PC :: Volume #8 传说

#1053: Loses the signal, unknown result

So far, knows moon/month falls plan only then the major pokémon alliance high levels, can pay attention to the battlefield change also only then the major alliance high levels, the people have not known the implementation of this plan, regarding the understanding of scene is also only the accounting orally of writing, the picture description and reporter. 目前为止,知道“月陨计划”的只有各大精灵联盟高层,能够关注到战场变动的也只有各大联盟高层,群众还不知晓这个计划的实施,对于现场的了解也只是文字、图片描述和现场记者的口述。 Before this key plan is conducted, the fragrant reason alliance has obtained the approval of Ting Shu, decided that to instance that the people public winter falls from the sky. 在这关键计划进行前,芳缘联盟取得了庭树的同意,决定向群众公开冰月陨落的瞬间。 Entire 36 long-distance photography unmanned aerial vehicles, finished from far and near many position preparations, plan to catch the final essential trend. 整整36架远程拍摄型无人机,已经从远近多个位置准备完毕,打算捕捉最后的关键动态。 But the helicopter that the fragrant reason alliance media are, as has directed the supreme headquarters of unmanned aerial vehicle, controls all from the long-distance range. 而芳缘联盟媒体所在的直升机,则作为了指挥无人机的大本营,从远距离操控一切。 This is to inform the inside story of all person pokémon alliances, to transmit result of this plan, if under such attack, two big surpassed pokémon also to be safe and sound in the ancient times, no matter that the fragrant reason alliance used any method, can the maximum degree be forgiven. 这是为了告知所有人精灵联盟的底蕴,也是为了传递这次计划的结果,如果在这样的攻击下,两大超古代精灵还能安然无恙,那么不管芳缘联盟使出什么手段,也可以最大程度得到谅解了。 Therefore this is also fragrant reason alliance one time finds the excuse to oneself the opportunity. 所以这也算是芳缘联盟给自己一次找理由的机会。 The lava and smell wind of sea water doping steam cannot blow off, in the mainland of entire ice chaotic piece, but the battlefield has incomplete slightly, then immediately is complemented, has achieved the terrain absolute complete. 熔岩与海水掺杂蒸汽的气味风吹不散,整个冰之大陆上混乱一片,但战场稍有残缺,便会被立刻补全,做到了地形的绝对完整。 At this time seems like primitive Groudon and primitive Kyogre gets the winning side, but in regulations, they already, in alliance Son of Heaven and alliance champions during grasps. 此时看似原始固拉多和原始盖欧卡占据上风,但实则上,它们已在联盟天王、联盟冠军们的掌握之中。 Although cannot long time battle, but within certain amount of time, to achieve the goal, the meter/rice may the advantage, cross and me, Boni and the others erupt the full inside story greatly, truly achieved has contended with the legend. 虽然不能长时间作战,但在一定时间内,为了达成目标,米可利、渡、大吾、波妮等人都爆发出了十足的底蕴,真正做到了抗衡传说。 The fight time is not long, but success is radiant enough, this opportunity is not each training can obtain, even if in all previous champion, the person is also few with Groudon and pokémon in Kyogre so legend has fought, today a war, makes several people of names also be praised in the later generation sufficiently. 战斗时间不长,但战绩足够璀璨,这个机会并不是每个训练家都可以获得的,就算是历代冠军中,与固拉多盖欧卡这般传说中的精灵战斗过的人也寥寥无几,今日一战,足以让几人的名字在后世也被人称道。 I gain ground greatly, looked at that by the sky that Mist covers, somewhat anticipated, although was covered by the mist, but he can still feel that oppression above sky. 大吾抬着头,看了看那被白雾遮盖的天空,有些期待,虽然被薄雾遮盖,但是他仍然可以感受到天空之上的那股压迫。 Crossed one to tear off already the moistened cloak, stood greatly I, in addition, the meter/rice may benefit, Boni was also closing up to here. 渡一手扯掉了已经被打湿的披风,站到了大吾的身后,除此之外,米可利,波妮也在向这边靠拢。 Hair chaotic......” “头发都乱了……” Boni Son of Heaven joke said one, but the expression was still very serious, even if the hair were chaotic, then cannot have a mistake. 波妮天王玩笑似的说了一句,不过表情仍然很严肃,就算头发乱了,接下来也不能出现一点差错。 