RTW :: Volume #6

#521: Towermen

Roland somewhat is surprised, although these theories in the later generation are the general knowledge, but as lacking astrologer of observation method, can find out the stars to press orbital motion this point very not to be easy. 罗兰不免有些惊讶,虽然这些理论在后世都是常识,但作为缺乏观察手段的占星家来说,能摸清星辰都在按轨道运动这一点就很不容易了。 Extinguishes the star of world also should so,” the opposite party then said that cyclical siwubai-year-long that it is reported that it presents, in other words, its Orbit is broad, requires the so remote time to approach our one time. But Sun and moon side us, only take one day night of time to run the entire journey.” He gasped for breath, „the well-known, same thing more is far from us, it seems like younger, in the starry sky should also be so. Therefore extinguishes the star of world when approaching us, definitely will have from the dark star to the morning star, finally turns into the process of quarter moon.” “灭世之星也应该如此,”对方接着说道,“据传它出现的周期长达四五百年,也就是说,它的轨迹非常广阔,需要如此久远的时间才能接近我们一次。而太阳和月亮就在我们身边,只需一天一夜时间便可跑完全程。”他喘了口气,“众所周知,一样东西离我们越远,它看起来就越小,在星空中也应该是如此。所以灭世之星在靠近我们时,必然会有从暗星到亮星,最后变成弦月的过程。” „Did you find it?” “那你们找到它了吗?” Disseminates star to shake the head, several hundred years ago in mission that hands down from generation to generation, not explicit arrival time, therefore extinguishes the star of world likely also to be in some corner in starry sky, because is separated by with us too but is unable to observe.” 弥散星摇摇头,“从数百年前传下来的使命中,并没有明确的降临时间,所以灭世之星很可能还处于星空中的某个角落,由于和我们相隔太远而无法观测到。” These for dozens years...... Have you been handling this matter?” “这数十年来……你们就一直做着这种事情?” Yes, your majesty,” old person's sound disclosed exhaustedly, I became divined by astrology the forming association apprentice is 40 years ago the matter that these for 40 years I had not stopped looking, before into the seat of honor, I do not know why freely one must stare for dozens years not to have the change together the starry sky. Besides the identification stars and record season, astrologer also on holiday or jubilation date divine ominous, but that follows the meaning of King, but the non- true forecast may all these probably strictly observe the secret in the future, only then maintains astrology the name of sage, can attract the following apprentice.” “是的,陛下,”老人的声音里透露出疲惫,“我成为占星结社学徒是40年前的事了,这40年来我一直没有停止过仰望,尽管在成为首席之前,我并不知道自己为何要盯着一块数十年来都不会发生变动的星空。除了辨识星辰和记录时节外,占星家们还会在节日或喜庆日占卜凶吉,但那都是遵循国王的意思,而非真正的预测未来可这一切必须严守秘密,只有保持占星学的贤者之名,才能吸引到后续学徒。” „Did you regret?” “你后悔了?” Disseminates star to shake the head, „, if ten years ago, I will possibly regret, since becomes the seat of honor, received this heavy responsibility from the meteor Scholar hand, I understood thing this that oneself look up to be true divining by astrology, an unequalled prediction, will be the significance that will divine by astrology forms association to have. Was only a pity...... Time that I can also continue to look up to were not much.” 弥散星摇了摇头,“如果是十年前,我可能会后悔,不过自从成为首席,从陨星学士手中接过这个重任起,我就明白了自己所仰望的东西这将是一次真正的占星,一次无与伦比的预言,也是占星结社存在的意义。只可惜……我还能继续仰望的时间已经不多了。” Are not indeed many, his hair is completely gray, the wrinkle on face is similar to the hills is ordinary, the brown spot crawls the entire forehead, Roland thinks completely, perhaps 2-3 years later, his life will come to the end. 的确不多了,他头发全部花白,脸上的皱纹如同群山一般,褐色的斑点爬满整个额头,罗兰想,恐怕两三年之后,他的人生就会走到尽头。 