RMJTIIW :: Volume #14

#1387: Seizes the bottle

Han Li sees this situation, eye of zi wants to crack, grasps the sword only, the hand pinches the sword secret art, does not need to arrange sword array, then a sword cut toward Gu Huojin. 韩立见此情形,目眦欲裂,单手持剑,手掐剑诀,根本无需布置剑阵,便一剑朝着古或今斩了下去。 Only listens to rumble a thunderous explosive, on Azure Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords brilliant rays erupted, the 72 purple golden thunder electricity to mix eternal sword Qi to condense, but the sword light, explodes to shoot suddenly, just like stretches across the purple gold big dragon of vault of heaven together, dashes to Gu Huojin to go by the potential of thunderclap. 只听“轰隆隆”一阵雷鸣爆响,青竹蜂云剑光芒大作,七十二道紫金雷电混合着万古剑气凝聚而出的剑光,骤然间爆射而出,宛如一道横跨苍穹的紫金巨龙,以迅雷之势直扑古或今而去。 Zī lā lā......” 滋啦啦……” A void in electric light interweaves, 72 thunder and lightning sword dragon interweaves mutually, instantaneously surrounding area several tens of thousands li (0.5 km) twists the fragment void, direct refined became golden liquid thunder pond. 虚空之中一片电光交织,七十二道雷电剑龙相互交织,瞬间就将方圆数万里的虚空绞成碎片,直接炼化成了一座金液雷池 At this moment, the myriad things are overshadowed, among Heaven and Earth as if is only left over this dazzling golden light, cut the entire horizon. 这一刻,万物黯然失色,天地之间仿佛只剩下这一道耀眼的金光,划破了整个天际。 The Gu Huojin form was covered by the golden light, the innumerable Primordial Chaos mist were torn instantaneously, changed into the fragment powder, the dissipation invisible. 古或今的身影被金光笼罩其中,无数混沌雾气瞬间被撕裂开来,化为了齑粉,消散无形。 However, whatever this implication has the thunder and lightning true meaning purple golden thunder electricity to divide to hit on the body, Gu Huojin remains unmoved slightly, unexpectedly directly the range of golden liquid thunder pond covering gradually, walks step by step toward Han Li. 然而,任凭这蕴含有雷电真意的紫金雷电劈打在身上,古或今都丝毫不为所动,竟直接从金液雷池笼罩的范围中缓步而出,朝着韩立一步一步走来。 His step is not quick, but every step treads, will then have the Primordial Chaos mist to cover all around, when mist dispersing, its body figure had then arrived at beyond ten thousand li (0.5 km). 他的步伐不快,只是每一步踏出,周遭便会有混沌雾气笼罩,雾气散开时,其身形便已经到了万里之外。 Therefore, he walked several, body figure has appeared beside thunder pond. 故而,他不过是走了几步而已,身形就已经出现在了雷池之外。 This time Gu Huojin, both eyes as if returned to normal, could not have seen that slightly angry or kills intent, as if he had restored at first in Bodhi Grand Feast just made an appearance that to be indifferent to fame or gain and calm. 此时的古或今,双目仿佛恢复了平静,其中已然看不到丝毫愤怒或是杀意,似乎他已恢复了最初在菩提盛宴刚露面时的那种恬淡和从容。 But Han Li actually may from the opposite party, feel the imposing manner that withers to renounce. 韩立却可从对方身上,感受到一股肃杀决绝的气势。 Revering as Dao Ancestor, wields Heavenly Court not to know that many ten thousand years of Time Dao Ancestor, had moved the real anger at this moment. 身为道祖之尊,执掌天庭不知多少万年的时间道祖,此刻已然动了真怒。 Han Li both hands grasp the sword, brandishes non-stop. 韩立双手握剑,挥舞不停。 purple gold sword dragon that are fusing 72 purple gold thunder snake, takes away as many things as possible toward Gu Huojin, reflected to dye one piece to want vast thunder sea the Gu Huojin surrounding area several tens of thousands li (0.5 km) compared with previously thunder pond. 