PC :: Volume #8 传说

#1055: The named Mewtwo--

In the sea, the one/together great shade passed over gently and swiftly, Kyogre surfaces slowly, from its body, can see the scar that obviously the light of Fairy irons, scabs strike the eye the heart startled, above the body even has by the Burn trace, when this is the energy explosion thermal response that has. 海洋中,一道巨影掠过,盖欧卡缓缓浮出水面,从它身躯之上,可以明显看到妖精之光烙下的伤痕,一条条伤疤触目心惊,身躯之上甚至有被灼烧的痕迹,这是能量爆炸时产生的热反应。 What was slower than one step to appear Kyogre was Groudon, its injury was more serious, but has not been in the severely wounded degree, ended launch of place Ability along with it, the sea changes into the land instantaneously, islands floated off, it also slowly went out from the deep sea, dragging the whole body scar to look to the sky. 盖欧卡慢了一步出现的是固拉多,它的伤势更严重,不过还没有到重伤的程度,随着它终结之地特性的发动,大海瞬间化为陆地,一座岛屿浮起,它也缓缓从深海走出,拖着满身伤痕看向天空。 At this moment, the Ting Shu vision changes. 这一刻,庭树目光一变。 Even if this...... Still cannot cause heavy losses to these Super-ancient Pokémon...... Has Trainer to be able pokémon breeding to this domain?” “即使是这样……依然不能重创这些超古代精灵……到底有没有训练家能把精灵培育到这种领域?” In upper air, Glacia Elite voice dry, in the item is bringing the intense unwillingness. 高空上,波妮天王嗓音干涩,目中带着强烈的不甘。 Wallace and Lance facial color is low and deep, is not obviously happy. 米可利面色低沉,心情显然也不好。 At this moment, can only apply to use these scale stronger taboo weapons, at the might influence of this explosion, should be able to make the alliance estimate that should use any scale the taboo weapon, but......” Steven hesitates. “事到如今,只能申请动用那些规模更强的禁忌武器了,以这次爆炸的威力影响程度来看,应该可以让联盟估测出该动用什么规模的禁忌武器,只是……”大吾沉吟。 After the use, perhaps then entire Hoenn alliance needed the badly battered several years. 动用之后,接下来整个芳缘联盟恐怕都要焦头烂额个几年了。 Moreover, thinks badly battered several years, but must establish, in the success solves Groudon and at Kyogre this premise, if unable to let their deep sleep, then does not use for several years, in several days Hoenn will be in great confusion. 而且,想焦头烂额个几年,还得是建立在成功解决固拉多盖欧卡这个前提上,如果无法让它们沉睡,那么不用几年,几天内芳缘就会乱成一团。 Bang!! 砰!! I applied to start black wild rose.” “我申请启动‘黑色蔷薇’。” At this moment, Hoenn alliance, under a congressman unwilling heavy hammer of conference round table, when examines the winter proper energy, the Hoenn alliance had very great anticipation to Falling Moon Plan, the result of but finally presenting, actually has to let the people facing the fact. 此时此刻,芳缘联盟,一个议员不甘的重锤下会议圆桌,在检测到冰月内能量的时候,芳缘联盟原本对月陨计划抱有很大期待,可是最终出现的结果,却不得不让众人面对事实。 By this degree of strength, can indeed injure to Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre, but is actually not able to cause heavy losses to them, is unable to make them enter the deep sleep independently. 靠这种程度的力量,的确可以伤到原始固拉多原始盖欧卡,但却无法重创它们,无法让它们自主进入沉睡。 Sootopolis City. 琉璃市 Each street and a square silence, through the public screen saw suddenly Primal Kyogre again curls up the monstrous waves, after Primal Groudon starts to summon the hot sun, the people have cannot help but shown the retreating expression. 各个街道、广场突然间一片寂静,通过公共荧幕看到原始盖欧卡重新卷起巨浪,原始固拉多开始召唤烈日后,群众不由得露出了退却的表情。 Whish! 哗! the next moment, the crowd discusses spiritedly, Uproar is unceasing. 下一刻,人群议论纷纷,吵闹不断。 Falling Moon Plan, although seems shocks, the destructive power indeed has also gone to the unthinkable situation, but faced Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre two lived over a hundred million years of Super-ancient Pokémon, cannot bring the security sense to the Sootopolis City resident. 