If really extinguishes the disaster of world, the ancestor hasn't handed down any resistance or avoidance plan of?” “如果真是灭世之灾,先祖就没有传下任何抵御或躲避之策吗?” That is the issue that you should consider, your majesty,” Scholar squeezes a smiling face, divines by astrology the stage is only your eye, how must lead the subjects to survive specifically in the disaster, is the King responsibility. Therefore you cannot close it...... Even if the earth cracks, the day has the hot rain, so long as can know in advance ahead of time, on opportunity many that the people fortunately survive.” “那是您该考虑的问题,陛下,”学士挤出一个笑容,“占星台只是您的眼睛,具体要怎么领导子民在劫难中生存下来,是国王的责任。所以您不能关闭它……哪怕是大地崩裂,天降火雨,只要可以提前预知,人们幸存的机会就会多上一份。” Roland has profound respect, day after day looking up to confirm this prediction, even if in front of symbolizing Judgement Day Red Moon, still scrupulously follows own responsibility, this rigid is not everyone can have. If the royal family successors know ahead of time Judgement Day will be near, what appearance will turn into? Indulges, drops out all restraints, makes the best use of the time to enjoy the other life? Perhaps this is also the ancestor will consider the time to decide the reasons after 30 -year-old. 罗兰不禁肃然起敬,日复一日的仰望只是为了验证这份预言,哪怕在象征末日红月面前,也依然恪守自己的职责,这份执着不是每个人都能有的。如果王室继承者们提前知道末日将临,会变成什么样子?放纵自我,抛下所有约束,抓紧时间享受余下的人生?这恐怕也是先祖将告之时间定在30岁之后的原因。 After silent for a long time, he asked that the last issue, other kingdoms also had astrologer to form association, their goals? Also to seek for this extinguishes the star of world?” 沉默许久之后,他问出了最后一个问题,“其他王国也有占星家结社,他们的目的呢?也是为了寻找这颗灭世之星吗?” I do not know...... I have never left Kingdom Capital, they have not sent for Greycastle.” “我不知道……我从未离开过王都,他们也没有派人来过灰堡。” I understood, today arrived here.” “我明白了,今天就到这里吧。” You...... Didn't close to divine by astrology the stage?” “您……不关闭占星台了?” Temporarily first was remaining,” Roland stood up, walked toward the hall. Soon when will leave the room, he has turned head, looks to chief astrologer that bowing to see off, and other later had had free time, I will deliver you some better stargazing tool, as well as true astrometry knowledge.” “暂时先留着好了,”罗兰站起身,向大厅外走去。即将离开房间时,他回过头,望向躬身相送的首席占星家,“等以后有空了,我会送你们一些更好的观星工具,以及真正的星象学知识。” What?” Facial expression that opposite party reveals puzzling. “什么?”对方露出一副迷惑不解的神情。 Roland does not explain, then said that other, even if Red Moon will be near, that is not Judgement Day,” his moment, the expression categorical [say / way], we will live slightly.” 罗兰也不作解释,接着说道,“另外,即使红月将临,那也不是末日,”他稍顿片刻,语气斩钉截铁道,“我们会活下来的。” ...... …… hot air balloon was filled quickly, the group mount the hanging basket, flies to the royal palace. 氢气球很快被充满,一行人登上吊篮,向王宫飞去。 What did you say?” Lightning lies outside the basket asked. “你们都说了些什么?”闪电趴在篮子外问。 I also want to know gu!” “我也想知道咕!” „A story of giving up halfway,” Nightingale shrugs to say. “一个半途而废的故事,”夜莺耸肩道。 Under that situation, I am how good to insist that the original plan,” Roland showed the whites of the eyes, the hall had the matter that to narrate, I want to pack to deliver to western region to go them, but the opposite party kept watch for dozens years, made him divine by astrology the stage to walk last Cheng Hao.” “那种情况下,我怎么好坚持原先的打算,”罗兰翻了个白眼,将大厅中发生的事情讲述了一遍,“我是想把他们都打包送到西境去,但对方已经守望了数十年,就让他在占星台走完最后一程好了。” You are really the benevolent monarchy.” Wendy said with a smile. “您果然是位仁慈的君主。”温蒂微笑道。 Good person gu!” Macy is whipping the wing, began supinely. “好人咕!”麦茜拍打着翅膀,仰起头嗷了一声。 