一道道融合着七十二道紫金雷蛇的紫金剑龙,朝着古或今席卷而去,将古或今方圆数万里都映染成了一片比此前雷池更要浩瀚的雷海 However under Gu Huojin in the Primordial Chaos mist protects and sustains, is slightly not affected, in thunder sea is imitates, if strolls, shortly before will have arrived at the Han Li body, insufficient thousand li (500 km). 然而古或今混沌雾气护持下,丝毫不受影响,在雷海中更是仿若闲庭信步,顷刻间已到了韩立身前不足千里处。 Lifts in Gu Huojin single-handed, plans also to extinguish Han Li kills, subsequently when recaptures Heaven-Wielding Bottle, its facial expression suddenly changes, the footsteps also stopped. 就在古或今单手抬起,打算将韩立也灭杀,继而夺回掌天瓶之际,其神情忽然一变,脚步也随之停了下来。 He is sideways to look out to go slightly backward, sees only void is floating the Samsara Palace Master remnant corpse, has vanished to disappear, but is distanced not far that Disc of Six Paths of Samsara with it, actually from giving a thought to long revolving. 他略微侧身向后遥望而去,只见虚空中漂浮着的轮回殿主的残尸,已经消失不见了,而与之相距不远的那座六道轮回盘,却在自顾地悠悠旋转而起。 Sees on the samsara plate six symbol marks to shine simultaneously, the samsara plate center then has the dark red ray to shine together , then has a person's shadow to reappear, body figure is thin and big, but both eyes brightly however, impressively Samsara Palace Master. 紧接着,就见轮回盘上六个符纹同时亮起,轮回盘中央便有一道暗红光芒亮起,紧接着,便有一道人影从中浮现而出,身形瘦削而高大,但双目炯然,赫然正是轮回殿主 A body figure side emergence, illness/quick of six dark-red rays from Disc of Six Paths of Samsara shoot, twists to interweave dark-red prison cage in the midair, covers in which Gu Huojin body figure. 身形方一出现,六股暗红色光芒从六道轮回盘中疾射而出,在半空中扭曲交织成一个暗红色牢笼,将古或今身形笼罩其中。 You are not really easy to kill.” Gu Huojin has not seemed too accidental/surprised, but single-handed raises, this dark-red prison cage is then defeated and dispersed loudly, in the mouth the chuckle said. “你果然没那么容易杀。”古或今并没有显得太意外,只是单手一扬,这暗红色牢笼便轰然溃散,口中轻笑说道。 His finishing speaking, near the ear from extremely near place, resounded the Han Li sound: 他的话音刚落,耳边距离极近的地方,就响起了韩立的声音: You should not so pull rank......” “你不该如此托大……” Saw only his form to emerge out of thin air in the Gu Huojin body side, actually abandoned Azure Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords, the whole person changes to the three heads and six arms god demon image, Precious Mantra Wheel and other thing of the Time Principle embodiment, sparkled the colored glaze pure brilliance, "Hū" one were swamping into his body. 只见他的身影凭空出现在了古或今身侧,却是舍了青竹蜂云剑,整个人化作三头六臂的神魔形象,身后真言宝轮等五件时间法则具象之物,闪耀着琉璃般的纯净光彩,“呼”的一下涌入了他的身躯。 On the Han Li six giant arms, the golden light rises suddenly, six Great Five Elements Extermination Fist, wield to strike simultaneously. 韩立六只巨大的臂膀上,金光暴涨,六记大五行灭绝拳,同时挥击而出。 Bang bang bang......” “砰砰砰……” Beside the Gu Huojin whole body, the bunch of Primordial Chaos vortex appear, six god fists were without exception, all pound unexpectedly above the vortex, the strength on fist, just like the clay ox entering the sea general, was swallowed by the vortex exactly right. 古或今周身之外,一团团混沌漩涡自行浮现,六记神拳竟是无一例外,全都砸在了漩涡之上,拳头上的力量,宛如泥牛入海一般,分毫不差地被漩涡吞噬了进去。 