RINAPE :: Volume #16

#1547: The star of tomorrow

In Li Mu the document, in dense and numerous English letters, only then three Chinese characters, are grandson records sea the names. 李牧面前的这份文件中,密密麻麻的英文字母里,只有三个汉字,便是“孙记海”的名字。 Li Mu is also an established fan, the previous life China men's football team enters World Cup, Li Mu is excited for several days not to have a good sleep to think, has a dream dreams of the China team to rise to challenges at World Cup, the only regret was the past China team has no harvest at all at World Cup, three all lost. 李牧也算是个老牌球迷,上辈子华夏男足打进世界杯,李牧激动得几天没睡好觉,做梦都梦见华夏队在世界杯上披荆斩棘,唯一的遗憾是当年华夏队在世界杯上颗粒无收,三场皆负。 However even if so, before the Li Mu rebirth, he steadfast believing, in all previous China national sports team, the strength strongest and mental outlook is best, was in 2002 goes on an expedition of World Cup, the player who Hao Haidong, Yang Chen, model/pattern Zhiyi, Li Weifeng, Sun record, these were familiar basically was that time China soccer peak representative, other does not dare saying that at least their achievements, several years of China soccer world nobody can surmount in the future. 不过即便如此,一直到李牧重生之前,他都坚定不移的认为,历届华夏国家队里,实力最强、精神面貌最好的,就是2002年征战世界杯的那一支,郝海冬、杨辰、范致毅、李伟峰、孙记海,这些耳熟能详的球员基本上都是那个时代华夏足球的巅峰代表,别的不敢说,起码他们的成就,往后十几年的华夏足坛没人能够超越。 Records the sea as for the grandson, Li Mu also quickly recalled that about his some memories, Sun Jihai position in the field is mainly the guard and waist, 20 century's ends once went on an expedition the British series A league with model/pattern Zhiyi, afterward were many year to play soccer in FA Premier League, are only Li Mu didn't expect, Sun Jihai in the team that FA Premier League works , have belonged to Manchester City Club under oneself name. 至于孙记海,李牧也很快回想起关于他的一些记忆,孙记海在场上的位置主要是后卫与后腰,20世纪末就曾经和范致毅一起征战英国甲级联赛,后来很多年一直都在英超踢球,只是李牧没想到,孙记海在英超效力的球队,就是已经归入自己名下的曼彻斯特城俱乐部。 This was too interesting, oneself have wanted to receive a FA Premier League club, is used to the China outstanding player to provide a better stage in the future, in the didn't expect team currently has a China player. 这可是太有趣了,自己一直想收一个英超俱乐部,用来为日后华夏优秀球员提供一个更好的舞台,没想到队里现在就有一名华夏球员。 Flipped Sun Jihai the material probably, Li Mu said to Davisson with a smile: It seems like bought Manchester City Club also really to buy right.” 大概翻了翻孙记海的资料,李牧笑着对戴维森说道:“看来买曼彻斯特城俱乐部还真是买对了。” Davisson said: Macmillan Family is the major stockholder of Manchester United, is actual control of Manchester United, your Manchester with them in the same city, I looked, they everywhere will definitely aim at your club.” 戴维森道:“麦克米伦家族一直是曼联队的大股东,也是曼联的实际掌控者,你的曼城跟他们在同一个城市,我看以后他们肯定会处处针对你的俱乐部。” Li Mu nodded, says with a smile: This year the strength of Manchester was perhaps worse than Manchester United much, but I believe that next season, Manchester everywhere will look for the tooth that Manchester United kicks.” 李牧点了点头,笑道:“今年曼城的实力或许比曼联差了不少,但我相信到了下个赛季,曼城会把曼联踢的满地找牙。” Then, Li Mu also said to Davisson: Helps me arrange troublesome, over the two days I want to go to a Manchester.” 说罢,李牧又对戴维森道:“麻烦帮我安排一下,这两天我想去趟曼彻斯特。” Goes to Manchester?” Davisson hastily beckoned with the hand, said: At this time went to Manchester to be not quite good? Since your previous time has hit George Macmillan Family, Macmillan Family clenches jaws to you.” “去曼彻斯特?”戴维森急忙摆了摆手,道:“这时候去曼彻斯特不太好吧?自从你上次打了乔治・麦克米伦家族之后,麦克米伦家族对你可是咬牙切齿。” Li Mu said with a smile: I go to Manchester, will they also assassinate me to be inadequate?” 