RTW :: Volume #6

#519: The secret of stars

Looks that Hugo salutes to leave jubilantly, Roland shook the head with a smile. 看着约寇兴高采烈地行礼离开,罗兰笑着摇了摇头。 These have the person of help to Fourth Prince, if not the intention evil intention, he did not mind that adds on their. 那些对四王子有过帮助的人,如果不是心怀恶意,他也不介意帮上他们一把。 Wendy now where?” Handles this matter, he turns the head to ask that Nightingale said. 温蒂现在在哪儿?”处理完这件事,他转头问夜莺道。 Goes against practice ability in the tower probably, needs me to call her?” “大概在塔顶练习能力,需要我去叫她吗?” Yeah, Silvy, Lightning and Macy also one and called... We see that crowd of astrologer,” the Roland nod said that from airborne flies.” ,还有希尔维闪电麦茜也一并叫上…我们去见见那群占星家们,”罗兰点头道,“从空中飞过去。” I understood,” Nightingale eye one bright. “我明白了,”夜莺眼睛一亮。 Even if some people want to ambush oneself, impossible in hot air balloon to upper air to pose any threat, this traveling schedule absolute safety. 就算是有人想埋伏自己,也不可能对高空中的氢气球造成任何威胁,这趟行程可谓绝对安全。 The flight messenger has informed the news that Cam starts on a journey in him, therefore one side the alchemy association can put temporarily, as another Daxian Organization, he to divining by astrology formed association to fill curiously. 飞行信使已经将凯莫启程的消息告知于他,所以炼金协会可以暂时放到一边,作为另一大贤者组织,他对占星结社充满了好奇。 And... The Roland also huge doubts, wait to confirm at heart. 而且…罗兰心里还有一个巨大的疑惑,等着去验证。 ... Divines by astrology forms association on the high ground of outer city North area, is in the capital city is next to the second high spot of palace Twin Tower. Constructs is also very unique in the above divining by astrology palace modeling, from the airborne downward bird's eye view, just likes hewing flat top hexagon stone tower, gets down on widely narrow, the outline is quite symmetrical. 占星结社位于外城北区的一处高地上,是都城中仅次于宫殿双塔的第二高点。建在上面的占星殿堂造型也十分独特,从空中往下俯瞰,犹如一座削成平顶的六边形石塔,下宽上窄,轮廓颇为对称。 Roland naturally knows that this time the symmetry means anything. 罗兰自然知道这个时代的对称意味着什么。 Not the excellent measuring technique and localization tool, very difficult to construct to build so neatly large-scale Stone Zhi, can say that its construction difficulty must be much greater than the scale grand blue stone city wall. 没有高超的测量技巧和定位工具,很难把一座大型石制建筑堆砌得如此规整,可以说它的建造难度要远大于规模宏伟的青石城墙。 Advanced the set off personal guard team already all round to surround stone tower, the hot air balloon fume-off, descends in the tower top slowly, Brian, Sean and Alva Taber welcomes to come immediately. 先行出发亲卫队早已将石塔团团包围,氢气球排出气体,缓缓降落在塔顶,布莱恩肖恩阿尔瓦.泰伯立刻迎上前来。 Your majesty, the scene has completed blockade, I ensure Mouse cannot slide!” “陛下,现场已完成封锁,我保证一只老鼠都溜不进来!” astrologer God Punishment Stone also completely captures, will not hinder the surveillance of Miss Silvy, you may feel relieved that contacts greatly with them.” 占星家们的神罚之石也全部收缴,不会妨碍到希尔维小姐的监视,您大可放心和他们接触。” Good, maintains the security.” The Roland applause nods, afterward goes to two people, is standing after the vision an ash discharge robe person - their age mostly over 30 years old, the facial expression slightly is flustered, once for a while gains ground sizes up hot air balloon two secretly, obviously also not from own suddenly arrives recovers. “不错,保持警戒。”罗兰赞许地点点头,随后将目光投向两人身后站着的一排灰袍人——他们年纪大多都在30岁以上,神情略显慌张,时不时抬头偷偷打量氢气球两眼,显然还没从自己的突然降临中回过神来。 He looks to Alva, who is here head? Asked him to see me.” 他望向阿尔瓦,“谁是这里的负责人?