” “道界的强度取决于道的填充与道网编织方式两方面,不同生灵各不相同,但其衡量方式却普遍适用。” That is the strength upper limit in life.” “那就是道界内生灵的实力上限。” „The upper limit of life strength achieves the source boundary, opened a life to achieve a boundary.” “道界中生灵实力的上限达到道源境,开辟道界的生灵就达到了道界境。” Originally this is a boundary... 原来这就是道界境… Lin Su nods looking pensive, then complexion slightly one stiff. 林朔若有所思地点点头,然后面色微微一僵。 His beast space seems to have become a side world, but can also present the life of source boundary. 他的御兽空间似乎已经成了一方世界,而其中也能够出现道源境的生灵了。 Therefore... 所以… Therefore oneself are not the source boundary, but is a boundary?! 所以自己不是道源境,而是道界境?! Moreover, Guigui and Yingying without a gap hell is also a side world, then it did calculate half footpath boundary? 而且,鬼鬼影影的无间地狱也是一方世界,那它是不是算半步道界境了? You have not thought mistakenly, present you indeed is a boundary.” Saw the idea of Lin Su, hunts hehe smiles, as for your pet beast, without a knitting network, was unable to calculate.” “你没有想错,现在的你的确是道界境。”看出了林朔的想法,狩呵呵一笑,“至于你的宠兽,没有编织道网,还不能算。” When they enter the chaos, will have this foundation to step into the speed of half footpath boundary to be quicker.” “不过等到它们进入混沌,有这份基础踏入半步道界境的速度会更快。” In the Lin Su heart were many several points of strangeness. 林朔心中多了几分古怪。 He had perceived a moment ago, Qiuqiu as if broke through again, but after Guigui and Yingying stepped into the chaos, the strength rise will be quicker. 刚才他已经觉察到了,球球似乎再度突破了,而鬼鬼影影踏入混沌之后,实力提升会更快。 Perhaps six small involution only, must continue. 六小只的内卷,恐怕又要继续了。 However you can jump over the source boundary to achieve a boundary directly, has the important connection with my story.” “而你能够跳过道源境直接达到道界境,与我的故事有重要的关联。” Lin Su deeply inspires, depresses in the heart to fluctuate, you continue.” 林朔深吸一口气,压下心中起伏,“你继续。” I who visit half footpath boundary, built own world.” In the eye of hunting were many for several points to recall, that was a side acts according to my say/way birth the world, including me to pass to carve in the chaos the innumerable life creation race.” “踏足半步道界境的我,构筑出了属于自己的世界。”狩的眼中多了几分追忆,“那是一方根据我的道诞生的世界,其中有我过去摹刻混沌中无数生灵创造的种族。” „When just opened that side world, I anticipate in them soon born existence of source boundary, thus makes my say/way more perfect, breaks through to the boundary.” “刚开辟出那一方世界时,我期待着它们之中早日诞生道源境的存在,从而让我的道更加完善,突破到道界境。” But also at that time, I found vestige in a chaos exactly accidentally, that is in the chaos a fallen from the sky powerhouse leaves behind.” “但也恰好在那个时候,我偶然间找到了一处混沌中的遗迹,那是混沌中一位已经陨落的强者遗留下来的。” Even in the vast boundless chaos, that powerhouse still left a good name before one's death once, making the innumerable chaos lives remember, saw her great strength sufficiently.” “即便在浩瀚无垠的混沌之中,那位强者也在生前留名,令无数混沌生灵记住,足以看出她的强大。” „Her vestige appearance, brought in fights of innumerable chaos life, but I am only one of them.” “她的遗迹一出现,就引来了无数混沌生灵的争抢,而我只是其中之一。” My strength is not strong, but under lucky under touched him to leave behind finally the inheritance of say/way.” “我的实力并不算强,但侥幸之下最终触碰了其遗留下的道之传承。” At that time obtained that inheritance not, only then I, many chaos lives.” “当时获得那份传承的不只有我,还有许多混沌生灵。” „During we are fighting, grasped part respectively.” “我们在争抢之中,各自掌握了其中一部分。” Say/Way that powerhouse inherits, the say/way of named governing spirit.” “那位强者传承的道,名为御灵之道。” Makes itself powerful with the common say/way different, this field of endeavor opens other space contract lives, then governing causes other lives for own strength.” “和寻常的道使自身强大不同,此道开辟空间契约其他生灵,而后御使其他生灵为自身的力量。” „The life of practicing this field of endeavor, the initial