RINAPE :: Volume #16

#1545: I kindly accepted

Schwarzenegger regarded as to campaign for Muye Science and Technology quickly, after as well as election, most important media partner. 施瓦辛格很快就将牧野科技视作了自己竞选,以及当选后最重要的媒体合作伙伴。 The unique strength of Internet media, already in the incisiveness that YY and in the YY nets and titter these models of products manifest, these three models of product skeletons left propaganda solution of one set of Trinity together, covers the degree as well as the content valid delivery lead is high, particularly in US this Internet highly developed country, the effect is better. 互联网媒体的独特优势,已经在yyyy网、titter这几款产品中体现的淋漓尽致,这三款产品一起构架出了一套三位一体的宣传解决方案,覆盖程度以及信息有效投放率非常高,尤其是在美国这种互联网高度发达的国家,效果更好。 Holds Muye Science and Technology this enterprise, Schwarzenegger next eight years, does not need to worry for the media resources again. 抓住牧野科技这一家企业,施瓦辛格未来八年的时间里,都不需要再为媒体资源所担忧。 Excited Schwarzenegger reaches out on own initiative Lin Qingya, said seriously: Miss Lin, wishing our next eight years of cooperation happy!” 激动不已的施瓦辛格主动向林清雅伸出手去,郑重的说:“林小姐,预祝我们未来八年合作愉快!” The Lin Qingya nod smile, puts out a hand to grasp with Schwarzenegger gently, afterward the palm is comparing land snow, to Schwarzenegger, as well as Thomas said: Our Chief Li hopes that we can realize the seamless docking of information, if your excellency does not have the opinion, we hope that the land snow can become of your excellency campaign team, from now on, finished to the campaign, she status of campaign team staff in your excellency side, your excellency has any demand to Muye Science and Technology like this, can transmit through Lu Xue directly.” 林清雅点头微笑,伸手与施瓦辛格轻轻一握,随后手掌比着身边的陆雪,对施瓦辛格,以及托马斯说道:“我们李总希望我们双方能够实现信息的无缝对接,所以如果阁下没有意见的话,我们希望陆雪能够成为阁下竞选团队的一员,从现在开始,一直到竞选结束,她都以竞选团队工作人员的身份在阁下的身边,这样阁下对牧野科技有任何需求,都可以直接通过陆雪传递。” Schwarzenegger's nod of without hesitation, reaches out the land snow, said earnestly: Miss Lu, welcome to join my campaign team!” 施瓦辛格毫不犹豫的点了点头,又向陆雪伸出手去,认真说道:“陆小姐,欢迎加入我的竞选团队!” Lu Xue and Schwarzenegger shook hand, said with a smile naturally: This is my being honored.” 陆雪与施瓦辛格握了握手,大方笑道:“这是我的荣幸。” Schwarzenegger said to Thomas immediately: Thomas, you are responsible for helping Miss Lu arrange an appropriate address in Sacramento, must carry out as soon as possible.” 施瓦辛格随即对身边的托马斯说道:“托马斯,你负责帮陆小姐在萨克拉门托安排一个合适的住址,要尽快落实。” The Thomas hastily nod complies, Lin Qingya said: Mr. Schwarzenegger, Lu Xue the lodging as well as the journey issue did not use you and your team worried, our Muye Science and Technology has made the complete arrangement for her, you only needed the place that informed her to work then.” 托马斯急忙点头答应,林清雅却道:“施瓦辛格先生,陆雪的住宿以及出行问题就不用你和你的团队操心了,我们牧野科技已经为她做好了周全的安排,你只需要告知她工作的地点即可。” In Schwarzenegger heart sighed that Muye Science and Technology seems like the sincerity is really full, anything has considered, as the matter stands, Lu Xue can participate in own campaign immediately actually. 施瓦辛格心中感叹,牧野科技看来真的是诚意满满,什么都已经考虑到了,这样一来,陆雪马上就能够实际参与到自己的竞选里来。 