李牧笑道:“难道我去曼彻斯特,他们还会暗杀我不成?” A Davisson face said earnestly: Everything must add carefully, here, Macmillan Family does not dare to be what kind to you, but if you went to Manchester, that may unable to reach an agreement, even if Macmillan Family does not dare to be what kind to you, George that son-of-bitch also will possibly find the opportunity to be disadvantageous to you.” 戴维森一脸认真的说:“凡事都要多加小心,在我这里,麦克米伦家族不敢对你怎样,但如果你去了曼彻斯特,那可真说不好了,就算麦克米伦家族不敢对你怎样,乔治那个狗娘养的可能也会找机会对你不利。” Sees Li Mu as if not to be serious own words, Davisson supplements one, said: George this person, looks like puts on despicable airs, is actually a very sinister ruthless spicy villain, although British these children of the nobility few good things, but George is really in this most rotten one.” 李牧似乎并不把自己的话当回事,戴维森又补充一句,道:“乔治这个人,看起来人模狗样,实际是一个非常阴险狠辣的小人,虽说英国这些贵族子弟没几个好东西,但乔治真的是这里面最烂的一个。” Li Mu nodded, said: I will pay attention, since I now am the boss of Manchester, must look to own club.” 李牧点了点头,道:“我会多注意的,既然我现在是曼彻斯特城队的老板,总要到自己的俱乐部里看一看。” Davisson has saying: Since this, I when the time comes accompany you to pass together, we can drive directly from here, the journey is not far.” 戴维森只好说道:“既然这样,那我到时候陪你一起过去吧,我们可以直接从这里开车过去,路途不算远。” Li Mu simply said: Does not have the issue, I am leading the assistants and several bodyguards am unfamiliar with the people and place in Britain, toss about quite to be also troublesome, the time will be best is in the next two days, will make concrete you to arrange.” 李牧便道:“没问题,我带着助理和几个保镖在英国人生地不熟,折腾起来也比较麻烦,时间最好是明后两天,具体你来安排吧。” Davisson complies immediately, said: We the day after tomorrow early morning, I will make the person officially inform one with General Manager of Manchester, said that their new bosses must pass with everybody the day after tomorrow meet.” 戴维森立刻答应下来,道:“那我们就后天一早出发吧,我让人跟曼城的总经理知会一声,就说他们的新老板后天要过去跟大家见面。” Li Mu shook has washed one's hands of the contract, asked him: Now outside should return nobody to know that you did give me Manchester Club?” 李牧抖了抖手中的合约,问他:“现在外面应该还没人知道你把曼城俱乐部送给我了吧?” Naturally.” Davisson said: This matter besides you, only then the several core members of goldberg family know, the outside thinks the goldberg family buys Manchester Club to enter the soccer sports market, after all in the industry of goldberg family has had golf branch, acquires a football club also to have nothing surprisedly.” “当然。”戴维森说:“这件事除了你之外,只有goldberg家族的几个核心成员知道,外界都以为goldberg家族买曼城俱乐部是为了进军足球体育市场,毕竟goldberg家族的产业里一直有高尔夫这条分支,收购一家足球俱乐部也没有什么可惊讶的。” Li Mu asked: How does that outside appraise the goldberg family to purchase the matter of Manchester Club?” 李牧笑问:“那外界怎么评价goldberg家族收购曼城俱乐部的事情?” Davisson shrugs the arm, said: Majority in singing fades, they thought that the goldberg family buys Manchester Club not to have the vision, FA Premier League Manchester City of present stage truly is also very difficult the hope that makes the person see to rise, particularly after Abe great writer is in charge of Chelsea, now Chelsea's head coach is taking 100 million pounds to buy the person everywhere, they also want in the end of this month and Xia Ji transfer window are closed, again increases some fresh blood.” 戴维森耸了耸肩膀,道:“大部分都是在唱衰,他们觉得goldberg家族买曼城俱乐部是没有眼光,现阶段的英超曼城队也确实很难让人看到崛起的希望,尤其是在阿布大手笔入主切尔西之后,现在切尔西的主教练正拿着100000000英镑到处买人,他们还想在这个月底、夏季转会窗口关闭前,再多增加一些新鲜血液。” Li Mu nodded, says with a smile: Abe can invest money, I also \; Chelsea can buy the person everywhere, Manchester.” 李牧点了点头,笑道:“阿布可以投钱,我也可以\;切尔西可以到处买人,曼城也可以。” ...... …… After Davisson has discussed that Li Mu then starts to prepare the tour of own Manchester city. 