period has the fatal flaw, that is the main body relatively more emaciated, the method compares other lives to be smaller and weaker, excessively depends on to the life that governing causes.” “修行此道的生灵,初期有着致命的缺陷,那便是本体相对更加孱弱,手段相比其他生灵要更弱小,对御使的生灵过度倚仗。” Although lacks, but it has and others fatal the seduction to me.” “虽然有缺,但它却有着对我等来说致命的诱惑。” „The space that because this field of endeavor opens, after governing will cause the life that achieves the source boundary, changes into!” “因为此道开辟的空间,会在御使的生灵达到道源境之后,化为道界!” In this manner proves a life, can span the source boundary directly, a breakthrough boundary.” “以此方式证道的生灵,能够直接跨越道源境,突破道界境。” However this, is not its most powerful place.” At this point, in the eye of hunting were many several points of happy expression, „, if makes me say in life breakthrough boundary goes out, I will achieve above...” “而这,还不是其最强大之处。”说到这里,狩的眼中多了几分笑意,“若是让我道界之中的生灵突破道界境之后走出,我将达到道界之上的…” Said the territory boundary!” “道域境!” In, if can be born the boundary powerhouse, that say/way no longer is, it even more will be perfect in this process, thus the shape becoming enlightened territory, the life will therefore also break through to the brand-new boundary.” “道界之中,若是能够诞生道界境强者,那道界将不再是道界,它将在这个过程之中越发完善,从而形成道域,生灵也将因此突破到全新的境界。” Lin Su stares the big eye. 林朔瞪大眼睛。 Therefore is present hunting, the territory boundary? 所以眼前的狩,已经是道域境了? No wonder said of boundary, feel the far inferior opposite party as before. 难怪道界境的自己,依旧感觉远不及对方。 The say/way of governing spirit... 御灵之道… Is this beast master origin? 这就是御兽使的来历? After touching so powerful path, I naturally must be affected by it.” Hunts to shake the head, „the say/way of ten thousand spirit I hold, quite had the fate with the say/way of this governing spirit, only needs to choose a race to practice this saying that governing makes other races be then enough.” “在触碰到了如此强大的道路之后,我自然不可能不受其影响。”狩摇了摇头,“我所掌的万灵之道,本就与这御灵之道颇有缘分,只需要选择一个种族修行这一条道,御使其他种族便足以。” My choice, is in the chaos is largest, has highest perception human clan.” “我的选择,是混沌之中数量最多,拥有最高悟性的人族。” „The say/way of governing spirit spans the say/way of source boundary after all directly, will want to break through naturally will be much more difficult than the common say/way, therefore I will pass after that for a long time, the strength will stagnate in half footpath boundary throughout.” “御灵之道毕竟是直接跨越道源境的道,想要突破自然会比寻常的道艰难得多,所以我在那之后过去许久,实力始终停滞于半步道界境。” However, I actually encountered the new problem.” As if thought of anything, in the eye of hunting were many several points of complex color, that was one same entered the chaos life of that vestige with me initially, the difference of although with me obtaining, but it also obtained part of inheritance.” “然而,我却遇到了新的麻烦。”似乎想到了什么,狩的眼中多了几分复杂之色,“那是一个当初和我一样进入那处遗迹的混沌生灵,虽然和我得到的不同,但它也得到了一部分传承。” That sly fellow looked for me, proposed that must conduct an exchange with me.” In the eye of hunting brings reluctantly, afterward I know, all chaos lives that obtained some inheritance, walked by her.” “那个狡猾的家伙找上了我,提出要和我进行道的交流。”狩的眼中带着无奈,“后来我才知道,所有得到了部分传承的混沌生灵,都被她找上门了。” When she looks for me, I think that this will make my say/way sensibility to the governing spirit deeper, breaks through to the brand-new boundary quickly, therefore agreed without hesitation.” “在她找我的时候,我以为这会让我对御灵之道感悟更深,更快突破到全新的境界,所以毫不犹豫地同意了。” But in the process of exchange, that fellow actually with own say/way, affected my say/way.” “但在交流的过程中,那个家伙却以自身的道,影响了我的道。” Her say/way and my say/way, with ten thousand spirit related, but is actually very different from me.” “她的道和我的道,都与万灵有关,但却又与我相去甚远。” I carve ten thousand spirits, the creation different races, but she actually ten thousand spirit characteristics gatherings in oneself.” “我摹刻万灵,创造不同种族,而她却将万灵的特性汇聚于自身。” Unknowingly was affected by it, I said that in human clan gave up the say/way of governing spirit unexpectedly, took another path.” “不知不觉受其影响,我道界之中的人族竟然放弃了御灵之道,走上了另一条道路。” Is stronger earlier, upper limit actually lower path.” “一条前期更强,上限却更低的道路。” Lin Su: „...” 