Six fists not, then 600 fists, 6000 fists, 60,000 fists...... 6 million fists? 六拳不中,那么六百拳,六千拳,六万拳……六百万拳呢? Han Li body figure like the electricity, six arms changes to a slurred remnant shadow, a moment non- fallow land pounds to go toward Gu Huojin on unceasingly fiercely, during is void fist astral to surge, sound like rolling thunder. 韩立身形如电,六条臂膀化作一片模糊不清的残影,一刻不歇地不断朝着古或今身上猛砸而去,虚空之中拳罡激荡,声如滚雷。 Gu Huojin can also deal from the beginning with ease, may pound to fall with the fist of Han Li unceasingly, the speed is quicker and quicker, often the strength of previous fist has not dissipated, the strength of latter hundred fist had superimposed layer upon layer. 古或今一开始还能轻松应对,可随着韩立的拳头不断砸落,速度更是越来越快,往往前一拳的力量还没有消散,后百拳的力量已经层层叠加了上来。 The strength of each fist, may strike fully torn to pieces an entire mainland, even ejects a hole the sky. 每一拳的力量,都足可将一整块大陆击得支离破碎,甚至将天空击出一个窟窿。 This terrifying strength increases folds, is not only increase of quantity level, under the heavy heavy blows shadow covers, outside the Gu Huojin body formed one/1st level/layer giant fist astral to tie, blocked him stubbornly in middle. 这种恐怖的力量增叠,不仅仅是数量层面的增加,重重拳影笼罩之下,古或今身外形成了一层巨大的拳罡结界,将他死死封锁在了当中。 After the fist pounds surely, each fist of Han Li pounds down, this fist astral ties on to surge qi energy ripples, will shatter directly all around void layer upon layer the crevice. 当千万拳砸出后,韩立的每一拳砸下,这层拳罡结界上就要激荡起一阵气劲涟漪,直接将周遭虚空震裂开层层裂隙。 Just resurrected, but Samsara Palace Master, compelling successively to retrocede, is unable to go forward to help. 就连刚刚复活而出的轮回殿主,都给逼得节节后退,根本无法上前帮忙。 Blocks Heaven and Earth Demon Lord by own Great Dao, feels a powerful incomparable oppression strength, in the heart is panic-stricken. 以自身大道封锁天地魔主,就更是感到一股强大无比的压迫力,心中自是惊骇不已。 After the Han Li 16,720,000 fist pounds falls, the strength that constrains the extreme erupts finally, thunders heavenshaking immediately crack. 就在韩立一千六百七十二万拳砸落下来后,那股压抑到了极点的力量终于爆发开来,一声震天轰鸣随即炸响。 Rumble......” “轰隆隆……” Sees only on Gu Huojin to raise one group of blazing scorching sun, the dazzling golden light shines through, toward bloomed in all directions suddenly. 只见古或今身上升起一团炽烈骄阳,耀眼的金光从中透射而出,朝四面八方骤然绽放了开来。 Samsara Palace Master sees that in the heart a tight, samsara plate also moves, escapes instantaneously surely. 轮回殿主见状,心中一紧,身后轮回盘随之而动,瞬间远遁千万里。 Demon Lord not slightly hesitant, removed the space to tie directly, similarly moved sideways to appear side Samsara Palace Master. 魔主也没有丝毫犹豫,直接撤开了空间结界,同样闪身出现在了轮回殿主身边。 Next flickers, ray that on the golden scorching sun that blooms sends out, if then the tide wells up generally crazily, but, submerged two people forms. 下一瞬,那绽放开来的金色骄阳上所散发出来的光芒,便如潮水一般狂涌而至,将两人的身影淹没了进去。 They only thought that all around void the golden light in the instance that spreads, completely crushed. 他们只觉得四周虚空在金光蔓延过来的瞬间,就彻底粉碎了开来。 The enormous appeals from the center of explosion raid, the particle dust that the Heaven and Earth spiritual energy of no matter all around among Heaven and Earth surviving floats void, was all attracted is welling up to go toward that side crazily. 