RID :: Volume #8 刀剑神域&阿拉德

#1785: Anna Tassie about hard

The infinite destiny rewrites https:// 无限之命运改写https:// Anna Tassie wants to ally this point, to be honest Xie Ming is not accidental/surprised. 安娜塔西亚想要加盟这一点,说实话谢铭并不算意外。 This loving money as much as life woman, naturally thought that anything has the worth doing, has the good money to gain, where toward collects. In this regard, she does not have any moral integrity. 这个爱钱如命的女人,自然是觉得什么东西有搞头,有大钱赚,就往什么地方凑。在这方面,她是不存在任何节操的。 But by Rioust because settled on her commercial ability, thinks that she can drive and restore the kingdom now the bleak economy, therefore chooses to become her protection knight. 而由里乌斯正是因为看中了她的商业才能,认为她能带动、恢复王国现在萧条的经济,所以才选择成为她的守护骑士。 But looks like in Xie Ming, this is not understood the proof of politics by Rioust completely. 但在谢铭看来,这点正是由里乌斯完全不懂政治的证明。 The merchants, are skilled in the merchant who plans particularly, cannot let them absolutely situated in high, this is by the innumerable dark historical summaries lesson. 商人,尤其是精于算计的商人,绝对不能让他们位于高位,这是由无数的黑暗历史总结出的教训。 Takes part in government and does business, is completely two types of different things. 从政和经商,完全是两种不同的东西。 Merchants by advantage, to seek benefit, the merchants will be sometimes reckless, gives to throw own initial capital. 商人逐利,为了博取利益,有时商人们甚至会不顾一切,把自己的老本都给投进去。 But when involving national level, but can also do that? 而在涉及到国家这一层次时,还能这么做吗? Obviously is incorrect. 很明显是不行的。 Again come, is the benefit that succeeds in obtaining. This benefit belongs to the country, is the merchant own? 再来,便是到手的利益。这份利益到底是属于国家的,还是属于商人自己的? Operation that the exploiting power wealth, this type is unable to cut off, even if not the person of merchant will do. Then changed into the merchant, doesn't do? 以权谋私财,这种根本无法断绝的操作,哪怕不是商人的人都会去做。那么换成商人了,就不做了? Is impossible, can only do is more excessive. 不可能的,只会做的更过分。 Although Anna Tassie this person is greedy for money like the life, but does not have the issue in the moral character. Otherwise, is been impossible to follow her by Rioust. 安娜塔西亚这人虽然贪财如命,但在品性上是没有问题的。不然,由里乌斯也不可能追随她。 If Anna really sits that position, can indeed improve the Nika's issue in economic aspect. 如果安娜真坐上那个位置,的确可以改善露格尼卡在经济方面上的问题。 Then, other? 那么,其他的呢? This worn-out room strength exists, but not only then economy this big loophole. Difficult to be inadequate, no matter what loophole, must with economy does the corner make up? 这件破旧的屋子力存在的,可不仅仅只有‘经济’这一个大漏洞啊。难不成不管什么漏洞,都要拿‘经济’的边角去补? That also too black comedy. 那也太黑色喜剧了点。 Let alone Xie Ming choice collaborator, looked is not the manpower or the financial resource, what looked is this person is whether trustworthy. 更何况谢铭挑选合作者,看的不是人力或者财力,看的是这个人是否值得信任。 But cultivates compared with Seine Ha Luti and storehouse arc of contact of halo, the character and behavior that Anna Tassie displays, are not at this very much obviously trust in list. 而比起莱茵哈鲁特和库珥修,安娜塔西亚表现出的性格和行为,很显然是不在这个‘信任’的名单里面的。 With the cooperation of Seine Ha Luti, can use the justice, maintains with the safety of people. 和莱茵哈鲁特的合作,可以用正义,用人民的安全来维持。 Union that cultivates with the storehouse arc of contact of halo, can thing virtue and favor maintains. 和库珥修的同盟,可以用品德和恩义来维持。 The words that then cooperates with Anna Tassie, can this cooperation be used to maintain? 