RMJTIIW :: Volume #14

#1386: Victory or defeat 1 space

Han Li detected that this contradictory aura that filled to open, in the heart flashed through one to understand clearly. 韩立察觉到了这股弥漫而开的矛盾气息,心中闪过一丝了然。 Aura of that Heavenly Dao self implication, frank and upright, actually withers indifferently, regarding the world myriad things life, no pities. 那正是天道自身蕴含的气息,光明正大,却又冷漠肃杀,对于世间万物生灵,没有一丝怜悯。 Sees only the seven colors colored ribbon to graze into spatially given Bottle Spirit, stirs into the dark green sea of clouds like seven color long lines, subsequently seethed was breaking in the Primordial Chaos vortex. 只见七色彩带在瓶灵的牵引下飞掠入空,如同一条七彩长龙搅入墨绿云海之内,继而翻腾着冲入了混沌漩涡之中。 Gu Huojin looks at Han Li and the others the movements, make a move has not prevented. 古或今看着韩立等人的动作,并未出手阻止。 This he is extremely proud actually not, but when because, when two vortex fight intensely, he must full power stimulate to movement great array to be good. 这倒不是他太过自负,而是因为正值两道漩涡激烈争锋之际,他也要全力催动大阵才行。 Naturally, what is more important, he needs to step up to absorb to flood among Primordial Chaos Principle in this Heaven and Earth, so long as makes him succeed advancement Primordial Chaos Dao Ancestor, then when the time comes, he is the incarnation of strength of Primordial Chaos, the Heaven and Earth principle will play with by it in the stock palm, becomes the true creation world god existence. 当然,更重要的是,他需要加紧吸收充斥于这天地间的混沌法则,只要让他成功进阶混沌道祖,那么到时候,他便是混沌之力的化身,天地法则都将被其玩弄于股掌,成为真正的创世之神般的存在。 At the appointed time, and any strength can beat him no one, when Han Li several people will also degenerate into he establishes the completely new world the best sacrificial offering. 届时,将没有任何人和任何力量能够击败他,韩立几人也将沦为他创立全新世界时最佳的祭品。 „Did you rather also underestimate the strength of Primordial Chaos? Trivial Heaven-Wielding Bottle then wants to overturn, dream of a fool.” Gu Huojin sneers, speaks the ridicule to say. “你们未免也太小看混沌之力了吧?一个区区的掌天瓶便想翻盘,痴人说梦。”古或今冷笑,出言讥讽道。 Then, his both hands hold up, when the big sleeve sways, the Primordial Chaos vortex current craze volume on top of the head, rich dark green mist, were absorbed at hundred times of in before speed. 说罢,他双手一擎,大袖飘摇之际,头顶上的混沌漩涡顿时狂卷不已,一股股浓郁的墨绿雾气,以百倍于前的速度被吸纳其中。 After a Primordial Chaos vortex distortion, changed into a fuzzy giant face. 混沌漩涡一阵扭曲过后,化为了一张模糊的巨大人脸。 Samsara Palace Master saw that this face appears, the brow tight pressed loudness shouted loudly: Gu Huojin in Dao Integration, that face 10%, all things is all resting!” 轮回殿主看到这张面孔浮现而出,眉头紧蹙的大声高呼道:“古或今正在合道,那人脸10%,万事皆休!” Demon Lord hears word, no longer has keeps the strength slightly, above the whole body demon Qi wells up crazily, the body figure extreme speed rises in a big way, in the top of the head also gives birth to two huge curved horn, the handsome facial features did not exist, changed to body over ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) huge demon directly. 魔主闻言,不再有丝毫留力,周身之上魔气狂涌,身形极速涨大,头顶上也生出两道巨大弯角,原本俊朗的面容不复存在,直接化作了一个身逾万丈的巨大魔物。 The one step steps forward, the under foot void sharp shake, huge incomparable silver ripples, surge to open from his under foot immediately, continuously be continuous to tens of millions li (0.5 km) beyond, is gradually hidden. 其一步跨出,脚下虚空剧烈震荡,一圈圈巨大无比的银色涟漪,立即从其脚下激荡而开,一直绵延到数千万里之外,才逐渐隐没。 