RP :: Volume #42

#72: Final fire seed

In the dreamland world, Su Xiao walks in proliferating the main street of pit and on skeleton, the moon/month spirit follows in him behind, this time moon/month spirit cheeks swell up, the whole face writes was not being happy. 梦境世界内,苏晓走在遍布凹坑与尸骸的主街道上,月灵跟在他身后,此时的月灵脸颊肿起,满脸写着不高兴。 The soul elder escaped, escaped under the moon/month spirit and besieging of Bishop Noe. 灵魂长者逃了,在月灵与诺厄主教的围攻下逃了。 Moon/Month spirit, this matter is very normal, the branch multi- schools of thought this time died so many people, this matter, when sells Bishop Noe a favor.” “月灵,这事很正常,科多学派这次死了这么多人,这件事,就当卖诺厄主教个人情。” Baja opens the mouth, but also patted the next month spirit back of the head with the wing. 巴哈开口,还用翅膀拍了下月灵的后脑。 „?” “?” Moon/Month spirit eyeful confused looks at Baja, did not understand that the present situation, the soul elder escaped under her and besieging of Bishop Noe, is this normal condition? The Kuwait multi- schools of thought indeed died many people, but the soul elder escapes, what relations with selling Bishop Noe a favor has? 月灵满眼迷茫的看着巴哈,不理解现在的情况,灵魂长者在她与诺厄主教的围攻下逃了,这是正常情况?科多学派的确死了很多人,但灵魂长者逃掉,与卖诺厄主教个人情有什么关系? Sees moon/month spirit expression, Baja smiles, said: 看到月灵这种表情,巴哈笑了笑,说道: little moon spirits, you must understand a matter, this world is not the right and wrong is black white, are we a just side? That was natural, we won, no one will go into seriously branch multi- school of thought these years to do many broken matter.” “小月灵,你要懂一件事,这世界并非是非黑即白,我们是正义的一方?那当然了,我们胜了,没有谁会去深究科多学派这些年做过多少破事。” Un.” “嗯。” The moon/month spirit nod, these she understands, from the beginning, she knows that oneself both hands are stained with the blood, so long as is king and Sir White Night light/only order, she will carry out, correct or not, must after she carries out the order goes guilty. 月灵点头,这些她还是懂的,从一开始,她就知道自己的双手沾有鲜血,只要是光之王与白夜大人的命令,她就会执行,正确与否,要在她执行完命令后再去内疚。 I asked you, moon/month spirit, after this time matter, how can the branch multi- schools of thought?” “我问你,月灵,这次的事之后,科多学派会怎么样?” Will become the strongest influence? Should be such.” “会成为最强的势力?应该是这样的吧。” „ It is not, if the branch multi- schools of thought all extinguish the soul clock tower, not over one month, the branch multi- schools of thought will be beaten, annexed and disintegrated by other influences, at present the branch multi- school of thought loss is serious, if other influence unions, the big probability can beat them, the later several months of even several years, no one are many school of thought to need the soul clock tower to exist. “并不是,如果科多学派把灵魂钟塔全灭,不超一个月,科多学派就会被其他势力击垮、吞并、瓦解,眼下科多学派损失惨重,如果其他势力联合,大概率能击垮他们,之后的几个月甚至几年,没有人比科多学派更需要有灵魂钟塔存在。 The soul clock tower is the target of universal detestation, the branch multi- schools of thought can with the aid of putting down the soul clock tower is the reputation, seeks the favorable impression of many no camp powerhouse, and attracts them, as the matter stands, the branch multi- schools of thought will restore in a short time powerfully, holds one's ground, later eliminates possibly to threaten their influence. ” 灵魂钟塔是过街老鼠,科多学派可以借助扫平灵魂钟塔为名头,博取到很多无阵营强者的好感,并且吸纳他们,这样一来,科多学派会在短时间内恢复强盛,稳住阵脚,之后肃清可能威胁到他们的势力。” The Baja words, let the moon/month spirit understand present situation, right, in just now moon/month spirit Bishop Noe to fight of soul elder, was Bishop Noe lets escape the soul elder intentionally, the crafty rabbit died, the running dog boiled, today the soul clock tower all extinguishes in this, tomorrow is the branch multi- school of thought destruction day. 