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#1060: Alliance turbulence

( 8 ) one Chinese net щщщ. x ^ 8 ^ 1 ` z ^ m.còм non- advertisement ` renews ` to be quickest the new 81 Chinese ` small ` yue ` nets 噺⑧壹中文網щщщ.x^8^1`z^m.còм无广告`更新`最快新81中文`小`説`網 Subsided Groudon and Kyogre violent from eight human top powerhouses and double dreams successfully walks passed for day. 距离八位人类顶级强者和双梦成功平息固拉多盖欧卡暴走已经过去了一天。 The cauldron flame town goes to the Fallarbor Town road, a man and a woman are walking side-by-side, the Trainer wife and children crystal is hugging the police to the honor awarding cup that developing the sea issues, said grinningly: You looked that you have returned the newspaper, although has occupied a scrap region.” 釜炎镇前往秋叶镇的路上,一男一女正在并肩而行,培育家小晶抱着警方给拓海颁发的荣誉奖杯,笑嘻嘻道:“你看,你还上了报纸了呢,虽然只是占了一小块区域。” Has spread over the fragrant reason in view of the comprehensive report of this event the next day, to meets head-on Groudon and Kyogre eight training to praise heroically vigorously, takes Ting Shu alone to suppress Groudon and Kyogre to win the time for the beginning, arrives to cross and me, cotton rose, Boni, source govern, flower month and meter/rice to be possible again advantage and the others to get rid greatly, the execution moon/month to fall the plan for one after another finally, each detail extolled these to rescue entire fragrant reason heroic training, controlled the Rayquaza matter nature deliberately to be avoided as for Ting Shu, even was brought by one including existence of Mewtwo, fuzzy-processing. 针对此次事件的全面报道在第二天就传遍了芳缘,其中对英勇迎战固拉多盖欧卡的八位训练家大力赞美,以庭树独自镇压固拉多盖欧卡争取时间为始,再到渡、大吾、芙蓉、波妮、源治、花月、米可利等人陆续出手、施行月陨计划为终,每一个细节都赞颂了这些解救了整个芳缘的英雄训练家,至于庭树驾驭烈空坐的事情自然被刻意回避,甚至连超梦的存在都被一笔带过,模糊处理。 These are Ting Shu oneself request. 这些都是庭树本人的要求。 However, there are sees with one's own eyes the person of this war much, worships to Ting Shu. 不过,还是有不少亲眼看到这次大战的人,对庭树崇拜不已。 I heard that the Ting Shu Son of Heaven solves this event biggest hero, if were not he first suppresses two to surpass in the ancient times pokémon, then initiated moon/month to fall the plan to cause heavy losses to them, perhaps the final outcome was not this appearance. Also, I heard that the Ting Shu Son of Heaven even directed Rayquaza that has caught up with temporarily at that time, does not know real.” “我听说庭树天王是解决这次事件最大的功臣,如果不是他首先镇压两只超古代精灵,然后发起月陨计划重创它们,说不定最终结果不是这个样子呢。还有啊,我听说庭树天王当时甚至指挥了临时赶来的烈空坐,不知道是不是真的。” The small crystal continues saying that in the words does not cover itself the worship to Ting Shu, said that she has referred to the newspaper corner, read earnestly: Developed the sea you is very great, I read to you listen, training developed the sea, resisted the lava team in the smoke mountain assistance police suddenly, did well, defeated numerous lava team member, was honored as is this color quiet congress most powerful dark horse.” 小晶继续说道,话语中不掩盖自己对庭树的崇拜,说完,她指了指报纸的角落,认真阅读起来:“不过拓海你也很了不起了,我读给你听,训练家拓海,在烟突山协助警方对抗熔岩队,表现出色,打败众多熔岩队成员,被誉为是这次彩幽大会最有力的黑马。” Also falls far short......” develops the sea to listen to the praise of small crystal, shook the head, a third-level heroic model medal, although sounds to be very charming, but training, but Ting Shu draws personally, how can be therefore pleased with oneself. “还差得远呢……”拓海听着小晶的夸奖,摇了摇头,一个三级英雄模范奖章,虽然听起来挺帅气,但自己可是庭树亲手拉起来的训练家,怎么能因此就沾沾自喜。 