Starts “开始” Started above cloud layer, the Ting Shu facial color is dignified, along with Altaria and a Ninetales long cry, the winter goes toward the sea submersion slowly, at the same time, Kyogre immediately from deep sea direct impact, but on Meteor Mash continues to thrust airborne, then suffers Double Hit from the sky to fly upside down, next quarter, snow and ice energy accumulation, Kyogre instantaneously frozen, at the same time, Groudon also instantaneously by being startled day water curtain package, then encountered. has been possible the absolute frozen meter of regiment of advantage water “开始了”云层上方,庭树面色凝重,随着七夕青鸟九尾一声长鸣,冰月缓缓朝着海洋下沉而去,与此同时,盖欧卡立刻被从深海之中直冲而上的彗星拳持续推入空中,然后遭受二连击在空中倒飞而过,下一刻,冰雪能量聚集,盖欧卡瞬间被冰封起来,同一时间,固拉多也瞬间被惊天水幕包裹,然后遭到了米可利水之军团的绝对冰封。 This a series of operates, four people have attempted in the different methods several times, with surpassing in the ancient times pokémon as test piece attempt tactic, perhaps also only then the alliance champions have this inside story, above the giant ice layer, the frozen Kyogre cold ice is similar to a fierce big dragon, sweeps away the midair from the ice layer, Groudon after the astonishing water curtain wraps, the body was closely sealed up by and two and icing up of three varying degrees, is unable to move. 这一系列操作,四人以不同方法尝试了数次,拿超古代精灵作为实验品尝试战术,恐怕也只有联盟冠军们拥有这个底蕴,巨大冰层之上,冰封盖欧卡的寒冰如同一条狰狞的巨龙,从冰层横扫半空,固拉多在惊人的水幕包裹后,身体被一层、两层、三层不同程度的结冰紧紧封住,无法动弹。 However at present the people know that this is also not the result, surpassed in the ancient times the pokémon strength by two, did not need for 5 seconds then to work loose, divulged own strength. 不过眼下众人都知道,这还不是结局,以两只超古代精灵的力量,不用5秒便可以挣脱开来,重新宣泄自己的力量。 But was not their matters, governed under the coordination of Son of Heaven in the flower month, cotton rose and source, I, crossed, meter/rice to be possible, Boni and the others to complete greatly had tested several times, guaranteed after being absolutely safe , the plan that started to carry out, plans the initial success now, looked at the following development, wrapped the instance of mainland of entire ice in my Metagross Confusion field greatly, the innumerable rays dodged, several top powerhouses and their pokémon flickered to transfer to above the extremely high sky completely, and continued to fly toward ten thousand meters upper air above under a Confusion protection. 但接下来就不是他们的事情了,在花月、芙蓉、源治天王的配合下,大吾、渡、米可利、波妮等人完成了数次实验,确保万无一失后才开始执行的计划,如今计划初步成功,就看后续发展了,在大吾的巨金怪念力场包裹整个冰之大陆的瞬间,无数光芒闪起,几位顶级强者和他们的精灵全部瞬移到了极高的天空之上,并且在念力场的保护下持续向着万米高空之上飞去。 During this, innumerable Poké Ball glitter the ray, takes back the main force along with the people, they simultaneously saw the large-scale winter of that slowly submersion from the sky...... 这期间,无数精灵球闪烁起光芒,随着众人收回主力,他们同时从天空上看到了那个缓缓下沉的超大规模冰月…… ...... …… ...... …… I am Mila, then for your emergency broadcast news.” “我是米拉,接下来为您插播一条新闻。” Most television stations, can simultaneously see this kind of news, wears alliance reporter Mila who the occupation installs, look excited is carrying on the illustration. 大多数电视台,都能同时看到这样一个新闻,身穿职业装的联盟记者米拉,正神色激动的进行着解说。 After making a final decision of fragrant reason alliance, surpassing that to prevent the violent walks in the ancient times pokémon Groudon and Kyogre intruded the cities that human perched, before two alliance champion, four alliance Son of Heaven and alliance Son of Heaven and coordinated the combination of Grandmaster jointly to carry out moon/month to fall plan, the plan target was to exhaust two surpasses in the ancient times the pokémon physical strength, making them have to sneak the deep sea to carry on the deep sleep, can thus avoid the occurrence of disaster.” “经过芳缘联盟的敲定,为了防止暴走的超古代精灵固拉多盖欧卡闯入人类栖息的城镇,由两位联盟冠军、四位联盟天王、一位前联盟天王及协调大师的组合共同执行了‘月陨计划’,计划目标是耗尽两只超古代精灵的体力,让它们不得不潜入深海进行沉睡,从而得以避免灾难的发生。” Meanwhile, to avoid moon/month of falling process has the influence to the nearby cities, the fragrant reason navy has established the multi-layered defense line, the resident but who also please feel the intense fluctuation should not be worried.” “同时,为了避免月陨过程对附近城镇造成影响,芳缘海军已经建立多层防线,还请感受到强烈波动的市民不要担心。” Does the moon/month fall the plan? 