RBP :: Volume #3 两界·神话篇

#446: Finally fights ( 4)( the finished countdown: Four)

In war cry, probe later Lord of Time had the movement initially again. 一声喊杀声中,初步试探之后的时间之主再度有了动作。 Its expression gradually becomes solemn and respectful, the vertical pupil of forehead locks Qiuqiu at the same time, void as if appeared a picture album that has the endless thickness. 它的表情逐渐变得肃穆起来,眉心的竖瞳锁定球球的同时,虚空中似乎浮现出了一本有着无尽厚度的画册。 Above this picture album, the picture is exposing every pages with the Qiuqiu related one future, was connected by the trace of time together, momentarily be at turning the condition of page, and next flickers the page that opens unable to be forecast. 在这一幅画册之上,每一页画面都展露着与球球有关的一种未来,被时间的痕迹串联在一起,随时处于翻页的状态,且下一瞬翻开的页面无法被预测。 In this chapter content renewal... 本章节内容更新中...
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