Arrived Fallarbor Town, why you are not has been quickly curious I to remain an autumn leaf hall to challenge before finally.” As approaches challenges an autumn leaf hall, develops the sea to know that the hideaway does not live, said with this travel partner simply. “快到秋叶镇了,你之前不是一直好奇我为什么把秋叶道馆留到最后挑战吗。”随着临近挑战秋叶道馆,拓海知道隐藏不住了,索性和这个旅行伙伴说了起来。 Why?” “为什么?” Because I start to travel from an autumn leaf hall, this time, is I examines travel achievement one time to the war! Autumn leaf hall match... Is important to me!” Develops the sea facial color to be earnest. “因为我就是从秋叶道馆开始旅行的,这一次,算是我检验旅行成果的一次对战!秋叶道馆赛…对我非常重要!”拓海面色认真。 You are... The autumn leaf said... Said the hall apprentice?! 你是…秋叶道…道馆学徒?! hears word, the small crystal shows the surprised expression instantaneously. 闻言,小晶瞬间露出吃惊的表情。 Because needs to process Groudon and Kyogre following event, Ting Shu does not have first to return to Fallarbor Town, at this time the majority of strengths of entire fragrant reason alliance sent out, nearly searches for already blocked fragrant reason sea area, is hunting down the remnant party of water fleet and lava team. 由于需要处理固拉多盖欧卡的后续事件,庭树没有第一时间回到秋叶镇,此时整个芳缘联盟的大部分力量都出动了,把已经被封锁的芳缘海域近乎搜遍,搜捕着水舰队和熔岩队的残党。 But Ting Shu is also involved, is responsible for leading this motion. 庭树也参与其中,负责主导这次行动。 Mewtwo had possibly been recognized.” On a battleship, Ting Shu has a headache, at that time faced the threat of primitive Groudon and primitive Kyogre, his where has the thoughts to consider that many, now thinks to look, if Rocket paid attention to this fight, how then they will regard Mewtwo to appear in the fragrant reason, but also fought side-by-side with Ting Shu? 超梦可能已经被认出来了。”一艘战舰上,庭树颇为头疼,当时面临原始固拉多和原始盖欧卡的威胁,他哪有心思考虑那么多,现在想想看,如果火箭队关注到了这一场战斗,那么他们会如何看待超梦出现在了芳缘,还与庭树并肩作战? Must know that in the information of Rocket, Mewtwo is in Xindao is missing. 要知道,在火箭队的情报中,超梦是自己于新岛失踪的。 Although Mewtwo surpassed has evolved, appearance was different, but also retained several characteristics after all, was familiar with its person people should not be difficult to guess correctly both's connection. 虽然超梦超进化了,样子不同了,但毕竟还保留了几个特征,熟悉它的人应该不难猜出两者的关联。 Compared with that you should care strength promotes Lotto.” The Rotom illustrated handbook said. “比起那个,你更应该关心一下实力的提升洛托。”洛托姆图鉴道。 Strength is stronger, dares your idea on more nobody, you are this meaning, but to present this strength, has wanted to continue to promote to be too difficult.” Ting Shu helpless expiration, with primitive Kyogre and a primitive Groudon war, recalled that now is really aggrieved, his entire spirit regiment, unexpectedly be only the moon/month falls a move to cause heavy losses to them. “实力越强,就越没有人敢你的主意,你是这个意思吧,不过到了眼下这种实力,想继续提升太难了。”庭树无奈的吐了口气,与原始盖欧卡和原始固拉多一战,现在回想起来真是憋屈,他的整个妖精军团,竟然只有月陨一招才能重创它们。 