RMJTIIW :: Volume #14

#1385: Great Dao turns over to 1

Three thousand Great Dao, unexpectedly in this Heaven-Wielding Bottle......” “三千大道,竟然都在这掌天瓶中……” Han Li divine thought moves, changes to the dust particle the thought that then roams through in this small bottle world. 韩立神念一动,化作微尘的意念,便在这小瓶世界中遨游起来。 At this time, he discovered that the surrounding assorted light group is not stay still, but high and low fluctuated in the by respective path, leisurely revolving, but the condition of this respective operation, was the three cardinal guides and five constant virtues of Heavenly Dao samsara. 这时,他才发现周围的各色光团并非都是静止不动,而是在以各自的轨迹上下浮动,悠悠旋转着的,而这种各自运行的状态,便是天道轮回的纲常。 After one grazes, in the Han Li heart somewhat is then anxious, this Great Dao 3000, how can oneself refined? 一番飞掠之后,韩立心中便有些焦急起来,这大道三千,自己如何能够炼化 Is considering, Han Li has sense/telepathy suddenly, detected that is having bunch of assorted rays to flash by a special rhythm, seems notifying general oneself. 正思量间,韩立忽然心生感应,发觉正有一团团各色光芒以一种特别的韵律闪动着,似乎在跟自己打着招呼一般。 He leads the way, some discovery light group and Great Dao being on intimate terms, respectively is gold/metal wooden water and fire and other Five Elements Principles and Thunder and Lightning Principle. 他一路前行过去,就发现有些光团与自己大道相亲,分别都是金木水火等五行法则雷电法则 more goes toward the small bottle space center, the distributed principle light/only rolls the quantity less, but accordingly, implication power of magical principle is richer, until most center, Han Li saw one group of giant Primordial Chaos cloud clusters. 越往小瓶空间中心去,分布的法则光团数量就越少,但相应的,其中蕴含的法则之力就越浓郁,直到最中心处,韩立看到了一团巨大的混沌云团。 In its all around, but also float three groups of size biggest light groups, respectively is the gold/metal, the silver and dark red tricolor. 在其四周,还悬浮着三团体型最大的光团,分别是金,银和暗红三色。 Principle aura that in the Primordial Chaos cloud cluster disperses, not the slightest difference from the Primordial Chaos vortex, is Primordial Chaos Principle, but that tricolor light group respectively is the time, the space and Samsara Principle. 混沌云团之内发散出来的法则气息,与外界的混沌漩涡一般无二,正是混沌法则,而那三色光团则分别是时间,空间和轮回法则 And Time Principle and Han Li most are intimate with, he just approaches, has silk threads power of Time Principle to separate, floods into his divine thought. 其中时间法则韩立最是亲近,他方一靠近,就有丝丝缕缕时间法则之力从中分离而出,涌入他的神念之内。 Han Li divine thought the mustard seed body then thought that the whole body was full of the strength, when a vision revolution, looks again to all around, the scene in eye also changed unexpectedly. 韩立神念所化的芥子身躯便觉得浑身充满了力量,目光一转,再看向四周时,眼中的景象竟也发生了变化。 Sees only in that Primordial Chaos Principle to extend complicated the indistinct silk thread, three thousand Great Dao all light groups related in one, composed a huge incomparable connection big net. 只见那混沌法则之中延伸出千丝万缕地隐约丝线,将三千大道所化的所有光团联系在了一起,组成了一个巨大无比的连通大网。 Han Li and Time Principle are connected, as if also becomes a member in this network, the whole body ray is getting more and more bright. 韩立时间法则相连,似乎也成为了这网络中的一份子,周身光芒越来越亮。 At this moment in the outside world, samsara vortex the ray of departure is getting more and more abundant, presses unceasingly Disc of Six Paths of Samsara retrocedes. 