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#1056: Mewtwo Y shape!

( 8 ) one Chinese net щщщ. x ^ 8 ^ 1 ` z ^ m.còм non- advertisement ` renews ` to be quickest the new 81 Chinese ` small ` yue ` nets 噺⑧壹中文網щщщ.x^8^1`z^m.còм无广告`更新`最快新81中文`小`説`網 Ting Shu he......” 庭树他……” For does not affect falling from the sky of winter, Steven and the others evacuated another side, is in Ting Shu in the direction entirely different upper air. 为了不影响冰月的陨落,大吾等人撤离到了另一边,处于与庭树所在方向截然不同的高空。 Original they should immediately be able now with, then resists Groudon and Kyogre together, wins the time for the alliance, but Steven has not actually thought, Ting Shu after transmitting this kind of strange information, took the lead unexpectedly. 本来现在他们应该第一时间会和,然后共同对抗固拉多盖欧卡,为联盟争取时间,不过大吾却没有想到,庭树在传递了这样一个古怪的情报后,竟然率先下去了。 what happened matter?” Glacia asked. 发生了什么事?”波妮问。 Ting Shu transmitted the information to say to the alliance, this fight could have the favorable turn, but he cannot determine, Ting Shu alone has gotten at present down.” 庭树向联盟传递情报说,这场战斗也许能有转机,不过他也不敢确定,目前庭树已经独自下去了。” Has used such trump card, still had the ample force of fight? What did he also hide?” Wallace is surprised. “使用了那样的底牌,仍然有战斗的余力吗?他还隐藏了什么?”米可利惊讶。 Turns over to puzzled puzzled, the people nod mutually, immediately the again arrangement lineup, plans to go to support Ting Shu. 不解归不解,众人互相点头间,立刻重新布置阵容,打算前去支援庭树 Lance, Steven, Sidney, Phoebe and Glacia, have as alliance Elite and League Champion duty, must bravely step forward to protect the people under this disaster, this is also each Elite Four and Elite Four champion's when obtaining this status institute takes an oath personally, after knowing Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre starts again to wreak havoc, Sidney Elite and Phoebe Elite hurry back once more! 大吾花月芙蓉波妮,都有着身为联盟天王联盟冠军的义务,在这种灾难下必须挺身而出保护群众,这也是每一个四天王四天王冠军在获得这个身份时所亲口宣誓的,在得知原始固拉多原始盖欧卡开始重新肆虐后,花月天王芙蓉天王再次赶回! Drake silent for a long time, came back together, although is not Elite Four, but he is actually not able to look helplessly Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre continues to wreak havoc to disregard. 源治沉默了许久,也一同回来了,虽然已经不是四天王,但是他却无法眼睁睁看着原始固拉多原始盖欧卡继续肆虐下去不管不顾。 Wallace similarly so, he is not Elite Four, actually to protect Sootopolis City voluntarily fights with Elite Four together, has not been afraid the risk that has done this slightly. 米可利同样如此,他不是四天王,却为了保护琉璃市自愿同四天王们一起战斗的,丝毫没有害怕过这样做的风险。 Drake this top level Trainer, Wallace this top level coordinates the Grandmaster, showed as a powerhouse proper breadth of spirit. 无论是源治这位顶级训练家,还是米可利这位顶级协调大师,都展现了身为一个强者应有的气魄。 In the midair, the Mewtwo leap, adopts the beforehand combat process, it had already understood clearly two Super-ancient Pokémon strengths, can say, these two pokémon compare it to be strong in yama dragon Qila Emperor accept Shili who another world runs into, this also lets Mewtwo very satisfied Ting Shu for these two matches who it looks. 半空中,超梦飞跃而下,通过之前的战斗过程,它早就洞悉了两只超古代精灵的实力,可以说,这两只精灵比它在另外一个世界遇到的冥王龙骑拉帝纳实力还要强,这也让超梦非常满意庭树为它找的这两个对手。 Your matches are I--” “你们的对手是我——” Sees not to have the reason, only knows that liberates the place of end by the instinct with sea of strength origin Groudon and Kyogre, Mewtwo cold proud shouts, has this grade of strength, by the ideological fetter of human, you simply vexed! 看到没有理智,只知道凭借本能去解放终结之地与始源之海力量的固拉多盖欧卡,超梦冷傲喝道,拥有这等力量,却被人类的思想束缚,你们简直窝囊! Followed the Mewtwo powerful attack, Groudon and Kyogre also notes existence of Mewtwo, the attacked anger, was vented on Mewtwo by them instantaneously. 伴随超梦强势来袭,固拉多盖欧卡也注意到了超梦的存在,被攻击的怒火,瞬间被它们发泄到了超梦身上。 