RTW :: Volume #11

#1069: The name of Aerial Knight

Neverwinter City, flight training ground. 无冬城,飞行训练场。 Quick, quick! Walks a bit faster, maintains the balance of body!” “快,快!走快点,保持身体的平衡!” Your leg is simply weaker than baby!” “你的腿简直比婴儿还弱!” Direction, pays attention to your direction!” “方向,注意你的方向!” Hello, where do you toward walk? I should put a row of brazier by the aisle.” “喂,你往哪里走?我真该在走道两边放排火盆。” Feels nauseated one side to spit, does not feel nauseated on the plank, otherwise licks to me cleanly!” “要吐到一边去吐,不要吐在木板上,否则就给我舔干净!” Next, Gourd!” “下一个,古德!” Has!” Gourd hit to startle immediately, his took a deep breath, before arriving at a swivel chair, sat down. “有!”古德顿时打了个激灵,他深吸口气,走到一张转椅前坐下。 Teacher Hawk Face that callous face has also mapped in his eyes. 教官鹰面那张冷酷的脸也映入了他眼中。 Even if merely is only looking at each other, Gourd will also feel that is afraid to hear the opposite party is the Northern Lands garrison commander, after taking turns, returns to Neverwinter City, nonstop and participated in the army internal verification, and becomes in Aerial Knight reserve forces. This means that he not only has experienced the war of Church, but also gave up originally the proper vacation, joins in the brand-new training. 哪怕仅仅只是对视,古德也会感到不寒而栗听说对方原本是北地驻军指挥官,轮换后回到无冬城,马不停蹄地又参加了军队内部的审核,并成为空骑士预备队中的一员。这意味着他不仅经历过教会之战,还放弃了原本应有的假期,投身到全新的训练中来。 In other words, the opposite party is that type ruthlessly to others, to the also ruthless role. 换句话说,对方是属于那种对别人狠、对自己也狠的角色。 Stared by such person, he only thinks the great stress. 被这样的人盯上,他只觉得压力巨大。 Just held on to your hat, two partner [gold/metal] and hinds with team has then encircled. 刚一坐稳,同队的两名伙伴芬金和海因兹便围了上来。 On their faces, Gourd saw sought the fortunate facial expression. 在他们脸上,古德看到了自求多福的神情。 Then the chair fast was transferred 接着椅子被飞快地转了起来 After this is his joining reserve forces, the most headachy training: Before the swivel chair, is suspending one five meters, the palm wide plank, calls over -bridge. But they must be transferred the first half minute, walks again from the plank. 这是他加入预备队后,最让人头痛的一项训练:转椅前摆着一根五米长、手掌宽的木板,称之为天桥。而他们得被转上半分钟,再从木板上走过去。 Matter that usually everyone can achieve easily, from now on becomes in revolving entirely different, the body as if lost the center of gravity, the world has been swaying, let alone walks over -bridge, maintained the station posture is not an easy matter. Usually Hawk Face is divided into one group ten trainings, result worst will be imposed cleans restroom and cuts weed and so on penalty, or transfers one when the weekend rest continuously all day. 平时谁都能轻易做到的事情,在旋转过后变得截然不同起来,身体仿佛失去了重心,天地都在摇晃,别说是走天桥了,就连保持站姿都不是一件易事。通常鹰面把十次训练分为一组,成绩最差的则会被处以“打扫厕所”、“剪出杂草”之类的惩罚,或是在周末休息时连续转上一整天。 Gourd has tried one time. 古德就试过一次。 Other result people in joyful when is having the supper, he has vomited place in the dormitory. 结果其他人都在快乐的吃着晚餐时,他在宿舍里呕吐了一地。 The so awful experience, he does not want to come the second time again. 如此糟糕的经历,他不想再来第二次了。 Stops!” “停!” Along with issuing an order, the chair of revolving was pressed to stop by the companion suddenly, Gourd bears wallop on the dizzy feeling of brain, jumped down from the chair. 随着一声令下,旋转的椅子被同伴骤然按停,古德忍住猛冲上大脑的晕眩感,从椅子上跳了下来。 Quick! Be not gawking, walks!” “快!