林朔:“…” Therefore do the martial arts come? 所以武道是这么来的? Wait... 等等… His pupil shrinks slightly. 他的童孔微微一缩。 First has alien beast, then has beast master lineage, then martial arts lineage nearly replaces beast master lineage thoroughly... 先有异兽,再有御兽一脉,而后武道一脉近乎彻底取代御兽一脉 This clearly is the Divine Martial path, rather than Blue Star. 这分明是神武的轨迹,而非蓝星 Therefore, was Divine Martial hunts once say/way? 所以,神武是狩曾经的道界? Why then it did become oneself say/way? 那它又为何成了自己的道界? Knows why I had not perceived change that oneself said?” “知道我为何不曾觉察到自身道的改变么?” You said.” Lin Su recovers, temporarily depresses the doubts in heart. “你说。”林朔回过神来,暂时压下心中的疑惑。 Because, I while was being affected by the opposite party, indeed felt to the helpful thing.” “因为,我在被对方影响的同时,也的确感受到了对自己有帮助的东西。” That is can help say/way of more further thing my governing spirit.” “那是能够助我御灵之道更进一步的东西。” Therefore I said that fellow is sly.” “所以我才说那个家伙狡猾。” When I carry out thoroughly the sensibility, own say/way had been in the irretrievable degree.” “在我彻底完成感悟的时候,自身的道已然到了难以挽回的程度。” When I awaken, that fellow interest abundant conducts a gambling house with me unexpectedly, even puts out a chaos treasure for this reason.” Hunts shakes the head reluctantly, at that time I realized that fellow is playing jokes upon me.” “在我醒悟之时,那个家伙竟然兴致盎然地与我进行一场赌局,甚至为此拿出一件混沌宝物。”狩无奈地摇摇头,“在那个时候我才意识到,那个家伙在戏耍我。” She does not aim at me intentionally, but regarded as the game all, plays at will.” “她并非故意针对我,而是本就将一切都视作游戏,随意玩弄。” If we had known, I will so notice that initially she should leave by far.” “早知道会如此,我当初看到她就该离得远远的。” „Is that gambling house, what?” Lin Su cannot bear the opens the mouth. “那个赌局,是什么?”林朔忍不住开口。 In this moment, he has a premonition, this gambling house has the greatest connection with. 在这一刻,他有一种预感,这赌局与自己有着莫大的关联。 „A thing that called the approach chart sign.” Hunts opens the mouth slowly. “一种叫做法图牌的东西。”狩缓缓开口。 According to that fellow, this is in her say/way, game that the life most likes.” “据那个家伙说,这是她的道界之中,生灵最喜欢的游戏。” But in my opinion, has the enormous probability, is her say/way evolution comes.” “但在我看来,法图牌有极大的概率,是她的道演化而来。” Each, has the specific significance and attribute.” “每一张法图牌,都有着特定的意义和表征。” I and her gambling make, then extracts one respectively, then on the significance according to the sign cultivates a life.” “我与她的赌约,便是各自抽取一张,而后按照牌上意义培育一位生灵。” „The life that who cultivates first achieves the source boundary or a higher level, who wins.” “谁培育的生灵最先达到道源境或者更高的层次,谁就获胜。” However she for the gambling stake that this gambling house puts out, is I am not able to reject.” “而她为这场赌局拿出的赌注,是我无法拒绝的。” Lin Su silent flickered, then opens the mouth slowly, „is the sign that you take?” 林朔沉默了一瞬,而后缓缓开口,“你抽到的牌是?” Named inspector.” “一张名为‘巡使’的法图牌。” Hunts to put out a hand, a style is fine, appears by the sign that the trace of condenses in her hands. 狩伸出手,一张样式精美,以道的痕迹凝聚的牌出现在她的手中。 The upfront of sign, wears the ceremonial hat, the face by the blanketing the persona calmly stands in the place of dusk common border, the left is the sunlight sprinkles, the right is actually the star spot point. 