RTW :: Volume #12

#1131: The third virtue study

Thinks begins, after Roland leaves Border Town No.3, immediately went to the ammunition factory. 想到就动手,罗兰离开第三边陲城后立刻去了弹药工厂。 Although Anna at this moment not in Neverwinter, but his tentative plan, if right, some transformation only existing technologies can also be completed. 尽管安娜此刻不在无冬,但他的设想若没错的话,这部分改造单凭现有技术也能完成。 Or only then this, it has the value of large-scale production. 或者说,只有这样,它才具备大规模生产的价值。 Enters factory surrounded by personal guard, the workers who does not prepare knelt down immediately a piece, has filled with the pleasantly surprised and excited atmosphere on the spot. Is looking at everybody's frantic look, at this time Roland realized that own behavior was too perhaps impulsive, since came, he also has to make the best of a bad situation, the tour of experiment will take advantage of opportunity to turn into journey of the salute inspection. 亲卫的簇拥下走进工厂,毫无准备的工人们顿时跪倒了一片,现场充满了惊喜与激动的气氛。望着大家狂热的眼神,此时罗兰才意识到自己的行为或许太冲动了点,不过既然已经来了,他也只好将错就错,将试验之行顺势变成了一场慰问视察之旅。 Makes the workers who the imposing manner surges upward return to the post with great difficulty, he tells responsible humanity immediately, in most skilled the section chief the factory called, I had a thing to trial produce.” 好不容易让气势高涨的工人们回到岗位,他立刻吩咐负责人道,“把厂里最熟练的工长叫来,我有件东西想要试制。” Yes, Your Majesty!” “是,陛下!” The principle of tracer shell is not complex, simply speaking hollows out the ball bullet, and fills in the light producing composition and supporter of combustion and retards gunpowder, uses the liner and aluminum tinsel seal again. When the bullet was fired, the propellant combustion gas can break through the tinsel, the ignition retards gunpowder, until making light producing composition combustion, ultimately forms the bright contrail. 曳光弹的原理并不复杂,简单来说就是将实心弹头挖空,并填入发光剂、助燃剂与延迟火药,再用尾管和铝箔片封口。子弹被击发时,发射药燃气会冲破箔片,点燃延迟火药,直至令发光剂燃烧,最终形成明亮的尾迹。 Regarding various apperception industry complete later generations, this adds a production line the issue, but changes into industrial project extremely imbalanced Neverwinter City, obviously very much had a headache. The light producing composition generally is the mixture of strontium nitrate, the magnalium powder and barium peroxide, this means that if thinks the industrial production lines of these types of chemical compounds the large-scale production tracer shell, must first attack and capture. But oneself domain the industry at any level, Roland naturally is well aware until now, Ministry of Chemistry does not dare saying that certainly can satisfy the machinegun ammunition supply of First Army, idle talk other. 对于各类化工业齐全的后世而言,这不过是多加一条生产线的问题,但换成工业项目极度不均衡的无冬城,就显然很头疼了。发光剂一般是硝酸锶、镁铝粉和过氧化钡的混合物,这意味着若想大规模生产曳光弹,首先要攻克的这几种化合物的工业生产线。而自家地盘的化工业处在什么水平,罗兰自然心知肚明直到现在,化工部也不敢说一定能满足第一军的机枪弹药供应,更遑论其他了。 What the heads quickly asked an artisan somewhat to stem from him to anticipate, the opposite party was not the hair gray and trembling old man, but was age about 25-26 young adults. Under his kneeling on one knee, salutes to say just like Knight excitedly generally that Your Majesty, what has to be able for you to work for?” 负责人很快找来了一名工匠有些出乎他意料的是,对方并非头发花白、颤颤巍巍的老者,而是一位年纪二十五六左右的青壮年。