RP :: Volume #42

#73: Return

Su Xiao returns to the white small town, here region has turned into the ruins mostly, he comes this is to investigate this world's last secret, looks whether to gain some rewards. 苏晓重返白色小镇,这里多半区域已变成废墟,他来这是想探查这个世界最后的秘密,看能否获取些奖励。 Enters in the pale palace, Su Xiao sits on the throne of king of light, he soul of useless Devourer talent peeling feather god remembers before, this opportunity is very rare, the enemies of eight steps are dangerous, without grasping strips the soul to remember, will bring the unknown risk. 走进苍白宫殿内,苏晓坐在光之王的王座上,他之前没用噬灵者天赋剥离羽神的灵魂记忆,这种机会已经很难得了,八阶的敌人过于危险,在没有把握的情况下剥离灵魂记忆,会带来未知风险。 Side Su Xiao only follows Boubo woof and Baja, A' Mu recuperates in the residence in small town, as for moon/month spirit, after the written order of Su Xiao crumb king, the moon/month spirit confused was very long, finally Baja proposed, lets her following goddess sand tower is informed and experienced. 苏晓身旁只跟着布布汪与巴哈,阿姆在小镇的居所内休养,至于月灵,苏晓捏碎王之手令后,月灵迷茫了很久,最终巴哈提议,让她去跟着神女・沙塔耶历练。 sand tower of having a thing in the world has not rejected, had not agreed that in fact, regarding her of having a thing in the world, has moon/month of spirit to follow, is very good journey. 一无所有的沙塔耶没拒绝,也没同意,实际上,对于一无所有的她,有月灵跟着,是很不错的旅途。 In some sense, the moon/month spirit is invincible in this world, after Su Xiao leaves, she is the only member in white small town, as long as is a little sane, will not ask her to trouble. 从某种意义上来讲,月灵在这个世界内是无敌的,苏晓离开后,她就是白色小镇的唯一成员,但凡有一点理智,就不会找她麻烦。 The Kuwait multi- schools of thought will not allow this matter to happen, the situation just subsided, who annoys the white small town, they can first having a fit of bad temper, ambitious they, fear very much the white small town is active, ten thousand in January/one month has an accident spirit, the powerhouse who some may be called the disaster looks for them, they also rise. 科多学派不会允许这种事发生,局势刚平息,谁去惹白色小镇,他们会第一个炸毛,野心勃勃的他们,很怕白色小镇再度活跃,万一月灵出事,某个堪称天灾的强者找上他们,那他们还崛起个屁。 After Su Xiao leaves the dark star world, goddess sand tower is deserves strongest. 况且,在苏晓离开暗星世界后,神女・沙塔耶就是当之无愧的最强。 This is can only see outwardly, secretly soul empty shades in white small town, not only that who killed the moon/month spirit, a blacksmith will return to this world, the moon/month spirit is that blacksmith looks to grow up, the moon/month spirit of hour, arrives to grasp the beard of blacksmith mischievously, if the moon/month spirit were killed, the enraged blacksmith will make anything, no one knows. 这只是明面能看到的,暗地里还有白色小镇内的灵魂虚影们,不仅如此,谁把月灵杀了,一个铁匠会返回这个世界,月灵是那个铁匠看着长大的,小时的月灵,调皮到去抓铁匠的胡子,如果月灵被杀,被激怒的铁匠会做什么,没人知道。 Su Xiao sits on the throne, takes out Soul Crystal (Small), throws in the entrance to chew. 苏晓坐在王座上,取出一颗灵魂结晶(小),抛入口中嘴嚼着。 „The king of light, before you dissipate, there is an issue to ask you.” “光之王,在你消散前,有个问题想问你。” Su Xiao's finishes speaking, together the empty shadow in the front appears, is very fuzzy, can only see that the opposite party is dragging many chains behind. 苏晓的话音刚落,一道虚影在前方出现,很模糊,只能看到对方身后拖着很多锁链。 Attracts feather god Gera, is the female god.” “引来羽神・赫格拉的,是母神吧。” Ding the bell. 叮铃。 