RINAPE :: Volume #17

#1666: Carves up hundred million USD

3321 donate money 20 million, is not dead to veteran donates money 30 million, returns to the homeland to donate money 50 million to the overseas cultural relic, Lolan Mas this time sees Li Mu, just promises hundred million USD. 给3321捐款20000000,给老兵不死捐款30000000,给海外文物归国捐款50000000,罗兰・马斯这次见李牧,刚好许诺出去一亿美元 This also just suffices Li Mu's and ruled lines, after all by his words, is lower than a hundred million USD project, he did not inquire about is irresponsible. 这也刚好够李牧的“及格线”,毕竟用他的话说,低于一亿美元的项目,他不过问也不负责。 The meaning of again in other words, in the Li Mu words hiding was obvious, money that if Lolan Mas prepares to take today is less than hundred million USD, that embarrassed, the father does not accompany, you talked to my assistant. 再换句话说,李牧话里隐藏的意思已经非常明显了,要是罗兰・马斯今天准备拿出来的钱少于一亿美元,那不好意思,老子就不奉陪了,你跟我的助理谈去吧。 Lolan Mas has not seen Li Mu this big hoodlum, not only does not press the repertoire to play a card, but also is cloudy move of Lai trick/recruit, plays cards normally, good and bad is you have me to return, everybody presses the custom to turn is coming, Li Mu is not, Li Mu throws one pair first three, then asserted that this thing is king Zha, not only any sign cannot control, but also his mother must turn time, if the opposite party does not recognize, he has raised the table-board, hits half dead the person while convenient. 罗兰・马斯从来没见过李牧这种大流氓,不仅不按套路出牌,而且全是阴招赖招,正常打牌,好赖是你出我回,大家按规矩轮着来,李牧不是,李牧是先扔一对三,然后硬说这东西是王炸,不但什么牌都管不了,而且还他妈要翻倍,对方要是不认,那他就把牌桌掀了,顺便把人打个半死。 The so-called gentlemen in Europe and America, like wearing the western-style clothing to sit eat the steamed bun of belt blood in the upscale dining room, Li Mu are taking the thin-bladed knife and wasabi and soy sauce directly, begins a movie the meat to eat the sashimi from the match body, the gentlemen thought that he is too crude, but also absolutely does not have the good means to cope with him. 欧美的所谓绅士,喜欢穿着西装坐在高档的餐厅里吃带血的馒头,李牧是直接拿着片刀和芥末、酱油,从对手身上片肉下来吃刺身,绅士们觉得他太粗暴,但是又完全没有好的办法对付他。 Lolan Mas had to eat uncooked the Li Mu's heart, whose but was really better than age, Li Mu can swallow his three not to bring to spit a bone, but he wants to nip a Li Mu meat to get down difficultly such as to ascend to heaven. 罗兰・马斯有生吃了李牧的心,但真比谁牙口好,李牧能连吞他三个都不带吐一口骨头的,可他想咬李牧一块肉下来都难如登天。 But, he can only compromise to Li Mu, he can hear the hideaway meaning in Li Mu words, his words article was saying: You want to settle a dispute with me, at least puts out hundred million USD to come, has the possibility of chatting!” 无奈之下,他只能向李牧妥协,他能听得出李牧话里的隐藏含义,他刚才的那一番话通篇就是在说一点:“你想跟我讲和,至少拿出一亿美元来,才有聊下去的可能!” Does not have the means that Lolan Mas only then clenches teeth to comply on own initiative, at this time, he had no way to communicate with the people of board of directors again discussed that because now the Li Mu offer is hundred million USD, tomorrow will turn the head to come again, this number possibly changed. 没办法,罗兰・马斯只有咬牙主动答应,这个时候,他没法再跟董事会的人沟通商量,因为现在李牧报价是一亿美元,明天转头再过来,这个数可能就变了。 However Lolan Mas did not fear that the board of directors looks for itself to trouble, today sees Li Mu's entire journey to have the sound recording, after waiting, can put to make them listen in the conference of board of directors, making them also experience this young Eastern butcher, starts ruthlessly. 不过罗兰・马斯也不怕董事会找自己麻烦,今天来见李牧的全程自己都有录音,等回去之后可以在董事会的会议上放出来让他们听听,让他们也见识见识这位年轻的东方屠夫,下手有多狠。 Li Mu thinks actually very simply, this matter Mars wants by apologizing finished up to turn, completely is impossible, oneself must make their ruthlessly a wave of blood, but his ideal price is hundred million USD. 