巴哈的一番话,让月灵理解了现在的情况,没错,在方才月灵诺厄主教对灵魂长者的交手中,是诺厄主教故意放跑灵魂长者,狡兔死,走狗烹,今天灵魂钟塔全灭在这,明天就是科多学派覆灭的日子。 The Kuwait multi- schools of thought need a mortal enemy, making other influences know, the branch multi- schools of thought could not become strongest that. 科多学派需要一个死敌,让其他势力知道,科多学派成不了最强的那个。 Is speaking in Baja, Bishop Noe walks from the opposite. 正在巴哈说话间,诺厄主教从对面走来。 Really is the field struggles hard, my was useless the old bones, dragging down the little moon worked.” “真是场苦战,我这把老骨头不中用了,拖累了小月灵。” Bishop Noe sighed, looked that showed the apology to the moon/month spirit vision. 诺厄主教叹息一声,看向月灵的目光透出歉意。 Snort ~ “哼~” The moon/month spirit raises a chin leaning head, said: Your heart is bad.” 月灵扬起下巴一偏头,说道:“你的心坏。” Hears this word, Bishop Noe looks the color of surprise, then looks to Su Xiao, finally anything had not said, his innermost thoughts are, that the little miss, you follows now, be more ruthless than my old codger. 听闻此言,诺厄主教面露诧异之色,转而看向苏晓,最终什么都没说,他的心里话是,小姑娘,你现在追随的这位,要比我这老不死更狠。 Su Xiao pauses in the dark square front, here ground proliferates the Dark Purple bloodstain and rotten meat, the whole body scar, the cloak only remains the half the form to stand erect together, sparks/Mars flutters from his within the body, is the sentencing team leader. 苏晓停步在幽暗广场前方,这里的地面上遍布暗紫色血迹与烂肉,一道全身伤痕,披风只剩半截的身影屹立,火星从他体内飘出,是处刑队队长。 The sentencing team teams leader have turned the head, saw that is Su Xiao comes this, he referred to the sky, actually he has known the answer, but actually wants to hear with one's own ears, particularly was said by Su Xiao personally. 处刑队队长转过头,看到是苏晓来此,他指了指天空,其实他已经知道答案,但却想亲耳听到,尤其是由苏晓亲自说出。 Had butchered Ancient god.” “已经宰了古神。” Su Xiao's finishes speaking, in the body of sentencing team leader no longer flutters sparks/Mars, he at risk of life the disassimilation female god who absorbs several hundred thousand people of souls, as the price, the fire of his life will soon extinguish. 苏晓的话音刚落,处刑队队长的身躯内就不再飘出火星,他拼死了吸收几十万人灵魂的异化母神,作为代价,他的生命之火即将熄灭。 In the sentencing team leader's inserts hand big sword in the ground, both hands according to the big sword terminal. 处刑队队长将手中的大剑插在地上,双手按在大剑末端。 Sees this, Bishop Noe the half step goes forward, inquired anything in a low voice, after the sentencing team teams leader nod, Bishop Noe pulls out a devil wood chest, and opens. 见此,诺厄主教快步上前,低声询问了些什么,处刑队队长点头后,诺厄主教才掏出一个小木匣,并打开。 In the chest that blood fog that a wisp brings sparks/Mars from sentencing team teams leader flutters, submerges to the devil wood chest, this is the final fire seed that the heresy sentencing team leaves behind. 一缕带着火星的血雾从处刑队队长的胸膛内飘出,没入到小木匣内,这是异端处刑队留下的最后火种。 