After polite, Lin Qingya to Schwarzenegger and Thomas proposed that some following suggestions, said: „ Mr. Schwarzenegger, after the land snow joins your excellency campaign team, your excellency needs to inform the campaign traveling schedule ahead of time to Lu Xue, Lu Xue ahead of time the staff vertical with Muye Science and Technology, ahead of time prepares propaganda for your excellency, theoretically, regardless of then your excellency has any campaign, Muye Science and Technology will carry on the track to report on our website that but our reports will be divided into two types on the whole, before one type is the activity gave advance notice, after one type is the activity, summarizes \; 客气了一番之后,林清雅向施瓦辛格和托马斯提出接下来的些许建议,道:“施瓦辛格先生,陆雪加入阁下的竞选团队之后,阁下需要将竞选行程提前告知给陆雪,陆雪会提前与牧野科技的工作人员沟通联系,提前为阁下做好宣传准备,理论上来说,接下来无论阁下有任何竞选活动,牧野科技都会在我们的网站上进行跟踪报道,而我们的报道在大体上会分成两种,一种是活动前预告,一种是活动后总结\; Before the activity gave advance notice where is your excellency prepares to go to participate in anything to move, we will issue in website ahead of time that makes the foundation exposure, this foundation exposure, we will not dope any viewpoint, but aims at the matter to carry on the simple report, therefore does not need your excellency campaign team to provide the news manuscript, the form of our according to news brief compiles the publication \; 活动前预告,就是阁下准备去哪里参加什么活动,我们会提前在网站进行发布,做基础曝光,这种基础曝光,我们不会掺杂任何观点,只是针对事情进行简单报道,所以也不需要阁下的竞选团队提供新闻稿件,我们就以简讯的形式编撰发表\; After the activity summarizes, this link is quite important, not only need report that activity itself, needs to integrate your excellency political stand and viewpoint, this report can have the quite obvious tendentiousness, therefore we need your excellency campaign team to provide to compile the good news manuscript, in addition, we can also need the pictures as well as the video materials of some events, this also needs your excellency campaign team to provide after the choice to us. ” 活动后总结,这个环节比较重要,不只是要报道活动的本身,更需要融入阁下的政治立场、观点,这种报道会有比较明显的倾向性,所以我们需要阁下的竞选团队来提供编撰好的新闻稿件,除此之外,我们还会需要一些活动现场的照片以及视频资料,这个也需要阁下的竞选团队在挑选之后提供给我们。” Thomas nods saying: These naturally do not have any issue, we can make a concerted effort to coordinate, to strive with Miss Lu to achieve the seamless docking.” 托马斯点头说道:“这些当然没有任何问题,我们会和陆小姐通力配合,争取做到无缝对接。” Lin Qingya said: Moreover, titter of Mr. Schwarzenegger is best is maintains a quite frequent publication frequency, the content of publication must consult after the campaign team, each titter wants the careful analysis whether has the significant viewpoint loophole, or whether has racial discrimination, sexual discrimination and other viewpoints, even if only the little possibility must cease completely, we also will continue simultaneously to give titter of Mr. Schwarzenegger to induct the current capacity , to promote Mr. Schwarzenegger influence on Internet.” 林清雅说:“另外,施瓦辛格先生的titter最好是保持一个比较频繁的发表频次,不过发表的内容一定要经过竞选团队协商,每一条titter都要仔细分析是否存在重大的观点漏洞,或者是否存在种族歧视、性别歧视等观点,哪怕只是一点点可能性也要完全杜绝,同时我们也会继续给施瓦辛格先生的titter导入流量,来提升施瓦辛格先生本人在互联网上的影响力。” Schwarzenegger, is Thomas, is satisfied to Lin Qingya such arrangement, in their eyes, this is the best partner, because the best partner does not need you to tell him to need to make anything, but is he can think how to do is to you, to cooperating well. 无论是施瓦辛格本人,还是托马斯,对林清雅这样的安排都非常满意,在他们眼中,这才是最好的合作伙伴,因为最好的合作伙伴不需要你告诉他需要做什么,而是他自己就能想到怎么做才是对你、对合作最好的。 The partner who can ponder on own initiative, said simply, the probability that but in the reality meets is too small, may with, but cannot ask. 能够主动思考的合作伙伴,说起来简单,但现实中遇到的几率太小,可遇而不可求。 