他激动地单膝跪下,宛如骑士一般行礼道,“陛下,请问有什么能为您效力的?” Roland responded immediately that right, Neverwinter City entered the machinery production time, the learning capability stronger younger generation was becoming the industrialization tide main army, this was also the handicraft workshop the speed of picture technology advancement was hard to see surmounts the superiority that the age has brought, in front of the brand-new production tool, the past experience no longer was suitable. 罗兰随即反应过来,没错,无冬城已经进入了机械生产时代,学习能力更强的年轻一代正在成为工业化浪潮的主力军,这也是手工业作坊难以看到的景象技术进步的速度超越了年龄带来的优势,在全新的生产工具面前,过去的经验已不再适用。 Now wants to come, in factory busy most people about 20-30 years old, thinks that they have held the post of the important post on the key post, Greycastle's really will also be worth anticipating in the future. 现在想来,工厂里忙碌的大部分人都在二三十岁左右,想到他们已在关键岗位上担任要职,灰堡的未来还真是值得期待。 Roland nods satisfied, I want to increase a new thing on the bullet, you according to doing then it will be alright that I said.” 罗兰满意地点点头,“我想在子弹上添加点新东西,你按我说的做就行。” His idea is very simple, since stele will send out the dazzling ray when the fierce distortion, wants with the aid of the gunpowder fuel gas impulse, perhaps then can realize the similar tracer effect. 他的想法很简单,既然“石碑”在剧烈变形时会发出耀眼的光芒,那么只要借助火药燃气的冲击力,或许便能实现同样的曳光效果。 The concrete principle and punch press are similar in the warhead truncate Hulukou that tightens gradually, the base fills in a light stele slice, when the bullet launches, the fuel gas of inflation will extrude in the slice Hulukou directly. As a result of existence of middle bayonet socket, even if after the bullet leaves the chest cavity, the slice does not have the means to return to the original condition, is equal to is at the reduction condition, thus sends out the ray unceasingly, till exhausting electric potential. 其具体的原理和冲压机类似在弹头内部削出一个逐渐收紧的葫芦口,底部填上一层薄薄的石碑切片,当子弹发射时,膨胀的燃气将直接把切片挤压进葫芦口中。由于中间卡口的存在,即使子弹出膛后,切片也没办法恢复原状,相当于一直处在缩小状态,从而不断发出光芒,直到耗尽电势为止。 Explained slightly several, understood to the convenience completely his intention, and acknowledges. 稍微解释了几句,对方便完全明白了他的意图,并一口应诺下来。 Has separated merely for day, a test validation report has delivered to the desk head of Roland. 仅仅隔了一天,一份验证报告就送到了罗兰的办公桌头。 The result showed that this method is truly feasible, after the attempt, transformed successfully 20 sends the bullet to be able to see the obvious flash repeatedly, barrage has left behind a clear light mark before the people. 结果证明,该方法确实可行,在多次尝试后,改造成功的20来发子弹皆能看到明显的闪光,弹幕在众人面前留下了一条清晰可辨的光痕。 He cannot help but is encouraged! 他不由得大为振奋! Since could not see the night fighting of fire point of descent throughout is the big soft rib of First Army stronghold tactic, even if uses the flare, wants to issue the daytime fire level in the pale yellow lighted condition still difficult incomparable. Moreover moves the words of airplane the machine gun, this issue will be only more conspicuous, even if ten thousand li (0.5km) non- cloud cloudless day, the pilot likely does not know where one projected on the bullet. If can realize the instruction effect with so simple method, is of great advantage to forthcoming War of Divine Will without doubt. 一直以来,看不到射击落点的夜战始终是第一军要塞化战术的一大软肋,哪怕用上照明弹,想在昏黄的光照条件下达到白天的射击水平依然困难无比。另外把机枪搬上飞机的话,这一问题只会更突出即使是万里无云的晴天,飞行员很可能也不知道自己把子弹打到哪里去了。若能用如此简单的方法实现指示效果,对即将到来的神意之战无疑大有好处。 Let alone because the traditional tracer shell the light producing composition consumes unceasingly, the weight and center of gravity will change, eventually causes the deviation of trajectory, therefore at the beginning of it appears on the market, has „the tracer shell hit words, means other bullets have not hit view. But the use cannot consume stele fragment as indicating lamp, the performance the conventional routes is on the contrary more outstanding, so long as lengthens the body slightly, the flight characteristics of new tracer shell can the normal bullet be almost the same. 