RBP :: Volume #3 两界·神话篇

#448 Part 1: Finally the war( 2 gathers 1( finally), terminates the countdown: Two)

Erects a building 5000 in addition 盖楼五千层加更】 Northern Divine Territory close to Endless Sea one side, was the fight of king of Lanlan and sea had been in the most superheating stage with the lapse of time. 北神域靠近无尽海的一侧,属于澜澜和沧海之王的战斗已然随着时间的推移进入了最白热化的阶段。 Kings of the sea at this moment had gathered boundless sea that fills the entire world, among the graces has the fearful might to erupt, its place of covering, seems the space and time myriad things to by this fearful tide be patted broken general. 此刻的沧海之王已经汇聚了弥漫整个天地的无垠之海,举手投足之间都有可怕的威力在爆发,其笼罩之处,好似时空万物都要被这可怕的浪潮拍碎一般。 But king Benti from sea gradually drops the momentum that to see, kings of the sea at this moment are the spent forces, this compared with a former more intrepid eruption, was its final struggling. 但从沧海之王本体逐渐跌落的声势可以看出,此刻的沧海之王已然是强弩之末,这比之前更加强悍的爆发,是其最后的挣扎。 With Lanlan as before come all alone that it confronts, was only its internal energy seems of indistinct and Endless Sea thorough relation flank in one, like each other blended general, this caused the prestige that it showed also to measure not. 与之对峙的澜澜依旧形单影只,只是它的气机似乎隐约中与侧方的无尽海彻底联系在了一起,如同彼此交融一般,这使得它展现出了同样莫测的声威。 This war, should end.” “这一战,该结束了。” Looks the king of sea resists stubbornly at present, Lanlan opens the mouth in a soft voice, then holds the hand heart of faith slowly. 看着眼前负隅顽抗的沧海之王,澜澜轻声开口,而后缓缓捧起手中的信仰之心。 As if boundless endless power of faith gushes out, breaks through immortal level to build this rules from Lanlan , to promote it by the present for myth, this is power of faith first exhaustion in heart of faith. 仿佛无边无尽的信仰之力喷薄而出,从澜澜突破不朽阶打造这一件规则之器,到现在将它升格为神话道器,这是信仰之心内的信仰之力第一次耗尽。 These power of faith shine upon the world, carves all living things, dark the vision hauling of Endless Sea all living things in this. 这些信仰之力映照天地,摹刻众生,冥冥中将无尽海众生的目光牵引于此。 Therefore the forms of myriad Endless Sea races, appear in Lanlan illusory behind. 于是万千无尽海种族的身影,虚幻地出现在澜澜的身后。 When they look to Lanlan, in the eye brings excitedly with the worship, when their vision turn to the king of another side sea, this excited was then hated with the worship quickly with the hatred replaces. 它们看向澜澜时,目中带着兴奋与崇拜,而当它们的目光转向另一侧的沧海之王,这兴奋与崇拜便很快被憎恶与痛恨取代。 At this moment, they are summoning pure-water primordial spirit in the heart silently. 这一刻,它们在心中默默呼唤着净水元灵 They with same wishing, making innumerable Lanlan faith avatar gather above the battlefield. 它们以相同的祈愿,让无数澜澜信仰分身汇聚在战场之上。 faith avatar is not avatar, they will only receive the hauling of power of faith to arrive. 信仰分身不是分身,它们只会受到信仰之力的牵引降临。 Therefore faith avatar under normal circumstances, is unable to be used to fight. 所以信仰分身在正常情况下,是无法被用于战斗的。 But has a situation exception. 但有一种情况例外。 That is the opponent of this moment fight, is enemy who the believer hope beats. 那就是此刻战斗的对手,是信仰者希望击败的敌人。 Under the kings of sea in the past hundred years the oppression to Endless Sea, making each Endless Sea life inscribe in the heart hate, at this moment they stood with Lanlan in the same front, displayed incomparably of one mind. 