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#1059: Ends, fragrant reason heroes

Rayquaza...... Unexpectedly ultra has evolved......” 烈空坐……竟然超进化了……” How possible......” “怎么可能……” The column of sky, looks that Ting Shu directs Rayquaza to complete the ultra evolution, shows the vacant expression. 天空之柱,看着庭树指挥烈空坐完成超进化,希嘉娜露出茫然的表情。 Can the Ting Shu Son of Heaven produce the intense fetters with Rayquaza? Then, she to obtain the approval of Rayquaza inherits inheritance this given name also to have any significance. 难道说庭树天王可以与烈空坐产生强烈羁绊?那么,她为了得到烈空坐的认可继承传承者这个名号又有什么意义呢。 Spirit Son of Heaven Ting Shu directs the picture of Rayquaza ultra evolution, is not only feels puzzled, this matter, has gone beyond most people's understanding range. 妖精天王庭树指挥烈空坐超进化的画面,不仅仅是希嘉娜感到不解,这件事,着实超出了大部分人的理解范围。 Was suppressed by the Delta air current, has consumed many physical strength primitive Groudon and primitive Kyogre strength is unable to display, under super Rayquaza Dragon Ascent that Mew turns into, is forced to withdraw from the primitive shape directly. 被德尔塔气流压制,已经消耗了很多体力的原始固拉多和原始盖欧卡的力量根本无法发挥出来,在梦幻变成的超级烈空坐一记画龙点睛下,直接被迫退出原始形态。 Meanwhile, Mewtwo transfers the Y shape fast, under calls out, the tyrannical blue spiritual energy changed into storm to pass through two to surpass in the ancient times the pokémon body directly, infiltrated the deep sea them once more. 与此同时,超梦快速转为Y形态,一声暴喝下,强横的蓝色精神能量直接化为一股风暴贯穿两只超古代精灵身躯,再次将它们打入深海。 „Does use wash off the memory the method to be good?” “使用洗掉记忆的方法能行吗?” In brief must give a try, now their physical strength exhausted, lost the natural energy, the spiritual level did not guard, by your spiritual strength, should not difficult entrain from the influence of external force them.” Ting Shu said. “总之要试试看,现在它们体力耗尽,失去了自然能量,精神层面毫无防备,以你的精神力量,应该不难把它们从外力的影响中拽出来。”庭树道。 Rayquaza is pasting the sea, after flying had a distance, rapidly the lift-off, then looks to that two surpasses in the ancient times pokémon, shows the exhausted expression. 烈空坐”贴着海洋,飞行了有一段距离后,急速升空,然后望向那两只超古代精灵,露出疲惫的表情。 At this moment, Rayquaza storm and Mewtwo the effect of spiritual pursuit, just like became the main point that Ting Shu and the others paid attention. 这一刻,“烈空坐”的强袭和超梦的精神驱逐的效果,俨然成为了庭树等人关注的要点。 I, crossed, meter/rice to be possible advantage and the others to collect greatly, was paying attention to the sound of sea area, along with whish, Groudon went out from the sea water. 大吾、渡、米可利等人一齐凑了过来,关注着海域的动静,随着“哗”的一声,固拉多率先从海水中走出。 Compared with beforehand condition, in Groudon eye that unnatural different vast apparently vanishes, since besides Groudon, Kyogre also slowly floated off from the sea, looks all around all around. 比起之前的状态,固拉多眼中那不自然的异茫明显消失,除了固拉多外,盖欧卡也缓缓从海中浮起,环顾起了四周。 The earth, magma, glacier and vortex, surviving all, cause Groudon and Kyogre understand fast here had anything. 大地、岩浆、冰川、漩涡,残存的一切,使得固拉多盖欧卡快速明白这里发生了什么。 Groudon and Kyogre, return to belong to your places.” Facing Groudon and Kyogre, I stood greatly came out to shout, although Groudon and Kyogre have caused the large-scale destruction, but human simply did not have the ability to investigate anything, compared with vented to Groudon and Kyogre on, the water fleet and lava team obviously were more appropriate going flat objects. 