The chains collision sound transmits, the front empty shadow is hidden. 锁链碰撞声传来,前方的虚影隐没。 Prompt: You have found out by secret inquiry the riddle of arrival, you obtain 3 World's Origin.】 【提示:你已探知降临之谜,你获得三世界之源。】 Sees this prompt, Su Xiao knows that own speculation is correct, many years ago, the female god is this world's only Spiritual God, everyone believes in her, to her decree believes that does not doubt. 看到这提示,苏晓知道自己的推测是正确的,很多年前,母神是这个世界唯一的神灵,所有人都信奉她,对她的旨意坚信不疑。 After the king, Daxian and wolf spider/tarantula queen light appear, the person who believes in Ms. Yang god reduces suddenly, the female god has two choices, is gradually quiet, after being very long, dries up to fall from the sky because of the strength of belief, or, she removes the king, Daxian and wolf spider/tarantula queen light. 在光之王、大贤者、狼蛛女王出现后,信仰母神的人急剧减少,母神有两个选择,逐渐沉寂,很久之后,因信仰之力枯竭而陨落,又或者,她除掉光之王、大贤者、狼蛛女王。 Actually, that period the king, Daxian and the wolf spider/tarantula queen light are also not the good stubbles, they are the new group of powerhouses, has not looked wildly with the boldness, to this echelon, they also wants to become the Spiritual God, therefore they stared at the female god, concerned about several factors, they endured not to act. 其实,那个时期的光之王、大贤者、狼蛛女王也都不是善茬,他们是新一批的强者,没有野望与魄力,到不了这个梯队,他们也想成为神灵,所以他们盯上了母神,碍于多重因素,他们都忍着没出手。 The female god is very unwilling, she chose the latter, removes the king, Daxian and wolf spider/tarantula queen light, what is awkward, she most and spider queen fights to a draw, is completely not the opponent of king and Daxian light. 母神很不甘,她选择了后者,除掉光之王、大贤者、狼蛛女王,尴尬的是,她最多和蛛女王打个平手,完全不是光之王与大贤者的对手。 Since cannot be victorious, that seeks for the foreign aid, causes a crisis, making the floor king, Daxian and the wolf spider/tarantula queen light solve, three king Napa does not hope, must stand, when both sides spell the oil lamp is completely dry, the female god again acts, the time that restores the Spiritual God to rule. 既然打不过,那就寻找外援,制造一个危机,让台面上的光之王、大贤者、狼蛛女王去解决,三王哪怕不愿,也要站出来,当双方拼到油尽灯枯时,母神再出手,恢复神灵所统治的时代。 Where looks for the foreign aid is an issue, the female god sought was very long, she stared at Ancient god, please do not smile, the female god did this has the reason. 去哪找外援是个问题,母神寻找了很久,她盯上了古神,请不要笑,母神这样做是有原因的。 That period, this world Ancient god, only then tree god adulteration Ancient god, after the female god will set up the god hit half dead, is very disappointed, this degree? Ancient god? Too weak. 那个时期,本世界的‘古神’只有树神这冒牌古神,母神将树神打了个半死后,很失望,就这程度?古神?太弱了。 Was hammered a tree god bewilderedly, naturally is a lot of dirty tricks, it told the female god, ratio it stronger Ancient god, but needs to summon can invite. 被莫名其妙锤了一顿的树神,当然是一肚子坏水,它告诉母神,还有比它更强的古神,但需要召唤才能请来。 After the female god determines repeatedly, draws a conclusion, so long as controls the effort of good summon, through ancient Power of God of tree god, Ancient god that summoned is powerful enough, but could not be the degree of out-of-control. 母神多次确定后,得出一个结论,只要控制好召唤的力度,通过树神的古神之力,召唤来的古神足够强大,但达不到失控的程度。 Sets up the god as fake Ancient god, it can control this, after all the Ancient god energy of its within the body is real, sets up some god also own plans, it wants to become true Ancient god, swallows a Ancient god god body, is the most feasible way. 