那么和安娜塔西亚来合作的话,这份合作关系要用什么来维持呢? Option, only then money. 选项,只有金钱这一个。 Therefore in plan of Xie Ming, not the Anna Tassie position. However this is also only the consideration of Xie Ming. 因此谢铭的计划中,并没有将安娜塔西亚的位置。不过这也只是谢铭的考量而已。 He put forward the proposal, liked Millie making the true resolution. Comes out after the Saint territory, two people in managing the way in this kind of matter are so. 他提出建议,爱蜜莉雅来做出真正的决断。从圣域出来后,两人在办这类事情上的方式便一直是如此。 Before was because liked the Millie thought not transforming, the background did not have, therefore can only first build the foundation through learn/study massive theories, consolidated background. 之前是因为爱蜜莉亚的思想还没有转变过来,底子也没有,所以只能先通过学习大量的理论来打下基础,巩固底子。 But present loving Millie, no matter the thought or the character, have transformed completely. Makes her continue to be an armchair strategist again, is some is not quite naturally appropriate. 而现在的爱蜜莉亚,不管是思想还是性格,都已经完全蜕变。再让她继续纸上谈兵,自然是有些不太合适。 Also is the time, entered to the actual combat stage. 也是时候,进入到实战阶段了。 Sir Anna Tassie.” Likes Millie saying in a soft voice: Why does Sir Anna Tassie come?” “安娜塔西亚大人。”爱蜜莉亚轻声说道:“安娜塔西亚大人是为何而来?” Un?” “嗯?” This may really be...” “这可真是...” By loving Millie was asked these words, being true makes by Rioust and Anna Tassie surprised. From the beginning, they did not think that this sentences the plan to be publicly to like Millie leading. 由爱蜜莉亚来问出这句话,属实让由里乌斯和安娜塔西亚惊讶了一下。从一开始,他们就不觉得这个公开处刑计划会是爱蜜莉亚主导。 When just came , after Anna Tassie first is Xie Ming greeted, then polite and liked Millie sending regards. 所以在刚进来的时候,安娜塔西亚是先和谢铭打招呼后,再礼貌性的和爱蜜莉亚问候。 However now looks like, leadership actually loves Millie? Is Xie Ming, instead auxiliary? 然而现在看来,主导的却是爱蜜莉亚?谢铭,反而是辅助的? What liked Sir Millie saying? We a little cannot understand.” Anna Tassie said with a smile slightly: We really want to strive for everyone.” “爱蜜莉亚大人在说什么呢?咱有点听不懂啊。”安娜塔西亚微微笑道:“咱是真的想为各位出一份力啊。” Let difficulty that the merchant speaks the truth, with letting the difficulty of very unlikely situation differs not many. To ask that depending on a few words her real motive, wants is too many without a doubt. 让商人说实话的难度,和让铁树开花的难度相差不多。想凭一句话就问出她的真实目的,毫无疑问是想太多了。 At this time needs to do, then clearly recognizes the situation, detected that own advantage was. 这种时候需要做的,便是认清情况,察觉到自己的优势所在。 Sir Anna Tassie.” “安娜塔西亚大人。” Loves Millie earnest saying: You should also understand, this activity is to us important. All of us, have the same goal, will therefore be achieving the cooperation.” 爱蜜莉亚认真的说道:“您也应该明白,这次的活动对我们来说非常重要。我们所有人,都有着共同的目标,所以在会达成合作。” Xie Ming had once told me a few words, difference, not for stratagem. The meaning is if our ideas and goals are not consistent, we then do not have the means to walk on the same path.” 谢铭曾告诉过我一句话,‘道不同,不相为谋’。意思是如果我们的想法和目的不是一致的话,我们便没有办法走在同一条道路上。” If therefore Sir Anna Tassie did not tell me your true goal, I did not have the means to reply your proposition.” “所以如果安娜塔西亚大人不告诉我您真正的目的的话,我没有办法回答您的提议。” „...... Growth.” “......成长了嘛。” On the Anna Tassie face is hanging smile disappearance slowly: Your luck is really good, can meet Mr. Xie Ming such person.” 安娜塔西亚脸上挂着的笑容慢慢的消失:“你的运气真不错,能遇上谢铭先生这样的人。” Knows? I have been very repugnant you before.” “知道吗?我之前一直很讨厌你。” .... Un, I can feel.” “....