RTW :: Volume #6

#518: Magic Hand new journey

Kingdom Capital above clear weather, sunlight tall Zhao, is the auspicious day that suits sentences. 王都上空天气晴朗,阳光高照,是个适合处刑的好日子。 one hour, the square direction will transmit every other probably an artillery sound, that means an original manuscript having powerful influence the great person obtained his proper trial. 每隔大约半个时辰,广场方向就会传来一声炮响,那意味着一名原本“声势显赫”的大人物得到了他应有的审判。 The charge had determined before then that what this set of flow are more is the propaganda watches to the people, especially Church and Timothy collude with and plot to murder King, to usurp throne that set. After nearly one week of reorganization and preparation, brings the evidence chain that displays to be complete, debates does not have to debate naturally, Roland not to the opportunity that they will debate. 罪名在此之前就已确定,这套流程更多的是宣传给民众观看,特别是教会提费科勾结并谋害国王、篡夺王位那一套。经过近一周的整理和准备,拿来展出的证据链完整齐全,辩无可辩当然,罗兰也不会给他们辩论的机会。 Must, not be been many by executing by hanging noble, besides Timothy and subordinate, Imperial Prime Minister and legal officer, remaining is the Church followers. Now the Kingdom Capital church was eradicated, all participation excessively evil epidemic disease delivery people, his has not let off. 总得来说,被处以绞刑的贵族并不多,除了提费科及其手下、御前首相和法务官外,剩下的都是教会的信徒。如今王都教堂被连根拔起,所有参与过邪疫投放事件的人,他一个也没有放过。 Thinks on this crowd of sediments was pushed up the topping cheat, will receive looks on the people warm welcome. 想必这群渣滓上被推上绞刑架时,会受到旁观群众的“热烈欢迎”。 „Don't you go to the scene to have a look really?” Nightingale stands in the window asked. “你真的不去现场看看么?”夜莺站在窗边问。 Iron Axe and Tasa will complete all these,” Roland does not lift replied. At public trial that Border Town holds to stimulate the will of people, enhances the citizen centripetal force, environment that but has not implemented here. People not because the false king Timothy number of people falls to the ground to stand loudly own this side, is similar to they not, in Wimbledon III dies after Gerald immediately hires oneself to the false king is the same. 铁斧塔萨会将这一切办妥的,”罗兰头也不抬的回答道。在边陲镇举行的公审是为了激发群众的意志,提高领民向心力,但在这里没有实施的环境。人们不会因为伪王提费科的人头落地而轰然站到自己这一边,就如同他们没有在温布顿三世戈隆死后立刻投靠向伪王一样。 He does not have enough mass base here. 他在这里没有足够的群众基础。 Moreover the security was a major problem, the gem list in memory finally is also found by Silvy, Timothy hid it in the camera obscura in bedroom wardrobe, but Roland discovered that population of remaining gem in compared with list have been short of 12 people, hid in Kingdom Capital had four, this means that they received the order of Timothy. Although not necessarily is the assassination assigns, but must guard carefully. Execution grounds place stream of people are promiscuous, is not suitable to go to surround, moreover he to sentencing does not have the interest. 另外安全也是一大问题,记忆中的宝石名单最终还是被希尔维找到了,提费科将它藏在了卧室衣柜里的暗匣里,但罗兰发现剩下的宝石比名单上的人数足足少了12人,其中潜藏在王都的有四个,这意味着他们都接到了提费科的命令。虽然不一定是暗杀指定,但总得小心提防。刑场这种地方人流混杂,并不适合前去围观而且他对处刑也毫无兴趣。 Compared with this, he also has a more important matter to process. 比起这个,他还有更重要的事情要处理。 For example army. 例如军队。 Attacked and occupied the Kingdom Capital casualties result to obtain detailed statistics finally, the First Army altogether 33 people had sacrificed, this was founds an armed force later loses most serious one time. Although they have routed the several fold Yu Ji enemy, but still expose in the street fighting had many problems, main opens the room firepower insufficient these casualties mostly suddenly to run out from street both sides common people residence by the crazy bodyguard enters in the formation to cause. If can equip some spear|guns to throw high explosive shell or bangalore torpedo, demolition suspicious house while advances, the casualties can definitely drop much. 