紧接着,就有一股巨大的吸引力从爆炸的中心袭来,周遭天地间不管是残存的天地灵气还是虚空漂浮的微粒尘埃,全都被吸引着朝那边狂涌而去。 For a long time later, that piece thorough shatter void stabilized. 许久之后,那片彻底破碎的虚空才重新稳定了下来。 Samsara Palace Master by among the special ties with Han Li, detected that his position, looked toward that side, sees Han Li to gather round by one group of sword spirit young lads, body not injury, but the chest is fluctuating fiercely. 轮回殿主凭借与韩立之间的特殊联系,察觉到了他的位置,朝那边望去,就见韩立正被一群剑灵童子围着,身上并无伤势,只是胸膛正剧烈起伏。 Although these sword spirit young lads are elinguid, but flies round regarding Han Li, whether there seems to be is inspecting him injured, seems very concerned. 那些剑灵童子虽然不能言语,但围绕着韩立飞来飞去,似乎在检查他有无受伤,显得十分关切。 In fact, just now after Han Li fires off that 16 million fists, somewhat takes off/escapes the strength by the body of his Dao Ancestor, is by the Thunder Escape magical powers of these sword spirit young lads, he can shift smoothly from the explosion center. 事实上,方才韩立打完那一千六百万拳之后,以他道祖之躯也有些脱力,正是凭借这些剑灵童子的雷遁神通,他才能顺利从爆炸中心转移出来。 The Han Li vision sweeps in void, divine thought also spreads out all over immediately, has not discovered the Gu Huojin trail. 韩立目光在虚空中一扫,神念也随即铺展开来,并未发现古或今的踪迹。 In his heart vigilant has not relaxed the slightest. 他心中警惕并未放松分毫。 If Gu Huojin were so routed easily, that was not Gu Huojin. 古或今若是如此容易被击溃,那就不是古或今了。 Especially present Gu Huojin mixed Primordial Chaos Principle, is today we are no longer as we have been. 尤其是如今的古或今糅合了混沌法则,更是今非昔比。 He looks toward Heaven-Wielding Bottle that side, sees originally such as the great tower same treasured vase, at this moment had restored originally big or small, is glittering the glistening green light, float in the middle of void. 他朝着掌天瓶那边望去,就看到原本如巨塔一样的宝瓶,此刻已经恢复了本来大小,闪烁着莹莹绿光,悬浮在虚空当中。 The explosion of that terrifying, has not just now damaged to it unexpectedly, this makes Han Li relax. 方才那恐怖的爆炸,竟然对其没有丝毫损伤,这让韩立着实松了一口气。 Samsara Palace Master and Demon Lord looked at each other one, is busy at flying toward Han Li that side. 轮回殿主魔主对视了一眼,忙朝韩立那边飞去。 Haha......” flies the halfway, they actually listen to hear a laughing wildly sound void. “哈哈……”飞到半途,他们却听虚空中传来一阵狂笑之声。 Two people look simultaneously changes, stops body figure, looks toward that side. 两人神色同时一变,止住身形,朝那边看去。 During sees is only void one group of gray vortex to emerge out of thin air, a person's shadow takes a step, impressively Gu Huojin. 只见虚空之中一团灰色漩涡凭空出现,一道人影从中迈步而出,赫然正是古或今 The, not only does not have the least bit injury, the aura actually wanted powerful several points compared with before. 其身上非但没有半点伤势,气息竟然比之前更要强大了几分。 You really made me somewhat pleasantly surprised, but also was only restricted in this. This time, looked that you have what trick......” Gu Huojin to speak, finds out conveniently, absorbs to succeed in obtaining Heaven-Wielding Bottle of not far away, despises to the Han Li three people smiles, said slowly. “你们果然令我有些惊喜,但也就仅限于此了。这次,看你们还有什么伎俩……”古或今说话间,随手一把探出,就将不远处的掌天瓶摄到了手中,冲着韩立三人鄙夷一笑,缓缓说道。 Then, in his palm erupts a great power, grips in the tight hand Heaven-Wielding Bottle, attempts its direct crumb unexpectedly. 