树神作为冒牌古神,它能把控这点,毕竟它体内的古神能量货真价实,树神也有自己的打算,它想成为真正的古神,吞噬一具古神的神躯,是最可行的方式。 After the female god and tree god discussed one, the two fitted in easily, decided, with all this business successfully concluded, turned over to the tree god by the Ancient god body at risk of life, the female god assumed full responsibility of this world the strength of belief. 母神与树神商议一番后,二者一拍即合,并决定,事成后,被拼死的古神躯体归树神,母神则包揽这个世界的信仰之力。 The two collected were very long, the prepare called the Ancient god ceremony, the female god dares to do that completely set up god's existence misleading, she always believes, Ancient god was only strength, other aspects had nothing, looked that the tree god knows, the opposite party was very long in this world, this world was also all right. 二者筹集了很久,布置好唤来古神的仪式,母神敢这么做,完全是被树神的存在误导,她始终认为,古神只是战力强,其他方面没什么,看树神就知道,对方在这个世界内很久了,这个世界也没什么事。 The ceremony was activated, according to normal condition development, the female god successful probability in over 50%, although this world will fully suffer the wound, she can actually become the final winner. 仪式被激活,按照正常情况发展,母神成功的概率在五成以上,虽说这个世界会饱受创伤,她却可以成为最终的胜者。 The keys of all issues, after Ms. Yu god and tree god activate the ceremony, seeking of prison dogs and followers who the feather god outside this world is avoiding the deep god, feather god fearless these prison dogs and followers, but if faces directly the deep god, it must die. 一切问题的关键,在于母神与树神激活仪式后,这世界外的羽神正躲避冥神的狱犬与信徒们的寻找,羽神无惧这些狱犬与信徒们,可如果直面冥神的话,它必死。 In this crucial point, the feather god induced the summon, that was a also not sucked in the world, traded to make the past, the feather god will not go, at present its situation is very bad, goes to that world to evade some time temporarily, was the good choice. 就在这个节骨眼,羽神感应到了呼唤,那是一个还未被吮吸的世界,换做以往,羽神不会去,眼下它的处境很糟,去那个世界暂避一段时间,是不错的选择。 Is so, the female god called feather god Gera, at that time, she knew anything is true Ancient god, the world dried up, in the sky did not have the light gloomily, after the life is putrefied, demented. 就是如此,母神唤来了羽神・赫格拉,也是在那时,她知晓了什么是真正的古神,世界枯竭,天空中暗淡无光,生灵被腐化后癫狂。 Let alone the female god, even/including Shushen regretted at that time, their is not calls an enemy, but invited a super big father, can overlook their existences. 别说母神,当时连树神都后悔了,他们这不是唤来一个敌人,而是请来了一个超级大爹,能俯视他们的存在。 The female god always believes, this belongs to her world, therefore she hugs is giving a try condition and feather god fight, cannot be victorious escape. 母神始终认为,这是属于她的世界,所以她抱着试试看态的度和羽神交手,打不过就逃。 As a result, the feather god possibly is felt that the Spiritual God energy flavor of female god is good, beats after her, closed/pass, when remains has nothing to do, slowly swallows. 结果是,羽神可能是感觉母神的神灵能量味道不错,将她击败后关了起来,留着无事可做时,慢慢吞噬。 The kings, Daxian and wolf spider/tarantula female capital light learn of this news, decided that saves the female god, although first half hostile, but is a world, to this situation, showing no external differences was the wise choice, Ancient god was too terrifying. 