月陨计划? Hears this name, many people held the intense doubts. 听到这个名字,不少人都抱有了强烈的疑惑。 Sootopolis City, the innumerable people have not treated at home, but gathered in the street, square, because the person were more, on more can them the security sense, was not only the Sootopolis City ordinaries, fell the moment that in the moon/month the plan drew a charge, the Sootopolis City high level also stopped the argument, paid attention to this plan carried on. 琉璃市,无数群众都没有待在家里,而是聚集在了街上、广场上,因为人越多,就越能给他们安全感,不仅是琉璃市的普通群众,在月陨计划出炉的一刻,琉璃市高层也停止了争论,一齐关注起来了这个计划的进行。 Sootopolis City each public screen, became the place that the Sootopolis City resident prayed. 琉璃市各个公共荧幕,成为了琉璃市市民祈祷的地点。 Looks picture that the long-distance photography unmanned aerial vehicle is passing on, people suffocates, surpassed in the ancient times pokémon Kyogre with surpassing in the ancient times pokémon Groudon in many person minds is invincible formidable existences, only existed in the biology in myth and legend, looks at such living thing frozen the picture, some people cannot help but confidence increased, but, some people had realized was not right, must know that spirit Son of Heaven Ting Shu used a more tedious method to suppress these two pokémon, such cannot control them, only closes up a row depending on the present ice? 望着远程拍摄型无人机传过来的画面,众人一阵窒息,超古代精灵盖欧卡与超古代精灵固拉多在不少人心目中都是不可战胜的强大存在,是只存在于神话与传说中的生物,看着这样的生物被冰封起来的画面,一些人不由得信心大增,不过,也有人意识到了不对,要知道,妖精天王庭树可是用了更繁琐的手段镇压了这两只精灵,那样都不能控制住它们,仅凭现在的冰封行吗? Answer negative, in the following picture, is about 2-3 seconds, frozen surpassed icing up of pokémon instantaneously to have the innumerable cracks in the ancient times, saw here, the people innermost feelings accelerated to beat instantaneously...... 答案是否定的,接下来的画面中,不过两三秒时间,冰封超古代精灵的结冰就瞬间出现无数裂缝,看到这里,众人内心瞬间加速跳动…… The next quarter, the picture is divided into four parts, part is the Groudon feature article, part is the Kyogre feature article, part...... That diameter of the sky falling from the sky has achieved the feature article of 71.6 meters large-scale winter! 下一刻,画面分成四部分,一部分是固拉多的特写,一部分是盖欧卡的特写,一部分……是从天空中陨落下来的那直径达到了71.6米的超大规模冰月的特写! When the partitioning screen, the ultra-large winter reflects pleasant, many people have not realized, when they unify after the fourth panoramic view picture the third picture, all people have shown the shock expression instantaneously, compared with the large-scale winter of falling from the sky, two surpassed in the ancient times pokémon instead appears exceptionally tiny...... 当画面分割,超大冰月映入眼中,不少人还没意识过来,但是当他们把第三幅画面与第四幅全景画面结合起来后,所有人瞬间露出了震撼的表情,与陨落下来的超大规模冰月相比,两只超古代精灵反而显得异常渺小…… Two surpassed pokémon to break away in the ancient times the frozen flash, the winter fell from the sky mainland of very near minimum altitude distance ice. 两只超古代精灵挣开冰封的一瞬间,冰月已经陨落到了距离冰之大陆很近的超低空。 ! 咔嚓! As primitive Groudon and primitive Kyogre responded that looked up covered the start shatter huge winter of sky to approach itself to that has been too late, the shatter winter compressed to the pinnacle spirit energy, erupted instantaneously, the winter moved two to surpass in the ancient times the pokémon flash, erupted one to destroy the day to extinguish the place loudly the energy wave 随着原始固拉多和原始盖欧卡反应过来,抬头看向那遮盖了天空的开始破碎的巨大冰月接近自己,已经为时已晚,破碎的冰月其中压缩到极致的妖精能量,瞬间爆发开来,冰月触碰到两只超古代精灵的一刹那,轰然爆发出一股毁天灭地的能量波 The picture was occupied by a glare first............ The live transmission picture of all over the world loses signal entirely! 画面先是被一股强光占据……紧接着……世界各地的直播画面统统失去信号! In this period, the Sootopolis City resident, was feeling the huge vibration simultaneously even to feel gale that blew from No. 127 waters, as well as, can see an intense ray that shone from that. Arrived please use the newest domain name 期间,琉璃市市民,在感受到巨大震动同时甚至能感受到从127号水域刮来的一股强风,以及,能看见从那照耀过来的一道强烈光芒。到请使用最新域名
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