李牧其实想得很简单,这事儿玛氏想靠道个歉就完事翻篇,完全是不可能的,自己必须要让他们狠狠的出一波血,而他的理想价位就是一亿美元 However, Li Mu is also very clear, this money definitely cannot enter own pocket, or enters the pocket of oneself company, because of such one, this matter changed the nature, oneself also from own initiative become passive, once were seized the opportunity by the match, greatly will possibly make an issue and counter-attack with this at one fell swoop successfully. 不过话说回来,李牧也很清楚,这钱肯定不能进自己的口袋,或者进自己公司的口袋,因为那样一来,这件事情就变了性质,自己也就从主动变为被动,一旦被对手抓住机会,很可能会拿这个大做文章、一举反击成功。 However so long as in Li Mu the one cent toward own does not capture holds and contributes it completely to charitable career, that this matter finally exposes the world, Li Mu does not use any worry, the Hero real man of robbing the rich and helping the poor himself is positive/direct an extremely person supposes. 但是李牧只要一分钱都不往自己兜里揣、全部把它贡献给慈善事业,那就算这件事最终曝光天下,李牧也不用有任何担心,劫富济贫的英雄好汉本身就是一个极度正面的人设。 After Lolan Mas complies to contribute 50 million USD again, the Li Mu's manner all of a sudden on 180 degrees big transformation, he smiling said: Mr. Mas, you may really be the good friend of China people, came China to contribute these much money for three charity foundations, was really too generous.” 在罗兰・马斯答应再捐五千万美元之后,李牧的态度一下子就180度大转变,他一脸笑意的说:“马斯先生,你可真是华夏人民的好朋友,一来华夏就为三个慈善基金会捐了这么多钱,真的是太慷慨了。” Lolan Mas smiled compares to cry also ugly, at heart to hate also only to nod insanely again and again: Mr. Li you were polite, you have made these many charitable career, made me admire, I made a help in one's power also should be.” 罗兰・马斯笑得比哭还难看,心里恨疯了也只能连连点头:“李先生您客气了,您做了这么多慈善事业,着实令我钦佩,我做点力所能及的帮助也是应该的。” Li Mu said with a laugh: didn't expect Mr. Mas so is modest, this year the head picture you such outstanding entrepreneur, was really too rare.” 李牧笑着说:“没想到马斯先生还这么谦虚,这年头像你这么优秀的企业家,真的是太少见了。” Here, a Li Mu thread of conversation revolution, escaped the tastes: You could rest assured that after your three donate money the account, I well propagandize certainly your generous fact to the outside.” 说到这儿,李牧话锋一转,脱口道:“你放心,等你这三笔捐款到账之后,我一定好好向外界宣传宣传你的慷慨事迹。” Lolan Mas relaxed, hastily also asked: Mr. Li, before me, that some people who said in online discredit the matter of our company deliberately......” 罗兰・马斯松了口气,急忙又问:“李先生,那我之前说的那个有人在网上蓄意抹黑我们公司的事情……” A Li Mu face said earnestly: You could rest assured that this matter my certainly earnest supervisor, will not let when the time comes your this types the company that has the intense social responsibilities is wronged.” 李牧一脸认真的说:“你放心,到时候这件事我一定会认真督办,不会让你们这种有强烈社会责任感的公司受委屈。” Lolan Mas hastily face grateful saying: That was really too thank you Mr. Li, our physical enterprises, followed not the tight internet development the trend, in the internet world, simply was freshman, was bullied by the internet enterprise specially easily, Muye Science and Technology was the leader of internet profession, there is the biggest internet information and an interactive platform, but also hopes that Chief Li can not understand the internet physical enterprise to consider for our these......” 罗兰・马斯急忙一脸感激的说道:“那真是太谢谢您了李先生,我们这种实体企业,跟不紧互联网发展的趋势,在互联网的世界里,简直就是一个新生儿,特别容易被互联网企业欺负,牧野科技互联网行业的龙头企业,又有最大的互联网资讯与互动平台,还希望李总能够多为我们这些不懂互联网的实体企业着想……” Li Mu knows that Lolan Mas this is in the indirect insult, bullies their internet enterprises is not oneself? Lolan Mas this is spent at heart uncomfortably, changed cursing at people of law. 李牧知道罗兰・马斯这是在指桑骂槐,欺负他们的互联网企业不就是自己吗?罗兰・马斯这是花了钱心里难受,变了法的骂人呢。 However Li Mu does not matter, what he very clear want is anything, dies to knock with Mars, except for must make other enterprises take warning, for that several foundations strives for many funds to oneself, hundred million USD place any age is a great sum of money, this sum of money places immediately, can be three charity foundations solves very major problem. 