PC :: Volume #8 传说

#1052: Living taboo weapon

Above upper air. 高空之上。 Ninetales has molded about 71.6 meters in diameter large-scale winter as the carrier of innumerable Fairy energy. 九尾塑造了直径约71.6米的超大规模冰月作为无数妖精能量的载体。 24 Lunatone, 48 Togetic and 49 Ribombee, have put forth oneself Move all. 紧接着,24只月石、48只波克基古、49只蝶结萌虻,尽数使出了自己的绝招 Dazzling Gleam, is Moonblast, significantly has promoted the energy of winter implication. 无论是魔法闪耀,还是月亮之力,都大幅度提升了冰月蕴含的能量。 Besides them, Gardevoir, Mawile, Mismagius and Togekiss, released the huge Fairy energy. 除了它们外,沙奈朵大嘴娃梦妖魔波克基斯,也释放出了庞大的妖精能量。 As one of the winter tactic cores, Mega Altaria starts to utilize Fairy Aura, simultaneously adjusts over a hundred Fairy Type Move-- 作为冰月战术的核心之一,超级七夕青鸟开始运用妖精气场,同时调节上百道妖精系招式—— If before, Altaria could not achieve this situation decisively, but went through card uncut jade? special training of fin fin, after having completed „the Fairy control this special training, it has achieved the extremely high boundary regarding the control of Fairy energy, in addition following life control and nature control these special training, Altaria Fairy Aura had the qualitative change, is not difficult to complete now this magnificent feat. 如果是在之前,七夕青鸟断然做不到这个地步,可是经过卡璞?鳍鳍的特训,完成了“妖精掌控”这道特训后,它对于妖精能量的掌控已经达到了极高的境界,再加上后续的“生命掌控”与“自然掌控”这些特训,七夕青鸟妖精气场已经发生了质变,不难完成如今这个壮举。 About hundred pokémon gather round this large-scale winter, before each only pokémon body, condensed the ray eye-catching Fairy Type energy, under wrapping entire sky the adjustment of Fairy Aura, these Fairy energies changed into a ray slowly, drilled into within the winter just like the firefly generally. 近百只精灵围着这个超大规模冰月,每只精灵身前都凝聚出来了光芒夺目的妖精系能量,在包裹了整个天空的妖精气场的调节下,这些妖精能量缓缓化为点点光芒,宛如萤火虫一般钻入冰月之内。 Along with the accumulation of Fairy energy, winter is getting more and more bright, the color also gradually approaches is the color of Fairy energy. 随着妖精能量的聚集,冰月越来越亮,颜色也逐渐接近为妖精能量的颜色。 This......” on the helicopter of alliance media, Reporter Mira looks at this winter, has swallowed a saliva, then the whole body shivers. “这……”联盟媒体的直升机上,记者米拉看着这尊冰月,咽了口口水,然后浑身颤抖起来。 Entire helicopter in the face of this winter tiny incomparable, she felt that she looked like saw genuine moon was common, when everywhere Fairy energy gathering, this winter has given her an extremely sacred feeling. 整个直升机在这尊冰月面前渺小无比,她感觉自己就像是看到了真正的月亮一般,在漫天妖精能量汇聚时,这尊冰月更是给了她一种极为神圣的感觉。 The inflow of Fairy energy, is representing the time passes...... 妖精能量的流入,也代表着时间的流逝…… Each pokémon releases the Fairy energy the speed is very slow, because the Altaria energy is limited, if extremely fast, may cause its energy unable to give dual attention to the detail insufficient, thus falls short. 每一只精灵释放妖精能量的速度都很慢,因为七夕青鸟精力有限,如果太过快速,可能会导致它精力不足无法兼顾到细节,从而功亏一篑。 Under has seven top level powerhouses to win the time for oneself, Ting Shu makes every effort one time to arrive, did not allow that has any mistake. 有着底下七位顶级强者为自己争取时间,庭树力求一次到位,不容许中间出现任何差错。 Moreover perhaps by the Ninetales physical strength, is unable to condense the second so scale the winter...... 而且以九尾的体力,恐怕无法凝聚第二个如此规模的冰月了…… Must record the flash that it falls from the sky!!” In the Mira heart shouted. “一定要记录下来它陨落的一瞬间!!”米拉心中大喊。 She has realized this Falling Moon Plan crazy...... Perhaps this can be the recent years Hoenn biggest news, following top-quality hot spot! 她已经意识到了这个月陨计划的疯狂……这也许会是近年来芳缘最大的新闻,接下来的头号热点! At this moment, when the winter gathers the energy, Rotom Pokédex also in examination energy huge, and passed to the Hoenn alliance headquarters in the form of code. 