与戴维森谈过之后,李牧便开始准备自己的曼彻斯特城之行。 Because remember that did not know about nowadays FA Premier League, therefore he closes himself in the room, has studied an all day FA Premier League news. 由于自己记忆中对现如今的英超并不了解,所以他把自己关在房间里,研究了一整天的英超新闻。 Head coach as well as player who lineup he does not pay attention to the Manchester city present stage, does not pay attention to other teams in the change of new season, he cared that is the present stage, which has greatly good player to be introduced. 他不关注曼彻斯特城现阶段的主教练以及球员阵容,也不关注其他球队的在新赛季的变化,他关心的,是现阶段,到底有哪些大牛球员可以被引入。 Meysey has definitely been hopeless, he has joined Bassar Club in 2000, and early has appeared oneself star temperament, Bassar was impossible to sell out Meysey at this time \; 梅西肯定是没戏了,他在2000年就已经加入了巴萨俱乐部,并且早已经显现出了自己身上的球王气质,巴萨不可能会在这时候把梅西卖掉\; Ronaldinho also recently allied Bassar last month . Moreover the contract signs is five years, what is more important, few years later, Ronaldinho's condition rapidly will slide, at this time bought him not to be unwise \; 罗纳尔迪尼奥也在上个月刚刚加盟巴萨,而且合约一签就是五年,更重要的是,没几年之后,罗纳尔迪尼奥的状态就会迅速下滑,这时候买他也并不明智\; But in 2002 the superstar lineup of World Cup, is bossed around by Real Madrid now most, a big ticket top player huddles together Real Madrid, Real Madrid also immediately must start his Milky Way battleship profession \; 而2002年世界杯的超级明星阵容,现在被皇马笼络大半,一大票顶级球员扎堆皇马,皇马也马上就要开始他的银河战舰生涯\; The synthesis, Li Mu does not want these top players who on 100 million pounds throw become famous, Beckham transfers in June the price of Real Madrid is 35 million euros, if makes Li Mu elect, he definitely is not willing to spend this money on Beckham, after all C Luo's present sale price 10 million pounds over, moreover this brothers just now reaches this year 18 years old. 综合来看,李牧也不想把100000000英镑投在已经成名的那些顶尖球员身上,贝克汉姆6月份转会到皇马的价格是35000000欧元,如果让李牧选,他肯定不愿意把这个钱花在贝克汉姆身上,毕竟c罗现在的身价才10000000英镑出头,而且这哥们今年才刚满18岁。 Thinks of C Luo, Li Mu starts to be anxious, because on Google showed about his news, Manchester United in positive with this young young fellow communication, the intention in the summer is signing C Luo in this now. 一想到c罗,李牧就开始焦急起来,因为谷歌上关于他的新闻显示,曼联现在正在积极与这位年轻的小将沟通,意图在这个夏天把c罗签下。 The future soccer world will have many giant stars continuously to appear, but can maintain consecutively for over ten years the football player of superelevation level only has two, one is Meysey, one is C Luo. 未来的足坛会有很多巨星不断出现,但能够连续十年以上保持超高水平的足球运动员只有两个,一个是梅西,一个是c罗。 Now wants to sign Meysey, the price is too high, is not only the price issue, Meysey whether is willing to leave Bassar's issue, the Meysey 13 years old participate in Bassar teach azure, before the Li Mu rebirth, this brothers still in Bassar, really must dig him, even if money arriving not necessarily is also useful. 现在想签梅西,代价太高,不光是价格的问题,还有梅西是否愿意离开巴萨的问题,梅西13岁就在巴萨参加青训,一直到李牧重生前,这哥们还在巴萨,真要挖他,就算钱给到位也未必有用。 Instead C Luo is the present performance-to-price ratio highest player, he becomes famous not to have Meysey to be so early, now is also only a quite outstanding rising star, 10 million pounds price simply cost-effective to his grandmother family/home. 反而c罗是现在性价比最高的球员,他成名没有梅西那么早,现在还只是一个比较出色的新秀,10000000英镑的价格简直划算到他姥姥家了。 C or Meysey, such top player, needs a strength to be enough in the field, coordination consciousness enough second in command, recalled that C Luo in the time of Manchester United, the one who most makes the fan impression profound was then Manchester United twin stars, was C and Looney's frontal line combination. 