固拉多盖欧卡,回到属于你们的地方吧。”面对固拉多盖欧卡,大吾站了出来喊道,虽然固拉多盖欧卡造成了大规模的破坏,但是人类根本没有能力追究什么,比起把气撒到固拉多盖欧卡身上,水舰队和熔岩队明显是更合适的撒气对象。 Groudon and Kyogre at this time are also exhausted, wants to fall into the deep sleep impatiently, rests, after looking at Rayquaza, Kyogre sinks to the deep sea slowly, swims away in the unknown direction, Groudon also starts to walk in the sea, planned that seeks for the new volcano to perch. 固拉多盖欧卡此时也是精疲力尽,迫不及待想要陷入沉睡,休息一番,重新看了一眼烈空坐后,盖欧卡慢慢沉入深海,向着未知方向游去,固拉多也开始在海洋中行走,打算寻找新的火山栖息。 The picture that Groudon and Kyogre leave, making most people not respond that all come are that sudden. 固拉多盖欧卡离开的画面,让大部分人都没有反应过来,一切来得都是那么突然。 „Were we saved?” The Sootopolis City resident, look at each other in blank dismay one by one, some cannot believe that shock in mind also stays in Ting Shu directs Rayquaza at that moment. “我们得救了?”琉璃市市民,各个面面相觑,有些不敢相信,脑海中的震撼还停留在庭树指挥烈空坐那一刻。 Mayor Sootopolis City, colored glaze hall Adam, while this golden opportunity, leads the entire Sootopolis City revelry to get up fast, at this time nobody was happier than their these two locally born Mr. Sootopolis City, 琉璃市市长,琉璃道馆亚当,快速趁着这个大好时机,带动整个琉璃市狂欢起来,此时没有人比他们这两个土生土长的琉璃市老人更开心了, Without a doubt, they have saved Sootopolis City and even the entire fragrant reason hero, particularly that spirit Son of Heaven.” Established Coordinator Adam himself besides oneself apprentice coordinates the Grandmaster to be curious to second, now sees the dazzling performance of Ting Shu, he cannot help but smiles, then gives these youngster to fight. “毫无疑问,他们是拯救了琉璃市乃至整个芳缘的英雄,尤其是那个妖精天王。”老牌协调家亚当本身就对除了自己徒弟外的第二个协调大师非常好奇,如今看到庭树的耀眼表现,他不由得一笑,接下来就交给这些年轻人去争锋吧。 Ting Shu this bastard, he...... He what's the matter.” 庭树这个混蛋,他……他到底是怎么回事啊。” rattan wood entrained to stop in front of screen looks that the black and white twinkle did not have signal dumbfounded white Cheng of picture, said: In any case sees with you are same.” 藤木拽走了停在屏幕前看着黑白闪烁没有信号的画面的目瞪口呆的白诚,道:“反正和你看到的一样。” white Cheng is wordy, after admiring shouted several, fast runs to study own Masters competition schedule table. 白诚啰啰嗦嗦,佩服得嚷了几句后,快速跑去研究自己的大师赛赛程表。 Meanwhile, the midway loses the signal the television picture, presented reporter Mila that wild with joy expression again, her face quickly pasted on the scene, for fear that others did not know her joyful expression, this, by the person with high aspirations truncation, having been caused Mila's expression package to be lucky rapidly. 与此同时,中途失去信号的电视画面,再次出现了记者米拉那狂喜的表情,她的脸都快贴到镜头上了,生怕别人不知道她喜悦的表情,这一幕,也被有心人截了下来,导致米拉的表情包迅速走红。 In just......” “就在刚刚……” In excellent time that this just won, 在这刚刚胜利的大好时刻, Naturally reports the good news and not the bad, the loss of this event temporarily by the fragrant reason alliance truncation , No. 127 waters, retreats along with Groudon and Kyogre, the people look at battlefield in confusion, a dumbness. Although short day of time, but regarding the people, actually like experienced a world level long, now recalls, but also is soul-stirring. 自然是报喜不报忧,此次事件的损失暂时被芳缘联盟截下,127号水域,随着固拉多盖欧卡退去,众人看着狼藉的战场,一阵无言。虽然只是短短一天时间,但是对于众人来说,却像是经历了一个世级一样漫长,现在回忆起来,还非常惊心动魄。 The Boni Son of Heaven looks at the sky, at present unconscious reappeared the double Vanillish forms, her other pokémon, cannot help but gathered, sends out Growl that called out in grief. 