ROUIC :: Volume #11 Volume 11

#1205: Tiannan star province

Hundred million spirit stone? 一亿灵石 This digit explodes, narrows the eyes including the Chen Fan's eyes eyeball. 这个数字爆出来,连陈凡眼睛都微眯一下。 He cannot pay actually not, has a new promote of star territory Northern Jade Godly Monarch, the wealth that Chen Fan had, calculated by planet. Once Elder(s) of seven big gods to let him showed mercy, preserved oneself life, even is willing to pay one resources star price. Although majority of spirit stone keeps Earth, supports the development of Northern Jade Faction, but belt in this part, lets Chen Fan becomes in Universe cultivator big rich and powerful people sufficiently. 他倒不是付不起,身为坐拥一个星域的新晋‘北琼神君’,陈凡拥有的财富,是以‘星辰’来计算的。曾经有七大神教的长老为了让他手下留情,保存自己性命,甚至愿意付出一颗‘资源星’的代价。虽然大部分灵石都留在地球,支撑北琼派的发展,但带在身上这部分,也足以让陈凡成为宇宙修士中的‘大富豪’。 Say nothing , before Chen Fan takes away, but also has installed big bottle-gourd with Sword Raising Gourd Heaven and Earth ten thousand Spirit Liquid, that sufficiently compares favorably with innumerable spirit stone. 更不用说,陈凡领走前,还用养剑葫装了一大葫的‘天地灵水’,那一口就足以媲美无数灵石 However, this price really expensive. 但是,这个价格是真的贵。 Is above beyond the Chen Fan imagination. 超乎陈凡想象之外。 He thought south a day of boundary, most flowered several thousand over ten thousand spirit stone, buy a position, leisurely also on the past. Who thinks that wants hundred million spirit stone, this sale price, almost pulled out to empty Primal Infant sufficiently, bought one sufficiently barrenly slightly resources star, as for trivial Golden Core, was sells off the family property not to have this 1/10. 他本以为去‘南天境’,最多花个几千上万灵石,买个位置,优哉游哉也就过去了。谁想到要一亿灵石,这身价,几乎足以把一个元婴都掏空了,足以买下一个略微贫瘠的‘资源星’,至于区区金丹,更是变卖家底都没这1。 You look at my Golden Core, can pay this price?” Chen Fan unemotionally. “你看我一个金丹,是能付的起这个价格的?”陈凡面无表情。 That no means.” On the fatty face the smiling face is as before simple and honest, actually smiles to hit a fist. “那就没的办法了。”胖子脸上笑容依旧憨厚,却笑得让人想打上去一拳。 I looked the appearance that many people can embark, they have also bought the passage ticket?” Chen Fan wrinkled frowns, looks to ferry spot, although passes two boundaries horizontally ship has not arrived, but clearly had large quantities of people, inspects through the ferry spot, goes in the distinguished guest area waited. “我看很多人可以上船的样子,他们也是买了船票?”陈凡皱了皱眉,望向渡口处,虽然横通两境的‘船’还未到,但显然已经有大批的人,通过渡口检查,进去其中贵宾区等待。 They, others have the background.” The fat people shake the head to say. “他们啊,人家是有背景的。”胖子摇头道。 Some people, once had the relative elder parents, south has been to a day of boundary to settle down. But according to the regulation of south day of boundary, those settles down in a south day of boundary, can lead the person of direct line blood relationship to a south day of boundary, but the quantity is also limited, generally also on 2-3 quotas.” “有些人,是曾经有亲戚长辈父母们,到过南天境定居。而按照南天境的律法,凡是在南天境定居的,是可以把直系血缘关系的人带到南天境的,但数量也有限,一般也就两三个名额罢了。” Some, is Sect in a south day of boundary, here sect is only under the sect branch, leads the elite disciple.” “有些,则是宗门在南天境,这里的宗派只是下宗分支,把精英弟子带上去。” Also some, accommodate alongside under 13 chambers of commerce, this has the legitimate operation license, can look at two place doing business, but must spend the high price, or has the method Connect The Heavens background.” “还有些,挂靠在13商会下面,这是有合法运营执照的,可以望来两地经商,但也是要花大价钱,或者有手段通天的背景。” „South as for others small south day of boundary large clan say nothing, in the clan perhaps half Great Power or Old Ancestor of Divine Transformation rank, can recommend for admission to school to go to a day of boundary directly.” “至于人家小南天境大族更不用说,族中说不定有半步大能化神一级别的老祖,可以直接保送去南天境。” However your this batch of not any backgrounds rogue cultivator .... Fatty looks at Chen Fan, shook the head. Only can spend, although hundred million spirit stone are expensive, must know, this may incessantly be a passage ticket, makes you get out of small south day of boundary misery, can settle down in the work practice certificate to a south day of boundary. It, only cannot depend on your own cultivation base, crossed black sandstorm belt. However I may hear, ten Primal Infant cross, must die 9.9.” “而你们这批没什么背景的散修嘛....”