攻占王都的伤亡结果终于得到了一个详实的统计,第一军总共有33人牺牲,这是建军之后损失最严重的一次。尽管他们击溃了数倍于己的敌人,但在巷战中仍暴露出了许多问题,最主要的就是拆房火力不足这些伤亡者大多都是被狂化侍卫从街道两旁的民居中突然冲出杀入队列里导致的。如果能装备一些枪投榴弹或者爆破筒,一边拆除可疑房屋一边推进的话,伤亡肯定能下降不少。 Moreover is the joining the army population, 3000 people of First Army can definitely sweep away entire Greycastle now, but wanted to achieve to overcome one then to seize one quite to have too many problems to tackle. After attacking and occupying Kingdom Capital, at least must leave behind 500 people to keep the order, in addition following Fallen Dragon Ridge and southern region, the army scale insufficiently deals with the public security war extremely obviously...... The expansion of armaments is further imperative. 另外便是从军人数,一支3000人的第一军现在完全可以横扫整个灰堡,但想要做到打下一处便占领一处就颇为捉襟见肘了。攻占王都后至少要留下500人维持秩序,加上接下来的坠龙岭和极南境,军队规模显然不够应付治安战的……进一步扩军势在必行。 Roland comforting and aiding a bereaved family after the expansion of armaments plan writes down gives personal guard outside study room, ordering him to have the instruction to return to Neverwinter City, City Hall will complete the following all. 罗兰把抚恤和扩军方案写下来后交给书房外的亲卫,命令他带着指令返回无冬城,市政厅会完成接下来的一切。 Afterward the prince transferred to the vision small noble this community. 随后王子把目光移到了小贵族这个群体上。 They do not have the strength to control the forces of nature politically, intellectual but who everyone can be considered as the last present age, longs for opportunity Kingdom Capital original big ticket ministers who obtains the promotion were swept clear cleanly, does not deport detains toward Neverwinter mining site serves a prison sentence, now has vacated large quantities of positions. Wish enabled Kingdom Capital still to revolve normally, making them work for oneself is to save the manpower the best method. 他们没有实力在政治上呼风唤雨,但每个人都能算得上当代的知识分子,也渴望获得晋升的机会王都原先的一大票大臣都被清扫干净,不是驱逐出境就是押往无冬矿区服刑,现在空出了大批位置。想要让王都仍能正常运转,让他们为自己效力是节省人力的最好方法。 Barov mingles among for many years in Kingdom Capital, in some acquaintances, are organized temporary management agency to select by him surely forcefully are much more effective. 巴罗夫王都混迹多年,这里面必定有不少熟人,由他来组织一个临时的管理机构比自己强行选取要有效得多。 Naturally, to being determined to hire oneself own small noble to entrust with an important task can also increase their enthusiasm, Hugo is the example that Roland selects. 当然,对决心投靠自己的小贵族委以重任也能增加他们的积极性,约寇就是罗兰挑出来的榜样。 For serveral days, he considered this finally old friend destination. 这些天,他终于考虑好了这位“老朋友”的去处。 ...... …… Hugo steps into the study room to scream to shout, „, you have killed these god sticks unexpectedly, had not expected that the evil epidemic disease that did not fall was really this fellows puts unexpectedly, when Ferry High Priest acknowledged guilt personally I have not been able to believe that discredited to gods simply! Now the people in square are extolling your name, said for six months ago you have saved them.” 约寇一踏进书房就大声嚷嚷道,“天哪,您居然真把那些神棍给一个不落的干掉了,没料想到邪疫竟然真是这帮家伙放出来的,费礼大祭司亲口认罪时我还不敢相信,简直是给神明抹黑!现在广场上的群众都在赞颂您的名字,说六个月前正是您拯救了他们。” Roland smiled, the news that this is Tasa arranges Mouse that spreads beforehand, with six months ago the refugees rescue just right around echoes in the same place, thinks that can play the good propaganda effect. As for extolled own name with one voice, most likely was the Hugo flatter. 