RINAPE :: Volume #16

#1546: Spends 100 million pounds to listen to a sound

To Li Mu, Davisson cups one hand in the other across the chest to deliver to oneself front gift, he has no reason the rejection. 李牧来说,戴维森拱手送到自己面前的礼物,他没有理由拒绝。 Moreover, accepts this gift he not to have many senses of responsibility, he most promises Vinson, making the HSBC Proprietary Stocks be in the future the Muye Science and Technology ipo Lord credit corroborative, but, if Davisson when the time comes cannot meet oneself requirements, oneself will not sell his slightest bit face as before. 而且,收下这份礼物他也不会有过多的责任感,他最多就是答应戴文森,让汇丰控股来做未来牧野科技ipo的主承销商,但是,如果戴维森到时候达不到自己的要求,自己依旧不会卖他半分面子。 As for Manchester City Club, is actually Davisson's stepping-stone, oneself kindly accept this stepping-stone, after he passes through the gate, if displays is not good, oneself meet a foot to trample as before him. 至于曼彻斯特城俱乐部,其实就是戴维森的敲门砖而已,自己笑纳这块敲门砖,他进门之后要是表现的不好,自己依旧会一脚把他踹出去。 Davisson naturally also knows this truth. 戴维森自然也知道这个道理。 The HSBC Proprietary Stocks although strength is very strong, however must be slightly more inferior in the US stock market market, normally, with the qualifications also almost meaning of Muye Science and Technology ipo main credit corroborative, now Li Mu looks in the face of Manchester City Club, can oneself this opportunity, but , if not display well, Manchester City Club was uselessly goes. 汇丰控股虽然实力很强,但是在美股市场还是要略微逊色一些,正常情况下,拿牧野科技ipo主承销商的资格还差点意思,现在李牧看在曼彻斯特城俱乐部的面子上,可以给自己这个机会,但是自己如果不好好表现的话,曼彻斯特城俱乐部就算是白搭进去了。 Davisson puts out the transfer of share rights contract of club immediately, the transferor of stock, is the goldberg family in a financial company in Manchester, but the transferee of stock, is Li Mu oneself. 戴维森立刻拿出俱乐部的股权转让合约,股份的转让方,是goldberg家族在曼彻斯特的一家金融公司,而股份的受让方,则是李牧本人。 The provision in contract is simple, the transferor is willing the Manchester city 100% transfers of share rights to the transferee, the contract only to need both sides to sign unconditionally becomes effective. 合约内的条款非常简单,转让方愿意无条件将曼彻斯特城100%的股权转让给受让方,合约只需双方签字即生效。 Li Mu after one minute reads the contract, then with the pen that Davisson hands over, has signed own name in the inscription place. 李牧用一分钟的时间看完合约之后,便用戴维森递过来的笔,在落款处签上了自己的名字。 Davisson also similarly signs his name, then exchanged the contract and Li Mu, said with a laugh said: Mr. Li, congratulates you becomes the Manchester City Club only owner.” 戴维森也同样签下他的名字,然后将合约与李牧交换了一下,笑着说道:“李先生,恭喜你成为曼彻斯特城俱乐部唯一的老板。” The Li Mu result contract, shows a faint smile saying: How I to manage a football club it can be said that to be confused now, all of a sudden how now does not know should.” 李牧结果合约,微微一笑道:“我现在对如何管理一家足球俱乐部可以说是一头雾水,现在一下子都不知道该如何着手。” Davisson laughs, said: „If no money, wants good truly to need to devote very big energy a football club operation, if rich, has been free from worry, you can study Abe, first to team enough salary treatment as well as bonus benefits, then puts out sum of money to come to invest into the club, making the club buy the player to supplement the fresh blood everywhere, then waits to look that the sports match following each competition was good, generally speaking, so long as money arrives, the rank of club in league tournament will raise upward.” 戴维森哈哈一笑,道:“如果没钱,想把一家足球俱乐部运营好确实需要付出很大的精力,不过若是有钱的话,就省心了许多,你可以学习阿布,先是给团队足够的薪资待遇以及奖金福利,然后再拿出一笔钱来投入到俱乐部里,让俱乐部到处买球员补充新鲜血液,然后就等着看球赛接下来的每一场比赛就好了,一般来说,只要钱到位,俱乐部在联赛中的排名都会往上提。” Li Mu ponders over the moment, nodded gently. 李牧思忖片刻,轻轻点了点头。 He approves to Davisson's suggestion, takes the club owner, is as the enterprise owner, to help that own subordinate can provide, only then two types, either is the technical help, either is the help on fund, about soccer technology basically is zero, then provided the fund help to be OK. 