After both sides reached intention in -depth cooperation, then subscribed the following cooperation flow quickly, Lu Xue today as well as tomorrow's two days will complete the work connection in Silicon Valley, and prepared for leaving to go to Sacramento, the day after tomorrow very early in the morning, the Muye Science and Technology allocation of vehicles will deliver to the hotel that her Sacramento stayed, if were quick, she can arrive at Schwarzenegger's campaign supreme headquarters the day after tomorrow, formally started to work. 双方达成了深度合作的意向之后,很快便订好了后续的合作流程,陆雪今天以及明天两天在硅谷做好工作交接,并且做好动身前往萨克拉门托的准备,后天一早,牧野科技的配车会将她送到萨克拉门托下榻的酒店,如果快的话,她后天上午就可以到施瓦辛格的竞选大本营,正式开始工作。 However, Lu Xue , in Schwarzenegger campaign team works, she can avoid as much as possible make an appearance in the face of the public, whole by secret worker status participation. 不过,陆雪在施瓦辛格竞选团队里工作的时候,她会尽可能避免在公众面前露面,整体以幕后工作者的身份参与其中。 Both sides communicate, exchange to be happy smoothly, time on point of departure, Schwarzenegger said sincerely: Miss Lin, please thank Mr. Li Mu for me, passed on to him, if he came to the US, I paid certainly a visit.” 双方沟通顺畅、交流愉快,临别的时候,施瓦辛格非常诚恳的说:“林小姐,请代我感谢李牧先生,转告他如果他来美国,我一定登门拜访。” Lin Qingya refreshed complies, said with a smile: Your excellency please feels relieved that I will pass on to our Chief Li.” 林清雅爽快的答应下来,笑道:“阁下请放心,我会转告我们李总。” Afterward, Schwarzenegger also said to land snow: Miss Lu, I in Sacramento and other cities you.” 随后,施瓦辛格又对陆雪说:“陆小姐,我在萨克拉门托等你。” Lu Xue nodded, says with a smile: Sacramento sees, Mr. Schwarzenegger.” 陆雪点了点头,笑道:“萨克拉门托见,施瓦辛格先生。” Ok. Sacramento sees!” “ok。萨克拉门托见!” ...... …… Li Mu thought more and more that accepts the invitation of goldberg family, is not a wise matter, the main reason is, oneself are wanted to experience the world top social stratum the circle as well as the life, but came actually to discover, their life style radically not suitable oneself. 李牧越来越觉得,接受goldberg家族的邀请,不是一件明智的事情,最主要的原因就是,自己原本是想要体验一下世界顶尖阶层的圈子以及生活,但来了却发现,他们的生活方式根本就不适合自己。 With the manor of goldberg family, truly is very big and is very lordly, the historic building group of same level scale and similar time history, places the home to fear that can comment a five-star scenic area, but, Li Mu did not think that lives in this place is enjoyment. 就拿goldberg家族的庄园来说,确实很大、很气派,同等规模、同样时间历史的古建筑群,放在国内怕是能评一个五星级景区了,但是,李牧却一点也不觉得,住在这种地方是一种享受。 In his opinion, lives here, felt that tails has not distinguished in Forbidden City anything, has sufficed broadly, has sufficed luxuriously, the history has also sufficed, but will make people think irritable, always thought that this environment not suitable Hyundai / modern person to live. 在他看来,住在这里,感觉跟住在故宫没什么区别,恢弘够了,奢华够了,历史也够了,但还是会让人觉得别扭,总觉得这种环境并不适合现代人生活。 Moreover, these live together the local tyrant in goldberg manor, with Li Mu truly is not a person of world, everybody was very even difficult to find the common topic and hobby, although always some people invited Li Mu to eat meal or get together, but Li Mu basically all has pushed clean. 而且,那些同住在goldberg庄园的土豪,和李牧确实不是一个世界的人,大家甚至很难找到共同的话题与爱好,以至于虽然总有人邀请李牧吃饭或者聚会,但李牧基本上全都推了个一干二净。 These old-money as well as the Middle East royal family member very remarkable common grounds, that is the matter that they are not willing to let off any can make money, the profession of even if fully not understanding, so long as hears to make money, they meet welling up of noisy crowd to come , of merit thoughts of gain, nobody can. 