RTW :: Volume #6

#520: Extinguishes the star of world

Ancestor?” Roland blurted out subconsciously, what ghost?” Saw that the people show the expression that is astonished, coughs two sound tracks, „, I did not mean...... Who knows what you said is real.” “先祖?”罗兰下意识地脱口而出,“什么鬼?”看到众人露出讶异的表情,才咳嗽两声道,“不,我是说……谁知道你们说的是不是真的。” Then he felt the left shoulder had been pinched gently. 然后他感到了左肩被轻轻掐了一下。 Your majesty, this matter is absolutely true, I have the evidence to prove that the seat of honor lowers the head saying that „, but can only demonstrate that looks to you.” “陛下,此事千真万确,我有证据证明,”首席低头道,“但只能展示给您一个人看。” Other astrologer heard these words to set out to leave the room on own initiative, Roland has thought deeply about the little while, nods to witch and personal guard, you also first exited.” 其余占星家听到这句话自觉起身离开房间,罗兰思索了会儿,向女巫亲卫点点头,“你们也先出去吧。” Naturally, Nightingale will still remain side him, as providing against contingencies last defense line. 当然,夜莺依然会留守在他身边,作为以防万一的最后一道防线。 Disseminates star Scholar to enter by a hall hut, crossed held an iron box to return to near the long table for a long time, and was placed the iron box in front of Roland respectfully. 弥散星学士走进大厅旁的一间小屋,过了许久才捧着一个铁盒回到长桌边,并将铁盒恭恭敬敬地摆在罗兰面前。 What is this?” “这是什么?” Instruction that your ancestor leaves behind, he had already expected such matter occurrence.” “您先祖留下的训令,他早就预料过这样的事情发生。” Roland is surprised the different way: You said...... Does the closure divine by astrology the stage?” 罗兰诧异道:“你是说……关闭占星台?” Yes, your majesty, this matter was not first time happened,” the Scholar forced smile said that we, although with the alchemy studying of technique and name sage, but in fact not the coordinated alchemy product can bring the rich income to the kingdom, but we need to invest big gold royal to use every year, in the purchase high-quality quartz and hired on the artisan, delivered few. In order to avoid the later generation successors wants to save this cost to dismiss divines by astrology forms association, your ancestor inscribes decree, and requests anybody not to violate.” “是的,陛下,这种事并不是第一次发生了,”学士苦笑道,“我们虽然和炼金术并称贤者之学,但实际上并不对等炼金产品能给王国带来丰厚的收入,而我们每年都需要投入大笔金龙用在购买优质水晶和雇佣工匠上,产出则寥寥无几。为了避免后世继承者想要省下这笔费用而解散占星结社,您的先祖将旨意铭刻下来,并要求任何人都不得违背。” Roland opens the box, reflects pleasant unexpectedly is one pack of [gold/metal] Pian, it seems like to preserve this order, Wimbledon also really spares neither labor nor expense, selected the nature extremely stable gold to take Jane Shu keelson. 罗兰打开盒子,映入眼中的居然是一叠金片,看来为了保存这道命令,温布顿一家还真是不惜工本,选用了性质极为稳定的黄金作为简书底材。 He all falls on [gold/metal] Pian the table, counted the number approximately, altogether eight, each block approximately three millimeters thick, two palm of the hand sizes, hefted in the hand heavy. 他将金片悉数倒在桌子上,大致数了数,一共八块,每块约三毫米厚,两个巴掌大小,掂在手中沉甸甸的。 And in first writes the original words in chief astrologer mouth: " Anybody may not interfere to divine by astrology the stage staring starry sky, there has to make clear to the world destiny the mystery. " 其中第一块上书写的正是首席占星家口中的原话:「任何人都不可干涉占星台凝视星空,那里有昭示世界命运的奥秘。」 The latter half a word words have brought to the attention of Roland. 后半句话引起了罗兰的注意。 