Relax, all of sentencing team do not change, the new group of members, still stick to your principles, becomes branch multi- school of thought the sword of punishing crime, when one day, the branch multi- schools of thought also degenerate, your swords will wield to us.” “放心,处刑队的一切都不会变,新一批的成员,依然坚守你们的原则,成为科多学派的惩罪之剑,当有一天,科多学派也堕落,你们的剑将挥向我们。” Hears the words of Bishop Noe, the sentencing team leader of standing erect closes the eyes, he is very weary, must rest, in this death, regretless. 听闻诺厄主教的话,屹立的处刑队队长闭上双眼,他已经很疲倦,要休息了,在此永眠,无悔。 After tangled warfare nearly ten hours, constructs to ignite the flame mostly, being on the verge of death is moaning praying for rescue under the ruins, the smell of blood and burnt taste fill the air. 混战近十小时后,大部分建筑上都燃起火焰,濒死者在废墟下呻吟着求救,血腥味与焦糊味弥漫。 The fight has stopped, the result is, the member in soul clock tower had over 80% dead in battle, other escaped from the dreamland world, drew by the soul elder, the wild animal clan all extinguished, when they retreated, was regarded the cannon fodder by the soul elder. 战斗已经停止,结果为,灵魂钟塔的成员有八成以上战死,其余逃出梦境世界,被灵魂长者收拢,野兽族全灭,他们撤退时,被灵魂长者当成炮灰。 The Kuwait multi- schools of thought are also very miserable, the member died over 70%, almost everyone who lives is wounded. 科多学派也很惨,成员死了七成以上,活下来的几乎人人带伤。 In Bishop Noe the high-level direction and under many branch multi- schools of thought that the battlefield was swept clear carelessly, everyone removes to the dreamland world, tens of thousands unusualness this tangled warfare, after dying again, unusual strength that leaves behind, as well as distortion soul energy mixed in the same place, making the dreamland world change is especially dangerous. 在诺厄主教以及多名科多学派的高层指挥下,战场被草草清扫一番,所有人都向梦境世界外撤,几万名超凡者再此混战,死后留下的超凡之力,以及扭曲灵魂能量混杂在一起,让梦境世界变的格外危险。 Quick, everyone withdraws from the dreamland world, before the dreamland door, dozens branch multi- school of thought members with joint forces this front door closure, and build the multiple seals above. 很快,所有人都撤出梦境世界,梦境门扉前,几十名科多学派成员合力将这大门关闭,并在上面布设多重封印。 Bang, the dreamland door closure and being hidden, Su Xiao sees this secretly, according to the hand in hilt dangles, just now Bishop Noe voluntarily requests, shifts this entrance, shifts to the underground of Kuwait multi- school of thought headquarters, the branch multi- schools of thought become the guarding of dreamland door. 轰隆一声,梦境门扉关闭并隐没,苏晓看到这一幕后,按在刀柄上的手垂下,方才诺厄主教主动要求,将这入口转移,转移到科多学派总部的地下,科多学派成为梦境门扉的看守。 Moves the dreamland door, others cannot achieve this, goddess sand tower actually, so long as in the dreamland world unmanned disturbance, she as the true dreamland protector, shifts the dreamland door not to have the issue. 移动梦境门扉,其他人做不到这点,神女・沙塔耶却可以,只要梦境世界内无人干扰,她作为真正的梦境守护者,转移梦境门扉还是没问题的。 Bishop Noe does this doing a thankless job matter, is taking a stand, their branch multi- school of thought and Ancient god camp is absolutely irreconcilable! 诺厄主教之所以做这种吃力不讨好的事,是在表态,他们科多学派与古神阵营不共戴天! And tactful told Su Xiao and goddess sand tower, the branch multi- schools of thought must rise, do not do the matter. 并委婉的告诉苏晓与神女・沙塔耶,科多学派只是要崛起,不是要搞事。 Also Bishop Noe so, in his opinion, Su Xiao can extinguish the feather god no wonder, Su Xiao is the transportable disaster, slightly times sand tower, is extremely not affable existence. 也难怪诺厄主教如此,在他看来,苏晓能灭了羽神,苏晓就是可移动的天灾,稍次一些的沙塔耶,也是极不好惹的存在。 Today in the dreamland world all matters, cannot announce to the public, here has the strengths of too many danger with existing. 