沧海之王在过去百年间对无尽海的压迫,使得每一只无尽海的生灵都在心中铭刻下仇恨,这一刻它们与澜澜站在了同一战线上,表现出了无比的齐心。 Therefore limitless faith avatar, there are to the turning point that the kings of sea make a move. 于是无边无际的信仰分身,也有了对沧海之王出手的契机。 I for Endless Sea all living things, adjudicate you!” “我代无尽海众生,裁决你!” The Lanlan sinking sound opens the mouth, then with innumerable faith avatar together, kills to covering the sea of the world. 澜澜沉声开口,然后与无数信仰分身一同,杀向笼罩天地的沧海。 You...” king of Mengran sea looks to Lanlan. “你…”沧海之王勐然看向澜澜 Saw that Lanlan uses the say/way of faith to have the support of Endless Sea all living things again, saw the hatred vision that Endless Sea all living things towards oneself casts, sees that to kill to own innumerable faith avatar, its heart was flooded by the extreme anger. 看到澜澜再度动用信仰之道得到无尽海众生的支持,看到无尽海众生朝自己投来的仇恨目光,看到那杀向自己的无数信仰分身,它的心被极端的怒意充斥。 You do not match to adjudicate I! “你不配裁决我! ! ” !” It shouts one, then erupts the prestige energy that measures not without hesitation, sweeps across the vastness of whole body, erupts the life most powerful power and influence, in Lanlan killing toward void goes. 它嘶吼一声,而后毫不犹豫地爆发出莫测的威能,席卷周身的汪洋,爆发出此生最强大的威势,朝着虚空中的澜澜扑杀而去。 Makes the world fall into the quiet loud sound along with one, the terrifying complementary waves will sweep across the monstrous waves on Endless Sea shortly, turbulent Divine Martial four territories. 伴随着一声让世界陷入沉寂的巨响,恐怖的余波顷刻间在无尽海上席卷巨浪,动荡神武四域。 But most center of collision, faith avatar dissipations of Lanlan, surviving power of faith returns to the Lanlan hand heart of faith, making grieving of dark peaceful faith lighten newly. 而碰撞的最中心处,澜澜信仰分身一尊尊消散,残存的信仰之力回归澜澜手中的信仰之心,让已经暗澹的信仰之心重新点亮。 Finally, only remains the Lanlan main body to stand in void. 最终,只剩澜澜的本尊站在虚空中。 Its front, float innumerable tiny blisters. 它的面前,悬浮着无数细小的水泡。 These tiny blisters are refracting seven color light under the sunlight, pictures of hidden are also showing at this moment. 这些细小的水泡在阳光下折射着七彩的光,其中隐藏的一幕幕画面也在此刻展现。 In the picture, there is a water element elf. 画面之中,有一只水元素精灵。 It with oneself ethnic group tranquilly and lives together happily. 它与自己的族群平静而幸福地生活在一起。 This water element elf like personally has seen general assured, in Endless Sea has powerful existence of named pure-water primordial spirit, it is protecting the peace and peaceful of entire Endless Sea. 这只水元素精灵如同亲眼见过一般笃定,无尽海之中存在着一种名为净水元灵的强大存在,它守护着整个无尽海的安宁与和平。 Even if other same clan know after its idea, occasionally will ridicule it, it also believes as before firmly. 哪怕其他同族知道它的想法之后偶尔会嘲笑它,它也依旧坚定地相信。 Until one day, Lord of Time brings Southern Desolate Territory innumerable alien beast, invades Endless Sea outrageously. 直到某一天,时间之主带着南荒域的无数异兽,悍然入侵无尽海 Its race encountered cruel torture of Southern Desolate Territory alien beast, 它的种族遭到了南荒域异兽的残忍虐杀, But falls from the sky until the last clansman, summoned pure-water primordial spirit it unable to wait for the help of pure-water primordial spirit in the heart deep place repeatedly as before. But this water element elf is also quite uncommon. 