胖子看着陈凡,摇了摇头。“只能花钱了啊,一亿灵石虽然贵,要知道,这可不止是一张船票,还是让你脱离小南天境这个苦海,到南天境可以定居工作修炼的凭证。没它,只能凭你自身修为,横渡‘黑风沙带’了。不过我可听说,十个元婴横渡,要死9.9个哦。” Speaking of finally, the fatty looked at Chen Fan to be the same meaningfully. 说到最后,胖子意味深长看陈凡一样。 Doesn't have other means? This price is too expensive.” Chen Fan ponder moment opens the mouth. “没别的办法?这个价格太贵。”陈凡沉思片刻开口。 He to does not shut out is too expensive, but trivial Golden Core cultivator puts out hundred million spirit stone, too exaggerated terrifyingly. This is the top god Elder(s) net worth, has sold insufficiently also Golden Core cultivator 1/10. If Chen Fan puts out at will, that will bring in the vision that a troop covets immediately. 他到不是嫌弃太贵,但一个区区金丹修士拿出一亿灵石,实在是太夸张恐怖了。这可是顶级神教长老的身家,把金丹修士卖了也不够1。若陈凡随意拿出,那立刻就会引来一大群觊觎的目光。 You think, a passage ticket can pay over a hundred million spirit stone, this explained that Chen Fan own sale price, possibly is the several fold in this. 你想,一张船票都能付上亿灵石,这说明陈凡自身的身价,可能是数倍于此啊。 Brother, my this was very awkward, the official asks a price 10,000 Singapore dollars, my this fair price sells...” The fat people clench teeth. „, In clear(ly), was it may be said that difficult. “兄弟,我这已经很为难了,官方要价10000星币,我这平价卖的...”胖子咬咬牙。“罢了,明中,可谓寸步难行。 Originally the brothers your name were Chen Mu, from Shanyang star territory. I hear Shanyang star territory, although does not have Divine Transformation Great Power, but also is various sects stands in great numbers, the talent pours forth. Some talents, even if attains our that to go, is outstanding, especially your Shanyang star territory many minerals stars, it is said ultra rich.” Fat people suddenly. “原来兄弟你叫陈牧,来自山阳星域啊。我听说山阳星域虽然没有化神大能,但也是诸宗林立,天才辈出的。有些天才,哪怕拿到我们那去,也是出类拔萃的,尤其你们山阳星域好多矿产星啊,据说超有钱的。”胖子恍然。 Regards the Chen Fan's look, already flood golden light. 看待陈凡的眼神,已经泛着金光了。 This is also intentionally the reason that Chen Fan fills in Shanyang star territory, because no doubt Chen Fan to Shanyang star territory ripe, once had only met complete/even Yunzong and other Shanyang star territory sects. But Shanyang star territory contains the mineral resource, Great Family of many rich and populous world are also one of the reasons. If not fill in like this, it is estimated that fat people must suspect that Chen Fan such one big does not conform to the Golden Core status the money, which from comes. 这也是陈凡故意填山阳星域的原因,固然因为陈凡只对山阳星域熟一点,曾遇见过齐云宗等好几个山阳星域宗派。但山阳星域富含矿藏,有许多富庶天下的大家族也是原因之一。若不这样填,估计胖子都要怀疑陈凡这么一大笔不符合金丹身份的钱,从哪来的。 Chen Fan takes out 6700 Singapore dollars, gives the fatty. Then took incidental expenses of 300 Singapore dollars in the hand, in other existence cards. According to the fatty, this Tiannan first travelled at night entire Universe to be general, so long as in the human area, can exchange. 陈凡将6700星币取出,交给胖子。然后又取了300星币在手里零花,其他的存在卡中。据胖子说,这‘天南第一星行’全宇宙通用,只要在人类疆域内,都可以兑换。 Received one big Singapore dollar, the fatty is warm immediately. 接过一大笔星币,胖子立刻热情起来。 At this time the going on board time also early, fatty invited Chen Fan to go to nearby newly-opened bar to sit, according to him, was brings Chen Fan to enjoy south first ahead of time the luxury and wanton and luxurious living of day of boundary. 此时登船时间还早,胖子邀请陈凡去附近一家新开的酒吧坐坐,据他说,是带陈凡先提前享受一下南天境的奢侈与纸醉金迷。 