此时此刻,在冰月聚集能量的时候,洛托姆图鉴也在检测其中的能量到底有多庞大,并以代码的形式传到了芳缘联盟总部。 Taboo weapon that the Hoenn alliance has, has independent one set of might formula, involved the material study as well as the energy study and its branch, including energy fusion study, energy reactology many knowledge, if a unit energy can only erupt 10 might, after this energy and a unit specific energy combination and performed to concentrate, very much might erupt to surmount the conventional several hundred several thousand times of might, the destructive power was terrifying. 芳缘联盟所具有的禁忌武器,有着独立一套威力计算公式,其中涉及到了材料学以及能量学和它的分支,包括能量聚变学、能量反应学等多个学问,如果说,原本一单位能量只能爆发出“10”的威力,但是当这种能量和一单位特定的能量组合并加以浓缩后,就很有可能爆发出超越常规几百几千倍的威力,破坏力非常恐怖。 Energy response is fierce, extent of reaction steadily is rising at present.” “能量反应剧烈,反应程度目前正在持续上升。” In the Hoenn alliance, numerous congressmen have been paying attention to the formation of this large-scale winter, along with intensifying of energy response, the energy of winter implication are getting more and more, the people complexion appeared to change countenance. 芳缘联盟中,众多议员一直在关注这尊超大规模冰月的形成,随着能量反应的加剧,冰月蕴含的能量越来越多,众人脸色浮现了一丝动容。 The energy after this winter detonation, has been able to achieve 1/10 of Hoenn alliance might smallest taboo weapon. 这尊冰月引爆后的能量,已经可以达到芳缘联盟威力最小的禁忌武器的1了。 Even continues, can compare favorably with some small areas trump card trump card of pokémon alliance. 甚至持续下去,可以媲美一些小型地区的精灵联盟的压箱底牌了。 These taboo weapons are having the weapon of powerful deterrence strength, can entrust with some influence giant war-making potentials and prominent world status, from some intent above , is more deterrent than League Champion, but, in comparison, a motion of League Champion is possibly more flexible, is not these inflexible weapons can compare, therefore uses except for the deterrent, these have the leeway that the taboo weapon of enormous adverse effect has almost not entered the stage, more often, represents the human top level strength League Champion. 那些禁忌武器是拥有着强大威慑力的武器,能够赋予一些势力巨大的战争潜力和显赫的世界地位,从某种意以上,比一位联盟冠军还要具有威慑力,只不过,相比之下,一位联盟冠军的行动可能更为灵活,并不是那些死板的武器可以比拟的,所以除了威慑用,这些有着极大不良影响的禁忌武器几乎没有出场的余地,更多时候,代表人类顶级战力的还是联盟冠军 After all, this taboo weapon most major characteristics are the might are tyrannical, cannot distinguish friend and foe, and after launch, is beyond control, will otherwise not be classified as the taboo two characters. 毕竟,这种禁忌武器最大的特点就是威力强横,敌我不分,且发动后无法控制,不然也不会被冠以禁忌二字。 No. 127 waters, above the sea, by Wallace and Glacia Elite coordination with each other, the mainland of one piece ice are born, the people and Kyogre defensive success reduced the waters of mainland of center ice to sea. 127号水域,海洋之上,由米可利波妮天王互相配合,一块冰之大陆诞生,众人与盖欧卡的作战范围成功缩小到了冰之大陆中心通往大海的水域处。 This is Kyogre pats broken, is the battlefield that Wallace and the others give it to prepare specially. 这是盖欧卡自己拍碎的,也是米可利等人特意给它准备的战场。 Another side, Dragon Master Lance and Hoenn League Champion Steven strength is outstanding, relies on the two person strength to suppress Primal Groudon successfully, has given numerous Elite sufficient slow pressure time. 另一边,龙使者芳缘联盟冠军大吾战力卓绝,成功凭借双人之力压制原始固拉多,给予了众多天王充足的缓压时间。 After Phoebe, Sidney and Drake three people complete the coordination, the also No. 127 waters numerous alliance fleets that the evacuation, at the same time evacuates, only left behind two suicide battleships of remote controls as to disturb two Super-ancient Pokémon methods finally, to guard emergency requirement. 