而直到最后一位族人陨落,在内心深处一遍又一遍呼唤着净水元灵的它依旧没能等来净水元灵的帮助。而这只水元素精灵本身也颇为不凡。 It has to inspire special ability of strength of coastal water, this ability seems to be inherent, is other same clan does not have. 它有着引动附近海域之力的特殊能力,这能力仿佛与生俱来,是其他同族所没有的。 When it same will soon perish with the same clan in the hand of Southern Desolate Territory alien beast, passed by Lord of Time settled on it. 在它即将和同族一样殒命于南荒域异兽之手时,路过的时间之主看中了它。 Brings to the pure-water primordial spirit deep disappointment, this water element elf went to the Southern Desolate Territory camp. 带着对净水元灵深深的失望,这只水元素精灵投奔了南荒域阵营。 It looks like in it, pure-water primordial spirit is spiritless, the peace period will shelter all living things, the dangerous moment will actually only preserve itself, therefore not arrives in its devout summon and hope. 在它看来,净水元灵是懦弱的,和平时期才会庇护众生,危难关头却只会保全自身,所以才没有在它虔诚的呼唤和祈求中降临。 Therefore after going to the Southern Desolate Territory camp, this water element elf has the hatred in heart, starts to oppress Endless Sea all living things. 所以在投奔南荒域阵营之后,这只水元素精灵带着心中的恨意,开始压迫无尽海众生。 Do not shelter entire Endless Sea? 你不是要庇护整个无尽海么? Do not protect the Endless Sea peace? 你不是要守护无尽海和平么? You come out! 你出来啊! The destiny of Endless Sea all living things was never worried about by it, it only wants to force pure-water primordial spirit to come. 无尽海众生的命运从不被它挂心,它只想迫使净水元灵现身。 It must have a look, when this spiritless fellow is willing to appear. 它要看看,这个懦弱的家伙什么时候才肯出现。 Year by year in the past, pure-water primordial spirit has not appeared. 一年又一年过去,净水元灵始终未曾出现。 But this water element elf because of its natural talent, became one of the Lord of Time hand/subordinate strongest seven subordinates finally. 而这只水元素精灵因为其天资,最终成了时间之主手下最强的七位属下之一。 Its hatred, gradually changes into contemptuously. 它的恨意,逐渐化为轻蔑。 It had put down to the focus of pure-water primordial spirit, but this time, pure-water primordial spirit is really appearing. 它本已经放下了对净水元灵的执着,但偏偏就在这个时候,净水元灵真的出现了。 A appearance, pure-water primordial spirit was then looked forward to and worshipped by Endless Sea all living things, becomes their faith. 一出现,净水元灵便被无尽海众生憧憬和崇拜,成为了它们的信仰 This lets in king of heart sea the anger and hatred reignition. 这让沧海之王心中的怒意与恨意重燃。 Why, this when oneself most no use, despair pure-water primordial spirit that has not presented that can the support of Endless Sea all living things? 凭什么,这个在自己最无助、最绝望时不曾出现的净水元灵,能够得到无尽海众生的拥护? It must break all these, it must expose false of pure-water primordial spirit! 它要打破这一切,它要揭露净水元灵的虚伪! Therefore, when facing Lanlan, it will hold the so huge evil intention. 所以,在面对澜澜时,它才会抱有如此巨大的恶意。 Looks picture that void appears, Lanlan is silent. 看着虚空中浮现的画面,澜澜沉默。 Its look gradually becomes complex, then opens the mouth in a soft voice. 它的眼神逐渐变得复杂,而后轻声开口。 Originally is you.” “原来是你。” It cannot help but remembers, in one life's reincarnation world some mischievous little fellow. 它不由得想起,一世轮回的世界之中某一个淘气的小家伙。 