月陨计划,虽然看上去非常震撼,破坏力也的确达到了匪夷所思的地步,但面对原始固拉多原始盖欧卡两只活了上亿年的超古代精灵,还是没能给琉璃市市民带来安全感。 Then...... Must do should be constrains Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre, prepared to start the time of taboo weapon to the Hoenn alliance...... 接下来……要做的应该就是拖住原始固拉多原始盖欧卡,给芳缘联盟准备启动禁忌武器的时间了吧…… In Ting Shu heart helpless, his there's still one trump card, by Alola patron god in addition holds the Z link, but uses that is too big to the body and spiritual influence, moreover he does not think that can make Altaria obtain the crush two big Super-ancient Pokémon strengths by Z Move of unknown potential...... After all, even if the Alola four patron gods arrives, can support two Super-ancient Pokémon strengths not necessarily. 庭树心中无奈,他还有一个底牌,就是被阿罗拉守护神加持过的Z手环,不过动用那个对身体和精神影响太大,而且他也不认为凭借未知潜力的Z招式能让七夕青鸟获得碾压两大超古代精灵的力量……毕竟,就算是阿罗拉四个守护神亲临,也不见得能撑住两只超古代精灵的力量。 ...... …… ...... …… Stopped?” “到此为止了吗?” Who!” “谁!” In Ting Shu ponders, he felt that entire space and time as if static generally, an information spread to own mind. 就在庭树思考间,他感觉整个空间、时间仿佛静止了一般,一股信息传入了自己的脑海中。 Telepathy! 心灵感应 Was not the space and time static, but was the thought accelerated, Ting Shu has realized quickly difference. 不是空间、时间静止了,而是自己思维加速了,庭树很快就察觉了其中的不同。 Realizes this point, Ting Shu immediately one startled, this control ability...... Really terrifying. 意识到这一点,庭树顿时一惊,这种掌控能力……实在恐怖。 I also think that you can defeat them, these time, have you been marking?” When all over the body the silver gray, the tail and abdomen are the purple, and height and human quite cold arrogant pokémon slowly appear in Ting Shu at present, is changed into when by the illusory image is real, Ting Shu and Altaria, Gardevoir and other pokémon cannot help but are startled, shows expression so that's how it is. “我还以为你能够击败它们呢,这些时间,你一直在原地踏步吗?”当通体银灰,尾巴和腹部呈紫色,且身高和人类相当的冷傲精灵缓缓浮现在庭树眼前,由幻影化为真实时,庭树七夕青鸟沙奈朵精灵不由得一怔,露出原来如此的表情。 Mewtwo......” 超梦……” When do you come?” “你是什么时候来的?” Gets out of trouble before your hand in that two pokémon arrived.” “在那两只精灵从你手中脱困之前就已经到了。” Ting Shu forced smile, before coping with Groudon and Kyogre, to provide against contingencies, Ting Shu thought Mewtwo, Mewtwo this fellow, but also had promised a Ting Shu favor, Ting Shu has not used, to avoid the disaster proliferated, Ting Shu made Gardevoir activate Mewtwo to give its mark, wants to look for a formidable helper, but Mewtwo has not appeared throughout, now looks like, it has not induced by no means that but before was, was holding the mentality of watching the fun, was observing the Ting Shu strength. 庭树苦笑,在对付固拉多盖欧卡之前,为了以防万一,庭树想起来了超梦,超梦这个家伙,还许诺过庭树一个人情,庭树至今也没有动用过,所以为了避免灾难扩散,庭树沙奈朵激活了超梦给予它的印记,想找一个强大的帮手,不过超梦却始终没有出现,现在看来,它并非是没有感应到,而是之前在抱着看热闹的心态,在观察庭树的实力。 Therefore, looks to suffice now.” “所以呢,现在看够了吧。” Called me, to let me coped with their words, Ok.” Under Mewtwo quite interested looks at Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre, reveals the militant color/look. “把我叫过来,就是为了让我对付它们的话,可以。”超梦颇有兴趣的看着底下的原始固拉多原始盖欧卡,露出好战之色。 „Don't you fear?” “你就不怕吗?” Feared?” Mewtwo smiled, I never have also feared any living thing.” “怕?”超梦笑了笑,“我还从未怕过任何生物。” The strength progress of Ting Shu, is very it can be said that rapid, but Mewtwo did not taunt Ting Shu intentionally, but was its growth compares, the progress of Ting Shu at all was not anything. 庭树的实力进步,可以说是无比迅速,但超梦并非是故意嘲讽庭树,而是和它自己的成长比起来,庭树的进步根本不算什么。 Leaves after the new island, Mewtwo profits from the idea of Ting Shu, starts the travelling world, during this, it not only tried to find out the utilization method of life energy, but also has controlled the destruction factor of oneself within the body successfully, the mutual fusion of unique destruction factor and under life energy, making Mewtwo create two methods of promotion life levels. 