说罢,他手掌之中爆发出一股强大力量,攥紧手中掌天瓶,竟试图将其直接捏碎。 However, the instance that as the gray ray in his palm shines, the dark green ray also blooms together from the small bottle, changes to the one/1st level/layer congealing solid light screen, supported the palm of Gu Huojin. 然而,随着其掌心中的灰色光芒亮起的瞬间,一道墨绿光芒也从小瓶身上绽放开来,化作一层凝实光幕,撑住了古或今的手掌。 Gu Huojin sees that in the eye flashes through wipes the surprised color, in the hand the strength also aggravates. 古或今见状,眼中闪过一抹惊讶之色,手上力道随之加重。 Stop.” Han Li explosive roar, body figure from vanishes instantaneously same place. “住手。”韩立一声爆喝,身形瞬间从原地消失。 Almost at the same time, the sword light shines through from Gu Huojin together behind, prompt piercing to his back of the body position. 几乎同一时间,一道剑光从古或今身后透射而出,点刺向他的后心位置。 Also does not see him to turn around, then had the Primordial Chaos ray together to shine to block that say/way swift and fierce sword light. 也不见他转身,身后便有一道混沌光芒亮起挡住了那道凌厉剑光。 Saw that the sword light vanished by Primordial Chaos ray engulf does not see, but under flickers actually suddenly from its side void appear out of thin air, the direct thorn was grasping the right hand of small bottle to him. 眼看剑光被混沌光芒吞没消失不见,可下一瞬却又忽然从其身侧虚空中凭空浮现,直接刺向了他握着小瓶的右手。 Originally was Demon Lord was revolving simultaneously Space Principle, shifted to that sword light the hand of Gu Huojin. 原来是魔主在同时运转了空间法则,将那道剑光转向了古或今的手上。 Bang a dull thumping sound blasts open! “轰”的一声闷响炸裂! The Gu Huojin wrist/skill place direct disintegration comes, grasps the right hand of small bottle also to fall. 古或今的手腕处直接崩碎开来,握着小瓶的右手也随之掉落下来。 At this time, under that the small bottle crashed void, together silver light suddenly shone, emerged out of thin air a space turbulent flow. 这时,小瓶坠落的下方虚空中,一道银光忽的亮起,凭空出现了一个空间涡流。 Saw that the small bottle must fall, in the wrist/skill of Gu Huojin that break had the silk threads Primordial Chaos mist with breaking the arm is connected, pulls broken hand to shrink, under a gray light sparkle, restored the original design. 眼看小瓶就要落入其中时,古或今那断裂的手腕上却有丝丝缕缕混沌雾气与断臂相连,扯着断手缩了回去,在一阵灰光闪耀下,重新恢复了原样。 The Gu Huojin vision coldly sweeps to the Han Li three people, in the hand grabs Heaven-Wielding Bottle, no longer eagerly its crumb, but pressed it slowly center own chest. 古或今目光冷冷扫向韩立三人,手中抓着掌天瓶,不再急于将其捏碎,而是将其缓缓按在了自己的胸口正中处。 Sees only there flesh to undercut inward slowly, the dark green small bottle inserts, was swallowed little. 只见那里的血肉向内缓缓下陷,墨绿小瓶就嵌入其中,一点点被吞噬了进去。 Heaven-Wielding Little Bottle shivers slightly, the superficial dark green trace flashed several, resembling to make struggles, but then has the big piece Primordial Chaos mist to wind around but, submerges in the small bottle in abundance. 掌天小瓶微微颤动,表面墨绿色纹路闪动了几下,似要做出一些挣扎,但紧接着便有大片混沌雾气缭绕而至,纷纷没入小瓶之中。 The trace of bottle body surface instantaneously becomes gloomy, is similar to was irrigated to extinguish the glow general. 瓶身表面的纹路瞬间变得黯淡无光,就如同被浇灭了的萤火一般。 One group of flame same gray rays, flaming ascended in the chest of Gu Huojin, Heaven-Wielding Bottle surrounding in middle. 紧接着,一团火焰一样的灰色光芒,就在古或今的胸膛内熊熊升腾了起来,将掌天瓶包围在了当中。
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