That is also a water element elf. 那也是一只水元素精灵。 Delivers after one life's reincarnation Lin Su and other five small only leave, in the heart of Lanlan then only has Endless Sea. 一世轮回中送林朔和其他五小只离开后,澜澜的心中便只有无尽海 It devotes in Endless Sea to sheltering all living things, passed through the long years. 它在无尽海中致力于庇护众生,度过了漫长岁月。 But in this years, it rescued a water element elf. 而在这段岁月中,它救下了一只水元素精灵。 That water element elf full looks forward to and worship to it, entangles Lanlan to follow it to protect Endless Sea together. 那只水元素精灵对它满是憧憬和崇拜,缠着澜澜要跟随它一同守护无尽海 Lanlan it, then travelled together with it stubborn some time, saw it to sense to vow rules, has not hidden contraband directs. 澜澜拗不过它,便与它同行了一段时间,见它想要感悟海誓规则,也不曾藏私地予以指点。 Afterward they separated, after that Lanlan has not seen this little fellow again. 后来它们分开,此后澜澜就再也没有见到这个小家伙。 Until leaves the one life's reincarnation world, rebirth in Blue Star. 直到离开一世轮回的世界,重生于蓝星 Perhaps is because this water element elf also inherited Lanlan to dissipate in Divine Martial vows rules, perhaps was the influences of certain other factors, this water element elf did not have the memory in one life's reincarnation, but hundred years ago Lanlan has not existed, then had certain memories about pure-water primordial spirit. 或许是因为这只水元素精灵同样传承了澜澜逸散在神武的海誓规则,或许是某些其他因素的影响,这只水元素精灵没有一世轮回中的记忆,但在百年前澜澜还不存在的时候,便有了关于净水元灵的某些记忆。 Therefore, its cognition had certain deviations, was mistaken that pure-water primordial spirit spiritless and has not sheltered it, thus has the hatred to go to the extreme. 于是,它的认知出现了某些偏差,误以为净水元灵懦弱而不曾庇护它,因而生出恨意走向极端。 Lanlan put out a hand slowly, touched front the biggest that blister. 澜澜缓缓伸出手,触碰了面前最大的那个水泡。 In that blister, appears king of Xuhuan sea the facial features. 在那个水泡之中,浮现出沧海之王虚幻的面容。 Sorry, I came late.” “抱歉,我来晚了。” Lanlan opens the mouth in a soft voice. 澜澜轻声开口。 With the bubble brokens, the hate of king of sea also gradually feels relaxed. 伴随着一个个气泡破碎,沧海之王的怨恨也逐渐释然。 Finally, with the biggest blister was shattered, its say/way dissipates in the world. 最终,随着最大的水泡破碎,它的道则在天地间逸散。 The king of sea, perishes! 沧海之王,殒! Another side, the fight of king of Guigui and death, dropped the curtain at the same time. 另一侧,鬼鬼与死亡之王的战斗,也在同一时间落下了帷幕。 The without a gap hell changes into a to cut in the hand of Guigui to extinguish world all jet black sickles, coerces the boundless prestige in howling falls. 无间地狱在鬼鬼的手中化为一柄能够斩灭世间一切的漆黑镰刀,裹挟着无边声威于呼啸中落下。 And is surging the Guigui say/way , then the trace, erupts the startled day the prestige. 其中涌动着鬼鬼的道则痕迹,爆发出惊天的声威。 The next quarter, that sickle fell on the king of death was huge and fierce, above indescribable body. 下一刻,那镰刀落在了死亡之王庞大而狰狞,不可名状的身躯之上。 Momentum already feebly to pinnacle the king of death, in this terrifying under strikes has not had the half a point resistance, the flash was only divided into two by this swift and fierce sickle. 声势早已衰弱到极致的死亡之王,在这恐怖的一击之下不曾有半分反抗,只一瞬间便被这凌厉的镰刀一分为二。 The vitality belongs to the eternal darkness with dying out in the flash, its strength dissipates in the flash in nihility, its consciousness as if also in belongs to at this moment gradually silent. 