这些old-money以及中东王室成员都有一个非常显著的共同点,那便是他们不愿意放过任何可以赚钱的事情,哪怕完全不了解的行业,只要听说可以赚钱,他们还是会一窝蜂的涌进来,功利心之强,无人能及。 Even if accidentally meets, these people will encircle to Li Mu side, inquired about investing the suggestion of Internet, even some Middle East royal family members also directly proposed that must buy stock Muye Science and Technology, but this kind of person by the Li Mu direct rejection. 即便只是偶然碰面,这些人还是会围到李牧身边,询问关于投资互联网的建议,甚至一些中东王室成员还直接提出要入股牧野科技,但这类人都被李牧直接拒绝。 If these people want to invest Muye Science and Technology, the only window is the stock market, in the future after Muye Science and Technology will go on the market, they can invest the part of Muye Science and Technology stock to be used to invest, after all the release stock after listing was the free transaction, Li Mu cannot interfere, but besides this window, Li Mu will not give these person of any other ways again. 这些人如果想投资牧野科技,唯一的窗口就是证券市场,未来牧野科技上市之后,他们可以投资一部分牧野科技的股份用来投资,毕竟上市后的发行股是自由交易,李牧也干涉不了,但是除了这个窗口之外,李牧不会再给这些人任何其他的途径。 Li Mu also imagined Bill Gates such to leave ahead of time, but he is keeping also thinking about Manchester City Club, hopes that can after taking the property rights of this club, starts to leave Britain again. 李牧原本也想像比尔盖茨那样提前走人,但他心里还惦记着曼彻斯特城俱乐部,希望能够在拿下这家俱乐部的所有权之后,再启程离开英国。 Made him feel what was gratified, has handled in Lin Qingya with the second day that Schwarzenegger cooperated, Davisson tall Bai invited Li Mu to drink tea to own study room, Li Mu just arrived at his study room, he smiling telling Li Mu: Mr. Li, told you a good news, Manchester City Club, had been taken by the goldberg family!” 令他感到欣慰的是,就在林清雅搞定了与施瓦辛格合作的第二天,戴维森高柏邀请李牧到自己的书房喝茶,李牧刚到他的书房,他就一脸笑意的告诉李牧:“李先生,告诉你一个好消息,曼彻斯特城俱乐部,已经被goldberg家族拿下了!” „?” The Li Mu eyebrow selects, asked: How does contract sign?” “哦?”李牧眉毛一挑,笑问:“合约是怎么签的?” Davisson said: All shareholders transfer all stocks to the goldberg family, then all club administrative personnel, staff and coach team member, as well as the contract of team member all transits to our hands, moreover we also pledged to all people that will not carry on any deflation to their salary treatments, moreover we also supplemented one in the purchase contract, is the club member personnel originally changes cannot over 10%, therefore shareholder originally to facilitate transaction, promised that takes some funds to be used to reward to these club members, makes them continue to stay in the club by this, as the matter stands, has changed the boss in the club, but. The actual operation cannot come under any influence.” 戴维森说:“所有股东转让所有股份给goldberg家族,然后所有的俱乐部管理人员、工作人员、教练组成员、以及球队成员的合同全部过渡到我们手里,而且我们也向所有人承诺,不会对他们的薪资待遇进行任何缩减,而且我们在收购合约上也追加了一条,就是原本的俱乐部成员人员变动不能超过10%,所以原本的股东为了促成交易,许诺拿出一部分资金用来奖励给这些俱乐部成员,以此来让他们继续留在俱乐部,这样一来,相当于俱乐部只是换了老板,但。实际运作不会受到任何影响。” Li Mu nodded immediately, said: Completeness that you consider, was right, how much money has the purchase altogether spent? I based on this amount, supplement 10% service charges.” 李牧当即点了点头,道:“还是你考虑的周全,对了,收购一共花费了多少钱?我在这个金额的基础上,追加10%的劳务费。” Davisson beckons with the hand, while said to Li Mu one cup of black tea, said: Mr. Li, expenditure many of club, regardless to you for me, has not been only a very small number, therefore you do not need toward to go at heart.” 