牌的正面,一个戴着礼帽,面部被阴影遮蔽着的人物形象静静站在晨昏交界之处,左边是阳光洒落,右边却是星辉点点。 The back of sign, is drawing up the chart tuart of stars. 牌的背面,绘制着日月星辰的图桉。 What inspector sign represents is the most free soul, has the shuttle to travel between the strength in days and nights.” “巡使牌代表的是最自由的灵魂,有着穿梭往返于昼夜之间的力量。” However at that time my say/way had been hard to recall, wants to continue the say/way of governing spirit, the only way is rejection, condenses brand-new say/way from the beginning.” “而当时我的道界已然难以挽回,想要继续御灵之道,唯一的方式便是舍弃道界,从头凝聚全新的道界。” „The new say/way natural growth, the speed is too slow, if can have a tie that maintains new with old say/way, shifts the section skip road in old say/way to new, the new growth will speed up.” “新的道界自然成长起来,速度太慢,若是能有一个维系新道界与旧道界的纽带,将旧道界之中的部分道转移给新道界,新道界的成长速度会加快许多。” Moreover although old say/way had been affected to be hard to reverse, but points out the road of boundary as before.” “而且旧的道界虽然已经被影响难以扭转,但依旧是直指道界境的路。” That is also the painstaking care of my long years, some direct rejection rather waste, if can find a being predestined friends person to inherit this field of endeavor, is good.” “那也是我漫长岁月的心血,直接舍弃未免有些浪费,若是能够找到一个有缘之人传承此道,也是不错的。” However these ideas, happen to hold the same view with the significance of this sign representative.” “而这些想法,与这张牌代表的意义不谋而合。” Therefore, I accepted with pleasure this gambling house, old say/way will strip with, then opens brand-new say/way.” “所以,我欣然接受了这一场赌局,将旧的道界与自身剥离,而后开辟出全新的道界。” In new say/way, not only contains old say/way is not affected the beforehand strength, contained me the complete sensibility obtained from that hateful fellow there.” “新的道界之中,不仅蕴含着旧道界未曾被影响之前的力量,更是包含了我从那个可恶的家伙那里得到的全部感悟。” controlling beast together, wants to break through extremely difficultly.” 御兽一道,想要突破太过困难。” But bonding, can actually become the breakthrough drainless power.” “但羁绊,却能成为突破不竭的动力。” I feel the say/way of that fellow, obtained pet beast with the inspiration that fuse, had beasts synergy.” “我感受那个家伙的道,得到了宠兽与自身融合的启发,有了御兽协同。” I spend in nearly 200 years of observation old say/way whether has the right candidate.” “我花费近两百年的时间观察旧的道界之中是否有合适的人选。” „Different from the chaos domain, in which time speed of flow Lord grasping principles shifts with.” “道界与混沌界域不同,其中的时间流速随着道界之主的悟道而转移。” „When master boundary promotion of authorities, then had the possibility to flicker the past trillion years.” “当道界的主人境界提升时,道界便有可能一瞬过去亿万年。” If the master boundary of stagnates, perhaps the chaos past trillion years, only passed flickers.” “若是道界的主人境界停滞,或许混沌过去亿万年,道界也只过去一瞬。” However covers the road when the master observes, a time is also consistent with the chaos time speed of flow.” “而当道界的主人观察道界时,道界的时间又与混沌时间流速一致。” Therefore, I observed for 200 years, in old say/way, the time also passed by for 200 years.” “因此,我观察了两百年,旧的道界之中,时间也过去了两百年。” Finally, I chose the family background martial arts family, is actually determined to become beast master you.” “最终,我选择了出身武道家族,却执意要成为御兽使的你。” I old say/way will fuse with you, you have then become Divine Martial in that moment.” “我将旧的道界与你融合,在那一刻你便已经成为了神武。” Is only, your sensibility to the say/way, is not enough to control this strength.” “只是,你对道的感悟,不足以驾驭这份力量。” Therefore I have to let your heavy dormancy in this, creates the carrying/sustaining you consciousness and beast space body in Blue Star and Divine Martial respectively.” “于是我只好让你的本体沉眠于此,在蓝星神武分别创造承载你意识和御兽空间的身躯。” Because is worried to know ahead of time martial arts lineage will enable you to promote it in Blue Star, making new say/way be affected again, I have to enable you to forget, experienced 18 years of beast