In fact this forms association the itself very strange astrology to have the effect words, Wimbledon III should not by Church be replaced under situation that does not guard against, but early hangs High Priest is right. Moreover including disseminating star Scholar mentioned divines by astrology stage " to deliver few " ...... In other words, he has not treated as one product divine, when its helpless expression and acts like a different person with meet that god stick type at first completely. 事实上这个结社本身就很奇怪占星术要真有效果的话,温布顿三世就不应该在毫无防备的情况下被教会替换,而是早早把大祭司吊死才对。而且连弥散星学士自己都提到了占星台「产出很少」……也就是说,他并没有把占卜当作一种产品,其无奈的表情和最初与自己见面时那副神棍样完全判若两人。 In brief, the ancestor spends big financial resource manpower, establishes this kind of organization, simultaneously for fear that the descendant dislikes it not to predict that the ability closes it, did not hesitate the decree quarter on the [gold/metal] piece. Roland does not believe that greatly the opposite party is the astronomical enthusiast who craves the starlike image, or, in the reclaiming wasteland stage has put beside the vision the star. Obviously, astrologer have one with the duty that the divine has nothing to do with, but this is most likely related after half a word words. 简而言之,先祖花费大笔财力人力,建立这样一个组织,同时生怕后代嫌它毫无预言能力而关闭它,不惜将旨意刻在了金片上。罗兰不大相信对方是一个热衷星象的天文爱好者,又或者在垦荒阶段就将目光放到了星球之外。显然,占星家们有着一个与占卜毫不相干的任务,而这十有八九跟后半句话有关。 But he has leafed through the following [gold/metal] piece, had not found the related description, records the fundamental method of historical and observation stars that has divined by astrology forms association actually, in the last piece even also carves the principle that the crystal lens are enlarging. But the ancestors of Wimbledon family as if also once were here chief astrologer, mentioned status higher governing. However Roland reviewed under the family history slightly, in the discovery not part of contents. 只不过他翻遍了后面的金片,也没找到相关的描述,倒是记载了一些占星结社的历史与观察星辰的基本方法,最后一片上甚至还刻着水晶镜片放大的原理。而温布顿家族的先祖似乎也曾是这里的首席占星家,其中还提到了一位地位更高的掌管者。不过罗兰稍稍回顾了下家族史,发现里面并没有这一部分的内容。 He takes up first piece of Jane Shu, directional finally that half a word words, what is this?” 他重新拿起第一片简书,指向最后那半句话,“这是什么意思?” I...... Also is not quite clear,” Scholar shakes the head to say. “我……也不大清楚,”学士摇头道。 The voice has not fallen, Roland then felt that the left shoulder was pinched. 话音未落,罗兰便感到右肩被掐了一下。 His cannot help but chuckle gets up, listened, the custom was dead, but the person was lives, the instruction that the ancestor left behind when he was living was probably correct, but the time changed, I like was not being fettered by a several hundred years of custom. Now I am the Greycastle king, how wants to do how to do, did you understand?” 他不由得轻笑起来,“听好了,规矩是死的,而人是活的,先祖留下的这条训令在他活着的时候大概是正确的,但时代已经变了,我可不像被一个好几百年的规矩束缚着。现在我才是灰堡的王,想怎么做就怎么做,你明白了吗?” Disseminated star Scholar to stare in a big way eye, what? No, you 弥散星学士瞪大了眼睛,“什么?不,您” Including you knows that in wasting the wealth, to concerning the mystery of world destiny knew nothing did not say, when the father plotted to murder by Church you warned not to have repeatedly, why I must keep you silly here was staring at the sky? The star may unable to trade gold royal, under packs the luggage, prepares to go to western region with me.” “连你们自己都知道在空耗钱财,对关乎世界命运的奥秘一无所知不说,父王被教会谋害时你们连声警告都没有,我为何还要留着你们在这儿傻乎乎的盯着天空?星星可换不来金龙,收拾下行装,准备跟我去西境吧。” Benefits from Fourth Prince in sticking to one's own way of doing things that Kingdom Capital leaves behind, unseemly behavior awful impression, these words let disseminate star Scholar complexion recklessly immediately becomes very ugly. 