其生机在一瞬间归于永恒的黑暗与寂灭,其力量在一瞬间消散于虚无之中,其意识仿佛也在此刻逐步归于寂静。 The facing final time, the king of death felt a tranquility. 在面临的最终时刻,死亡之王感受到了一种平静。 As if the investment warm bosom, moves toward the destiny way finally, finished a journey. 仿佛投入温暖的怀抱,走向命运的终途,结束一段旅程。 This was died...” “这就是死亡么…” Above the king of huge body death, innumerable eye of distortion only closed fiercely. 死亡之王庞大身躯之上,无数狰狞而扭曲的眼睛一只只闭合。 Finally, is only left over the two eyes on his illusory face. 最终,只剩下其虚幻面庞上的两只眼睛。 All galloping-horse lanterns of past appeared in its mind generally. 过去的一切走马灯一般在它的脑海中浮现。 It was born in a race of law of the jungle. 它生于一个弱肉强食的种族。 From record, it then because of inborn by the humiliation of same clan, its parents had not had the half a point to protect to it small and weakly. 从记事起,它便因为天生的弱小饱受同族的欺凌,就连它的父母也不曾对它有半分呵护。 That time it, lived every day in the fear and darkness, in the hunger did not have a full stomach with once for a while heavy losses in barely manages to maintain a feeble existence. 那个时候的它,每一天都生活在恐惧与黑暗之中,在饥不果腹和时不时的重创中苟延残喘。 Warm, is it has never had feeling. 温暖,是它从未有过的感受。 It is maintaining the timidity of surface, crazy and distortion in heart in increasingly are powerful. 它保持着表面的唯唯诺诺,心中的疯狂和扭曲却在日益强大。 Until commander level starts to sense rules, in king of heart death the distortion had present, became belonged to its Death rule. 直到统领阶开始感悟规则,死亡之王心中的这份扭曲具现化,成了属于它的死亡规则 It becomes extreme tyrannical, actually also falls to the enemy in this darkness. 它变得极端强横,却也沦陷在这黑暗中。 It extinguished killed oneself ethnic group, then obtained the favor of Lord of Time, becomes one of the Lord of Time strongest subordinates. 它灭杀了自己的族群,而后得到了时间之主的青睐,成为了时间之主最强的属下之一。 Feels for the first time warm, fears in own life unexpectedly, let during the innumerable life frightened deaths. 没想到,第一次感受到温暖,竟然是在自己此生最恐惧,也让无数生灵恐惧的死亡之中。 Crazy and fierce dissipation that in king of pair of eyes death flooded. 死亡之王双眼中充斥的疯狂与狰狞消散。 Final of life, on its face showed the pure smile. 生命的最后,它的脸上露出了纯真的笑容。 I seem like, knows that anything was the death.” “我好像,知道什么是死亡了。” Thank you...” “谢谢你…” With falling of sound, the facial features of king of death changed into the repercussions to dissipate with its boundless body slowly. 伴随着声音的落下,死亡之王的面容与其磅礴的身躯缓缓化为劫灰消散。 The say/way collapses in the flash. 其道则在一瞬间崩溃。 The king of death, perished! 死亡之王,殒! Is impolite.” The Guigui mask flashes slightly. “不客气。”鬼鬼的面具微微闪动。 The without a gap hell changes into a side world in his claw, killing intent that its soars to the heavens also gradually restrains in this moment. 无间地狱在其爪中重新化为一方世界,它那冲天的杀意也在这一刻逐渐收敛。 The intention moves, the Guigui vision went to another side. 心念一动,鬼鬼的目光投向了另一侧。 In Guigui vision institute and in that stretch of battlefield, preying of king of Yingying and real dragon comes to an end similarly. 鬼鬼目光所及的那一片战场上,影影和真龙之王的搏杀同样接近尾声。 Coerces accumulated to raise hundred years of secret technique not fresh to kill, the Yingying whole body is densely covered the blood red trace. 