今天梦境世界内发生的所有事,都不能对外公布,这里有太多危险的力量与存在。 The average people do not need to know these, Ancient god has fallen from the sky, the average people must do, but with the time adapts to this situation, will not have the putrefication again, the land gradually will be fertile, can plant the fresh and tender fruits and vegetables, abundant grain, or the raising livestock cattle, ate one occasionally once the unthinkable meat, every morning Sun raised, in the evening fell, the civilians only need enjoy this stable and tranquil life. 普通人们无需知道这些,古神已陨落,普通人们要做的,只是随着时间而适应这一情况,不会再有腐化,土地会逐渐肥沃,能种出鲜嫩的蔬果,还有丰盈的谷物,又或是畜牧牛羊,偶尔吃上一顿曾经想都不敢想的肉食,每天早晨太阳升起,傍晚落下,平民们只需享受这安定且平静的生活。 In dreamland world all, dust-laden, here has the Ancient god energy of surviving, as well as after unusualness die , the unusual strength and soul strength of leaving behind, bloody aura that maps reverse from the inner world, these energies mixed in the same place, making the dreamland world the absolute forbidden area. 梦境世界内发生的一切,都将被尘封,这里有残存的古神能量,以及超凡者们死后留下的超凡之力与灵魂力量,还有从精神世界内反向映射出的血气,这些能量混杂在一起,让梦境世界成为绝对的禁区。 ...... …… East white small town, dozens kilometers, in a mine tunnel that a depth of the bottom. 白色小镇东侧,几十公里处,一条深达地底的矿坑内。 Su Xiao pauses in the mine tunnel most bottom, Boubo woof and Baja follow in him behind. 苏晓停步在矿坑最底部,布布汪与巴哈跟在他身后。 Is here right, did the heaven squad run?” “是这里没错,天堂小队跑路了?” Baja looks all around peripheral, saw the exposed light silver ore mineral lode, this mineral lode seems like that who can unearth, otherwise actually, after unearthing the light silver ore, must after the multiprocessing, otherwise the light silver ore the fluidization, will turn into the waste material in a short time. 巴哈环顾周边,看到了裸露的光银矿矿脉,这矿脉看似谁都可以挖掘,实则不然,挖掘光银矿后,要经过多重处理,否则光银矿会在短时间内液体化,变成废料。 Before Su Xiao examination, contract that draws up, contract has no issue, is still valid, according to the common sense said that the heaven squad should still mine in this place is right. 苏晓查看之前拟定的契约,契约没任何问题,依然有效,按常理讲,天堂小队应该还在此地挖矿才对。 Su Xiao lifts the arm, pulls up the sleeve cuff, before also temporary Revelation Paradise imprint on his arm, after he and Ancient god fights, suddenly vanishes. 苏晓抬起手臂,拉起袖口,之前还在他手臂上的临时天启乐园烙印,在他与古神战斗后,突然就消失。 Without receiving the silver ore, Su Xiao does not only feel disappointedly, before going to and Ancient god fights a decisive battle, he took advantage the neutral who this branch multi- school of thought assembles, changes the luggage to take light silver ore. 没收到光银矿,苏晓不感觉失望,去和古神决战前,他就趁这科多学派集结的空挡,改变行装来取过一次光银矿。 After the feather god fights a decisive battle, the Su Xiao's idea is, temporarily does not complete the Main Mission last point, later several days, obtain without labor up the silver ore in this, at present look like, this good deed did not have. 和羽神决战后,苏晓的想法是,暂不完成主线任务最后一环,之后的几天,就在这坐收光银矿,眼下看来,这种好事是没有了。 Su Xiao thinks that outside the mine tunnel walks, he in must catch one team of miners hesitant, coming to here to mine. 苏晓想矿洞外走去,他在犹豫要不要去逮一队矿工,来这里挖矿。 ...... …… At this time, four people of heaven squad, wants to know place that they are. 此时,天堂小队的四人,也想知道他们所在的地方是哪。 The cold air has fluttered, peripheral is climbing in the mine tunnel of cold frost, here temperature lowers to astonishingly. 