Brother Chen your this chess walked really right, do not look to spend these many spirit stone, but bought a useless passage ticket. But this is you can be separated from small south day of boundary the only opportunity in this damned place, wait for you to our Tiannan, knows, this place and wild anything has not distinguished, the bird does not defecate, any entertainment and civilization do not have, simply like indigenous planet.” 陈兄弟你这步棋是真的走对了,别看要花这么多灵石,只是买一张没什么用的船票。但这可是你能脱离‘小南天境’这个鬼地方的唯一机会啊,等你到了我们天南,就知道,这地方和蛮荒没什么区别,鸟不拉屎,什么娱乐和文明都没有,简直像土著星球一样。” One glass of liquor get into the stomach, looks that one crowd puts on the pretty brown skin stature fiery younger sister to dance, from the report name is east Guo biography fatty, warm opens the mouth. 一杯酒下肚,看着一群穿着靓丽的棕色皮肤身材火爆的妹子跳完舞,自报姓名为‘郭传东’的胖子,就热情开口。 According to Guo Chuandong, he was also actually born south small in the past a day of boundary, afterward here, the Sir whole family had gone to south a day of boundary to seek refuge with the relative. Now depends to be proficient in two place customs and languages, mainly makes this resells the passage ticket ox business, gains point to direct travel expense while convenient again referral fee and so on. 据郭传东说,他其实当年也出生在小南天境,后来在这边过不下去了,跟着大人举家去了南天境投奔亲戚。如今仗着精通两地风俗和语言,主要做这个倒卖船票的‘黄牛’生意,顺便再赚点‘引路费’‘介绍费’之类。 Brother Chen do not look that I wanted your 6700 Singapore dollars. But this sum of money, 5000 Singapore dollars must south in opposite in become the relative of small leadership to my day of port of’, this ticket is others makes.” 陈兄弟你别看我一口气要了你6700星币。但这笔钱,其中5000星币要给我那个在对面‘南天口岸’里面当着小领导的亲戚,这票是人家弄出来的。” 1000 Singapore dollars, must give this yellow Fengkang south small day of boundary administrative personnel.” “还有1000星币,得给这‘黄枫港’的小南天境管理人员。” Final 700, I cannot have sole possession, has embarked the security check from here, to shuttle boat captain vice- captain, as well as yellow Fengkang the local bullies of these local gray areas, I must arrange. Falls to my hand, is less than 300. I also make a laborious money.” The liquor drank, east Guo biography started to spit the saliva greatly. “最后的700,我也不能独吞,从这里上船过安检,到‘穿梭舟’船长副船长,以及‘黄枫港’那些本地灰色地带的地头蛇,我都得打点。落到我手里的,不到300块。我也就赚点辛苦钱罢了。”酒喝多了,郭传东开始大吐口水。 „Can't these give cultivator of money?” Chen Fan drinking water, is feeling the previous life familiar flavor silently. “那些给不起钱的修士呢?”陈凡默默喝着酒水,感受着前世熟悉的味道。 That can only sign sells into servitude contract. Small south day of boundary these Golden Core Primal Infant, place our Tiannan that is very marketable, bears hardships and stands hard work one by one, dry/does such as old ox is the same, the fighting will is also firm. Side when many big chamber of commerce development desolate, meets monster beast Alien Race indigenous, happen to sends on them the first line to clean up. However that laborious, although reward is rich, but the die probability is also high. It is said some development wars, casualty rate over 30%.” The fat people sighed lightly. “那只能签卖身合同啊。小南天境这些金丹元婴,放在我们天南那,可是很抢手的,各个吃苦耐劳,干的如老牛一样,战斗意志也坚定。许多大商会开拓边荒时,遇见妖兽异族土著,正好就派他们上第一线去清理。不过那辛苦的,虽然报酬丰富,但陨落几率也高啊。据说有些开拓战,伤亡率在30%以上呢。”胖子轻叹。 Brother Chen is lucky, like these, I am not cruel enough to make them sign, 300 years later, can live are not over half. What to do may, I also work to the person. I can only before they sign, said clearly to them.” The fat people shake the head. 陈兄弟是幸运的啊,不像那些,我都不忍心让他们签,300年下来,能活的不超过一半。可怎么办,我也是给人打工的啊。我只能在他们签之前,给他们讲清楚。”胖子摇头。 After drinking up. 喝完后。 The fat people dispatch 10 Singapore dollars on own initiative, raised one's wine cup the water tying. 胖子主动递出10个星币,把酒水给结了。 When looks he gives money, on face an anxiety, but in the mouth strikes one's chest saying that the fatty is fastidious about the person, has made Chen Fan this sum of money, must report back. 虽然看他给钱时,脸上一片肉疼,但口中还是拍着胸脯说,胖子是讲究人,赚了陈凡这笔钱,总得回报一下。 