他对戴维森的建议非常认可,无论是作为俱乐部老板,还是作为企业老板,给自己的手下能够提供的帮助只有两种,要么是技术上的帮助,要么是资金上的帮助,关于足球的技术自己基本为零,那么提供好资金帮助就可以了。 Present stage do not have the energy to go to the control football club, even does not have the energy to seek for an appropriate professional manager as well as the head coach for the football club, but a little can actually achieve, that City Club infuses a huge fund to Manchester, is used to purchase the outstanding player. 现阶段自己没有精力去管足球俱乐部,甚至没有精力为足球俱乐部寻找一个合适的职业经理人以及主教练,不过有一点自己倒是能做到,那就是给曼彻斯特城俱乐部注入一笔巨额资金,用来购买优秀球员。 Muye Science and Technology gained continually, Taobao and Taobao Logistics also already started to gain, MU Online / miracle mu of independent proxy so far also as before was present Jinniu in China games market, the richness has the qualifications human nature, Li Mu momentarily can put out over a hundred million pounds from own credibility, pounded in FA Premier League to listen to a sound. 牧野科技持续盈利、淘宝淘宝物流也早就开始盈利,独立代理的奇迹mu到目前为止还依旧是华夏游戏市场里的现金牛,有钱就有资格人性,李牧随时可以从自己的个人资产里拿出上亿英镑,砸进英超里听一个响。 Moreover, to Li Mu, he also and has any superiority in the soccer domain, he has a very unique superiority, this superiority is over now any person in world soccer world. 而且,对李牧来说,他在足球领域也并不是没有任何优势,他有一个非常独特的优势,这个优势超过当今世界足坛中的任何一人。 This unique superiority, is he is very clear, in the world soccer world, in the future who will become the star of tomorrow. 这个独特的优势,就是他很清楚,世界足坛里,未来都有谁将成为明日之星。 A about point for example Looney, Yniesta, Modric, Fabregas, Riberi, this, these afterward one by one made a sound the Dangdang world-class player, the present stage is also at the golden age under 20 years old, the level is enough, but had not shown own opportunity, this also means, their present sale prices almost are very low \; 近一点的比如鲁尼、伊涅斯塔、莫德里奇、法布雷加斯、里贝里、罗本,这些后来各个响当当的世界级球员,现阶段还都处在20岁以下的黄金年龄,水平足够,但一直没有展现自己的机会,这也就意味着,他们现在的身价几乎都很低\; Moreover in the future will have Lewandowsky, in Mar, Bell, Zuerl this group 80 beginning end as well as 90 next generation giant star who was born, so long as the opportunity is appropriate, has the possibility only to spend several million pounds, can make own azure to teach in the camp these people, first from teaches the camp to start azure, then kicked two teams, the 17-18 year can represent one team of to go on stage to compete. 而且未来还有莱万多夫斯基、内马尔、贝尔、厄齐尔这帮80末以及90初出生的下一代巨星,只要时机合适,有可能只花个几百万英镑,就能把这些人都弄进自己的青训营里来,先从青训营开始,然后踢二队,十七八岁就可以代表一队登场比赛了。 Meanwhile, Meysey now became the seed member in Group A Bassar, now wants to buy him to estimate is hopeless, but Luo present stage should not ally Manchester United, even might just start with Manchester United to discuss the transfer, therefore want to dig also has the opportunity. 同时,梅西现在已经在西甲巴萨成为种子队员,现在想买他估计是没戏,但是罗现阶段应该还没有加盟曼联,甚至有可能只是刚刚开始与曼联谈转会,所以自己想挖也不是没有机会。 If these players buy in the best opportunity, the light was the transfer fee also gains turns. 这些球员要是都在最好的时机买进来,光是转会费也赚翻了。 As for China player Dong Fangzhuo, Li Mu must snatch from the hand of Manchester United him, making him start his travel of FA Premier League to Manchester, does not make this player make same mistakes over again as far as possible. 至于华夏球员董方卓,李牧一定要把他从曼联的手里抢过来,让他到曼城开始他的英超之旅,尽可能不让这个球员重蹈覆辙。 According to such rhythm, later the Manchester Club first teams and two teams, at least want various to be the China player leave a position, azure teaches the camp at least to provide six positions, Li Mu must make many China athletes go out the gate and to discipline oneself in high-strength and high level the league tournament, but does not support the stomach intestinal fat, to take the high salary to mingle among the domestic club. 按照这样的节奏,以后曼城俱乐部一队、二队,至少要各为华夏球员留出一个位置,青训营至少要提供六个位置,李牧要让更多的华夏运动员走出国门、在高强度、高水平的联赛中磨练自己,而不是挺着肚腩、拿着高薪混迹于国内的俱乐部。 