RBP :: Volume #3 两界·神话篇

#447: Finally fights ( 5)( the finished countdown: Three)

river of time, will be in a world the pasts, the present and the future all lives gathers. 时间长河,是一个世界之中所有生灵的过去、现在和未来汇聚而成。 What can its river bottom be? What under the river bottom also has? 它的河底会是什么样?河底之下又有什么? These issues, Qiuqiu never goes to think. 这些问题,球球从未去想过。 But at this moment, fully realizes Lord of Time hard to deal with Qiuqiu, for did not let its have to escape the birth day opportunity, crashed in it without hesitation together, because both fought in the river of time vortex of avalanche. 而此刻,深知时间之主难缠的球球为了不让其有逃出生天的机会,毫不犹豫地与它一同冲进了因为两者战斗而崩塌的时间长河漩涡之中。 In stepping into next quarter in vortex, 在踏入漩涡之中的下一刻, In this chapter content renewal... 本章节内容更新中...
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