Chen Fan has converted. 陈凡换算了一下。 10 Singapore dollars are 10 ten thousand spirit stone, two people sit in this drink a liquor. Although that spirit liquor truly very much nourishes Mortal Body, has the effect, especially the liquor vigor is enormous, felt that including Chen Fan little smokes, but this expense was also too scary. Generally Innate cultivator , one glass of liquor at the scene go bankrupt. 10枚星币就是10万灵石,两人只是坐在这喝点酒。虽然那灵酒确实很滋养肉身,具备奇效,尤其酒劲极大,连陈凡都感觉到一点点微熏,但这消费也太吓人了。一般先天修士,一杯酒就得当场破产。 Left this named night rain bar. 出了这家名叫‘夜雨’的酒吧。 The fat people turn the head to say suddenly: Right brothers, after you arrived at that side, cannot say anything again south a day of boundary. Actually south a day of boundary this noun, is our Tiannan district(s) ancient name, now already changed the administrative division, the official name called ‚the Tiannan star area or ‚the Tiannan star province. After Brother Chen you, was our Tiannan person, used south a day of boundary again this name, will make the person know that you came from the small south day of boundary, was despised.” 胖子忽然转头道:“对了兄弟,你到了那边后,就不能再说什么‘南天境’了。其实‘南天境’这个名词,是我们天南地区的古称,现在早就改了行政区划,正式名称叫‘天南星区’或‘天南星省’了。陈兄弟你以后也是我们天南人了,再用‘南天境’这个名称,会让人知道你来自小南天境,受鄙视的。” This thing, it is estimated that also only then the Tiannan people of some intercourse two places know. The majority of day man estimated that did not know south a day of boundary refers to them.” The fat people were only the good intention speak thoughtlessly obviously a saying. “不过这个东西,估计也只有一些往来两地的天南人知道。大部分天男人估计都不晓得‘南天境’是指他们呢。”胖子显然只是好意随口一说。 But Chen Fan actually slightly stares. 陈凡却微微一愣。 south day of boundary name, on him first truly has not listened. But Tiannan star province the name, to Chen Fan, actually likes thunder reverberating in one's ears. On him first, is in that place, lived for over a hundred years. 南天境这个名字,他上一世确实没听过。但‘天南星省’的称呼,对陈凡来说,却是如雷贯耳。他上一世,可是在那个地方,活了上百年。 No wonder, I said how not to have heardsouth a day of boundary this place, but sees Tiannan first travels at night south a day of port night rain bar so to be familiar-sounding, seems to have met before. So that's how it is. ’ ‘难怪,我说怎么从来没听说过‘南天境’这个地方,但所见到的‘天南第一星行’‘南天口岸’‘夜雨酒吧’都这么耳熟,似曾相识。原来如此。’ Chen Fan lowers the head. 陈凡低头。 That picture scroll scene that causes and effects secret technique deduces, appears once more in the Chen Fan mind, after the former home grounds in memory correspond one by one, in fact, Chen Fan has thought where was where. 紧接着,因果秘术推演出来的那副画卷景象,又再次浮现在陈凡脑海中,与记忆里的故地逐一对应后,实际上,陈凡已经想到哪里是何处了。 Immortal Cang Qing, dark green deep Immortal Realm and carry off and wander about destitute from Earth for hundred year and Tiannan star province...’ 苍青仙人、苍冥仙界、从地球带走、流落百年、天南星省...’ So that's how it is.” “原来如此。” Chen Fan closes one's eyes slowly, when opens eyes again, was bringing endless passing, recalls with a faint trace is disappointed. 陈凡缓缓闭眼,再睁开眼时,已经带着无尽的过往、追忆与一丝丝怅然。 Can shift to an earlier time to see these old friends?’ ‘要提早见那些故人们了吗?’ PS: On January 3 prize winner list: This chapter said that the point approves the highest: Every day stays up late to read dawn. PS:1月3日中奖名单:本章说点赞最高者:每天熬夜看书到天亮。 Author looking familiar prize: forest Yao all 作者眼熟奖:林尧全 Thank cannot say you who has accompanied( is warm the cold night). Because you are the fans group manager, therefore the reward postpones, is received by second book friend. Here said one, the management of fans group participate in the activity normally, but the reward cannot provide to them, therefore fellow book friends felt relieved, rewards cannot be short. 咳咳,感谢一直陪伴的不能说的你(温暖里的寒夜)。因为你是粉丝群管理员,所以奖励顺延,由排行第二的这位书友领取啦。在这里说一声,粉丝群的管理们来正常参加活动,但是奖励不会发放给他们,所以各位书友放心,奖励不会少的。
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