别愣着,走起来!” He clenches the teeth, raises the line of sight, sway steps the plank, walks toward another end after ten days of practices, he had discovered a small knack, that is then staring at an under foot instead easier jitter, might as well faces up to the front, controls the footsteps with body memory. 他咬紧牙关,抬高视线,摇摇晃晃地踏上木板,朝另一端走去经过十来天的练习,他发现了一个小诀窍,那便是盯着脚下反而更容易失稳,还不如正视前方,用身体记忆去控制脚步。 When the sole transmits the solid touch, Gourd realized that he walked this over-bridge. 当脚底传来坚实的触感时,古德才意识到,自己已经走完了这段天桥。 Good and good fierce......” “好、好厉害……” Unexpectedly one step has not failed!” “居然一步都没有落空!” „Is this first one chapter?” “这还是头一回吧?” Has resounded a discussion sound immediately. 身后顿时响起了一片议论声。 He has turned round, looks to Hawk Face, but latter also rare has raised the corners of the mouth, good, it seems like you are not incurable.” 他回过身去,望向鹰面,而后者也少见的扬起了嘴角,“不错,看来你们也不是无可救药。” „!” Teacher paused, the expression changes, „the person truly passes to today, this result is in all classes worst one! Your Highness Tilly said that Aerial Knight is ten thousand li (0.5km) selects one, if you do not want to be brushed by the whole staff, forever does the grocery on the ground, spunks up to me, doubles to practice to rest for five minutes, then comes one group!” “不过!”教官顿了顿,语气一变,“到今天才有一个人真正通过,这成绩是所有班里最差的一个!提莉殿下说了,空骑士是万里挑一,如果你们不想被全员刷下,永远在地上干些杂货,就给我打起精神来,加倍去练习休息五分钟,然后再来一组!” Everybody has exuded sound of the wailing immediately. 大家顿时发出了一片哀嚎之声。 Hello, how do you achieve?” [gold/metal] gathers in front of Gourd, winks to say. “喂,你是怎么做到的?”芬金凑到古德面前,挤眉弄眼道。 Remembers the scope of taking a step, imagination not dizzily, according to usually such walks on the line.” “记住迈步的幅度,假想自己并没有晕眩,按平常那样走就行。” „Can this also the imagination?” The hinds also followed, that was not equal to that is deceiving itself?” “这还能假想的?”海因兹也跟了过来,“那不等于在骗自己吗?” These two are the Gourd same batch through the entrant of inspection, therefore then ripe winds a few days , the additional sky rides according to three people of one team of minute of laws turns over to them in the same place, now has almost become always being together ally. 这两人都是和古德同一批通过考核的报名者,因此没几天便熟络起来,加上空骑按照三人一队的分法将他们归在一起,现在几乎成了形影不离的“战友”。 You manage it to deceive, so long as can pass on the line.” Gourd has knocked the head, generally speaking, a more intelligent person is more difficult to deceive itself, you should be very easy to achieve are.” “你管它有没有骗,只要能通过就行。”古德敲了敲脑袋,“一般来说,越聪明的人越难欺骗自己,你们应该很容易做到才是。” Resulted,” [gold/metal] refused to accept saying that has not succeeded a time, looked that you were favorite.” “得了吧,”芬金不服道,“不就成功了一次而已吗,看把你得意的。” Makes a bet, later in one group, I can succeed three...... No, five times!” “打个赌呗,待会一组里,我能成功三……不,五次!” „The clothes that this week your must wash I wrapped!” “那你这周要洗的衣服我都包了!” „Do underpants also calculate?” “内裤也算?” „......” “呃……” Do not struggle first,” hinds digression said that what I want to know, practices these things to become on the ground Aerial Knight really?” “你们先别争了,”海因兹插话道,“我想知道的是,在地上练这些东西真的能成为空骑士吗?” They for a while becomes silent, this issue is also all preparation student consistent confusion. Anything walks over -bridge, the hoop, to distinguish the wind direction...... In the trained soldier, pours is more like a vaudeville. Princess's personal guidance also disappears, but teaches the method after the backbone of First Army, leads the group by them again. 