无论是c罗还是梅西,这样的顶尖球员,在场上都需要一个实力足够、配合意识足够的二当家,回想c罗在曼联的时期,最让球迷印象深刻的是当时的曼联双子星,也就是c罗和鲁尼的锋线组合。 Li Mu remembers that Looney at Manchester United that behind the C Romania allies, it seems like should be next year matter, therefore he looked up Looney's recent situation, this afterward English soccer talent, has not reached now 18 years old, in Everton Club potency. 李牧记得鲁尼是在c罗后面加盟的曼联,看来应该是明年的事情了,于是他查了一下鲁尼的近况,这位后来的英格兰足球天才,现在还未满18岁,正在埃弗顿俱乐部效力。 Everton's overall strength, at present with Manchester City is almost half jin (0.5 kg) to 82, is the FA Premier League average under little hanging skein teams, if the premium introduces Looney now, the price should not be high, 10 million pounds were supposing was also similar. 埃弗顿的整体实力,目前跟曼城队差不多是半斤对82,都是英超中流偏下一点点的吊丝球队,如果现在溢价引入鲁尼,价格应该也不会太高,10000000英镑估摸着也就差不多了。 So long as small takes these two young, not only the future of Manchester will have the time greatly, but can also hinder the development speed of Manchester United imperceptibly, because were equal to digging the twin stars combination of Manchester United directly, when the time comes FA Premier League with city Derby, it is estimated that Manchester this twin stars combined, can play to cry Manchester United. 只要把这两个小年轻弄到手,不但曼城的未来大有可期,而且还能无形中阻碍曼联的发展速度,因为自己等于是把曼联的双子星组合直接挖了过来,到时候英超同城德比,估计曼城这双子星组合,能把曼联打哭。 Moreover, Li Mu always thought that light depends on the twin stars not to suffice, best to come a speed outstanding frontal line player again, direct and twin stars composition frontal line trident, like Bell such, can pass to several seconds later, the rapidness of speed, almost rides to be above mundane thoughts in the soccer world. 而且,李牧总觉得光靠双子星还不太够,最好是再来一个速度超群的锋线球员,直接和双子星组成锋线三叉戟,就像贝尔那样,能传球给几秒钟后的自己,速度之快,在足坛几乎一骑绝尘。 However Bell age is very small, nowadays estimated that was still attending the middle school, at least also needed the 4-5 year grew slowly. 不过贝尔年纪很小,现如今估计还在读中学,至少还需要四五年的时间去慢慢成长。 Thinks of here, in the Li Mu mind emits a person suddenly. That person is Dutch Peter Pan, this. 想到这儿,李牧脑海中忽然又冒出一个人来。那个人便是荷兰小飞侠,罗本。 Ben's speed quick, breakthrough ability, is the fame is also enormous in the soccer world, the only athletic event in which one is weak is the physical quality slightly misses, therefore was always troubled by the illness, Li Mu although does not understand the ball, but can find out probably, player like this, if places in him first score, then he must be taken strict precautions against to cling to tenaciously by the opposite party, but his speed quickly arrives at the non-solution, therefore the opposite party player defends his time, at crucial moments can only choose to break the rules, but Luo this physical quality slightly difference, frequently broke the rules, the wounded and sick probability is also much bigger. 罗本的速度之快、突破能力之强,在足坛也是名气极大的,唯一的弱项是身体素质略差,所以一直饱受伤病困扰,李牧虽然不太懂球,但是大概能够想得出,像罗本这样的球员,如果把他放在第一得分点上,那么他必然要被对方严防死守,而他的速度又偏偏快到无解,所以对方球员防守他的时候,在关键时刻只能选择犯规,而罗本身体素质略差,经常被犯规,伤病的机率也大得多。 If took, combines with C, Looney, but locates this at second or the third score point, making him use the superiority and sidewalk interior contact in oneself speed non-solution also to have in the outstanding biography the ability, is C Luo provide supports, then he ball control time in field, as well as will have reduction of big degree by attention, this for him, is a protection in disguised form, the degree of because by the match being paid attention to reduces, the wounded and sick probability will also reduce. 如果把罗本拿进来,和c罗、鲁尼组合,但是把罗本定位在第二或者第三得分点,让他利用自己速度上的优势、边路内切的无解还有优秀的传中能力,为c罗提供支撑,那么他在场上的控球时间,以及受关注度都会有较大程度的降低,这对他来说,也是一种变相的保护,因为被对手关注的程度降低,伤病的几率也会降低。 