If lets Altaria alone and both to the war, 如果让七夕青鸟单独和两者其中一个对战, Possibly socializes dozen minutes to be defeated. Moreover, Ting Shu thinks own growth experience has sufficed the legend, has not actually thought that Mewtwo this fellow evildoer/monstrous talent, grasp two ultra evolution patterns not to raise, the strength also that exaggerates, afterward the Rotom illustrated handbook idle egg hurts Mewtwo and Altaria contrasts almost to make the Altaria air/Qi result in myocardial infarction. 可能周旋个十几分钟就得败下阵来。而且,原本庭树以为自己的成长经历已经够传奇了,却没有想到,超梦这个家伙更为妖孽,掌握两种超进化模式就不提了,力量还那么夸张,事后洛托姆图鉴闲的蛋疼把超梦七夕青鸟对比一下差点让七夕青鸟气得心肌梗塞。 „, When did not consider a stars altar Lotto.” “唔,什么时候考虑去一下星辰祭坛了洛托。” First puts, this duty ended, we go to there again.” “先放放,这次任务结束,我们再去那里。” Groudon goes out from the smoke mountain suddenly, in this period absorbed the natural energy of red precious pearl to stimulate the place of characteristics end, making the force vanilla that Ting Shu cultivates wither completely, the grass is pokémon uses the Grassy Terrain style unable the force vanilla to revive, Ting Shu has loved dearly after the period of time , can only plant one batch. 固拉多从烟突山走出,期间吸收了红色宝珠的自然能量激发了终结之地特性,让庭树栽培的强力香草全部枯萎,就连草系精灵们使用青草场地招式也没能把强力香草救活,庭树心疼了好一阵子后,也只能重新种植一批。 As the matter stands, he promotes the strength in a short time the method also only then the stars altar of seven luminaries city. 这样一来,他短时间内提升实力的方法也只有七曜市的星辰祭坛了。 The growth of Lunatone has begun to take shape, in addition now tendency hold, wins great reputation, uses the difficulty of stars altar to reduce much. 月石们的成长已经初具规模,加上如今自己势头正盛,名声在外,使用星辰祭坛的难度应该会降低不少。 With primitive Groudon and primitive Kyogre one post-war, making Ting Shu urgent, solved the Hoenn region disaster so to be difficult, then dual disasters in wise Arnie Yaaz mouth , was this meeting fearful? Oneself complied with the help...... 与原始固拉多和原始盖欧卡一战后,让庭树紧迫不少,解决芳缘地区的灾难就如此艰难了,那么哲尔尼亚斯口中的双重灾难,又该会有多么可怕?自己可是已经答应了帮忙的…… ...... …… ...... …… Meanwhile, each regional alliance besides the fragrant reason, started to discuss this event. 与此同时,除了芳缘外各个地区联盟,都开始讨论起来了这次事件。 However discussed the core, actually many fell regarding moon/month Mew Mewtwo three words and expressions. 不过讨论核心,却多是围绕“月陨”“梦幻”“超梦”三个词语。 In the quartz alliance, a white beard old man laughs, said: I thought that this boy is good, allows nature to take its course well.” 石英联盟中,一位白胡子老者率先哈哈一笑,道:“我觉得这个小子不错,顺其自然就好。” With emphasis is not this, that is only mystical pokémon to be man-made pokémon of Rocket research, Mewtwo! This pokémon it is said had only done many wicked matters for Rocket, and is hot tempered, the bloodthirsty, Ting Shu as the four devas, communicated with such pokémon, was really improper, I think that the alliance should eliminate this man-made pokémon with joint forces, ceases all hidden dangers!” Representative Silver said. “重点不是这个,那只神秘精灵应该是火箭队研究的人造精灵,超梦!这只精灵据说曾经为火箭队做过不少恶事,且性情暴躁,嗜血,庭树身为四天王,与这样的精灵来往,实在不妥,我认为联盟应该合力把这只人造精灵消灭,杜绝一切隐患!”西尔弗代表说道。 Do not think that I do not know your Silver also participated to study in the plan of Mewtwo, I urged you to be honest, not, but the Mewtwo strength, your headquarters building bang ta was easy, said that from the beginning you fear the retaliation of Mewtwo?” About 50 -year-old Miss Monarch shouted, her words made Representative Silver the facial color pale instantaneously. “别以为我不知道你们西尔弗也参与进了研究超梦的计划中,我劝你们还是老实一点吧,不然以超梦的力量,把你们的总部大楼轰蹋都是轻而易举,还是说,从一开始你们就是怕超梦的报复?”