cough cough,” Roland hurried to change a topic, „the star of extinguishing world they waited for what should mention with Agatha was a thing, Red Moon appears, Judgement Day arrived at this prediction to be most likely related with witch.” 咳咳,”罗兰赶紧换了个话题,“他们等待的灭世之星应该和爱葛莎提到的是一个东西,红月出现,末日降临这个预言十有八九跟女巫有关。” I also thought so that the Silvy thinking said that „a simplest evidence is, here once was a stretch of barbarian open land, did not have including the city, the people were also at the village aggregation state, went possibly to track down these illusory things? Should be the Federation survivor has brought the Red Moon news, and while rebuilding one's homeland, has given earliest astrologer the duty confession of surveillance sky.” “我也这么觉得,”希尔维思索道,“一个最简单的证据便是,这里曾经是一片蛮荒地,连城池都没有,人们还处于村落聚集状态,又怎么去可能追寻这些虚无缥缈的东西?应该是联合会的幸存者带来了红月的消息,并且在重建家园的同时,把监视天空的任务交代给了最早的占星家。” However is inside outstanding person the Your Majesty Roland ancestor?” The Lightning excited [say / way], oh, this is really a splendid exploration!” “而里面有一位佼佼者就是罗兰陛下的祖先?”闪电兴奋道,“噢,这真是一次精彩的探险!” Exploration? Dangerous where gu?” “探险?险在哪里咕?” Fool, can not encounter the danger is, so long as can understand that these by dust-laden secret, is the explorer excellent harvest.” “笨蛋,不是非要遇到危险才算啦,只要能了解到那些被尘封的秘密,就是探险家绝佳的收获。” gu? But before you said that explorer should not many attention results, but is heavy in enjoying the process of exploration is right.” Macy blinked innocently. “咕?可你之前说,探险家不应该过多关注结果,而是重在享受探险的过程才对。”麦茜无辜地眨了眨眼睛。 „...... When therefore great explorer can distinguish clearly itself to be suitable for what situation, therefore any exploration fills to enjoy,” Lightning shouts, you also fall far short to this boundary!” “呃……所以一个伟大的探险家能分清自己该何时适用何种情况,因此任何一次探险都充满享受,”闪电嚷道,“你离这个境界还差得远呢!” gu......” pigeon falls on the Roland top of the head depressed, is this?” “咕……”鸽子沮丧地落在罗兰头顶,“是这样吗?” witch cannot bear laugh. 女巫们忍不住哄笑起来。 Returned to the royal palace, Roland to discover to record the ancient book of Wimbledon family history from the storehouse study room, after reading, cannot help but frowned. 回到王宫,罗兰从藏书房找出记载了温布顿家族史的典籍,翻看一遍后不由得皱起了眉头。 How?” Nightingale asked. “怎么了?”夜莺问。 Family history does not have the record of astrologer,” he aims turned yellow the page of discoloration, „placed the first ancestor is Munder. Wimbledon, but first King is Tarlak. Wimbledon. The construction divines by astrology the stage, is that status higher wielding, has not mentioned completely...... Some people cancelled from the history this.” “家族史里并没有占星家的记载,”他指向已经发黄褪色的书页,“排在第一位的先祖是蒙德.温布顿,而第一位国王则是塔拉克.温布顿。无论是建造占星台,还是那名地位更高的执掌者,全部没有提及……有人把这一段从历史中抹去了。” Who will do such?” She is surprised the different way, „is the person who himself writes this book all previous successor?” “谁会这么做?”她诧异道,“撰写这本书的人本身就是历代继承者吧?” Right, finished one then to increase one volume newly, should not leave out,” Roland said slowly that according to had launched the urban construction at that time, and can carve the instruction on the [gold/metal] piece the condition, how should have the record of this person.” “没错,写完一本便会增加一册新的,理应不该漏掉,”罗兰缓缓道,“按照当时已经展开城市建设,并能在金片上刻写训令的条件来看,怎么都应该有此人的一份记录。” What if some people want to conceal, why stayed behind has divined by astrology forms association that clues? Is the successor, must divine by astrology the real objective of stage clearly...... What accident did the 400 years ago Wimbledon families exactly have? 如果真有人想隐瞒什么,为何又留下了占星结社中那点蛛丝马迹?身为继承者,就不可能不清楚占星台的真正目的……400年前的温布顿家族到底发生了什么变故?
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