Regards the absolute core C Luo, must regard the baby same anticipation C Luo, wants some people to come for C Luo to serve besides score all, wants some people to organize, some people to dispatch, some people for him to pass, some people ball control, some people for him for him to defend for him for him, therefore, but Looney and Luo coordinated C Luo to be insufficient. 把c罗当成绝对核心,就一定要把c罗当成婴儿一样看点,除了得分之外的一切都要有人来为c罗服务,要有人为他组织、有人为他调度、有人为他传球、有人为他控球、有人为他防守,所以,只是鲁尼和罗本来配合c罗还不够。 The preceding performance has such trident, but also needs to match a formidable middle place again, the attack ability of this team basically was steady. 前场有这样的“三叉戟”,还需要再搭配一个强大的中场,这支球队的进攻能力才基本上是稳了。 Li Mu read the Manchester Club present main player list, in the midfield player of present stage, he quite familiar is young Wright, Wright Phillips, this midfield player once appeared briefly in FA Premier League, after 21 million pounds sale price transfer Chelsea, reduced unexpectedly the substitution, cannot develop again in the future again. 李牧看了一下曼城俱乐部现在的主力球员名单,现阶段的中场球员里,他比较熟悉的就是小赖特,赖特・菲利普斯,这位中场球员曾经在英超昙花一现,21000000英镑身价转会切尔西之后,竟然沦落成了替补,再往后就一直没能再发展起来。 Therefore, gives Manchester to introduce a formidable midfield player again, becomes most important that Li Mu must then consider. 所以,再给曼城引入一个强大的中场球员,就成了李牧接下来要考虑的重中之重。 He thinks that C Luo's career, thinks C Luo of Real Madrid time, has thought of one with C Luo Hezuo for a long time, and is called player Modric of world top middle place. 他想到c罗的职业生涯,想到皇马时期的c罗,就想到了一个与c罗合作许久,并且被称为世界顶尖中场的球员莫德里奇。 Li Mu searched Modric on Google, the result of searching are few, is only in very common small website, sees a flash: Zagreb Dinamo football club, rents Luka Modric to the Bosnia-Herzegovina super league...... 李牧谷歌上搜索了莫德里奇,搜索出来的结果非常少,只是在一个非常不起眼的小网站里,看到一则快讯:萨格勒布迪纳摩足球俱乐部,将卢卡・莫德里奇租借至波黑超级联赛…… Was rented Bosnia-Herzegovina to play soccer, Modric's present sale price should lowly very be very low, the small several million pounds estimate can take him. 被租借到波黑踢球,莫德里奇现在的身价应该很低很低,小几百万英镑估计就能把他拿下。 C, Looney, Modric were the players of 85 years of birth, this year just 18 -year-old, this was the player of 84 years of birth, this year 19 -year-old, their present sale prices are lower than their peak the sale price, they already not buried gold, but was being bound a diamond of mud, if can take their four, training, soon, they certainly can burst out the formidable battle efficiency devotedly. c罗、鲁尼、莫德里奇都是85年出生的球员,今年才刚刚18岁,罗本是84年出生的球员,今年19岁,他们现在的身价都远低于他们巅峰时期的身价,他们已经不是被埋藏的金子,而是被裹着一层泥的钻石,如果能拿下他们四个,悉心培养,用不了多久,他们就一定能够迸发出强大的战斗力。 If to the coach team and defensive team of team carries on the moderate optimization again, then Manchester Club can become FA Premier League, and even top rich and powerful family of entire Europe. 如果再对球队的教练组、防守团队进行适度优化,那么曼城俱乐部就能够成为英超,乃至整个欧洲的顶尖豪门。 The strategy of Real Madrid, spells to crowd together one group about 25 -year-old international giant stars, this is very no doubt strong, but each player disposition and style have determined the nature, not only cannot very good will fuse, instead will have together certain internal friction, but, if will spell to crowd together stars of one crowd of 18-year-old tomorrow, making them grow together, joint effort that in the future can have, limitless! 皇家马德里的战略,是把一帮25岁左右的国际巨星拼凑在一起,这样固然很强,但每个球员性格、风格都已经定性,非但不能很好的融合在一起,反而会产生一定的内耗,但是,如果将一群18岁的明日之星拼凑在一起,让他们共同成长,未来所能产生的合力,不可限量!
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