Meanwhile, entire True Immortal World has sense/telepathy, all spaces also shake fiercely, seems welcome birth that Dao Ancestor that runs this principle. 与此同时,整个真仙界都有所感应,所有空间都随之剧烈震荡起来,似乎在欢迎着掌管这一法则的道祖的诞生。 This war, after Han Li, clings to tenaciously the Great Encompassing Peak endless years Demon Lord, finally one step leaves, achievement Dao Ancestor. 这一战,继韩立之后,死守大罗巅峰无尽岁月的魔主,终于一步既出,成就道祖 In fact, he and Samsara Palace Master are the same, has all aptitude of becoming Dao Ancestor, on the one hand fears by Gu Huojin is dreaded, on the other hand also the worry Heavenly Dao corrodes, the self- seal, had not taken that step. 事实上,他与轮回殿主一样,早就已经具备了成为道祖的一切资质,只是一方面恐遭古或今忌惮,另一方面也担心天道侵蚀,才一直自我封闭,没有迈出那一步。 When to at this moment, him also does not have any can worry. 时至此刻,他也没有什么能顾虑的了。 Becoming inadequate Dao Ancestor, Heaven and Earth principle Great Dao and Heavenly Dao among feeling that revolve, is almost two matters. 成不成道祖,对于天地间法则大道和天道运转的感受,几乎完全是两回事。 In the Demon Lord eye flashes through wipes the frantic color, both hands lifts up high, about joins the palms in greeting strikes. 魔主眼中闪过一抹狂热之色,双手高举,左右合掌一击。 Outside Gu Huojin body void distortion, an invisible space great strength goes to toward his whole body extrusion instantaneously, tries to shut off it contact with the Primordial Chaos vortex thoroughly. 古或今身外虚空一阵扭曲,一股无形的空间巨力瞬间朝着他周身挤压而去,试图将其与混沌漩涡的联系彻底切断。 Only listens to loud sound to transmit a loudly, the Gu Huojin body ruptured instantaneously, changed to gray mist and dust. 只听一声轰然巨响传来,古或今的身躯瞬间爆裂,化作了一片灰色烟尘。 But under flickers, then also has gray light together to flash, condenses his body figure. 可下一瞬,便又有一道灰光闪动间,将他的身形重新凝聚。 I already Dao Integration most, all your is doomed diligently is the futile effort.” Gu Huojin laughs to say. “我已合道大半,你们所有努力注定都是徒劳。”古或今大笑道。 At this time, close eyes has stimulated to movement Heaven-Wielding Bottle Han Li, suddenly opened the eyes, the corners of the mouth one, smiled to ask: 这时,一直闭目催动掌天瓶韩立,忽然睁开双眼,嘴角一咧,笑问道: Futile effort? I look not necessarily!” “徒劳?我看未必!” Finishes speaking, in the middle of that huge incomparable Primordial Chaos vortex, then dazzling seven color splendid light appeared, change to one to have tens of millions zhang (3.33 m) great seven color roaming dragon fully, seethed up and down the agitation in the vortex. 话音刚落,那巨大无比的混沌漩涡当中,便有一道耀眼的七彩华光出现,化作了一头足有数千万丈之巨的七彩游龙,在漩涡中上下翻腾搅动。 Above dragon head also stands a fuzzy form, both hands is holding the arm, stance that has victory in the hand, naturally Bottle Spirit. 龙首之上还站着一个模糊身影,双手抱臂,一副胜券在握的姿态,自然正是瓶灵 Sees only roaming dragon breaks in the day later high, suddenly reverses the dragon's head, dives from the Primordial Chaos vortex, directly soars below dark green vortex. 只见游龙一个高冲入天之后,骤然扭转龙头,从混沌漩涡正中俯冲而过,直奔下方的墨绿漩涡而来。 roaming dragon enters the dark green vortex, body figure then starts the extreme speed to reduce, is directly soars the Heaven-Wielding Bottle bottle mouth to go unexpectedly. 游龙一入墨绿漩涡,身形便开始极速缩小,竟是直奔掌天瓶瓶口而去。 Under its hauling, the Primordial Chaos vortex by drawing a giant incomparable funnel, billowing Primordial Chaos mist was dropped directly , after swamping into the dark green vortex, flows in Heaven-Wielding Bottle in abundance. 在其牵引之下,混沌漩涡直接被拉成了一个巨大无比的漏斗,滚滚混沌云气狂泻而下,涌入墨绿漩涡之后,纷纷流入掌天瓶中。 