master lineage in Blue Star, then returns to Divine Martial, by fresh, the different angles of view the trace that goes to the feeling to grasp principles.” “因为担心提前知道武道一脉会使你在蓝星推动它,使得新的道界再度受到影响,我不得不使你遗忘过去,在蓝星体验了十八年御兽一脉,而后再回归神武,以全新的、不同的视角去感悟道的痕迹。” After this, you every promotes the development of Blue Star at the Divine Martial strength one time, is guides the process of old say/way good side and new fusion, to me has the enormous help.” “在此之后,你每一次以神武的力量推动蓝星的发展,都是引导旧道界好的一面与新道界融合的过程,对我而言有极大的帮助。” However your performance, even exceeded my expectation.” “而你的表现,甚至超过了我的预期。” Although you, because is insufficient regarding the understanding level, is unable to use old say/way, but you after all are the old say/way new host.” “虽然你因为对于道的理解层次不足,无法动用旧的道界,但你毕竟是旧道界的新主人。” Only has you, can change old say/way the say/way, making it give full play to the new vitality.” “唯有你,能够改变旧道界的道,使其焕发出新的生机。” However you also achieved this point.” “而你也做到了这一点。” You this belong to new beasts synergy, took away old say/way.” “你将本属于新道界的御兽协同,带去了旧道界。” Even, you opened more new strengths for old say/way.” “甚至,你为旧道界开辟出了更多新的力量。” „The say/way and the say/way and faith say/way of even another say/way soldier pet beast pet beast body-fusion say/way.” 宠兽合体之道、兵化宠兽之道、信仰之道甚至另一个道界的道。” These paths place besides you, on any beast master in old say/way, faces the failure inevitably.” “这些道路放在除了你之外,旧道界之中的任何一位御兽使身上,都必然面临失败。” Because they are your pet beast, therefore had beside unique say/way it rules, and affects a potential in turn.” “因为它们是你的宠兽,因此才具备了超脱道界本身规则之外,并反过来影响道界的潜力。” I think, when I succeed, you will inherit the old say/way original say/way, after all that is the influence that I am not even able to reverse.” “我本以为当我成功之时,你会继承旧道界原本的道,毕竟那是连我都无法扭转的影响。” But you achieve the matter that I am unable to achieve.” “但你做到了我无法做到的事情。” Although I pushed your in one life's reincarnation, what are more under is relies on your strength to interweave in the past and at present, you will come under the influence the say/way of displacement to turn positively, and integrated was your thing alone, making Divine Martial have the new order.” “虽然我在一世轮回中推了你一把,但更多的还是凭借你自身的力过去与现在交织之下,你将原本受到影响而偏移的道重新扭正,并融入了独属于你的东西,让神武有了新的秩序。” An eye of band of light of hunting the appreciation, is looking to Lin Su. 狩的目光带着欣赏,看向林朔 I have not elected the wrong person.” “我没有选错人。” Lin Su silent long time. 林朔沉默良久。 In his heart has raised compared with the monstrous waves of former Menglie. 他的心中已然掀起了比之前更勐烈的巨浪。 Originally, all truth unexpectedly are so. 原来,一切的真相竟然是如此。 Exchange and evolution and change and growth , a gambling house and game of named say/way. 道的交流与演变、道界的更替与成长、一场赌局和名为法图牌的游戏。 Without all these, had not been hunted to select, he is one cannot bear the father to reprimand 18 -year-old youngster who the absent-minded falling lake drowns. 若是没有这一切,没有被狩选中,他不过是一个受不了父亲斥责恍忽中坠湖溺亡的十八岁少年。 „Can I... have a look at that sign?” Lin Su opens the mouth in a soft voice. “我可以…看看那张牌么?”林朔轻声开口。 Delivered you.” Hunts the optional ball, that sign then flies in front of Lin Su quietly, perhaps is only above also has the trace of that fellow, therefore you must be careful, don't like me say/way.” “送你了。”狩随意一弹,那张牌便悄然飞到林朔面前,“只是上面或许还有那个家伙的痕迹,所以你得小心点,别像我一样着了道。” Lin Su received that sign silently. 林朔默默接过那张牌。 The above aura is so familiar. 上面的气息是如此熟悉。 He tracks down, another doubts that tries to inquire into with hardship, at this moment obtained the explanation. 他苦苦追寻,试图探究的另一个疑惑,此刻得到了解答。 Not only an ordinary sign. 那不只是一张普通的牌。
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