裹挟蕴养百年的秘术无生杀阵,影影的周身已然密布着血红色的纹路。 These traces like living generally, in its each piece cuts to extinguish above all dragon scales to past sufficiently the dazzling ray. 这些纹路如同活着一般,在它那每一片都足以斩灭一切的龙鳞之上流转着炫目的光芒。 Their gatherings, are the Yingying blessing extreme boundless strengths. 它们的汇聚,为影影加持极端磅礴的力量。 But king of momentum another side real dragon is also astonishing. 而另一侧的真龙之王声势同样惊人。 Each has bloodline power dissipates from its huge and scary body to the world, swamps into the innumerable alien beast bodies, making it have dragon change/transform. 每一刻都有血脉之力从其巨大而骇人的身躯之中逸散到天地间,涌入无数异兽的身躯之中,使其发生龙化。 After the moment, this bloodline power has a soul to pull out leaves, returns to the body of king of real dragon. 片刻后这血脉之力带着一丝魂抽离,回归到真龙之王的身躯之中。 In this way, even if the momentum of king of real dragon during the fight, is increasing as before unceasingly, as if forever without limits general. 通过这种方式,真龙之王的声势哪怕在战斗之中,依旧在不断攀升,仿佛永无止境一般。 Its strength is not in seven kings is perhaps strongest, but the so strange say/way, enabling it to have the fearsome breakthrough speed. 它的实力或许不是七王之中最强,但如此奇异的道,使得它拥有着可怖的突破速度。 Above the bodies of two big dragons, left each other trace of collision. 两尊巨龙的身躯之上,都留下了彼此碰撞的痕迹。 With their preying, the complementary waves that spatters in all directions is earth-shaking, passes on the entire Divine Martial world. 伴随着它们的搏杀,迸溅的余波惊天动地,在整个神武天地间传荡。 Finally, the king of real dragon by the dragon claw of Yingying courageous according to above the Northern Divine Territory land. 最终,真龙之王被影影的龙爪勐地按在了北神域的大地之上。 With a thundering loud sound, entire Northern Divine Territory as if trembled in this moment. 伴随着一声轰鸣巨响,整个北神域似乎都在这一刻震颤了起来。 Looks that was suppressed by oneself in place the king of real dragon, in the eye of Yingying is surging blood red killing intent. 看着被自己镇压在地的真龙之王,影影的眼中涌动着血红色的杀意 Finished!” “结束吧!” Has 1 million meters terrifying eye fully, in its behind reappearing, that blood red eye deep place, long needle child benevolent like abyss, king of Daoying real dragon in eye child the form swallows thoroughly. 一只足有百万米的恐怖眼睛,在它的身后浮现,那血红色的眼睛深处,长针般的童仁如同深渊,将真龙之王倒映在眼童中的身影彻底吞噬。 Xuan blood-color ray, is similar to the heavy artillery to erupt from that eye together generally, shortly will cover the body of king of real dragon all. 一道煊赫的血色光芒,从那眼睛之中如同重炮一般爆发,顷刻间将真龙之王的身躯尽数覆盖。 In that fearsome blood light, the body of king of real dragon is melting slowly. 在那可怖的血光中,真龙之王的身躯在缓缓消融。 When to the blood light diffusion, the body of king of real dragon is only left over infinite empty, is at will erasable like the light smoke. 待到血光散去,真龙之王的身躯只剩下无限虚化的一丝,如同轻烟随意便可抹去。 „...” “啊…” fighting intent that in king of eye real dragon soars to the heavens, seems also annihilates in in Xueguang. 真龙之王眼中冲天的战意,好似同样湮灭于血光中。 It sighed slightly, looked that were many several points of complex to the Yingying vision. 它微微叹息一声,看向影影的目光多了几分复杂。 Prison reveres, you stronger plan.” “狱尊,还是你更强一筹。” It wants to swallow present Yingying. 