No, no, impossible......” Gu Huojin to be eyeful incredible, yelled. “不,不,不可能……”古或今满眼不可置信,大叫道。 His both hands magical formula pinches again and again, is actually not able to prevent the Primordial Chaos vortex to be absorbed by the small bottle, is involved by the vortex on the contrary, was also pulled to fly unexpectedly toward the bottle mouth place. 他双手法诀连连掐动,却根本无法阻止混沌漩涡被小瓶吸纳,反倒是自身受到漩涡牵连,竟也被扯着朝着瓶口处飞去。 Extremely under the violent anger, he cuts single-handed horizontally, the giant light blade that the Primordial Chaos ray concentrates together flies to cut, with the cyclone separation, actually can only look at the Primordial Chaos vortex helplessly, was inhaled in the small bottle thoroughly. 万分暴怒之下,他单手横斩而出,一道混沌光芒凝成的巨大光刃飞斩而出,才将自己与漩涡分离开来,却只能眼睁睁看着混沌漩涡,被彻底吸入了小瓶中。 Vial after inhaling the Primordial Chaos vortex, in the bottle starts to glitter assorted splendid light, shines upon incomparably insightfully the entire jar, by the bottle body even can see that is occupying a gray vortex, still in extreme twist. 小瓶在吸入了混沌漩涡之后,瓶内开始闪烁出各色华光,将整个瓶子映照得无比通透,透过瓶身甚至能够看到里面正盘踞着一个灰色漩涡,仍在急速旋转着。 And Heaven-Wielding Bottle has not restored the primary form, is still maintaining like the turret huge appearance, about sways, shake. 并且掌天瓶并未恢复原形,仍是保持着如塔楼般的巨大模样,左右摇晃,震荡不已。 Bottle Spirit Senior, this small bottle......” Han Li sees that the brow pressing, inquired with the aspiration. 瓶灵前辈,这小瓶……”韩立见状,眉头紧促,以心声询问道。 This little while does not have the time to explain to you, I must help Heaven-Wielding Bottle suppress the strength of this Primordial Chaos.” The Bottle Spirit sound conveys, the tone seems very anxious. “这会儿没功夫跟你解释,我得帮助掌天瓶镇压这混沌之力。”瓶灵的声音传来,语气显得十分焦躁。 Han Li does not dare to ask, he was previously trying refined Heaven-Wielding Bottle, finally cannot succeed. 韩立不敢多问,先前他尝试着炼化掌天瓶,最终也没能成功。 However this could not complain about him, the strength in this Heaven-Wielding Bottle was close to the Heavenly Dao, did not have enough high realm or the enough strong strength can refined. 不过这也怨不得他,这掌天瓶内的力量十分接近天道,不是拥有足够高的境界或者足够强的力量就能够炼化的。 Variable, variable, that variable...... I really should first kill you!” Gu Huojin body figure covers in the middle of Primordial Chaos mist, loudly exclaiming of clenching jaws. “变数,变数,还是那个变数……我真应该先杀了你!”古或今身形笼罩在一片混沌雾气当中,咬牙切齿的大吼道。 This time he, does not have at first indifferent to fame or gain free. 此时的他,已没有了起初的恬淡自若。 The bone-chilling cold killed intent almost to change into the essence, the strength of Primordial Chaos almost could not cover. 其一身凛冽杀意几乎化为了实质,就连混沌之力都几乎掩盖不住。 If wants to kill me, you may try greatly.” Han Li hears word, after lost/carrying, said with a smile. “若想杀我,你大可来试试。”韩立闻言,一手负后,笑着说道。 Do not be negligent, this boy is away from Primordial Chaos Dao Ancestor now is the one pace, its principle was not affected by the Heavenly Dao, can display full power, you actually must guard against the Heavenly Dao to swallow.” The Samsara Palace Master voice transmission reminder said. “不要大意,这厮如今距离混沌道祖不过是一步之遥,其法则不受天道影响,可以全力施展,你们二人却要提防天道吞噬。”轮回殿主传音提醒道。 His finishing speaking, the front void on entire caved. 他的话音刚落,前方虚空就整个塌陷了下去。 Saw only the Gu Huojin whole person seems integrated gray fog, all around is filling the Primordial Chaos mist like the innumerable only tentacles, proliferated unceasingly toward all around, all that can touch void, were swallowed by it all. 