波妮天王看着天空,眼前不自觉的浮现出了双倍多多冰的身影,她的其他精灵,也不由自主的聚集了过来,发出悲鸣的叫声 Although pokémon of other Son of Heaven and champion somewhat is also injured, but died and is unable save truly, actually only then double Vanillish of Boni Son of Heaven. 虽然其他天王、冠军的精灵多多少少也有受伤,但是真正死亡、无法挽救的,却只有波妮天王的双倍多多冰 Was gripped by Groudon in the hand erupts the strength of magma, ices double Vanillish of department to change into Mist immediately, has the trace to be cancelled baseless. 固拉多攥在手中爆发岩浆之力,冰系的双倍多多冰立刻化为白雾,存在痕迹被凭空抹去。 Boni sister......” “波妮姐……” The cotton rose walked up slowly, has held up the hand of Boni Son of Heaven. 芙蓉缓缓走上前来,拉起了波妮天王的手。 Ting Shu and other grown men, have not gone forward, in the heart somewhat is similarly moved, but at this moment, spreads along with nimble and resourceful Growl together, as well as pokémon of Boni Son of Heaven yelled excitedly that the people look rapidly toward the sky. 庭树等几个大男人,则没有上前,心中同样有些伤感,不过就在这时,随着一道灵动的叫声传出,以及波妮天王的精灵的们激动大叫,众人迅速朝着天空看去。 Miao?” “缪?” Discovered that these many people look at themselves, semblance looks like a pink kitten, the tail length is about two times of Pokemon of height return double Vanillish fast, sends out the laughter the sound. 发现这么多人看着自己,外表像一只粉红色小猫,尾长约为身高的两倍的小精灵快速退回双倍多多冰的身后,发出嬉笑的声音。 The atmosphere should be sad, but the laughter of small Mew does not have anybody to think towering, looks at that familiar pokémon, Boni the hand is shivered by the cotton rose is shaking instantaneously. 原本气氛应该是悲伤的,但是小梦幻的嬉笑却没有任何人觉得突兀,看着那熟悉的精灵,波妮被芙蓉握着的手瞬间颤抖了一下。 Minds others'business.” Side Ting Shu, Mewtwo looked at Mew, snort/hum had turned around, Ting Shu just wants to stop, but Mewtwo actually already flew. “多管闲事。”庭树身边,超梦看了一眼梦幻,哼了一声转过身去,庭树刚想阻拦,不过超梦却已然飞起。 I hit very satisfied, when the hope next time meets you can also make me realize this fight the pleasure.” “我打得很满意,希望下一次见面时你也能够让我体会到这种战斗的乐趣。” Your fight crazy... 你个战斗狂... Departure of Mewtwo, lets Mew well transferred a lower part of the body, then immediately pushes to the direction of Boni Son of Heaven double Vanillish, pursued toward Mewtwo fast. 超梦的离开,让梦幻“咦”的转了一下身,然后立刻把双倍多多冰推向波妮天王的方向,朝着超梦快速追了上去。 Double Vanillish were found the trace that it has by Mew from the boundless sea area again, utilizes mysterious method resurrecting, reappeared before the Boni Son of Heaven, looks that hugs the Boni Son of Heaven who double Vanillish were weeping bitterly, several people looked as if by prior agreement to direction that Mew left. 双倍多多冰梦幻重新从茫茫海域中找到它存在的痕迹,运用神奇手段复活,重新出现在了波妮天王面前,看着抱着双倍多多冰痛哭的波妮天王,几人不约而同看向了梦幻离开的方向。 Is it possible that only pokémon is......” “那只精灵莫非是……” Yes, it is helped us subside Groudon and Kyogre Rayquaza.” Ting Shu smiled, gratitude looks direction that Mewtwo and Mew leave. “是啊,它就是帮助我们平息了固拉多盖欧卡的‘烈空坐’。”庭树笑了笑,感激的看着超梦梦幻离开的方向。 Meanwhile, in the sky, sea area, stays in the battleship, submarine, helicopter and flight vehicle surrounding fragrant reason alliance innumerably, converged entirely, greeted these to save the fragrant reason heroes. 与此同时,天空中、海域中,无数停留在周围的芳缘联盟的战舰、潜艇、直升机、飞行器,统统会聚了过来,来迎接这些拯救了芳缘的英雄们。 https:// https:// Talent one second remembers the home station address:. 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