芙蓉花月源治三人完成配合后,率先撤离,与此同时撤离的还有127号水域众多联盟舰队,只留下了两艘远程操纵的自杀式战舰作为最后干扰两只超古代精灵的手段,以防不时之需。 Can probably frozen their several seconds?” “大概能冰封它们几秒?” By result that 5 times attempt, Groudon about 3 seconds can melt frozen, but Kyogre takes about 4 seconds to work loose.” “以5次尝试的结果来看,固拉多大约3秒左右就可以融化冰封,而盖欧卡则需要4秒左右才能挣脱。” Was enough.” “足够了。” Can get this answer, has made Ting Shu satisfy very much, these 3 and 4 seconds, are evacuation time of alliance Elite and champions, are the time that the winter falls from the sky. 能够得到这个答案,已经很让庭树满意,这3、4秒,便是联盟天王、冠军们的撤离时间,也是冰月陨落的时间。 Along with passing of time, after numerous human powerhouses and Super-ancient Pokémon experience the innumerable round fights, has found out their fight style, has determined their motion way, therefore, the winter plan must start to carry out immediately. 随着时间的流逝,众多人类强者与超古代精灵经历无数回合战斗后,已经摸清楚了它们的战斗风格,确定了它们的行动方式,所以,冰月计划马上就要开始执行了。 In the upper air, the winter energy responded that fluctuation has reached the limit, in data that in the Hoenn alliance obtains, the energy response of this winter already extremely close the taboo weapon of smallest scale. 高空上,冰月能量反应波动已经达到极限,在芳缘联盟得到的数据中,这尊冰月的能量反应已经极为接近最小规模的禁忌武器。 During this, how much time has Ting Shu prepared? 这期间,庭树准备了多少时间? Close a half hour, a half hour, created one to compare favorably with existence of taboo weapon, this efficiency, making the entire pokémon alliance shock. 接近半个小时,半个小时,就创造了一个媲美禁忌武器的存在,这个效率,让整个精灵联盟震撼。 This simply is living taboo weapon. The potential of this core tactic......” “这简直是活着的禁忌武器。这个核心战术的潜力……” Kanto region, Indigo Plateau, sits on chair pays attention to Grandma Agatha of this war to shake the head, she lived the most lifetime, first time sees such Move of exaggeration. 关都地区,石英高原,坐在椅子上关注这场大战的菊子婆婆摇了摇头,她活了大半辈子,还是头一次见到这么夸张的绝招 Used the time to be maturer compared with him at first.” “比起他最初使用时候更为成熟了。” Now looks like, is really Xerneas.” Kalos region, big star and League Champion Diantha also in paying attention to here, if present age in Ting Shu is in Trainer studies to Fairy Type deeply, then Diantha has the possibility very much is the second person. “如今看来,果然是哲尔尼亚斯。”卡洛斯地区,大明星兼联盟冠军卡露乃也在关注着这里,如果说当世之中庭树训练家里对妖精属性研究最深的,那么卡露乃很有可能便是第二人。 Her trump card Gardevoir, has Psychic and Fairy two big type, once when Ting Shu fight, Diantha then suppressed the Gardevoir special strength to be quite curious to Altaria that the attention until now, guess in her heart was confirmed finally. 她的王牌沙奈朵,具有超能妖精两大属性,曾和庭树战斗时,卡露乃便对七夕青鸟那压制了沙奈朵的特殊力量极为好奇,关注到如今,她心中的猜测终于得到了证实。 Inherits Trainer. 传承训练家 Obtained Legend(ary) pokémon Trainer in some strengths, was called to inherit Trainer, their uncertain strength is very strong, but everyone has the unusual ability, till was earliest inherited Trainer, was 300 years ago circle vermilion Shi that can with the person of Ho-Oh contact. 得到了传说中的精灵的部分力量的训练家,被称之为传承训练家,他们不一定实力很强,但每一人都有着不同寻常的能力,距今为止最早的一位传承训练家,是300年前圆朱市那位能与凤王联系之人。 The significance of taboo weapon is the deterrent, not only deters human, deters pokémon in Legend(ary), both status is equal, also only then Legend(ary) the strength in pokémon can compare favorably with the taboo weapon, this is makes Diantha believe firmly basic reason that oneself judge. 禁忌武器的意义在于威慑,不仅是威慑人类,也是威慑传说中的精灵,两者地位等同,也只有传说中的精灵的力量才能媲美禁忌武器,这是让卡露乃确信自己判断的根本原因。
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