RBP :: Volume #3 两界·神话篇

#445: Finally fights ( 3)( the finished countdown: Five)

Kills!!!” “杀!!!” The heavenshaking war cry, transmits from Northern Divine Territory another indistinctly. 震天的喊杀声,从北神域的另一处隐约传来。 There, has the innumerable bodies to reappear alien beast of some dragon type characteristics, both eyes is flashing crazy killing intent, is slaughtering with quantity similarly limitless judgement red shadow. 那里,有着无数身躯浮现出部分龙类特征的异兽,双目闪动着疯狂的杀意,正在与数量同样无边无际的裁决红影厮杀。 Each judgement red shadow, has to endure compared with the immortal level powerful strength. 每一尊裁决红影,都有着堪比不朽阶的强大实力。 But these by dragon alien beast, so long as achieved above emperor level, can be short under blessing of dragon 而那些被龙化的异兽,只要自身达到了帝王阶以上,在龙化的加持下都能够短 In this chapter content renewal... 本章节内容更新中...
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