不过李牧也无所谓,他很清楚自己想要的是什么,跟玛氏死磕,除了要让其他企业引以为戒,也是为了给自己那几个基金会争取更多的资金,一亿美元放在什么年代都是一笔巨款,这笔钱放在当下,能为三个慈善基金会解决很大的问题。 Moreover, what is more important, this hundred million USD come is the foreign exchange, this sum of money comes in the USD form, oneself settle accounts by RMB with Central Bank directly, to a certain extent also brought in foreign exchange income for the country. 而且,更重要的是,这一亿美元来的全是外汇,这笔钱以美元形式进来,自己直接跟央行以人民币结算,某种程度上也是为国创汇了。 Thinks of here, Li Mu shows a faint smile, said to Lolan Mas: Mr. Mas, this point you felt relieved freely, other platform I do not have the ability to inquire about, but in our Muye Science and Technology platform, I will certainly guarantee the fair fair public internet principle.” 想到这里,李牧微微一笑,对罗兰・马斯说:“马斯先生,这一点你尽管放心,别的平台我没能力过问,但在我们牧野科技的平台,我一定会保证公平公正公开的互联网原则。” Lolan Mas nods again and again, wants is the statement of Li Mu this not going into one's past, only by doing so, can stop Mars that the scabs that non-stop bleeding and not being able to stop up. 罗兰・马斯连连点头,要的就是李牧这个既往不咎的表态,只有这样,才能止住玛氏那条不停流血、死活都堵不住的伤疤。 Also after Lolan Mas smalltalk several minutes, Lolan Mas then on own initiative sets out to say goodbye, he said to Li Mu: Mr. Li, I must go back to hold a teleconference, making the company prepare donation finance, strives for as soon as possible the account that in money infiltrates you to assign.” 又与罗兰・马斯客套了几分钟之后,罗兰・马斯便主动起身告辞,他对李牧说:“李先生,我要回去召开一个电话会议,让公司做好捐赠的财务准备,争取尽快把钱打入你们指定的账户上。” Li Mu nodded, said: I and other good news.” 李牧点了点头,道:“那我等你的好消息。” Lolan Mas nods, numerous air vents, on his face not only has the depression, and relaxes, no matter what, the matter was solved, considered to buy to teach, was good because of this hundred million USD to Mars, the anxiety will actually not bring the major impact. 罗兰・马斯点点头,重重的出了一口气,他的脸上既有郁闷,又有放松,不管怎么样,事情得到了解决,就当是花钱买个教训了,好在这一亿美元对玛氏来说,肉疼却不会带来重大影响。 Actually, Lolan Mas most depressed does not spend, but has not recorded the Li Mu's handle, Li Mu this fellow being watertight that oneself protect, he is Sima Zhao's heart was obviously well-known, may from his literal sense, your another principle unable to select. 其实,罗兰・马斯最郁闷的不是花钱,而是没有录到李牧的把柄,李牧这家伙把自己保护的滴水不漏,他明明就已经是司马昭之心路人皆知了,可从他字面意义上,你又一句理都挑不出来。 At this moment, Lolan Mas has acknowledged that the punishment is deserved, this time understands finally, oneself cannot fight Li Mu, either acts servilely, either evades its point, does not have the third road. 此时此刻,罗兰・马斯心里已经认栽,他这次终于明白,自己斗不过李牧,要么卑躬屈膝,要么避其锋芒,没有第三条路。 ...... …… After Lolan Mas walks, Li Mu calls to call own office Li Ziwei immediately, told her the solution of entire item matter, then confessed that she said: You are responsible for following up the following fund donation issue . Moreover, once money arrived, makes RMB to settle accounts with Central Bank on own initiative, so long as these money come, converts completely RMB.” 等罗兰・马斯走后,李牧立刻打电话把李紫薇叫到了自己的办公室,把整件事的解决方案告诉了她,然后交代她道:“你负责跟进后续的资金捐赠问题,另外,一旦钱到了,主动跟央行做人民币结算,这些钱只要进来,全部折算成人民币。” Li Ziwei cannot bear ask: Chief Li, the foundation of overseas outflow cultural relic the main vision will focus the overseas in the future, we do not leave the foreign exchange message, later will be very possibly troublesome.” 李紫薇忍不住问:“李总,海外流失文物的基金会未来主要的目光都会聚焦到海外,我们不留点外汇的话,以后可能会很麻烦。” Li Mu beckoned with the hand, said: To 50 million USD of overseas outflow cultural relic repatriation foundation, cannot be used to seek for the outflow cultural relic to the overseas market directly, otherwise this sum of money attains the artware market sentiment in Europe and America, most can also buy several blue and white porcelains and calligraphies and paintings also to spend similarly.” 