Later generation these domestic so-called players, reason that can take the high salary to drift along in the club, benefits from the domestic soccer association's protection completely to the domestic player, surpasses each team of foreign aid quantities to be defined in 4 + 1 for a long time, is four non- Asian foreign aids, as well as an Asian foreign aid, goes on stage only to be able most 3 + 1, in other words, competition time, goes on stage in 11 people of football teams, most can only have four foreign aids, afterward, this figure changed to three. 后世那些国内的所谓一线球员,之所以能够拿着高薪在俱乐部混日子,完全得益于国内足协对国内球员的保护,中超每队外援数量长期被限定在4+1,也就是四个非亚洲外援,以及一个亚洲外援,上场最多只能3+1,也就是说,比赛的时候,上场11人的足球队里,最多只能有四名外援,再后来,这个数字改成了三个。 To tightening of team foreign aid quantity, causing each team to fight for these strengths to be insufficient, but salary extremely high China native place player, these players also because of the protection of policy, satisfied drifts along in the club, for them, cannot overtake the foreign aid in team not to be unimportant, so long as be not pursued by the native players of other teams too fiercely completely does not have the issue, because team competition time, must have 8 native players to present. 对球队外援数量的收紧,导致各个球队都必须要争抢那些实力不足,但薪资极高的华夏本土球员,这些球员也都因为政策的保护,心安理得的在俱乐部里混日子,对他们来说,追不上队内的外援不要紧,只要别被其他队的本土球员追赶得太厉害就完全没问题,因为球队比赛的时候,必须要有8个本土球员在场。 The although German Bundesliga 1 and Serie A even Group A have the limit of foreign aid, but the key is others native place member makes every effort to succeed, excessively has not relied on to the foreign aid, but not like domestic many teams, score of entire team forever on foreign aid. 虽然德甲、意甲甚至西甲也有外援的限制,但关键是人家本土队员争气,对外援根本就没有过度依赖,而不像国内的许多球队,整个球队的得分点永远都在外援身上。 Looks surpasses each season the scorer, in first 20, at least ten 6-7 are the foreign aids. 看一看中超每个赛季的射手榜,前20名里,至少有十六七个是外援。 This causes these native player who has a high and respected position to train in the club, usually already was used to the dependent foreign aid to obtain the goal, to gain the victory. 这就导致那些在俱乐部里养尊处优培养出来的本土球员,平时早就习惯了依赖外援取得进球、取得胜利。 Native player who such environment trains, once were recruited by the national sports team, was equal to the musician who one group carries out the accompaniment specially collected when one, planned to attend a Band competition, but these Leping was the instrumental music accompaniment family backgrounds, nobody can singing. 这样的环境培养出来的本土球员,一旦受到国家队征召,就等于是一帮专搞伴奏的乐手凑在了一起,准备参加一个乐队大赛,但这些乐平时都是器乐伴奏出身,没人能把歌唱好。 Therefore, these No. twenty person gathers the together time, discovered, they attend the Band competition, person but who in the team cannot sing. 于是,这二十几号人凑到一起的时候,才发现,他们来参加乐队大赛,可队里偏偏没有会唱歌的人。 Does such team, how make the great strides in the world? Does not regress thanks heaven and earth. 这样的球队,怎么在世界上取得长足进步?不退步都是谢天谢地。 However, if can have the player of talent to bring truly the home, making them be far away from the dispirited environment of that drifting along, discipline at FA Premier League high level league tournament like this, does not use many, even if can discipline three players, when they were recruited by the national sports team, can drastically promote the strength of team. 但是,如果能把国内真正有天赋的球员带出来,让他们远离那种混日子的颓废环境、在英超这样的高水平联赛磨练,不用多,哪怕能磨练出三个球员,当他们被国家队征召的时候,也能够大幅提升球队的实力。 Thinks of here, Li Mu asks Davisson: Was right, should the FA Premier League club not have the foreign aid to limit?” 想到这儿,李牧开口问戴维森:“对了,英超俱乐部应该没有外援限制吧?” No.” Davisson shook the head, said: So long as can attain the labor card, the team is the foreign aid has not related.” “没有。”