只见古或今整个人好似融入了一片灰色雾霭当中,四周弥漫着的混沌雾气如同无数只触手,不断朝着四周扩散开来,虚空所能触及到的一切,尽数被其吞噬了进去。 What's all this about?” Demon Lord surprised say/way. “这是怎么回事?”魔主惊讶道。 Did not have the Primordial Chaos vortex to provide power of magical principle, Gu Huojin falls into the violent to walk the condition, from the Heaven and Earth absorption strength, this piece void must be swallowed unceasingly all around by it.” Samsara Palace Master said. “没了混沌漩涡提供法则之力,古或今陷入了暴走状态,会不断从周遭天地吸取力量,这片虚空恐怕都要被其吞噬进去了。”轮回殿主说道。 Fellow Daoist Shi, first blocks this space, is cut off he to gain more strengths as far as possible.” Han Li shouted loudly. 石道友,先封锁住这片空间,尽可能阻隔他获取更多力量。”韩立高声呼道。 Demon Lord hears word, not hesitant, immediately stimulates to movement power of magical principle to come full power. 魔主闻言,没有犹豫,立即全力催动起法则之力来。 Sees only its behind silver ray crazy volume, changes to two giant incomparable silver light/only wings, toward both sides expands void, but after ten count breaths, covered surrounding area tens of millions li (0.5 km) regions. 只见其背后银色光芒狂卷而出,化作两道巨大无比的银光羽翼,朝着两侧虚空扩张开来,不过十数息后,就将方圆数千万里的区域笼罩了进去。 When two wings close up, this region from entire void had isolated. 等到两只羽翼重新合拢之际,这片区域就已经从整个虚空中隔绝了出来。 I must seal up the words of this region thoroughly, whole body investment in, fight then could not attend.” Demon Lord said. “我要彻底封住这片区域的话,就得全身投入其中,战斗一事便顾不上了。”魔主说道。 „The Fellow Daoist Shi closed room, fight gives us by all means.” Han Li said. 石道友只管封闭空间,战斗一事交给我们。”韩立说道。 Samsara Palace Master hears word, nods. 轮回殿主闻言,也点了点头。 Good.” “好。” Demon Lord shouts out, body silver light suddenly one bright, the whole person starts becomes fuzzy. 魔主一声呼喝,身上银光骤然一亮,整个人开始变得模糊起来。 Sees only its form gradually empty, bit by bit integrated that matter to isolate the Heaven and Earth space to tie, that matter light screen east, south, west, and north, appeared respectively a human form statue, impressively all was the Demon Lord appearance. 只见其身影逐渐虚化,一点一点融入了那层隔绝天地的空间结界,那层光幕东南西北四方,分别浮现出一座人形雕像,赫然皆是魔主的样貌。 In that knot high and low both sides, appears respectively giant incomparable silver light talisman array, in the middle is void visibles faintly silver light feathers float during. 在那结界上下两端,各自浮现出一道巨大无比银光符阵,中间虚空内隐约可见一根根银色光羽悬浮其间。 These silver light feather each contained the Space Principle true meaning, seems like that shape like insignificant thing, actually arrives at thousand again honored. 这些银色光羽每一根都蕴含了空间法则真意,看似形如鸿毛,实则重抵千钧。 Seeing only it is void the float to go, such as the snowflake fell in the middle of the fog outside Gu Huojin body generally, the bonus was the mist that the strength of Primordial Chaos Principle formed, was also oppressed cuns (2.5 cm) to crack by this silver light feather unexpectedly, bursts does not form. 只见其全都虚空漂浮而去,如雪花一般落在了古或今身外的雾霭当中,饶是混沌法则之力形成的雾气,竟也被这银色光羽压迫得寸寸崩裂,溃不成形。 The Gu Huojin form appears, its appearance has actually changed greatly, does not have originally the extra mundane person of high skill appearance of features suggesting extraordinariness and immortality, body clothing naked most, the hair hangs loose, seeming like is completely a Qi deviation appearance. 古或今的身影重新显现而出,其模样却已经大改,早就没有了原本仙风道骨的世外高人模样,身上衣衫赤裸大半,头发披散,看起来完全就是一副走火入魔的样子。 