何况传统曳光弹由于发光剂不断消耗,重量和重心都会发生变化,最终导致弹道的偏离,因此在其面世之初,也有着“曳光弹命中的话,就意味着其他子弹没有打中”的说法。而利用不会消耗的“石碑”碎片作为指示灯,性能反倒比传统方法更优秀只要稍微加长弹身,新型曳光弹的飞行特性就能正常子弹相差无几。 Some only issue only remaining Extreme Southern Region many stele may for using. 唯一的问题只剩下极南境到底有多少“石碑”可供使用了。 ...... …… One week later, the desert ruins two finders arrived in the shoal harbor. 一周后,沙漠遗迹的两位发现者抵达了浅滩海港。 In the reception room, Roland inquired they in the marvelous sight that under the water tunnel discovers. 在会客厅中,罗兰重新询问了一遍他们在水洞下所发现的奇景。 Their answer also approximately and content in report consistently before bitter experience iron armor great scorpion, their exploration distance only several hundred meters, but so-called stele wall rear area has anything, knows nothing completely. 两人的回答也大致和报告中的内容一致在遭遇铁甲巨蝎之前,他们的探索距离仅有数百米,而所谓的“石碑墙”后方有什么,完全一无所知。 In other words, they see stele very possible is only a small part. 换句话说,他们看到的“石碑”很可能只是其中的一小部分。 After all infers according to the mural, can make the blood gather the remains of rivers, the quantity should be not infrequent is right. 毕竟按照壁画来推断,能令血液汇聚成河流的遗体,数量应该不在少数才对。 Moreover Sandpeople Simbad description of a little made him care, that was the environment in cavern just like the Silver River oasis, the flower of god's envoy even presented in the hearsay vanished. 另外沙民辛巴迪的有一点描述令他十分在意,那就是洞穴里的环境宛如银川绿洲,甚至出现了传闻中已经绝迹的神使之花。 If once broad prairie were really degenerates the desert because of departure of Three Gods envoy, then the Endless Cape underground should be no exception to be right. 如果曾经的广阔草原真是因为三神使者的离开而退化成沙漠,那么无尽海角的地下应该也不例外才对。 Perhaps is passes on a message itself to have the deviation, or there is also hiding other profound and abstruse principles. 或许是传言本身存在偏差,又或者那里还隐藏着别的玄机。 He wanted to dig up that desert to come to see impatiently. 他已经迫不及待想要挖开那片沙漠来看一看了。 After asking situation, Roland kept the fjord people alone. 问完情况后,罗兰将峡湾人单独留了下来。 Your diving attire is very interesting, discovery ruins also sufficiently always remembers the annals,” he drank tea leisurely, to be honest, saw that you can apply flexibly Steam engine in the innovation, really makes me feel that somewhat surprisedly must know most people buy it to illuminate the use to be difficult, sends out the technical personnel who to carry on the direction without the factory the words, they can only stand in the one side are in a daze, not to mention began to transform. The only this ability, your half foot stepped the life-long honor explorer award platform.” “你的潜水装束很有意思,发现的遗迹也足以铭记史册,”他慢慢悠悠地喝了口茶,“老实说,看到你能将蒸汽机活用在新发明上,实在让我感到有些惊讶要知道大多数人买下它连照着使用都困难,没有工厂派出的技术人员进行指点的话,他们就只能站在一旁发愣,更别提动手改造了。单凭这份能力,你的半只脚就已经踏上了终生荣誉探险家的奖台。” Many, many thanks your praise,” the Rex excited [say / way], I also spent six months to find out to control its principle. If you need, I can first supply the diving attire for you, a price concession point do not have issue completely “多、多谢您的赞誉,”雷克斯激动道,“我也是花了半年时间才摸清楚控制它的原理。