罗兰笑了笑,这都是塔萨事先安排好的老鼠所放出的消息,和六个月前的难民营救正好前后呼应在一起,想必能起到不错的宣传效果。至于齐声赞颂自己的名字,十有八九是约寇的马屁。 He has not exposed, but advances in front of a fine sheepskin letter the opposite party. 他也没有点破,而是将一封精美的羊皮信推到对方面前。 Has a look at this.” “看看这个。” Hugo launches the letter paper, just looked at two, the eye stared round, you...... Do you want to send me to be Ambassador Greycastle?” 约寇展开信纸,刚看了两眼,眼睛已瞪圆了,“您……您要派遣我当灰堡大使?” Right, resident that” the Roland nod said that appoints the letter, scepter and seal to have it all, does the station in Dawn Kingdom Capital Shining Light City, you think how is it?” “没错,常驻的那种,”罗兰点头道,“委任信、权杖、印章一应俱全,驻地就在晨曦王都辉光城,你觉得怎么样?” This is the answer that he ponders gets takes Kingdom Capital quite famous " Magic Hand " , sounds as if incomparable old-style fan device, but in fact is not good wind to comment, was the same with past Fourth Prince. 这是一个他左思右想才得到的答案作为王都颇有名气的「魔手」,听起来似乎无比拉风,但实际上并不是一个好风评,就跟过去的四王子一样。 No one hopes own spouse is unfaithful, these noble are also same, their wives and other people fool around, if no scene to hold, who asked them also everywhere to seek pleasure, lingers just all these in secret carries on the brothel taverns. 谁都不希望自己头上戴绿,那些贵族也一样,他们的夫人跟其他人鬼混,如果没现场抓住也就罢了,谁叫他们自己也到处寻欢作乐,流连于妓院酒馆之间只不过这一切都是暗中进行的。 If places Hugo in a key position, or makes Magic Hand enter City Hall blatantly, the influence is hard to forecast simply...... Perhaps all noble and rich merchants must worry that their wives can publicize to Hugo eject apricot, but these itself may while this opportunity following him upward crawl with the female who Hugo commits fornication, these are not Roland want to see. 若将约寇安置在一个重要位置上,或者公然让魔手进入市政厅,影响简直难以预测……所有贵族和富商恐怕都得担心他们的夫人会不会公开向约寇抛出杏枝,而那些本身就和约寇有染的女子或许会趁此机会顺着他往上爬,这些都不是罗兰想看到的。 Therefore puts the overseas to go is the most appropriate choice, the kingdom ambassador and mobile envoy group are different, its status and count quite, opposite party King also will treat with good manners. The reputation is resounding, propaganda effect first-class, oneself do not need to grant fief, will not make other people feel alarmed and anxious. 所以放到国外去是最合适的选择,王国大使和流动的使者团不同,其地位与伯爵相当,对方国王也会以礼相待。名头响亮,宣传效果一流,自己无需赏赐封地,亦不会让其他人担惊受怕。 Made him damage Dawn to be good, heard that side noble female had the character and style . Moreover the female was specially outstanding, perhaps he can also rush out a stretch of new world. 就让他去祸害晨曦好了,听说那边的贵族女子别有风情,而且女性特别出众,说不定他还能闯出一片新天地。 Hugo also settled on this point obviously, he kneels down without hesitation, the facial expression returns to say excitedly, I...... No, the feudal official wants!” Probably for fear that Roland reneges on a promise general. 约寇显然也看中了这一点,他毫不犹豫地下跪,神情激动地回道,“我……不,臣愿意!”好像生怕罗兰反悔一般。 That like this has decided that” Roland said with a smile, before set off, I will arrange the etiquette officer to train you well one.” “那就这样决定了,”罗兰笑道,“在出发之前,我会安排礼仪官好好培训你一番的。” Except that places outside Hugo, he also truly needs to leave behind his manpower in Dawn, with the aim of understanding that the condition in neighboring country, simultaneously supervises the opposite party to fulfill the treaty of alliance, resists Church together. 除开安置约寇外,他也确实需要在晨曦留下自己的人手,以便了解邻国的状况,同时督促对方履行盟约,共同对抗教会
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