嗯,我能感觉到。” Why knows?” secure Nata Sya's tranquil saying: Because you do not know completely oneself happy.” “知道为什么吗?”安娜塔西亚平静的说道:“因为你完全不知道自己有多幸福。” People like me, immerses like your type in own tragedy, no means see the happy person are most agitated.” “在我这样的人来看,像你这种沉浸在自己的悲剧中,没有办法看到幸福的人是最令人烦躁的。” You are the fine Spirit Technique gentleman, you can use Magic, you have Magic Power/Charm, you live in the border Hou home, the side has the maid clothing, every day the food and clothing did not worry.” “你是精灵术士,你能使用魔法,你有着魔力,你住在边境侯的家中,身边有着女仆服饰,每天吃穿都不愁。” From the beginning, you had all.” “从一开始,你就拥有了一切。” You should not have to experience, how without seeing the person of lowest level to have lived?” “你应该没有体验过,没有看到过最底层的人是怎么生活的吧?” Clothes are unable to maintain warmth, eat one not to have next, but must be careful seizing that the person sells, the life of lowest level person, is not the life.” “衣服无法保暖,吃一顿没有下一顿,还要小心着人贩的抓捕,最底层人的命,根本就不算是命。” Has the beauty, forced sells into servitude. Strong, will be sold to work as hard labor anything not to have, can become the toys in these rich person hands.” “有姿色的,会被强迫的去卖身。身体强壮的,会被卖去当苦工什么都没有的,也能成为那些有钱人手中的玩具。” Played to abandon, optional discarded changes into next. In Kara Larkey, money then can achieve this matter.” “玩废了,随意的丢掉换成下一个。在卡拉拉基,金钱便是能做到这种事情。” The shortcut that can crawl upward, only has two: Martial arts and Magic.” “能往上爬的捷径,就只有两条:武术、魔法。” But my inborn body is poor and weak, without the physique of learn/study martial arts. Because of congenital flaw, use Magic.” “但我天生身体贫弱,没有学习武术的体质。因为先天性的缺陷,也使用不了魔法。” But I arrived at today as before.” “可我依旧走到了今天。” Anna Tassie smiles: In becomes after the presidents of hard chamber of commerce, ascends the sky cracks a joke to me.” 安娜塔西亚笑了笑:“在成为了合辛商会的会长后,上天又给我开了个玩笑。” „Am I, unexpectedly Miko that dragon God chooses?” “我,竟然是龙神选择的巫女?” After this matter spreads, you know how periphery to pass on?” “在这件事传开之后,你知道周围是怎么传的吗?” Unexpectedly is Miko of Sir dragon God, no wonder can achieve such matter. Satirized very much?” “居然是龙神大人的巫女啊,怪不得能做到这样的事情。很讽刺吧?” ....... “.......” But I do not care.” Anna Tassie said with a smile lightly: To me, already by the words of person I drop out, the value of having no.” “但我并不在意。”安娜塔西亚轻笑道:“对我来说,已经被我抛下的人的话语,根本没有任何的价值。” I only need to continue to crawl upwardly, continue more things to integrate to my hand.” “我只需要继续向上爬,继续将更多的东西纳入到我的手中。” Since has the opportunity of wealth can change into the entire kingdom my, why do I want to reject?” “既然有着能够将整个王国化为我的财富的机会,那我为什么要拒绝呢?” Said so many, likes Sir Millie being able to understand why I can join?” “说了这么多,爱蜜莉亚大人能够明白我为什么一定要加入进来了吗?” ....... “.......” Loved Millie silent several seconds: For doesn't fall behind us?” 爱蜜莉亚沉默了数秒:“是为了不落后我们?” Right.” “没错。” Obviously is a petite young girl, the imposing manner of but at this time sending out, has the feeling and focus, actually does not lose to anybody on the scene completely. 明明是一位娇小的少女,但此时散发出的气势、存在感和执着,却完全不输给在场的任何人。 Loving Millie is silent, is smiled by Rioust, Xie Ming selected the eyebrow. 爱蜜莉亚沉默,由里乌斯微笑,谢铭挑了挑眉毛。 This is named Anna Tassie about Xin's declaring war of young girl. 这便是名为安娜塔西亚・合辛的少女的宣战。 I, will not lose to your anybody.” “我,不会输给你们任何人。”
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