此刻在外界,轮回漩涡中的飞出的光芒越来越盛,将六道轮回盘压得不断后退。 As above these infiltrate the ray more to gather, making the entire samsara plate also more and more bright, seems unable to withstand the strength in this Primordial Chaos Principle breeding. 而随着那些透入其上的光芒越聚越多,使得整个轮回盘也变得越来越亮,似乎也无法承受这混沌法则中孕育出来的力量。 Fellow Daoist Shi, looked your.” Samsara Palace Master both hands are stimulating to movement the samsara plate furiously, clenches teeth to say. 石道友,看你的了。”轮回殿主双手奋力催动着轮回盘,咬牙说道。 That side Demon Lord has handled to pinch the law to decide, was ready. 魔主那边早已经手掐法决,做好了准备。 At this moment, Samsara Palace Master both hands magical formula suddenly changes, the Disc of Six Paths of Samsara center, the ray flashed suddenly, opened a cavity, that overflowed full Zhengpan the Primordial Chaos light beam, condensed instantaneously in one, shone through. 就在这时,轮回殿主双手法诀忽然一变,六道轮回盘中央,忽然光芒一闪,打开了一道空洞,那溢满整盘的混沌光柱,瞬间凝聚在了一处,透射了下来。 This after the samsara plate condenses the light beam, not only ray congealing reality, the might is also as if more abundant plans. 这经过轮回盘凝聚之后的光柱,不但光芒更加凝实,威力似乎也更盛一筹。 Demon Lord sees that flying figure direct impact that light beam, before it bumps into directly, a both hands unexpectedly point. 魔主见状,飞身直冲那道光柱,在与之正面相撞之前,双手蓦地一分。 Before , during is void, immediately the silver light turbulent space symbol marks departed, changed to gate of the tremendous incomparable space, absorbed the Primordial Chaos light beam that raided suddenly directly. 其身前虚空之中,立即有一圈圈银光汹涌的空间符纹飞出,化作了一道巨大无比的空间之门,将那骤然袭来的混沌光柱直接吸纳了进去。 Next flickers, the Gu Huojin body side void also appears immediately the gate of another space, inside ray rises suddenly, congealed the solid white light beam to fly to shoot compared with before together, shelled directly on his body. 下一瞬,古或今身侧虚空中也立即浮现出另一道空间之门,里面光芒暴涨,一道远比之前更加凝实的白色光柱飞射而出,直接轰击在了他的身上。 Haha...... haha......” “哈哈……哈哈……” The Gu Huojin form was submerged by the dazzling white light, is unable to see clearly, middle has laughs wildly the sound to get up intermittently. 古或今的身影被耀眼白光淹没,无法看清,当中却有阵阵狂笑之声响起。 „It is not good, he is using our attacks, accelerates to absorb Primordial Chaos Principle, once its Primordial Chaos Principle is complete, becomes Primordial Chaos Dao Ancestor, at that time can control this Primordial Chaos vortex thoroughly, at the appointed time is not really able to win him.” A Samsara Palace Master brow wrinkle, detected immediately was not wonderful. “不好,他在利用我们的攻击,加速吸纳混沌法则,一旦其混沌法则圆满,成为混沌道祖,那时候便可彻底操控这混沌漩涡,届时就真的无法胜他了。”轮回殿主眉头一皱,立即发觉到了不妙。 Then, he controls Disc of Six Paths of Samsara immediately, resisted engaging in factional strife of Primordial Chaos light beam again forcefully. 说罢,他立即重新操控六道轮回盘,再次强行抵制住了混沌光柱的倾轧。 Demon Lord left to remove, the vision glanced Han Li, in the eye flashes through a panic-stricken color. 魔主抽身撤了回来,目光一瞥韩立,眼中闪过一丝惊骇之色。 He immediately both hands magical formula changes, melts the one/1st level/layer space to tie, will sit cross-legged hanging Han Li to isolate, aura leak that in order to avoid he sends out at this time, by Gu Huojin discovery clue. 他立即双手法诀一变,化出一层空间结界,将盘膝悬空的韩立隔绝了起来,以免他此时身上散发出来的气息外泄,被古或今发现端倪。 ...... …… Meanwhile, in small bottle space. 