两人一时哑然,这个问题也算是所有预备学员一致的困惑。什么走天桥、过滚轮、辨风向……与其说在培养战士,倒更像是一种杂耍。公主殿下的亲自教导也不见踪影,而是将方法传授给第一军的骨干后,再由他们来带班。 In addition the training is quite laborious, from early practiced late not saying that after at nightfall, must carry on centralized teaching, studied the read-write, if were not Your Highness Tilly has granted personally, only feared that most people will suspect the authenticity of announcement. 加上训练颇为辛苦,从早练到晚不说,入夜后还要进行集中授课,学习读写,如果不是提莉殿下亲口允诺过,只怕大部分人都会怀疑公告的真实性。 May the manner of teacher also very be severe, nobody dares to say face to face. 可偏偏教官的态度又十分严厉,以至于没人敢当面提出来。 Who knows that” some little time [gold/metal] shrugs, here meals is at least good, can eat the meat not to say daily that in the weekend also eats up.” “谁知道呢,”好一会儿芬金才耸了耸肩,“至少这里的伙食不错,能天天吃肉不说,周末还有加餐。” I to thinking...... Your highness impossible deceives us.” Gourd hesitates saying that on that day we did not obtain bag books, my younger sister told me, was called the flight theory anything's book...... The princess compiles. When we completely grasped the read-write, can perhaps know the significances of these practices.” “我到觉得……殿下不可能骗我们。”古德沉吟道,“那天我们不是得到了一袋子书本么,我的妹妹告诉我,有一本叫飞行原理什么的书……正是公主殿下编写的。等我们完全掌握了读写,或许就能知道这些练习的意义了。” You are very actually optimistic,” [gold/metal] grins to say. “你倒是挺乐观的,”芬金咧嘴道。 If everything does not think toward the advantage that I already died on the road of going into exile.” “如果凡事不往好处想,我早就死在流亡的路上啦。” Was good, relaxation time!” At this moment, the Hawk Face sound has covered whispering of all people instantaneously, comes lining up, practices one time according to the beforehand order again!” “好了,休息时间到!”就在这时,鹰面的声音瞬间盖过了所有人的交头接耳,“都过来排队,按之前的顺序再练一次!” Is......” everybody worn out [say / way]. “是……”大家有气无力道。 However the accident happened. 然而意外发生了。 The gate of training room was shoved open suddenly, wore the man of military uniform to walk Come in, was attached to the Hawk Face ear to speak several words. 训练室的门忽然被推开,一名身穿军装的男子走了进来,附在鹰面耳边说了几句话。 Hawk Face nods, after its line of military salutes, turns around to look to the people. 鹰面点点头,对其行军礼后,转身望向众人。 Congratulates you, the following practice cancels, you can then rest.” “恭喜你们,后续练习取消,你们可以接着休息了。” [gold/metal] and hinds relaxed, only had Gourd actually to turn very quiet has breathed him clearly to see a meaning unclear smiling face to the square features. Inside has to ridicule, teases, as well as...... Takes pleasure in others'misfortunes? 芬金和海因兹松了口气,唯有古德却屏住了呼吸他分明在对方脸上看到了一丝意味不明的笑容。里面有讥讽、有戏谑,以及……幸灾乐祸? But is not here.” Really, Hawk Face then said that do not think I do not know you were complaining anything in secret, what a pity by your pitiful brains, even if explained did not understand what is heard. However your good luck came the present opportunity, can make everybody witness the meaning of Aerial Knight this word representative.” “但不是在这里。”果然,鹰面接着说道,“别以为我不知道你们私底下在抱怨什么,可惜以你们那可怜的脑袋瓜,即使解释了也听不明白。不过你们的好运来了现在有一个机会,能让各位亲眼目睹到空骑士这一词代表的含义。” Aerial Knight...... True meaning? 空骑士的……真正含义? Gourd suddenly feels heartbeat the rapidness of somewhat. 古德突然感到心跳的有些快。 Comes with me,” Hawk Face has swept all people slowly, remembers that later be not frightened to urinate the pants on the line.” “跟我来吧,”鹰面缓缓扫过所有人,“记得待会别被吓尿了裤子就行。”
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