得益于四王子原本在王都留下的我行我素、肆意妄为的糟糕印象,这番话顿时让弥散星学士的脸色变得很难看。 Crossed for a long time, he clenches teeth saying that you will regret to know this news probably.” 过了许久,他才咬牙道,“您大概会后悔知道这个消息的。” You did not say how I do know?” Roland smiled, has saying that sometimes plays the role of the Fourth Prince playboy appearance to threaten other people also very to have the effect, person who to this group of getting old, he quite does not make Iron Axe press for an answer, has to seek the answer with this method. “你不说我怎么知道?”罗兰笑了笑,不得不说,有时候扮成四王子的纨绔模样来恐吓他人还挺有效果的,对这伙上了年纪的人,他也不好让铁斧来逼问,只好用这个方法寻得答案了。 We shoulder one to continue several hundred years of duty, arrives in this region after initial Sir Wimbledon started.” Scholar returned to normal under the mood to open the mouth saying that this news cannot tell the royal family by no means that but can only disclose to into King that successor, moreover after must wait for him to be 30 years old.” “我们肩负着一个延续数百年的任务,从最初的温布顿大人抵达这片地域后就开始了。”学士平复了下心情才开口道,“这个消息并非不能告诉王室,但只能透露给成为国王的那位继承者,而且必须等他年满30岁之后。” Why?” “为什么?” Because your ancestor believes that making the successor know prematurely this news will probably make them fall into to be scared and confused, thus causes the kingdom to decline,” he hesitant moment, we are seeking to extinguish the star of world.” “因为您的先祖认为,让继承者过早的知道这个消息可能会使他们陷入恐慌和迷茫,从而导致王国衰落,”他犹豫了片刻,“我们在寻找灭世之星。” Roland stares, what is that?” 罗兰一愣,“那是什么?” „A scarlet star, or is Red Moon, when it arrives, the world will fall into the beyond redemption disaster.” “一颗猩红色的星星,或者说是红月,当它降临时,世界将陷入万劫不复的灾难。” The prince felt that the heart jumps, ancient book in ruins subordinates Federation Agatha, mentioned this word Red Moon arrives, will a common custom organization also pay why attention to this? Divines by astrology forms association has the complicated relations with Federation? Said carefully!” 王子感到心头一跳,无论是遗迹中的古书还是隶属联合会爱葛莎,都提到了这个词红月降临,为何一个世俗组织也会关注这点?难道占星结社和联合会有着千丝万缕的关系?“说细致点!” Content that I know all from previous chief directly from master to disciple,” disseminates star sinking sound saying that in hearsay in the starry sky is fluttering red stars, when it is similar to the quarter moon appears in the curtain of night, the world will destroy. Our responsibility then before it turns into moon found it, if can discover that its operational Orbit, can know in advance Judgement Day ahead of time, this is also the original intention that divines by astrology.” “我所知道的内容全是来自上一任首席的口耳相传,”弥散星沉声说道,“传闻中星空中飘动着一颗红色的星辰,当它如同弦月般出现在夜幕中时,世界将会毁灭。我们的职责便是在它变成月亮前找到它,如果能发现它的运行轨迹,便可提前预知末日,这也是占星的本意。” Turns...... Moon?” “变成……月亮?” You do not understand the starlike image, does not understand also normally,” Scholar answered, „the stars always in keeping the movement, for example Sun and moon, they appear according to fixed time before us, when they alternately, does not mean that they vanished, but moved in the position that we could not see temporarily. We are called Orbit way of this migration in fact, most stars have own Orbit.” “您不了解星象,不理解也正常,”学士解释道,“星辰总是在不停运动着的,例如太阳和月亮,它们按照一个固定的时间出现在我们面前,而当它们交替之际,并不是意味着它们消失了,只是暂时移动到了我们看不见的位置上。我们把这个移动的路径就叫作轨迹事实上,大多数星辰都有一条属于自己的轨迹。”
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