与此同时,小瓶空间内。 Han Li divine thought has changed to one group of huge white lights, middle as if still has the Han Li sound, was whispering: 韩立神念已经化作一团巨大白光,当中似乎犹有韩立的声音,在轻声低语: „The beginning of Heavenly Dao, then lives the Myriad Laws root, three thousand Great Dao , is not always saves isolated. The so-called flower without pistil not fresh, this solitary one Yin is not long, Heaven and Earth myriad things Myriad Laws all complements one another, this is the Heavenly Dao.” “天道之始,便生万法根源,三千大道,也从来都不是孤立而存。所谓孤阳不生,孤阴不长,天地万物万法皆是相辅相成,这才是天道。” In an instant, in the entire small bottle space, the assorted ray also surges, tumbles in the midair continuous, all principle light groups start toward the central accumulation. 刹那之间,整个小瓶空间内,各色光芒同时涌起,在半空中翻滚不休,所有法则光团开始朝着中央聚集而来。 First is the dense and numerous 3000 principles, according to the five elements ownership, the respective return source principle, five big source principle reunions to Three Great Supreme Principles, therefore the principle combined into one subsequently finally finally, integrates that to roll in Primordial Chaos Principle. 先是密密麻麻的三千法则,根据五行归属,各自回归本源法则,继而五大本源法则团聚向三大至尊法则,最后终于所以法则合而为一,融入了那团混沌法则之中。 In the entire small bottle space, a startling thunderclap dull thumping sound, that rolls the Primordial Chaos Principle cloud cluster to transfer the dark green color, starts to revolve fiercely. 整个小瓶空间内,一声惊雷闷响,那团混沌法则云团转为墨绿之色,开始剧烈运转起来。 Almost at the same time, Han Li opens the eyes suddenly, stands from the ground. 几乎同一时间,韩立蓦然睁开双眼,从地上站立而起。 The body one slight ripples ripple, made into the fragment knot under Demon Lord arrange/cloth directly. 其身上不过一阵轻微涟漪荡漾开来,就直接将魔主布下的结界打成了碎片。 In his both eyes screens all colors splendid light, both hands lifts up high to hold up the day, Heaven-Wielding Bottle then grazes from its palm, hung in the upper air. 他双目之中映出五彩华光,双手高举擎天,掌天瓶便从其手心飞掠而起,悬在了高空。 Han Li pinched plain magical formula, in the mouth disputed lightly: 韩立掐了一个古朴法诀,口中轻讼道: „The Great Dao normalizing, restrains the myriad things.” 大道归一,收摄万物。” Next flickers, above the small bottle the different light frequent flash, the inscription shines in abundance in the above assorted trace, the bottle mouth place green light twinkle, bunch of dark green mist well up crazily, above the small bottle mouth, formed a surrounding area hundreds of thousands of li (0.5 km) dark green vortex. 下一瞬,小瓶之上异光频闪,铭于其上的各色纹路纷纷亮起,瓶口处绿光闪烁,一团团墨绿云气狂涌而出,在小小的瓶口上方,形成了一个方圆数十万里的墨绿漩涡。 In the vortex, mist tumbles, inside as if there is thunder and lightning to flash, hears the sound of thundering unceasingly. 漩涡之中,云气翻滚,内里仿佛有雷电闪动,不断传来轰鸣之声。 This is......” Demon Lord sees that the look changes. “这是……”魔主见状,神色微变。 Transferred.” In the Samsara Palace Master eye flashes through wipes the happy expression, laughs to say. “转机来了。”轮回殿主眼中闪过一抹喜色,大笑道。 Bang a loud sound transmits! “轰隆”一声巨响传来! In the middle of that dark green vortex the electric light frequent flash, huge incomparable thunder and lightning long whips extend suddenly, chops to hit to all directions, causes all around void cuns (2.5 cm) disruption. 那片墨绿漩涡当中忽然电光频闪,一道道巨大无比的雷电长鞭从中延伸而出,劈打向四面八方,引得四周虚空寸寸碎裂。 