寒气飘过,一处周边都攀着寒霜的矿洞内,这里的气温低到惊人。 Both hands that the prince, LaBelle, the old fish and black surface the male four people freeze hold the shoulder, four people of moods are compel ignorant, is digging the ore, suddenly was transmitted to this. 王子、贝儿、老鱼、乌面男四人都冻的双手抱肩,四人的心情是懵逼的,正挖着矿石,突然被传送到这来。 The prince four people of present must hurry to warm up, crosses a bit again, they will freeze to death, this puts on the protective gear, otherwise they must roll to extinguish in several seconds in this. 王子四人现在要赶紧取暖,再过一会,他们就会被冻死,这还是穿着防护装备,否则在几秒内他们就要团灭在这。 Sneeze ~ “啊嚏~” The sneeze sound transmits, prince four people of hears sound looks, is powder sends the young girl, the opposite party has not put on the protective equipment, here low temperature, only has eight step Contractor to dare so. 喷嚏声传来,王子四人闻声看去,是一名粉发少女,对方没穿防护装置,以这里的低温,只有八阶契约者敢如此。 „The Morey big shot, are you?” 莫雷大佬,你这是?” The prince recognizes Morey, Morey hints four people first let alone the words, she observes the situation peripheral, is very vigilant. 王子认得莫雷,莫雷示意四人先别说话,她环视周边,很警惕。 Morey frozen attracted the nasal mucus, she in the insect kingdom, is just now flying, suddenly arrived here that the advantage fishes. 莫雷冻的吸了吸鼻涕,她方才正在虫子王国,好处捞的飞起,突然就到了这里。 Morey flexure scratched the head, this plot complex, moreover without the captions, by the present, she still in the Mongolian circle, she wants to know, oneself by whose pit. 莫雷挠了挠头,这‘故事情节’过于复杂,而且还没有字幕,到了现在,她依然在蒙圈中,她很想知道,自己到底是被谁坑了。 Suddenly, Morey thinks of a possibility, her vision shifts to the prince four people, asked: Your four were, and a suspicious fellow signed contract!” 突然间,莫雷想到一种可能,她的目光转向王子四人,问道:“你们四个,是不是和一个可疑的家伙签了契约!” „? Right, bamboo slip.” “啊?啊,对对,签了。” Heard this word, Morey knows what's the matter, all these were the snares, that Incursio used the penalty policy, arrived here to work as the coolie several miner pits, she was the lying down spear/gun. 听闻此言,莫雷知道是怎么回事了,这一切都是圈套,那个入侵者利用了惩罚机制,将几名矿工坑到这里当苦力,她自己则是躺枪。 Morey determined oneself have not left the dark star world, here is one with the microcosm that the outside world isolates, without guessing wrong, that Incursio also in this! 莫雷确定自己还没离开暗星世界,这里是一处与外界隔绝的小世界,如果没猜错,那个入侵者也在这! White Night, comes out, we chatted.” 白夜,出来吧,我们谈谈。” The corners of the mouth of Morey turn upwards wipe the curve, by pit too multiple, she has completely understood all, the learned sentences in advance. 莫雷的嘴角翘起一抹弧度,被坑了太多次,她已经看透一切,学会预判。 Prompt: You have arrived in the dark star world Rin cold land features deep place, because of your supporting the enemy behavior, you must mine mineral lode 3 day in this, after completing the mining share, you will return to the underground kingdom( insect kingdom).】 【提示:你已抵达暗星世界・寒地脉深处,因你的资敌行为,你需在此开采矿脉三个自然日,完成开采份额后,你将返回地下王国(虫子王国)。】 The smile on Morey face solidifies, on the face just like burn down feels hot, she made a moment ago confused the behavior, the key point is, one side also people look! 莫雷脸上的笑容凝固,脸上宛如火烧般发烫,她刚才做出了迷惑行为,重点是,一旁还有人看着! The prince four people are slowing pace to withdraw, they felt, the Morey big shot in rumor, the spirit has the issue probably. 王子四人都在慢步退后,他们感觉,传言中的莫雷大佬,精神好像有问题。
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