戴维森一边摆摆手,一边给李牧道了一杯红茶,道:“李先生,俱乐部的花费没有多少,无论对你还是对我来说,都只是一个很小的数目,所以你不必往心里去。” Saying, Davisson also said: Actually I asked stevejohnson to invite Mr. Li you to come to Britain, the main desire can start in -depth cooperation with you, I know that Muye Science and Technology wanted ipo immediately, moreover knows that Muye Science and Technology might create the Internet enterprise ipo record, we hope very much can jointly complete the magnificent feat of this record-setting with Muye Science and Technology, therefore, I am willing, to bestow Manchester City Club to you in a private capacity, the only hope, was you can comply, making the HSBC Proprietary Stocks be the Muye Science and Technology listing ipo Lord credit corroborative.” 说着,戴维森又道:“其实我拜托stevejohnson邀请李先生你来英国,最主要的愿望就是能够与你展开深层合作,我知道牧野科技马上要ipo,而且也知道牧野科技有可能创造互联网企业ipo的记录,我们很希望能够与牧野科技共同完成这项创纪录的壮举,所以,我愿意以私人身份,将曼彻斯特城俱乐部赠送给你,唯一的希望,是你能够答应,让汇丰控股来做牧野科技上市ipo的主承销商。” The Li Mu corners of the mouth float off slightly the curve, said with a smile: Davisson, a club at least also wants the 7-8 Ten Million pound, even is higher, you pay these many, only for with Lord credit corroborative qualifications of Muye Science and Technology ipo, you thought that is worth?” 李牧嘴角浮起微微弧度,笑道:“戴维森,一个俱乐部至少也要七八千万英镑,甚至更高,你付出这么多,只为了拿一个牧野科技ipo的主承销商资格,你觉得值得吗?” Is worth!” Davisson extremely assured saying: „When I believe the Muye Science and Technology ipo market value certainly in 2000 hundred million USD above, if the robust performance of titter can be lasting, this market value will also continue to rise, if Google and Baidu these two enterprises after NASDAQ goes on the market displays well, will further also increase as the Muye Science and Technology market value of shareholder, in brief, I will be confident about the Muye Science and Technology future, moreover my ability and resources to HSBC Proprietary Stocks also confident.” “非常值得!”戴维森极其笃定的说道:“我坚信牧野科技ipo时的市值一定在2000亿美元以上,如果titter的强劲表现能够持久,这个市值还会继续攀升,而如果谷歌百度这两家企业在纳斯达克上市之后表现较好,作为股东的牧野科技市值还会进一步攀升,总之,我对牧野科技的未来充满信心,而且我对汇丰控股的能力与资源也充满信心。” Here, Davisson continued to explain: Mr. Li you look, if Muye Science and Technology ipo market value according to 2000 hundred million USD computations, then draws up to put out 10% stocks to be used to distribute, that scale in 200 hundred million USD, such a big fund, the ordinary credit corroborative cannot eat up, but you have a look this time to come to the goldberg manor to participate in the person who Sharon gets together, these traditional rich and powerful people, aristocrats as well as the royal family, are the high-end customers of our HSBC Proprietary Stocks, let alone 200 hundred million USD, even if 30 billion and 400 hundred million USD, these people can also be able to eat up!” 说到这儿,戴维森继续解释道:“李先生你看,如果牧野科技ipo的市值按2000多亿美元计算,那么拟定拿出10%的股份用来发行,那规模也在200多亿美元,这么一大笔资金,普通的承销商根本就吃不下,但是你看看这次来goldberg庄园参加沙龙聚会的人,这些传统的富豪、贵族以及王室,都是我们汇丰控股的高端客户,别说200亿美元,就算30000000000、400亿美元,这些人也能够吃得下!” Davisson's words make the Li Mu intention move, these established local tyrant truly hands grasp a lot of cashes, many over a hundred million USD, few also at least has several Ten Million USD, ipo stage most important is the credit corroborative can arranging the price stock sells ahead of time, if the fixed price lowered, the boss company will be lost, if the fixed price were high, the credit corroborative cannot sell, even if Muye Science and Technology this type the company that was favored by the market extremely, when the representative ipo stock price cannot decide to the sky-high price, because everything has one balance point, misses the balance point, the entire situation will be unbalanced on the certain extent., Only then found that balance point, to the company is the best choice. 