With that area that it faces each other across a great distance does not know that dramatically many time of Primordial Chaos vortex, as if with it sense/telepathy, the central ray frequent flash, the revolution expansion speed sped up ten times mutually instantaneously. 与之遥遥相对的那片面积不知道大了多少倍的混沌漩涡,似乎与之相互感应,中央光芒频闪,运转扩张速度瞬间加快十倍。 The Gu Huojin vision falls in the dark green vortex, in the eye flashes through wipes the unbelievable color. 古或今目光落在墨绿漩涡当中,眼中闪过一抹难以置信之色。 He now and Primordial Chaos Principle vortex is obviously connected, to the Heaven and Earth sensation strength, already with common entirely different, at this moment naturally can detect that dark green vortex is unusual. 他如今与混沌法则显化的漩涡相连,对天地的感知力,早已与寻常截然不同,此刻自然是能够察觉到那墨绿漩涡的不寻常。 Sees only his both hands to gather ten before the body, suddenly makes the potential of both hands empty grasping, cuts toward the front suddenly. 只见其双手在身前合十,忽然做出双手虚握之势,朝着前方猛然一斩而起。 The void in fresh breeze curls up together suddenly, in that Primordial Chaos vortex ten thousand Primordial Chaos light beams, condense giant light blade that immediately meets a day of continually place, cut to fall toward the dark green vortex. 虚空之中一道劲风忽然卷起,那混沌漩涡中顿时有万道混沌光柱,凝聚成一道道接天连地的巨大光刃,朝着墨绿漩涡中斩落了下来。 Comes well!” Han Li sees that shouted angrily. “来得好!”韩立见状,一声怒喝。 His both hands hold up the day fiercely, in the palm then some innumerable golden rays fly to shoot, falls in the small bottle. 他双手猛一擎天,掌心中便有无数金色光芒飞射而出,落在小瓶上。 The dark green vortex of small bottle bottle mouth the ray rises suddenly immediately, like changing to one swallowed a day of giant beast, unexpectedly was on own initiative toward that ten thousand light blade move forward to meet. 小瓶瓶口的墨绿漩涡顿时光芒暴涨,如同化作了一头吞天巨兽,竟是主动朝着那万道光刃迎了上去 Both bump into suddenly, without estimating heavenshaking thundering, does not have the intense shake fluctuation. 两者骤然相撞,没有预想到的震天轰鸣,也没有强烈的震荡波动。 These light/only blade falls into the vortex, looked like all at once on the tofu, has not hindered the ground submergence. 那些光刃落入漩涡之内,就像是一刀切在了豆腐上,没有丝毫阻碍地沉了下去。 When it cuts falls half , the dark green vortex starts the extreme speed to revolve, these blade was only twisted by a huge strength, if immediately the hemp rope entangled generally in one, changed to straight bridges that connected two vortex. 只是当其斩落一半时,墨绿漩涡就开始极速旋转起来,那些光刃被一股巨大力道一拧,马上如麻绳一般缠在了一起,化作了一道连通两个漩涡的笔直桥梁。 This bridge side builds up, two huge vortex seem the heavenly thunder to rouse the fire, in the middle of two sides is the thunderclap is all billowing, turns wells up. 这座桥梁方一建起,两道巨大漩涡就好似天雷勾动地火,两方当中皆是雷声滚滚,翻涌不息。 In the middle of the Primordial Chaos vortex Primordial Chaos mist, circle following that light beam, with the relative, dark green vortex in also green thick fog ascends continuously, such as jasper Blue Dragons circle on. 混沌漩涡当中一道道混沌云气,顺着那光柱盘旋而下,与之相对,墨绿漩涡中也有一缕缕绿色浓雾升腾,如一条条碧玉苍龙盘旋而上。 Two mist dashed mutually in one, changed to the curling smoke cloud entanglement respectively in one, somewhat was suddenly difficult minute each other. 两股云气相互冲撞在了一起,各自化作袅袅烟云纠缠在了一起,一时间有些难分彼此。 