光之王、大贤者、狼蛛女王都得知这消息,决定去救母神,虽说之前半敌对,但都是一个世界的,到了这种情况,一致对外才是明智的选择,古神实在太恐怖。 Then the female god king Daxian wolf spider/tarantula queen was only educated, when fight, the seal ability that Daxian display, making the feather god have a tentative plan, if it by the seal, can the investigation of better circumvention deep god. 然后母神光之王大贤者狼蛛女王被教育了,战斗时,大贤者展现出的封印能力,让羽神有了一种设想,如果它被封印,就能更好的规避冥神的探查。 The feather god does not want to hurry to kill certainly, in this world famous blacksmith, done is too overdone, the blacksmith walks not to be wonderful. 羽神也不想赶紧杀绝,这个世界内有名铁匠,做的太过火,铁匠找上门就不妙。 The vessel training plan starts, actually to finally, the female gods, light kings, Daxian and wolf spider/tarantula female capital not feather god thorough seal, so long as the feather god thinks, can break through the seal momentarily. 容器培养计划开始,其实到了最后,母神、光之王、大贤者、狼蛛女王都没将羽神彻底封印,只要羽神想,随时能冲破封印。 After Su Xiao uses various methods, the feather god caused heavy losses, at that time the seal, the feather god had not really expected himself so to be hapless, successfully avoids the deep god, actually met Extinguisher. 苏晓用出各类手段后,羽神遭到重创,那时才真的出不了封印,羽神没料到自己会这么倒霉,成功避开冥神,却遇到了灭法者 The female god is all wicked outset, all lives believed her, believes her. 母神是一切恶的起始,原本所有生灵都相信她,信仰她。 From beginning to end, the king and wolf spider/tarantula female capital light said, they bear the consequences of evil acts, in fact also indeed so, if were not they were ambitious initially, peeped homing to see mother god the strength of Spiritual God, was insufficient to force to call Ancient god the female god, had because has the fruit. 从始至终,光之王与狼蛛女王都说,他们是自食恶果,实际上也的确如此,如果不是他们当初野心勃勃,窥探母神的神灵之力,也不至于将母神逼迫到唤来古神,有因才有果。 In other words, the female gods, light kings, Daxian and wolf spider/tarantula female capital are the wicked outset. 换句话说,母神、光之王、大贤者、狼蛛女王都是恶的起始。 When like just entered this world, World Synopsis prompt such: Do not be cheated by the representation, believes the thing, possibly is wicked outset. 就像刚进入这个世界时,世界简介提示的那样:‘不要被表象所蒙骗,坚信之物,可能才是恶的起始’。 Su Xiao is chewing Soul Crystal in mouth, the matter of this world had nothing to do with him, compares these secrets, he in this world obtained advantage, absolutely is the bumper crop, only existing Soul coin has 28730! Sur- treasure box with various item, digests these resources, his strength promotes a big truncation surely. 苏晓嘴嚼着口中的灵魂结晶,这个世界的事与他无关了,相比这些秘密,他在这个世界所得好处,绝对是大丰收,单是现有的灵魂钱币就有28730枚!外加宝箱与各类物品,将这些资源消化掉,他的实力必定提升一大截。 Even if eight step world, should not have such exaggerating income, here is the Revelation Paradise resources world, will therefore have the so exaggerating income. 哪怕是八阶世界,也不应该有这么夸张的收益,这里是天启乐园的资源世界,所以才会有如此夸张的收益。 The Su Xiao choice completes Main Mission, his body starts translucent, nearby Boubo woof and Baja are also so. 苏晓选择完成主线任务,他的身体开始半透明,一旁的布布汪与巴哈也是如此。 This time returns to Reincarnation Paradise, Su Xiao has many matters to do, before pledged that Lame Toad and matter of violent mouse, must complete while convenient, but how does not know the Pendragon (Saber) ache stickability. 这次回归轮回乐园,苏晓有不少事要做,之前承诺癞蛤蟆与暴鼠的事,要顺便完成,只是不知道呆毛王的疼痛忍受力如何。
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