戴维森摇了摇头,道:“只要能拿到劳工证,全队都是外援也没关系。” Labor proves......” Li Mu to hear this word, immediately thinks, in the past really some domestic players had the opportunity to be signed by the FA Premier League team, but the issue that because the labor proves is unable to be solved, but miscarries finally. “劳工证……”李牧一听到这个词,就立刻想到,当年确实有一些国内球员有机会被英超球队签下,但都因为劳工证的问题无从解决而最终流产。 Therefore, Li Mu asked Davisson: If I want to lead some China players to come to FA Premier League in the future, should the issue that the labor proves whom ask to be solved?” 于是,李牧问戴维森:“如果将来我想多带一些华夏球员到英超来,劳工证的问题应该找谁解决?” The British labors prove very troublesome, particularly the FA Premier League labor card, it to directing to help the object to have very high request, not only requests the opposite party in Our National sports team presence rate/lead over 75%, but also fifa of request Our country National sports team ranks in the world first 70, as the matter stands, making many Asian players miss FA Premier League. 英国劳工证非常麻烦,尤其是英超劳工证,它对引援对象有非常高的要求,不仅要求对方在本国国家队出场率超过75%,还要求本国国家队的fifa排名在世界前70,这样一来,让很多亚洲球员都无缘英超。 Moreover in the impression, this policy tightens gradually, is getting more and more strict. 而且印象中,这个政策是逐渐收紧的,越来越严格。 Davisson almost blurts to say without hesitation: „The FA Premier League labor proves one not to need to consider that the introduction channel of rigid target, this I can help you solve, felt relieved freely.” 戴维森几乎不假思索的脱口说道:“英超劳工证还有一个不需要考虑硬性指标的引入渠道,这个我可以帮你解决,尽管放心。” Li Mu relaxed, says with a smile: „After that the labor of China player proves the issue, troubled you.” 李牧松了口气,笑道:“那以后华夏球员的劳工证问题,就麻烦你了。” Davisson nodded, said: If you will have to prepare to introduce the China record/native place player in Manchester in the future, directly told me, I went to communicate with the government, but this digit cannot be too many, otherwise, the media have been staring, was not good to explain.” 戴维森点了点头,道:“如果你将来有准备引入到曼城的华夏籍球员,就直接告诉我,我去跟政府沟通,不过这个数字不能太多,否则的话,媒体一直盯着,不好解释。” Li Mu said: My goal is not high, Manchester one team and two teams, the initial period have a China record/native place player respectively, the mid and late part acts according to the actual situation to try to find the solution again.” 李牧道:“我的目标不高,曼城的一队和二队,初期各有一位华夏籍球员,中后期再根据实际情况想办法。” Davisson said with a smile: If your goal brings to exercise to FA Premier League the China player, then you can definitely rent Europe the player in first other league tournaments, then applied for the labor card through the arbitration, this I can also help you solve, believed me, I in European a little strength, moreover rented Europe other league tournaments the player, was in itself also to the one exercise of player, after all the European league tournament be more specialized than the China league tournament.” 戴维森笑道:“如果你的目标只是把华夏球员带到英超来锻炼,那么你完全可以把球员先租借到欧洲其他联赛里去,然后再通过仲裁申请劳工证,这个我也可以帮你解决,相信我,我在欧洲还是有点实力的,而且把球员租借到欧洲其他联赛,本身也是对球员的一种锻炼,毕竟欧洲联赛要比华夏联赛专业一些。” Li Mu said with a smile: This point I am believe certainly.” 李牧笑道:“这一点我当然是相信的。” Davisson also said: Was right, do you know, Manchester currently did have a China record/native place player?” 戴维森又道:“对了,你知不知道,曼城现在已经有一位华夏籍球员了?” Right?” Li Mu is somewhat stunned, cannot think all of a sudden. Before he five big league tournaments to 2008 already not any deep impression, which China player therefore a short time could not remember had to work for in FA Premier League Manchester City at this time. “是吗?”李牧有些错愕,一下子想不起来。他对2008年以前的五大联赛已经没什么深刻印象了,所以一时半会也想不起这时候有哪位华夏球员在英超曼城队效力。 Davisson from takes up a thick folder on hand, after turning one, hands in Li Mu's, said: You look, is he, sunji Hao123 i.” 戴维森从手边拿起一个厚厚的文件夹,翻了一阵之后,递到李牧的手里,说:“你看,就是他,sunjihai。” Li Mu lowers the head looked, three familiar characters appear gloriously on the paper Sun Jihai. 李牧低头一看,三个熟悉的字跃然纸上孙记海。
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