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#1058: Genuine and fake fierce spatial place, Delta air current

No. 127 waters, the tactical situation promotes continually. 127号水域,战况持续升级。 The double Vanillish wars perish, making the Boni Son of Heaven feel as if a knife were piercing heart, but for the general situation in order , the Boni Son of Heaven has not made not the calm behavior. 双倍多多冰的战亡,让波妮天王心如刀割,但为了大局起见,波妮天王并没有做出不冷静的行为。 Boni Son of Heaven.” “波妮天王。” Greatly I and Ting Shu fast protecting the Boni Son of Heaven, diverted the primitive Groudon crazy behavior. 大吾和庭树快速保护好波妮天王,牵制住了原始固拉多的疯狂行为。 I am all right, you were careful.” “我没事,你们小心。” Battles with primitive Groudon and primitive Kyogre now, in the people heart sinks, the centralized spirit is more discrete, Mewtwo and primitive Kyogre fight inextricably involved, but the speed of Mewtwo self- restoration is fast, by the formidable physical quality, suppressed primitive Kyogre stiffly, has hope that won. 与原始固拉多和原始盖欧卡交战到现在,众人心中一沉,集中精神更加谨慎起来,超梦与原始盖欧卡斗得难解难分,不过超梦自我复原的速度快速无比,凭借强大的身体素质,硬生生压制住了原始盖欧卡,有着赢下的希望。 The Mewtwo destructive power is tyrannical, the style can wound to surpass in the ancient times pokémon effectively, reduces most essential one point of casualties, regarding this Ting Shu asked Mewtwo fast, requested that the change tactic fought, was hopes that Mewtwo can obey his direction temporarily, by the pride of Mewtwo, Ting Shu has not been thinking Mewtwo will agree easily, but Mewtwo actually replied one to let the Ting Shu quite puzzled words. 超梦的破坏力强横无比,招式可以有效击伤超古代精灵,是减小伤亡的最关键一环,对此庭树快速拜托起超梦,请求改变战术进行战斗,也就是希望超梦可以暂时听他的指挥,以超梦的骄傲,庭树没想着超梦会轻易同意,不过超梦却回复了一句让庭树颇为不解的话。 It also came......” “它也来了……” It? 它? Has not waited for Ting Shu to ponder that the sky sudden look changes, the sea of clouds tumbles unceasingly, is restless just like vast galloping, a green Wyvern fast speeds away under. 还不等庭树思考,天空突然色变,云海不断翻滚,宛如汪洋奔腾不息,紧接着从中一只绿色的飞龙快速疾驰而下。 The several seconds picture, making many people shock. 短短几秒钟的画面,让不少人为之震惊。 The column of sky, the elder mother-in-law of people of meteor intrudes the peak, pulled up for day a night not to sleep, of reverent pray, the facial color was still flustered. 天空之柱,流星之民的长老婆婆闯入顶端,一把拉起了一天一夜没有睡觉,仍然在虔诚祈祷的希嘉娜,面色慌张。 Fragrant reason alliance, before giant round table, the congressmen have shown the astonished expression, unceasingly that green pokémon in Wyvern and some legend compares. 芳缘联盟,巨大的圆桌前,议员们露出了惊异的表情,不断将那只绿色的飞龙和某只传说中的精灵进行对比。 Sootopolis City, through the unmanned aerial vehicle snapshot, after resident sees that only Wyvern , many people think the ancient times legend. 琉璃市,通过无人机抓拍,市民看到那只飞龙后,也有不少人想起来了远古的传说。 This green Wyvern characteristics are many, revolved the yellow ring-like design including the body and top of the head, as well as that the fin on flank and tail like rudder, makes it seem the incomparable dignity, this only pokémon, the fragrant reason surpassed in the ancient times in pokémon is considered as Rayquaza of leader!! 这条绿色的飞龙特征很多,包括身体和头顶上都围绕了黄色环状的图案,以及那像舵一样的侧翼和尾巴上的鳍,都使它看上去无比威严,这只精灵,正是芳缘超古代精灵中被认为是领导者的烈空坐!! The legend Rayquaza most well-known ability is when surpassed in the ancient times the pokémon fight with other two, can comfort them, repelled them by a stronger strength, is strongest, the appearance of Rayquaza deserved, made the entire sky have the fierce change all of a sudden, the innumerable air currents surged crazily, the residual dark cloud and cloudless day started to dissipate, its appearance, making Ting Shu be startled instantaneously. 