它本想将眼前的影影吞噬。 If can unify the bloodlines of opposite party, its say/way can go a step further inevitably, even hopeful succeeds early in life to the next stair. 若是能够结合对方的血脉,它的道必然能够更进一步,甚至有希望更早达到下一个台阶。 At that time, it not necessarily cannot work loose the Lord of Time method. 那时,它未必不能挣脱时间之主的手段。 All these eventually are its fantasy. 只是这一切终究是它的幻想。 The past intravenous drip, reflected in its eye unceasingly. 过去的点滴,在它的眼中不断倒映。 The king of real dragon, is not the dragon. 真龙之王,不是龙。 Or its initial race is not a dragon, but is sauria alien beast. 或者说,它的最初种族并不是龙,而是一种蜥蜴类异兽 In ethnic group that Southern Desolate Territory proliferates, its ethnic group is not powerful, is only monarch race. 南荒域遍布的族群之中,它的族群并不算强大,只是君主种族 But near its ethnic group habitat, has enough four dragon type alien beast ethnic groups. 而在它的族群栖息之地附近,存在着足足四种龙类异兽族群。 They all are emperor race. 它们无一不是帝王种族 The life in place of tiny corner, the king of real dragon during the years of childhood, has not had too many experiences, therefore it produced the dragon is strongest lifeform such idea. 生活在渺小的一隅之地,真龙之王在幼年的岁月之中,不曾有过太多见识,于是它产生了龙才是最强的生物这样的想法。 It also wants to become the dragon, wants to become powerful. 它也想成为龙,也想变得强大。 But perhaps is the destiny makes it so, it really had such opportunity. 而或许是命运使然,它真的有了这样的机会。 That is going out quietly, he witnessed that four dragon type emperor race in which one type, after bodies leave behind, because the unknown cause causes heavy losses to perish. 那是一次悄然的外出,他目睹了那四种龙类帝王种族的其中一种,一个个体落单之后,因为不明原因重创而亡。 Swallows that moment of final one breath in the opposite party, the king of real dragon made the life craziest decision. 在对方咽下最后一口气的那一刻,真龙之王做出了此生最疯狂的决定。 It at her water category strength, extracted the whole blood of opposite party, then traded into own body these blood. 它以自身的水系力量,抽出了对方的全部血液,而后将这些血液换入了自己的身躯。 That is the infinite pain with suffering. 那是无尽的痛苦与折磨。 This should let king of Yunming crazy action at the scene real dragon, was really boiled by it unexpectedly forcefully. 这本该让真龙之王殒命当场的疯狂之举,竟然被它真的硬生生熬了过去。 When it regains consciousness again, oneself had had the radical change, but original water category as if becomes somewhat is also subtle. 当它再一次苏醒,自身已然发生了彻底的变化,而原本的水系也似乎变得有些微妙起来。 But without a doubt, it really grown stronger. 但毫无疑问,它真的变强了。 Therefore the king of real dragon started the road of unprecedented rise. 于是真龙之王开始了前所未有的崛起之路。 It first swallowed the bloodlines of surrounding four ethnic groups all, then starts to spread to other races. 它先是尽数吞噬了周围四个族群的血脉,而后开始蔓延向其他种族。 So strange strength, even alarmed Lord of Time. 如此奇异的力量,甚至惊动了时间之主 After feeling its ability, Lord of Time gathers it without hesitation, as own subordinate. 在感受到它的能力之后,时间之主毫不犹豫地将其招揽,作为自己的属下。 Then had the king of present real dragon. 这才有了现在的真龙之王。 When all recollections frame at the last minute of life, the king of real dragon decides looks at Yingying, in its scarlet golden pupil, reflects the Yingying boundless and powerful body. 当所有的回忆定格在生命的最后一刻,真龙之王定定地看着影影,它那赤金色的童孔之中,倒映出影影磅礴而强大的身躯。 