However quick, in the above Primordial Chaos vortex the momentum rises sharply suddenly, transmits the intermittent wave huge sound, the potential of revolving speeds up suddenly, mixes this shatter Heaven and Earth confusion. 然而很快,上方的混沌漩涡中忽然声势大涨,传来阵阵潮涌般的巨大声响,旋转之势骤然加快,搅动得这片破碎天地一片混乱。 The dark green vortex area differs disparately with it, the strength also obviously seemed to be weak, under such a was stirred, the billowing dark green fog ascends unceasingly, swamped into the Primordial Chaos vortex in abundance crazily. 墨绿漩涡面积与之相差悬殊,力量似乎也明显弱了许多,被这么一搅之下,滚滚墨绿云雾不断升腾,纷纷狂涌入了混沌漩涡内。 „It is not good, the Primordial Chaos vortex has swallowed the entire Central Earth Immortal Territory almost complete Heaven and Earth spiritual energy, has other Immortal Territory spirit strength to be towed to come unceasingly, it had grown, Heaven-Wielding Bottle power as if somewhat was insufficient......” Samsara Palace Master to see the issue, the worry said. “不好,混沌漩涡已经吞噬了整个中土仙域几乎全部的天地灵气,更有其他仙域的灵力不断被牵引而来,其已经成长了起来,掌天瓶威能似乎有些不够啊……”轮回殿主一眼就看出了问题,忧心道。 Also please two, help my helping hand.” In the upper air, Han Li shouts out. “还请两位,助我一臂之力。”高空中,韩立一声呼喝。 Saw only its whole body to transfer the rich golden color thoroughly, power of Time Principle welled up crazily, is driving all power of time between all around Heaven and Earth, poured into the small bottle unceasingly. 只见其周身已经彻底转为了浓郁金色,一身时间法则之力狂涌而出,带动着四周天地间的所有时间之力,不断灌注进了小瓶中。 Samsara Palace Master and Demon Lord look at each other one, two people do not have many to hesitate, all starts to use the method, converged in own power of magical principle Heaven-Wielding Bottle together. 轮回殿主魔主对视一眼,两人都没有多少犹豫,全都开始施展手段,将自己的法则之力一同汇入到了掌天瓶中。 In this piece of vast Heaven and Earth, is only left over some Immortal Territory fragments, like losing the domain scatters generally in void, since one golds and one silver red three giant light beam is bright from the Han Li three people, becomes three potentials to gather one. 这片浩渺天地中,只剩下一些仙域碎片,如同失落界域一般流散在虚空中,一金一银一红三道巨大光柱从韩立三人身上亮起,成三才之势汇聚一处。 Heaven-Wielding Little Bottle under the gathering of strength of this Three Great Supreme Principles, trembled fiercely, above the symbol light flashes unceasingly, the bottle body starts the extreme speed to rise in a big way, finally changed to a dark green treasured vase of pagoda size. 掌天小瓶在这三大至尊法则之力的汇聚下,剧烈震颤了起来,其上符光不断闪动,瓶身开始极速涨大,最终化作了一个宝塔大小的墨绿宝瓶。 Bottle mouth place ray sparkle, assorted power of magical principle the light group flies to shoot, under a hauling of fuzzy person's shadow, grazes to go toward the upper air. 瓶口处光芒闪耀,各色法则之力所化的光团飞射而出,在一个模糊人影的牵引之下,朝着高空中飞掠而去。 „After Bottle Spirit Senior......” Han Li sees that person's shadow, muttered called out. 瓶灵前辈……”韩立看到那人影后,喃喃叫道。 It finishes speaking, sees under the guidance of Bottle Spirit, the light group that all power of magical principle form starts to conclude connected, each other fuses, until sending out seven pink clouds light, changed to made a gorgeous colored ribbon. 其话音刚落,就看到在瓶灵的引导下,所有法则之力形成的光团开始收尾相连,彼此融合起来,直至散发出七彩霞光,化做了一条绚丽彩带。 Above that colored ribbon, unprecedented, actually quite the somewhat familiar contradictory aura fills the air. 在那彩带之上,一股前所未有,却又颇有几分熟悉的矛盾气息弥漫开来。
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