如果您需要的话,我可以优先为您供应潜水装束,价格优惠一点也完全没问题” No, you have misunderstood, I do not need your diving attire,” Roland shows a faint smile, so long as in fact I think, can definitely make well comes.” “不,你误会了,我并不需要你的潜水装束,”罗兰微微一笑,“事实上只要我想,完全能做出更好的来。” Rex blinked, as if had not expected that can obtain such reply. He twists the mouth sidewise the corners of the mouth awkwardly, is to squeeze a smiling face to come likely, Your Majesty......” 雷克斯眨了眨眼,似乎没料想会得到这样的回复。他尴尬地咧开嘴角,像是想要挤出一个笑容来,“陛下……” But Roland has broken him directly, perhaps you thought that I was boasting, but that does not matter. Truly what I want is Wonder Objects Society.” 罗兰直接打断了他,“你也许觉得我在吹嘘,不过那无所谓。我真正想要的是奇物会。” The opposite party cannot help but was shocked, I...... Does not understand your meaning......” 对方不由得愣住了,“我……不明白您的意思……” I know that you want certificate anything, but I can help to realize this point.” Roland direct authorities, world studying between of sage has two types: Observes the stars abandons the former not to discuss with alchemy that I thought the matter and alchemy that not essential difference you do, creates the new thing for humanity. Why then cannot regard studying of third sage strange Wu, and establishes with it phase contrast industry association?” “我知道你想要证明什么,而我可以帮实现这一点。”罗兰直截了当道,“天下间的贤者之学有两种:观星与炼金抛开前者不谈,我觉得你们所做的事和炼金并无本质区别,都是为人类创造出新的事物。那么为什么不能把奇物当成第三种贤者之学,并建立起与之相衬的行业协会呢?” Rex's breath is suddenly rapid, he has realized the meaning in these words suddenly, if changes the making farewell speech person this saying, he will only think that is makes up wild stories and even taunts. And observes the stars to form association compared with the illustrious alchemist association, Wonder Objects Society is nothing to speak of the start. But King of Greycastle is different, by his fame and momentum, this is not an absolutely impossible matter. 雷克斯的呼吸陡然急促起来,他猛然意识到了这番话里的含义如果换作别人来说这话,他只会觉得是胡诌、甚至是嘲讽。比起赫赫有名的炼金师协会和观星结社,奇物会压根就不值一提。但灰堡之王不同,以他的名望和声势而言,这并不是一件绝无可能的事。 He has swallowed a saliva, felt that own throat somewhat is hoarse, that...... What is the price?” 他咽了口唾沫,感到自己的嗓子都有些沙哑起来,“那……代价是什么?” Since the opposite party planned that helps Wonder Objects Society rectify names, has not attempted on impossible. 对方既然打算帮助奇物会正名,就不可能没有所图。 All these.” “这一切。” What......?” “什么……?” cough cough, no, I mean, you will work for me.” Roland settles the throat clear, sends here Neverwinter City, becomes a Greycastle's member. All research results belong to all my, including power of sale and right of use. But you will obtain the honor and wealth, as well as more ideal research environment.” 咳咳,不,我的意思是,你们将为我效力。”罗兰清了清喉咙,“迁来无冬城,成为灰堡的一份子。所有的研究成果都归于我所有,包括销售权和使用权。而你们会获得荣誉和财富、以及更理想的研究环境。” I......” Rex do not know for a while should answer be how good. The thing that they create although was despised with the criticism, but that good and evil is similar to own child is ordinary, perhaps like this delivers to others' words, in Wonder Objects Society has the most people not to be willing to comply. “我……”雷克斯一时不知道该怎么回答才好。他们创造出来的东西虽然饱受轻蔑与批评,但那好歹如同自己的孩子一般,就这样交予别人的话,奇物会里恐怕有大半人都不愿答应。 I know that this needs to consider seriously, you return to the rest the place to think first well.” Roland stands up, advances his front a side book, three days later answered then it will be alright to me.” “我知道这需要郑重考虑,你先回休息的地方好好想一想吧。”罗兰站起身来,将身旁的一本书推到他的面前,“三天后给我答复就行。” Your Majesty, this is......” Rex holds the book, asked puzzled. 陛下,这是……”雷克斯捧起书,不解地问道。 You discover the reward of ruins.” He raises corners of the mouth answer to say. “你发现遗迹的奖赏。”他扬起嘴角回答道。
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