叫他过来见我。” Yes.” The latter with was the two grey robe old men of head said in the past several, one of them cautious followed him, „ your majesty, this was Kingdom Capital chief astrologer, disseminated star Scholar. “是。”后者过去跟为首的两位灰袍老者说了几句,其中一人拘谨的跟他走了过来,“陛下,这位便是王都首席占星家,弥散星学士 Respect Roland Wimbledon your majesty, your arrival makes the stars sparkle.” “尊敬的罗兰.温布顿陛下,您的到来让星辰都为之闪耀。” Isn't the real name?” Roland selects the eyebrow to say. “不是真名?”罗兰挑眉道。 You have not to know that this is the tradition of divining by astrology forms association,” Alva explained hastily that takes the name by the starlike image, is matter that each astrologer earnestly seeks... Only then discovered that the person of brand-new starlike image, is eligible for this honor.” “您有所不知,这是占星结社的传统,”阿尔瓦连忙解释,“以星象作为名字,是每位占星家都渴求的事情…而只有发现全新星象之人,才有资格获得这份荣誉。” Therefore you have discovered anything... Disseminates star?” “所以你发现了什么…弥散星?” Yes, your majesty,” old man caresses the chest saying that it constituted with another three dark stars disseminated the star circle, indicated lost/disintegrated and samsara in the divine.” “是的,陛下,”老者抚胸道,“它和另外三颗暗星构成了弥散星圈,在占卜中寓意消逝和轮回。” They?” Roland has referred to other grey robe people. “那他们呢?”罗兰指了指其他灰袍人。 These eight are to divine by astrology the starlike image master of stage, naturally also has own discovery,” disseminates the star respectful 11 introductions saying that „the stars change, the livelihood takes turn, they can explain its implication for you... Naturally, I.” “这八位都是占星台的星象大师,自然也有着属于自己的发现,”弥散星恭敬的11介绍道,“无论是星辰变化、还是日月交替,他们都能为您解读出其寓意…当然,我也可以。” I come this place not to ask you to practice divination.” “我来此地不是找你们占卜的。” The opposite party has been startled being startled, that... Your majesty, do you come for what?” 对方怔了怔,“那…陛下,请问您是为了何事而来?” Exploration starry sky,” Roland shrugs, do not stand here has caught a chill, went to room to say. Right, brings the sky map that you discover completely, do you would under the record these things? Marks the brightest star, links again them with the fine lace - right, is that gadget.” “探索星空,”罗兰耸耸肩,“别站在这儿吹风了,去房间里说吧。对了,把你们所发现的星象图全部拿过来,你们总会记录下这些东西吧?标记出最亮的星星,再用细线把它们连起来——没错,就是那玩意儿。” ... On the packs of blueprint fast reactors the big director table, some parchment have spilled over the yellow very much, was apart from now some ages obviously. 一叠叠图纸很快堆上了大厅长桌,部分羊皮纸泛出黄色,明显距现在有些年代了。 Roland take a deep breath, took pen in hand to draw a handle on White Paper " soup ladle " and a back " hour glass " , and defers to the celestial chart the way, connects with the line the morning star. 罗兰深深吸了口气,提起笔在白纸上画出了一柄「汤勺」和一樽「沙漏」,并按照星图的方式,把亮星用线连接起来。 Your majesty, this is...” Scholar is surprised the different way. “陛下,这是…”学士诧异道。 Two starlike images,” he raises White Paper, had demonstrated to the people, you do have to see such design?” “两个星象,”他把白纸提起来,给众人展示了一遍,“你们有没有见过这样的图案?” astrologer shake the head in abundance. 占星家们纷纷摇头。 Looks in these blueprints, similar takes,” the Roland instruction said that „everyone one pack, do not leak a blueprint.” “在这些图纸里面找找,相似的都拿出来,”罗兰吩咐道,“每个人一叠,不要漏过一张图纸。” In his heart the huge doubts are: Is here another potential surface Earth? 他心中巨大的疑惑便是:这里到底是不是另一个位面的地球? Has Sun, has moon, this is not strange. Sun is only an ordinary star, like the star, in Milky Way has 100 billion, but in the universe is similar Milky Way such galaxy also 100 billion, therefore bumps into a stable star satellite system not to be strange, big of universe, anything likely occurred. 