李牧摆了摆手,说:“给海外流失文物归国基金会的五千万美元,不能直接用来到海外市场寻找流失文物,否则这笔钱拿到欧美的艺术品拍卖市场,最多也就能买几件青花瓷器、字画也就花得差不多了。” Then, Li Mu also said: This sum of money, must change into RMB completely, then invests into the management fund, first makes the investment, then helps the overseas outflow cultural relic repatriate with the profit that the investment obtains, when the time comes I will say with person in charge, all invests, to establish a internet venture capitalists fund money, when the time comes this sum of money not only can help the domestic internet pioneer found own career, to promote domestic internet Corporation to develop, and can harvest the high-power profit repayment in the future , helping more overseas cultural relics repatriate, becomes a healthy positive cycle.” 说罢,李牧又道:“这笔钱,要全部换成人民币,然后投入到经营型基金里,先做投资,再用投资得到的利润去帮助海外流失文物归国,到时候我会跟负责人说,把钱全部投入进来、成立一个互联网创投基金,到时候这笔钱既能帮助国内的互联网创业者开创自己的事业、推动国内互联网公司发展,又能在未来收获高倍的利润回报,来帮助更多海外文物归国,成为一个健康的良性循环。” Li Ziwei nodded, said: I understood Chief Li, my this starts preparing.” 李紫薇点了点头,道:“我明白了李总,那我这就着手准备。” Li Mu un, said: Other matters.” 李牧嗯了一声,道:“还有其他的事情。” Li Ziwei busy say/way: Chief Li you said.” 李紫薇忙道:“李总您说。” Li Mu said: Theoretically, this hundred million USD which fund, regardless of donates, should make a managerial fund to be most scientific, since our 3321 revolutions were not short of money actually, the offering although the more the better of veteran not dead project, the support that but the present stage people from various circles give was big, therefore overall is not short of money, as the matter stands, after these two projects do not need again goes to invest first , the charitable route, uses up the cash that this 50 million converts directly.” 李牧道:“理论上来看,这一亿美元无论捐给哪个基金,都应该做一个经营性的基金最科学,不过我们的3321其实一直以来的运转并不缺钱,老兵不死项目的善款虽然多多益善,但现阶段社会各界给予的支持已经非常大了,所以整体上也不缺钱,这样一来,这两个项目就没必要再去走先投资后慈善的路线,直接把这五千万折算出的现金用掉吧。” Li Ziwei asked: You think how was good to use?” 李紫薇问道:“那您想好怎么用了吗?” Li Mu said: Apportions 3321 that two surely USD, all invests into the construction of Hope School, greeted with Dong Senior Sister Ai, which lid making her plan these two USD to build many Hope School and, how to cover surely.” 李牧说:“分给3321的那两千万美元,全部投入到希望小学的建设上,跟董艾学姐打个招呼,让她去规划这两千万美元盖多少希望小学、在哪盖、怎么盖。” Li Ziwei nodded, said: I have taken down Chief Li, 30 million USD that the veteran does not die?” 李紫薇点了点头,道:“我记下了李总,那老兵不死的三千万美元呢?” The Li Mu hesitation moment, said: Difficult school-age children and elementary and middle school students nation has, the veteran soldiers seniors of survival that many, these veterans were not really more precious than the panda, therefore we let us not put in order other, per capita has sent directly two hundred million 50 million RMB of this 30 million USD conversion, sends the cash directly, provides some most solid help to them, the veteran who even if not short of money we also sends, is a intention and respect.” 李牧沉吟片刻,说:“困难的学龄儿童、中小学生全国有很多,不过幸存的老兵战士们前辈们真的没那么多了,这些老兵比大熊猫还宝贵,所以我们就别整其他的了,直接把这三千万美元折算的两亿五千万人民币按人头发出去,直接发现金,给他们提供一些最实在的帮助,就算是不缺钱的老兵我们也发,算是一份心意与敬意。” Saying, Li Mu was also saying: But, assigns also to need again a user-friendly point, according to the actual situation, provides in the detail also to make an adjustment again, for example, we take 60% to divide equally first, remaining 40%, according to the actual situation of each veteran, carry on the difficult condition evaluation, has the female to have the spouse and retirement without cause for grief, did not participate in the remaining 40% assignments, remaining, the situation was more difficult, are more, must achieve the distribution according to need that took.” 说着,李牧又道:“不过,分配上还需要再人性化一点,根据实际情况,发放细节上还要再做点调整,比如,我们先拿60%均分出去,剩下的40%,根据每个老兵的实际情况,进行困难状态评级,有儿有女有老伴儿、养老无忧的,就不参与剩下40%的分配了,剩下的,情况越困难,拿的就越多,务必做到按需分配。”
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