传说烈空坐最知名的能力就是当与其他两只超古代精灵战斗时,能够安抚它们,以更强的力量击退它们,是当之无愧的最强,烈空坐的出现,一下子就让整个天空发生剧烈的变化,无数气流疯狂涌动,残留的乌云与晴天开始消散,它的出现,让庭树瞬间一怔。 Rayquaza when Mewtwo knows? 超梦什么时候认识的烈空坐 ...... The success summoned Rayquaza, how hasn't he obtained the news?! 希嘉娜……成功召唤烈空坐了吗,他怎么没有得到消息?! Ting Shu pondered in a short time extremely without enough time, but shortly, he obtained the prompt of Mewtwo once more. 极短时间内来不及庭树思考,不过顷刻间,他再次得到了超梦的提示。 Because felt the extremely depressing aura, primitive Kyogre and primitive Groudon went crazy the emanation strafe, compelled to draw back people, Mewtwo this time has not slaughtered again with primitive Kyogre together, but was static looks Rayquaza that only flew, has shown the ponder expression. 因为感受到了极为压抑的气息,原始盖欧卡和原始固拉多发狂似的发出扫射,逼退了身边的众人,超梦这一回没有重新与原始盖欧卡厮杀到一起,而是静静的看着那只飞来的烈空坐,露出了沉思的表情。 Mew this fellow...... Also tagged along after it. 梦幻这家伙……又尾随它了啊。 Mew...... 梦幻…… This Rayquaza, is not true Rayquaza, but is turned by Mew, grasps Transform Mew of style, coordinates that unthinkable adaptive faculty, making its Transform style want perfect hundred times compared with Ditto, Mew has become on Transform in the new island super Altaria and super Gallade, is hard to distinguish including Ting Shu this training, now, Mew turns into the Rayquaza appearance to meddle the battlefield unexpectedly...... 这一只烈空坐,并非是真正的烈空坐,而是由梦幻变成的,掌握“变身”招式的梦幻,配合那匪夷所思的适应力,使它的“变身”招式比起百变怪来要完美百倍,曾经梦幻在新岛就变身成过超级七夕青鸟、超级艾路雷朵,连庭树这个训练家都难以分辨而出,如今,梦幻竟然又变成了烈空坐的样子插手战场…… In sky. 天空中。 Rayquaza that Mew turns into has evaded the Groudon sunlight roaring flame and Kyogre Origin Pulse in an instant, lowered the dragon star cluster crashes to go toward Groudon and Kyogre direction, but actually counter-attacks by the torching and Kyogre of Groudon Origin Pulse, is involved in which it. 梦幻变成的烈空坐刹那间躲过了固拉多的阳光烈焰与盖欧卡根源波动,降下了龙星群朝着固拉多盖欧卡的方向坠落而去,不过却被固拉多的喷火和盖欧卡根源波动反击回来,将它卷入其中。 Although Mew has completed perfect Transform, but it does not understand Rayquaza in fact, it careless in several thousand years ago has seen the Rayquaza form, is strange regarding the Rayquaza strength, can only the instinct can induce to the implication in the great potential of Rayquaza within the body. 虽然梦幻完成了完美变身,但事实上它根本不了解烈空坐,它只是在几千年前忽忽一眼间看到过烈空坐的身影,对于烈空坐的力量还非常陌生,只能本能的可以感应到蕴含在烈空坐体内的巨大潜力。 Hits by primitive Groudon and primitive Kyogre, but Mew is safe and sound, in the smog destroys the death ray to sweep together fast, raised Kyogre at one fell swoop flies, making its body hit above the Groudon body following the destruction death ray. 被原始固拉多和原始盖欧卡击中,但梦幻却安然无恙,烟雾里一道破坏死光快速扫来,将盖欧卡一举掀飞,让它的身体顺着破坏死光撞到了固拉多身躯之上。 Altaria and Thuin, Gallade, protect my close Rayquaza!” 七夕青鸟、蒂安希、艾路雷朵,保护我接近烈空坐!” The Ting Shu crazy action, making our people have a big shock greatly, even if has not placed the viewer, has shown the unreadable expression. 庭树疯狂的举动,让大吾等人大惊失色,就算是没有身处现场的看客,也露出了难以理解的表情。 Spirit Son of Heaven...... Was insane. 妖精天王……是疯了吗。 However, what making all people not think, under the protections of three pokémon, Ting Shu arrived in front of Rayquaza unexpectedly, even also at one fell swoop jumped the body of Rayquaza. 不过,让所有人没有想到的是,在三只精灵的保护下,庭树竟然真的来到了烈空坐面前,甚至还一举跳到了烈空坐的身上。 During this, can see the Ting Shu mouth change obviously, the Rayquaza body rocks, the green skin like the emerald sparkling fresh splendor, the head and body lengthened several instantaneously has been similar to flame general dragon whisker, simultaneously the entire body seemed becomes has the explosive force. 这期间,明显可以看到庭树嘴型的变化,紧接着,烈空坐身体晃动间,绿色的皮肤瞬间如绿宝石般闪闪生辉,头部和身体延长出了几条如同火焰一般龙须,同时整个身躯看上去变得更具有爆发力了。 