The Primal Groudon creation earth, ascends a height to get a broad view on, in the mouth sprays the fire of one/together anger, torching Move under its utilization, put out just like has been able to destroy the day to extinguish the place the roaring flame, and anger flame integrated the strength of sunshine perfectly, enabling flame to vie general with Sun. 原始固拉多创造大地,登临而上,口中喷射一道怒气之火,喷火招式在它的运用下,吐出了宛如能毁天灭地的烈焰,并且怒气火焰完美融入了日照之力,使得火焰似能与太阳争辉一般。 A Primal Kyogre double fin racket, the sea tumbles immediately, was curls the dreadful monstrous waves to change into the weapon to whip to go, Kyogre Surf Move, had the ultra scale megatsunami power and influence. 原始盖欧卡双鳍一拍,海洋顿时翻滚,更是卷起来了滔天巨浪化为武器拍打而去,盖欧卡冲浪招式,已经具备了超规模大海啸的威势。 Facing two formidable incomparable Move, the Mewtwo figure flashes, the body cut another shape instantaneously, compared the beforehand shape, the Mewtwo physique reduced many, the pupil became the red, the purple of tail and abdomen vanished completely, the above colors appeared above both feets and both hands, the most obvious change, was on Mewtwo presents one to substitute for the tail just like the organ that earphone generally broke out to extend. 面对两道强大无比的绝招,超梦身形一闪,身体瞬间切换到了另外一个形态,相比之前的形态,超梦的体格缩小了很多,瞳孔变为了红色,尾巴和腹部的紫色全部消失,其上面的颜色出现在了双足与双手之上,最明显的变化,就是超梦头上出现了一个宛如“耳机”一般突起延伸的器官取代了尾巴。 Very powerful Psywave moves Rotto.” Hides in Rotom Pokédex of Ting Shu chest place, immediately makes the surprised sound. “好强的精神波洛托。”躲在庭树胸口处的洛托姆图鉴,顿时发出吃惊的声音。 This flash, Mewtwo the potential in energetic aspect had been tapped by it thoroughly, Evolve/evolution to had been named as the Y shape by it! 这一瞬间,超梦的精神方面的潜力被它彻底挖掘了出来,进化到了被它自己命名为Y的形态! That is......” “那个是……” Altaria intends to avoid the attack of Groudon and Kyogre, deviates their directions of attack, but the Mewtwo actually front surface on, after seeing only the transformed shape, the Mewtwo whole body appears the blue ray, the next moment, the blue Confusion fluctuation has blown just like the gale generally, the water current and flame like encountering any great resistance were common, was extruded toward to proliferate instantaneously in all directions! 七夕青鸟有意躲避固拉多盖欧卡的攻击,偏离它们的攻击方向,但是超梦却迎面而上,只见转化形态之后,超梦全身浮现起蓝色光芒,下一刻,蓝色的念力波动宛如强风一般吹过,水流和火焰就像遇到了什么巨大阻力一般,瞬间被挤压得朝着四面八方扩散开来! psychic power that the only formidable spiritual strength transforms, 单凭强大的精神力量转化的超能力, Then directly disregards two Super-ancient Pokémon Move, the strength change of Mewtwo, making Ting Shu cannot help but be startled, simultaneously he also notes the Mewtwo present appearance, this change...... Is Mega Evolution without doubt, Mewtwo, actually really had the independent Mega Evolution ability. Will cover the formidable Confusion air/Qi field in entire midair to proliferate, the flash that two Move extrude, Mewtwo wields successfully single-handed, the Confusion field transfers the gravitational field fast, the tyrannical pressure attack has given back to two Super-ancient Pokémon together with Move instantaneously together, the water current and roaring flame dopes the tremendous pressure that the Confusion fluctuation causes to raid, sure enough has created very terrifying Explosion, although does not have the might of moon/month falling to be big, when has also surpassed the beforehand human powerhouses and two Super-ancient Pokémon collides mutually any time fluctuation scale. 便直接无视两只超古代精灵绝招,超梦的实力变化,让庭树不由得一怔,同时他也注意到了超梦如今的样子,这种变化……是超级进化无疑,超梦,竟然真的掌握了自主超进化的本领。将笼罩了整个半空的强大念力气场扩散开来,成功将两道绝招挤压出去的一刹那,超梦单手一挥,念力场快速转为重力场,强横的压力攻击瞬间连同绝招一同还给了两只超古代精灵,水流与烈焰掺杂念力波动引起的巨大压力袭来,果不其然造成了非常恐怖的大爆炸,虽然没有月陨的威力要大,但也远超过了之前人类强者和两只超古代精灵互相碰撞时的任何一次的波动规模。 