有太阳,有月亮,这不奇怪。太阳只是一颗普通的恒星,像这样的恒星,银河系里有100000000000个,而宇宙中类似银河系这样的星系还有100000000000个,所以碰上一个稳定的恒星卫星系统并不奇怪,宇宙之大,任何事情都可能发生。 But the species is close he not to be indefinite, the evolution of biology itself grows thickly on the coincidence, even if the similar environment, possibly grows the different life bodies. Regardless of Evil Beast is also good, Devil, saw that likely is not the life body that in a nature breeds. 但物种相近他就不确定了,生物的演化本身就巧合丛生,即使是同样的环境,也可能成长出不同的生命体。而且无论邪兽也好,魔鬼也罢,怎么看都不像是一个自然界中孕育出的生命体。 In order to solve this, he can think is the starlike image. 为了解决这点,他能想到的便是星象。 The life of star by hundred million computations, the position is almost frequently fixed, since has been the stargazing confirmation positions, or places the symbolic significance the mark. Two starlike images that Roland remembers only, one is well-known Big Dipper, one is the hunter place, if can find them in the celestial chart, can determine position that one are. 恒星的寿命动辄以亿计算,位置几乎固定,一直以来都是观星者确认方位,或寄予象征意义的符号。罗兰唯一记得的两个星象,一个是家喻户晓的北斗七星,一个是猎户座,如果能在星图中找到它们,就能确定自己所在的位置。 After one hour, answer that Roland obtains still did not have. 半个时辰后,罗兰得到的答复仍然是没有。 But he also during this period to disseminating star Scholar inquired the name that several most well-known celestial charts, hear finally does not have impression, moreover Greycastle astrologer by the concept of ecliptic division celestial phenomenon, naturally will not have had the famous ecliptic 12 constellations. 而他也在这期间向弥散星学士询问了几幅最著名的星图,结果听到的名字毫无印象,而且灰堡占星家并没有以黄道划分天象的概念,自然也不会有著名的黄道12星座。 Must, in these celestial charts the morning star densely covered degree probably be much greater than have seen these constellations, in some sense, when the observation point approaches the galaxy center will appear - because of galaxy inward, the star is more crowded. 总得来说,这些星图上亮星的密布程度要远大于自己所见过的那些星座,从某种意义上来说,只有观测点更靠近星系中央时才会出现——因为星系越向内,恒星就越密集。 Then here was the possibility of Earth is minimal. 那么这里是地球的可能性就微乎其微了。 This answer makes Roland somewhat lose slightly, he puts out the tone, glance hall, how many people divines by astrology to form association?” 这个答案让罗兰略微有些失落,他吐出口气,扫视大厅一眼,“占星结社有多少人?” Your majesty, astrologer altogether nine, the apprentice 156 people, the janitor and artisan 67 people,” disseminate star Scholar to reply. “陛下,占星家一共有九位,学徒156人,杂役和工匠67人,”弥散星学士回答道。 I plan to close to divine by astrology the stage, you pack the luggage, returns to Neverwinter City with me.” “我打算关闭占星台,你们收拾好行装,都跟我回无冬城吧。” These words make the numerous position facial colors change immediately, the Alva startled [say / way], your majesty, how you and you can...” 这句话让众位面色顿时大变,阿尔瓦惊慌道,“陛下,您、您怎么可以…” I do not believe the divine, only believes own choice,” Roland careless [say / way], „, but I am Greycastle King, naturally can close here. In western region, you will learn the true starlike image knowledge, but does not regard as destiny illusory Orbit it.” “我并不相信占卜,只相信自己的选择,”罗兰漫不经心道,“而我是灰堡国王,自然可以关闭这里。在西境,你们会学到真正的星象知识,而不是把它视作命运虚无缥缈的轨迹。” No, respect Wimbledon your majesty, you cannot such do,” chief astrologer stands up, said slowly that at any time, we must stare at the starry sky, not by other thing disturbances - this order, came from your ancestor.” “不,尊敬的温布顿陛下,您不能这么做,”首席占星家站起身,缓缓说道,“任何时候,我们都必须凝视星空,不受其他事物干扰——这道命令,来自于您的先祖。”
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