一位大约50来岁的君莎小姐喝道,她的话瞬间让西尔弗代表面色铁青。 To the projection result of that winter, the core competencies should be Kalos area legend the strength in pokémon wise Arnie Yaaz's, the Ting Shu Son of Heaven one is grasps outstanding regarding the spirit, it seems like also from this, before he became the four devas, had went to the experience of Kalos area, was missing after a period of time mystically, thinks that was not doubtable difficultly.” The clergy in bell tower opens the mouth saying: In addition, the Ting Shu Son of Heaven is concerned with Mew, is really great.” “对那个冰月的推算结果来看,核心能力应该是卡洛斯地区传说中的精灵哲尔尼亚斯的力量,庭树天王对于妖精一系掌握出众,看来也是来自于此了,他成为四天王之前有过前往卡洛斯地区的经历,还有过一段时间神秘失踪,想不让人怀疑都难呀。”铃铛塔的一位僧侣开口说道:“除此之外,庭树天王还与梦幻有关,真是了不起。” „The protector of Mitina vestige it is said also obtained Dialga, Palkia and other pokémon the approvals, they, are really actually lucky......” “米季纳遗迹的守护者据说也得到了帝牙卢卡帕路奇亚精灵的认可,他们这些人,倒是真幸运……” Obtains the approval of legend pokémon, said that is reaches the sky in a single bound is not overrated. 得到传说精灵的认可,说是一步登天也不为过。 Ting Shu has displayed the strength of taboo, but also has contacted with wise Arnie Yaaz, Mewtwo, Mew, has caused the turbulence of alliance all of a sudden, secret of No. 127 waters event regarding the average person are too perhaps many, but got so far as some details to be extremely easy regarding the alliance high level, was not only the quartz alliance headquarters, numerous alliance influences awed three points to Ting Shu, training who this stock rose, looked like after this war does not have the surface to be so simple, can say that now Ting Shu person of existence, then can maintain a long-time benefit of high-level faction. 庭树展现了禁忌的力量,还与哲尔尼亚斯、超梦梦幻有所联系,一下子引发了联盟的动荡,也许127号水域事件对于普通人来说隐秘太多,但对于联盟高层来说弄到一些细节太过容易了,不仅是石英联盟总部,众多联盟势力都对庭树敬畏三分,这个草根崛起的训练家,经此一战看来远没有表面这么简单,可以说,现在庭树一人的存在,便可以维持住一个高层派系的长久利益。 Marries and wins over, gift and other innumerable being on good terms methods to pound to Ting Shu, even if looks at he not pleasing to the eyes influence, does not dare openly to say any violent opinion easily, because Ting Shu strength has been able to make most people dread, his war strength, has surpassed the general four devas champion. Furthermore, at present Ting Shu backs on article one school, but results in the article, grasped has taken the infinite energy as the power taboo weapon, this made each alliance faction influence not dare to belittle the article, belittled Ting Shu. 联姻、拉拢、赠礼等无数交好手段砸向庭树头上,就算是看他不顺眼的势力,也不敢轻易公开说什么极端言论,因为庭树本身的实力就已经可以让大部分人畏惧,他的战争实力,已经超过了一般的四天王冠军。再者,目前庭树背靠得文一派,而得文,更是掌握了以无限能量为动力的禁忌武器,这使得各个联盟派系没有一个势力敢小觑得文,小觑庭树 However these on influence does not dare to fudge outwardly easily, influence in secret, has actually enlivened, in Rocket, the Mewtwo capture plan that is drawn up by Sakaki personally, makes a final decision officially. 不过这些明面上的势力不敢轻易动手脚,暗中的势力,却活跃了起来,火箭队中,一份由坂木亲自拟定的超梦捕捉计划,正式敲定。 The old iron decides small target ^ to remember new 81 Chinese net м first 老铁先定个小目标^记住新81中文网м
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