Fluctuation of energy of thundering covers two Super-ancient Pokémon, follows a huge sound, the situation in No. 127 waters was known by the Hoenn alliance again, all people start dumbfoundedly looks at the change of battlefield. 轰鸣的能量波动将两只超古代精灵覆盖,伴随一阵巨大的声响,127号水域的情况再次被芳缘联盟得知,所有人开始目瞪口呆的看着战场的变化。 what happened?” “到底发生了什么?” By the fuzzy screen picture, the Hoenn alliance members of the house of representatives saw Mega Mewtwo Y and Ting Shu form. 透过模糊的屏幕画面,芳缘联盟众议员看到了超级超梦Y与庭树的身影。 Under when the Mega Diancie protection, Ting Shu does not fear with two Super-ancient Pokémon fights the complementary waves that produces, Altaria also left Ting Shu to go at this time, controls the natural energy to melt in oneself skilled, the strength amplification surpasses 30%, the Altaria both wings open, innumerable Dazzling Gleam jump to shoot, connects the attack of Mewtwo to stir earth-shakingly the sea area. Mewtwo, do not prolong contact, our main purposes are to let them reply soberly, what means do you have? ” 超级蒂安希保护下,庭树根本不畏与两只超古代精灵战斗时所产生的余波,七夕青鸟这时也离庭树而去,熟练掌控自然能量融于自身,实力增幅超过三成,七夕青鸟双翅张开之间,无数魔法闪耀迸射而出,接连超梦的进攻将海域搅得天翻地覆。超梦,不要恋战,我们的主要目的是让它们回复清醒,你有什么办法没?” Was a pity very much, I after leaving new island, the research in energetic aspect was only then restricted to destroy.” Mewtwo said: Presses your initial methods to come, defeats them, they naturally will withdraw from this shape, when the time comes can solve with ease.” “很可惜,我从离开新岛后,精神方面的研究便只限于破坏了。”超梦说道:“就按你们最初的方法来吧,把它们击败,它们就自然而然会退出这个形态,到时候就可以轻松解决了。” Speaking of finally...... Must hit...... 说到最后……还是要打啊…… Ting Shu and Mewtwo exchange, Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre violent anger, the attack, successful has caused the effective damage to them once more obviously, at this time, Mewtwo loudly shouted, both hands opened, two Super-ancient Pokémon whole bodies by the blue Confusion fluctuation package, are pulled immediately slowly from the sea, floated in airborne, and along with the Confusion fluctuation tore their bodies to be blown the scar unceasingly...... 庭树超梦交流间,原始固拉多原始盖欧卡再次暴怒而起,刚才的攻击,显然成功对它们造成了有效伤害,这时,超梦大喝一声,双手张开,两只超古代精灵全身立刻被蓝色念力波动包裹,缓缓从海中被拉扯出来,浮在了空中,并且随着念力波动的撕扯它们身体不断被刮出伤痕…… Sees this, Mega Gallade, Mega Altaria, follows up a victory with hot pursuit directly, aims is decided Kyogre and Groudon of body critical hit spot, launches the offensive one after another! 见此,超级艾路雷朵,超级七夕青鸟,直接乘胜追击,对准被定身的盖欧卡固拉多要害部位,接连发动攻势! When present through also in the unmanned aerial vehicle of revolution transmits, the vision of all over the world gathered on Groudon and Kyogre once more, as well as on Ting Shu and his pokémon! Especially that can only suppress Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre pokémon by strength of the, obtained the extensive attention. 当眼下的一幕通过还在运转的无人机传递出去的时候,世界各地的目光再次聚集到了固拉多盖欧卡身上,以及庭树和他的精灵身上!尤其是那只能以一己之力压制了原始固拉多原始盖欧卡精灵,更是得到了广泛的关注。 Steven and the others who catches up with, saw that Ting Shu suppressed Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre by strength of the, when facing returning to Primal two big Super-ancient Pokémon has been similar to facing their habit is equally relaxed, immediately is stunned. 赶来的大吾等人,见到庭树真的以一己之力压制了原始固拉多原始盖欧卡,面对回归了原始的两大超古代精灵如同面对它们常态时一样轻松,顿时错愕无比。 Meanwhile, Kanto region, the Team Rocket headquarters, pay attention to No. 127 sea area Giovanni to look at Mega Mewtwo Y that familiar appearance, the subconscious crumb the cup on hand, has then shown the inconceivable expression. 与此同时,关都地区,火箭队总部,关注着127号海域的坂木看着超级超梦Y那熟悉的样貌,下意识的捏碎了手上的杯子,然后露出了不可思议的表情。 The old iron decides small target ^ to remember new 81 Chinese net м first 老铁先定个小目标^记住新81中文网м
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