But it backlashed the both legs that is damaged as if also to restore because of the Heavenly Dao, at this moment barefoot and vertical, in both eyes the Primordial Chaos vortex circulation, kills intent to soar to the heavens, both eyes are staring at Han Li stubbornly. 而其原本因天道反噬受损的双腿似乎也已经恢复,此刻赤足而立,双目中混沌漩涡流转,一身杀意冲天,双目死死地盯着韩立 Under a Han Li mind tight, single-handed move, 72 Azure Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords reappearing palm, by him, as soon as grasps. 韩立心神一紧,单手一招之下,七十二青竹蜂云剑浮现掌心,被他一把握住。 Samsara Palace Master looked at his one eyes, looked at Gu Huojin one, deeply shouted the one breath, both hands pinch magical formula, Disc of Six Paths of Samsara long revolving continues. 轮回殿主看了他一眼,又看了古或今一眼,深呼了一口气,双手一掐法诀,身后六道轮回盘悠悠旋转不止。 The thousand years love and hate ten thousand years resentment, compensates darkly in the present. 千载恩仇万载怨,冥冥报偿在今朝。 This does not know that should be called one pair, is two pairs of life and death rivals, finally welcomed the time of decisive battle. 这不知该称为一对,还是两对的生死敌手,终于迎来了决战的时刻。 Victory or defeat depends on this, walks.” The Samsara Palace Master intention moves, when body figure first rushes. “胜败在此一举,走。”轮回殿主心念一动,身形当先冲了上去。 Above in Disc of Six Paths of Samsara the luminous frequency glistens behind six groups of samsara light beams, the same current craze from its whole body wells up, directly soars Gu Huojin to go. 其上身后六道轮回盘中光亮频闪亮起六团轮回光柱,从其周身之外同时狂涌而出,直奔古或今而去。 Gu Huojin body figure one vertical, before the body , the Primordial Chaos mist covers, body figure vanishes instantaneously does not see. 古或今身形一纵,身前混沌雾气笼罩,身形瞬间消失不见。 Next flickers, his form puts from six light beam center directly, before arriving at the Samsara Palace Master body, directly. 下一瞬,他的身影就直接从六道光柱中央一穿而过,直接来到了轮回殿主身前。 Quite quick!” In Han Li heart one tight. “好快!”韩立心中一紧。 Under the Space Principle suppression of Demon Lord, Gu Huojin can also have such speed unexpectedly, is really shocking. 魔主空间法则压制下,古或今竟然还能有如此速度,实在令人震惊。 Death.” In the Gu Huojin mouth low roar, a palm then pulls toward the Samsara Palace Master throat. “死。”古或今口中低喝一声,一掌便朝着轮回殿主咽喉扯去。 In the Samsara Palace Master eye the unusual look flashes, the body ray has shone, body figure empty, must unexpectedly from in same place dissipation. 轮回殿主眼中异色一闪,身上光芒早已亮起,身形蓦地虚化,就要从原地消散。 However, Gu Huojin is actually in the mouth one cold snort/hum resounds, outside the body the gray light covered Samsara Palace Master instantaneously, the latter the body of empty, had returned to the original condition, the throat place flashes through immediately wipes the blood light. 然而,古或今却是口中一声冷哼响起,身外灰光瞬间笼罩住了轮回殿主,后者原本已经虚化的身躯,重新恢复原状,咽喉处顿时闪过一抹血光。 Chī la an abnormal noise! 嗤啦”一声异响! The Han Li eyes follow to tremble, saw that the Samsara Palace Master entire nape of the neck was pulled apart directly, an excellent head also separates, toward below crashes to go void. 韩立双眼跟着一颤,就看到轮回殿主的整个脖颈被直接扯断,一颗大好头颅也随之分离开来,朝着下方虚空坠落而去。 Stops......” Han Li explosive roar. “住手……”韩立爆喝一声。 Gu Huojin not to the opportunity that Han Li make a move helps one another slightly, then kicks, kicks to explode the entire head of Samsara Palace Master. 古或今没有给韩立丝毫出手相助的机会,便一脚踢出,将轮回殿主的整颗头颅踢爆。 As that head blasts open, aura then radical dissipation of Samsara Palace Master in Heaven and Earth. 随着那颗头颅炸裂开来,轮回殿主的气息便彻底消散在了天地间。 :.: :。:
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