Ultra evolution? 超进化? The change of Rayquaza, clearly is the ultra evolution, greatly I and in meter/rice advantage inconceivable, Mewtwo cold snort/hum, the people in all over the world have shown the shock expression. 烈空坐的变化,分明就是超进化,大吾和米可利目中不可思议,超梦冷哼一声,世界各地的人们都露出了震撼的表情。 Does not shock the ultra evolution of Rayquaza, but shocks some people actually to ride it and direct it! 并非震撼烈空坐的超进化,而是震撼有人竟然能够乘骑它、指挥它! Why spirit Son of Heaven can Ting Shu direct Rayquaza? 妖精天王庭树为什么可以指挥烈空坐 „After life energy condenses to that organ, the body can present the life level jump the phenomenon, the Rayquaza body structure and ordinary Pokemon differs from, then, before trying, you will suppress the weather that ability to activate once more, it should have the new change at this time.” “把生命能量凝聚到那个器官后,身体会出现生命层次跃迁的现象,烈空坐身体结构和普通小精灵有所不同,接下来,尝试一下将之前你抑制天气的那个能力再次激活,它此时应该有了新的变化。” Ting Shu runs risks, the information that must give to Mew, how awakens the Rayquaza true strength. 庭树冒着风险,也要给梦幻传递的信息,就是如何唤醒烈空坐真正的力量。 By the Mew adaptive faculty, simulates the Rayquaza strength to be absolutely possible, five years ago, Ting Shu uses meteorite how as a turning point and weather research institute the researchers, I jointly discussed greatly have relied on the meteorite energy suppression weather change, hidden danger that solved the fragrant reason climate. 梦幻的适应力,模拟出烈空坐的力量完全有可能,五年前,庭树以“陨石”为契机和天气研究所的研究员、大吾共同探讨了如何凭借陨石能量压制天气变化,解决芳缘气候的隐患。 Finally the people draw the conclusion, the meteorite is possibly related with Rayquaza, but Rayquaza, has the ability of suppressed weather change, this ability can also be regarded as the characteristics, the super evolution, Rayquaza this characteristics will promote once more, before this was 2000, conclusion that under the people of testimony meteor reached with own eyes. 最终众人得出结论,陨石可能与烈空坐有关,而烈空坐,有着压制天气变化的能力,这能力也可以看作是特性,超级进化,烈空坐这种特性会再次升级,这是2000年前流星之民亲眼见证下得到的结论。 How teaches Mew to activate the emperor organ of Rayquaza, after completing the ultra evolution, the Groudon Precipice Blades powerful cuts! 教会梦幻如何激活烈空坐的天皇器官,完成超进化后,固拉多断崖之剑强势斩来! The tyrannical Precipice Blades in-line horizon, toward Rayquaza simultaneously, Ting Shu patted its body, Rayquaza withstood this move simultaneously the whole body to emit the green ray suddenly, with fierce and fast Dragon Ascent, passed through from Groudon at one fell swoop, simultaneously has hit Kyogre. 强横的断崖之剑直插天际,朝着烈空坐袭来同时,庭树拍了拍它的身体,烈空坐猛然承受了这一招同时全身冒出绿色光芒,用凶猛而快速的画龙点睛袭来,一举从固拉多身边穿过,同时命中了盖欧卡 Meanwhile, Gallade brought Ting Shu to flicker to transfer to another place. 与此同时,艾路雷朵带着庭树瞬移到了另外一个地方。 In Dragon Ascent process, Rayquaza whole body except for filling green ray, the surroundings air current fluctuation fast proliferation, the crazy condensation, has formed a mysterious air/Qi field, as if when can suppress the sea of strength place of strength and origin end effectively, the Delta air current comes, the sky of entire No. 127 sea area presented the turbulent flow, the strength of sea and end place of origin thoroughly is suppressed!! 画龙点睛过程中,烈空坐全身除了弥漫绿色光芒,周围气流波动快速扩散,疯狂凝聚,形成了一种神奇的气场,似乎能有效压制终结之地力量与始源之海力量,德尔塔气流现身时,整个127号海域的天空出现了乱流,始源之海和终结之地的力量彻底被压制!! Depending on several words, can make Mew make the situation so?” Mewtwo desolate inquiry. “光凭几句话,就能让梦幻做得如此地步吗?”超梦冷淡询问。 Knowledge type of thing, is rarest.” Ting Shu said. “知识这种东西,可是最难得的。”庭树道。 https:// https:// Talent one second remembers the home station address:. Cell phone version reading website: 天才一秒记住本站地址:。手机版阅读网址:
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