从新岛离开后,超梦借鉴庭树的理念,开始游历世界,这期间,它不仅摸索出了生命能量的运用方法,还成功掌控了自己体内的破坏因子,独特的破坏因子与生命能量的互相融合下,让超梦创造了两种提升生命层次的方法。 Also is Mega Evolution of popular name! 也就是俗称的超进化 After this, to challenge the powerhouse, Mewtwo has discovered the crack in sky, ripped open the space to enter the world of destruction, with there, because the disposition was pursued crudely, has treated in destruction yama Emperor dragon in Qila world accepts to fight the number number of days night, stemmed from the Mew strong adaptive faculty by within the body that Mewtwo can grow rapidly, achieved mastery through a comprehensive study two Mega Evolution, finally rode to draw the emperor to accept by similarly cruel method heavy losses, returns to this world. 这之后,为了挑战强者,超梦发现了天空中的裂缝,撕开空间进入了毁灭的世界,与那里因为性格粗暴而被驱逐,一直待在毁坏的世界里的冥王龙骑拉帝纳大战了数天数夜,凭借体内那源于梦幻的超强适应力,超梦得以快速成长,将两种超进化融会贯通,最终以同样残暴的手段重创骑拉帝纳,重归本世界。 These days experience, making Mewtwo grow inconceivable, Mewtwo that Mew from the beginning also for the strong potential that it dreaded, has shown on Mewtwo thoroughly. 这一段时间的经历,让超梦得到了不可思议的成长,超梦身上那梦幻一开始也为之忌惮的超强潜力,彻底在超梦身上展现了出来。 Mewtwo itself inherited Mew that formidable learning and adapting capability, but in the multiple gene recombination lower part the chance coincidence in destruction factor that is born, then makes it different from Mew, had has surmounted the Mew potential, naturally, destroyed the factor is also it from the beginning cruel primary cause, but now, grasps after these two strengths completely, Mewtwo can say that has stood the true Legend(ary) altitude, no wonder it did not fear Groudon and Kyogre. 超梦本身就继承了梦幻那强大的学习适应能力,而在多次的基因重组下体内机缘巧合诞生的破坏因子,则使它不同于梦幻,具有了超越梦幻的潜力,当然,破坏因子也是它一开始性格残暴的主要原因,但如今,将这两种力量全部掌握后,超梦可以说已经站到了真正的传说高度,也难怪它不惧固拉多盖欧卡 Does not know that I do have with the qualifications that you battle together. Ting Shu gives a calm smile, although has not known that Mewtwo trump card is anything, but the self-confidence of Mewtwo, has given his intense security sense. “不知道我有没有和你共同作战的资格。庭树淡然一笑,虽然还不知道超梦底牌是什么,但超梦的自信,已经给了他强烈的安全感。 As you like happy.” Mewtwo looked that does not look at Ting Shu one, has turned the head directly. “随你高兴。”超梦看都不看庭树一眼,直接转过头去。 This fellow...... 这家伙…… As Mewtwo has turned the head, the Ting Shu instantaneous feeling time and space returned to normal, the strength of Mewtwo this letting thought acceleration, makes the Ting Shu heart be startled again. 随着超梦转过头去,庭树瞬间感觉时间、空间恢复了正常,超梦这种让思维加速之力,再次让庭树心惊。 Meanwhile, Ting Shu has also transmitted the new report, and has given Gardevoir the command jurisdiction of Fairy regiment, ordering him to retreat. 与此同时,庭树也传递了新的汇报,并把妖精军团的指挥权交给了沙奈朵,命令其撤退。 Here is Ting Shu, I once more with Groudon and a Kyogre war, following decision-making, but also please decide according to the tactical situation.” “这里是庭树,我会再次与固拉多盖欧卡一战,接下来的决策,还请根据战况定夺。” Ting Shu leaves behind the information, does not wait for and Steven and the others can with, rides Altaria, the body accompanies Diancie and Gallade to pursue hastily to Mewtwo that flies. 庭树留下信息,不等和大吾等人会和,乘骑七夕青鸟,身伴蒂安希艾路雷朵连忙向已经飞下的超梦追赶过去。 Looked at day of playing, this little while was actually anxious.” “都看了一天的戏了,这会儿倒是急了。” But in region/place that Ting Shu has not discovered that pink pokémon has the curious vision to fly slowly...... 而在庭树没有发现的地方,一只粉色的精灵带着好奇的目光缓缓飞过……
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