It smiled suddenly. 它忽然笑了起来。 You are also the dragon!” “你也是龙!” Its last empty shadow vanishes thoroughly, at the same time said starts to collapse slowly. 它的最后一丝虚影彻底消失,与此同时道则开始缓缓崩溃。 The king of real dragon, perishes! 真龙之王,殒! But the say/way of this collapse has not actually dissipated thoroughly in the world, but under the king's of real dragon last control, converged in the Yingying body. 而这崩溃的道则却并未彻底消散在天地间,而是在真龙之王的最后一丝控制下,汇入了影影的身躯之中。 That is all sensibility of say/way of bloodlines. 那是血脉之道的一切感悟。 In Yingying pupil, brings several points of complex. 影影童孔之中,带着几分复杂。 Receives this sensibility, it face upwards to exude one to shake nine wild dragon to recite. 将这份感悟接收,它仰天发出一声撼动九野的龙吟。 Each other standpoint is different, falling from the sky of king of real dragon is inevitable. 彼此立场不同,真龙之王的陨落是必然。 But looks like in Yingying, this is a respectable opponent. 但在影影看来,这是一位可敬的对手。 It turns head to look that to also cut to kill Guigui of king of death, side that moved sideways to present in Guigui. 它扭头看向同样斩杀死亡之王的鬼鬼,一个闪身出现在鬼鬼的身旁。 Heavenshaking shouting, resounds from another battlefield in this moment. 一声震天的嘶吼,在这一刻从另一处战场响起。 Ruthlessly the head of king of destruction was changed into the phoenix spirit shape Youyōu to find out pair of claws holds ruthlessly. 毁灭之王的头颅被化为凰灵形态的幽幽狠狠探出的双爪狠狠抓住。 Under the phoenix spirit shape, Youyōu pair of claws is it original main body long spear/gun, was afterward rules, put on gold/metal Lieshi sufficiently, shatter space and time. 凰灵形态下,幽幽的双爪是其原本的本体长枪,也是后来的规则之器所化,足以穿金裂石,破碎时空。 This fearful attack, will cut the head of king of destruction shortly again. 这可怕的攻击,顷刻间再度斩下毁灭之王的头颅。 This is the eighth time that Youyōu head that cuts the king of destruction. 这已经是幽幽第八次斩下毁灭之王的头颅了。 But nine normalizing the king of destruction, as if therefore had nine lives, its each time cut off floods the head of say/way of destruction, control natural quality head like for life generally by its rejection. 而九首归一的毁灭之王,似乎因此拥有了九命,其每一次被斩断充斥毁灭之道的头颅,都会有一个掌控自然属性的头颅如同替命一般被其舍弃。 Pounds to fall along with the last control natural quality head layer on layer/heavily in the place, the biography swings the thundering loud sound, the king of destruction cannot maintain its nine normalizing the condition. 伴随着最后一个掌控自然属性的头颅重重砸落在地,传荡开轰鸣巨响,毁灭之王再也不能维持其九首归一的状态。 It restores the original shape, by the middle head, eight fierce fractures are alarmed. 它重新恢复原本的形态,中间的头颅两侧,八个狰狞的断口触目惊心。 Was cut eight heads one after another, king of the destruction at this moment is the spent force. 被接连斩去八个头颅,此刻的毁灭之王已然是强弩之末。 It looked panic-stricken to kills Youyōu that comes toward oneself, in the eye brings desperately, before wanted to swallow the idea of opposite party, at this moment had turned into a joke thoroughly. 它惊恐地看向朝着自己扑杀而来的幽幽,眼中带着绝望,之前想要吞噬对方的想法,此刻已然彻底变成了一个笑话。 Finished!” “结束了!” Youyōu sends out a clear and melodious phoenix cry, the next quarter cuts the last head of king of destruction agily. 幽幽发出一声清越的凤鸣,下一刻利落地斩下毁灭之王的最后一个头颅。
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