戴维森的话让李牧心念一动,这些老牌土豪确实都手握大量现金,多的上亿美元,少的也起码有个几千万美元,ipo阶段最重要的就是承销商能够把定好价格的股票提前卖出去,如果定价低了,上司公司会受损失,如果定价高了,承销商又卖不出去,就算是牧野科技这种被市场极度看好的公司,也不代表ipo时的股价可以定到天价,因为凡事都有一个平衡点,错过平衡点,整个事态就会一定程度失衡。,只有找到那个平衡点,对公司来说才是最好的选择。 Li Mu and relations of overseas bank are not ripe wind, this is mainly because since Muye Science and Technology development, has not loaned in the overseas, has not melted the capital in overseas bank there, takes is only the Sequoia money, but Sequoia and relations of HSBC Proprietary Stocks are also close, therefore, comes up the analysis from the essence, because there is Sequoia to be like this dedicated the high-tech venture capitalists the capital relations, the estimate value of HSBC Proprietary Stocks to Muye Science and Technology should be an approval degree highest family|home. 李牧与海外银行的关系并不熟络,这主要是因为牧野科技发展至今,还从来没有在海外贷过款,更没有在海外银行那里融过资,唯一拿过的就是红杉的钱,而红杉与汇丰控股的关系又非常密切,所以,从本质上来分析,因为有红杉这样专注高科技创投的资本关系,汇丰控股对牧野科技的估值应该是认可度最高的一家。 Moreover, Davisson's cooperation intention is truly intense . Moreover the sincerity is also enough, so long as he can find that balance point with himself together, and steadfast promotes entire ipo according to that balance point, then do not repel with them carries out in -depth cooperation, Lord the role of credit corroborative definitely to give them. 而且,戴维森的合作意向确实很强烈,而且诚意也非常足够,只要他能够跟自己一起找到那个平衡点,并且坚定不移的按照那个平衡点去推动整个ipo,那么自己是不排斥与他们进行深度合作的,主承销商的角色完全可以交给他们。 Let alone, strength of HSBC Proprietary Stocks is enough, goldberg family through this time Sharon, has developed their potential customer community to a great extent, this also means that these participate in the person who Sharon gets together, in the future might becomes the high-end customer of HSBC Proprietary Stocks, may in the ipo stage, massively purchases the Muye Science and Technology stock from the hand of HSBC Proprietary Stocks. 更何况,汇丰控股的实力是足够的,goldberg家族通过这次沙龙,也很大程度上拓展了他们的潜在客户群体,这也就意味着,这些来参加沙龙聚会的人,将来都有可能成为汇丰控股的高端客户、都有可能在ipo阶段,就从汇丰控股的手里大量购买牧野科技的股票。 High-end customer who how the stock price trend after Muye Science and Technology listing, basically must think these ipo stages, to the craving degree of Muye Science and Technology stock, if they are sold out Muye Science and Technology all release stocks in the ipo stage, then goes on the market after officially, the Muye Science and Technology stock price will definitely welcome a big eruption. 牧野科技上市后的股价走势如何,基本上就要看这些ipo阶段的高端客户,对牧野科技股票的热衷程度,如果他们在ipo阶段就把牧野科技所有发行股票抢购一空,那么正式上市之后,牧野科技的股价必然会迎来一个大爆发。 Otherwise, if the ipo stage stock is not favored, the credit corroborative pressure to be too big, then the rising trend after listing will not be naturally optimistic, even may break the wholesale price. 反之,如果ipo阶段股票就不被看好、承销商压力太大,那么上市后的涨势自然也不会太乐观,甚至有可能跌破发行价。 Thinks of here, Li Mu then said with a laugh said: Davisson, since you such have confidence, that Manchester City Club, I kindly accepted.” 想到这里,李牧便笑着说道:“戴维森,既然你这么有把握,那曼彻斯特城俱乐部,我就笑纳了。”
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