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#1747: to seal/confer bestows

Pen interest pavilion, renewed pill sovereign Emperor Wu most quickly! 笔趣阁,最快更新丹皇武帝! With the manifesto of Heaven old city, dark green profound fell into the unprecedented turbulence thoroughly. 随着上苍古城的宣言,苍玄彻底陷入了前所未有的动荡。 Terrifying war dark clouds, centered on Heaven, gallops to go toward the dark green profound 1 million li (0.5 km) mountains and rivers. 一股恐怖的战争阴云,以上苍为中心,向着苍玄百万里山河奔腾而去。 People in many coastal area run away in abundance, people in inland have no place to go, can only go to the safe area. 很多滨海地区的人们纷纷逃窜,内地的人们无处可去,只能前往安全区。 The Holy Land Zushan also announced, for the common people safety, the safe area conducts the full consolidation. No longer the setting foreign country safe area, complete building up the big summer dynasty to Zushan being. 圣地祖山随之宣布,为了苍生安危,安全区进行全面合并。不再设定外域安全区,全部集结到祖山所在的大夏皇朝。 The area of big summer dynasty expanded, the range of east, west, south, and north was about 100,000 li (0.5 km), held the dark green profound all refugees by this. 大夏皇朝的疆域进行扩展,东西南北的范围都达到十万里左右,以此容纳苍玄所有避难者。 Meanwhile, the Heaven old city starts the broad hero, is under the charge to Qiao Jia, the Nalan bright mirror inspector general, accepts all Nirvana boundary powerhouses, the soul boundary does not reject. 与此同时,上苍古城开始广纳英豪,由乔家负责,纳兰明镜监督,接受所有涅槃境强者,灵魂境也不拒绝。 Jiang Yi believes, in the dark green profound 1 million li (0.5 km) land, besides on wealthy and powerful family big faction, many hidden world powerhouses, enlivens the mercenary organization in boundless mountain forest outwardly not to mention. So long as directs them, can be an extremely terrifying energy surely. 姜毅相信,苍玄百万里大地上,除了明面上的强宗大派,还有很多隐世强者,更别提活跃在茫茫山林里的佣兵组织。只要把他们引出来,必定会是一股极其恐怖的能量。 Does not need them to break through enemy lines, so long as arranges to executing a day of temple them maintains law, can let execute day of God Venerate to extricate truly. 不需要他们冲锋陷阵,只要把他们安排到诛天神殿维持法阵,就能让诛天神尊真正解脱出来。 Chaos world! 混沌世界! After Jiang Yi they discussed carefully, started the assignment of resources. 姜毅他们仔细商量之后,开始了资源的分配。 17 god bone spirit marrow and 25 god Yang blood, are seemingly more, but is actually careful a assignment, is insufficiently. 十七颗神骨灵髓、二十五颗神阳血,看起来很多很多,但其实仔细一分配,还是不够。 First Celestial Empress needs to break through, definitely insufficient, needs eight. 首先天后需要突破,一颗肯定不够,必须要八颗。 Three god bone spirit marrow, Celestial Empress take, with stimulate the potential, the promotion boundary. 三颗神骨灵髓,天后自己服用,用以激发潜力,提升境界。 Five god Yang blood, to Kunpeng, flying snake mentioned in ancient legends, Golden Crow and gold/metal hou these four big monsters that has 12 monster ancestors level bloodlines, as well as potential giant black ink Qilin. Quenches to wash and sublimate through their bloodlines, even is the boundary promotion, feeds back to Celestial Empress and ensure a Celestial Empress bigger probability makes great strides forward the god virtual environment. 五颗神阳血,给鲲鹏、腾蛇、金乌和金犼这四个拥有‘十二妖祖’级血脉的大妖,以及潜力巨大的墨麒麟。通过它们的血脉淬洗和升华,甚至是境界提升,反馈给天后,确保天后更大概率迈进神灵境。 Also guaranteed Celestial Empress after is becoming the god truly, feeds back Kunpeng the time, making them have a higher probability, makes great strides forward the Saint sovereign boundary. 也保证天后在真正成神之后,反馈鲲鹏他们的时候,让它们有更高的几率,迈进圣皇境。 Therefore, eight divine objects, not only makes the god, portrays the Saint king Hesheng sovereign. Only can be many, cannot be few!! 所以,八颗神物,不只是造神,更是塑造圣王和圣皇。只能多,不能少!! Next, Jiang Yi surely also needs to enhance the strength, took three god bone spirit marrow three god Yang blood, moreover is scarlet day God Venerate there, the energy is stronger, more suitable Jiang Yi. 其次,姜毅肯定也需要提升实力,拿了三颗神骨灵髓三颗神阳血,而且全是赤天神尊那里的,能量更强,也更适合姜毅 These six divine objects, not only can guarantee that Jiang Yi stands firm the Spiritual God boundary thoroughly, but can also become stronger. 这六颗神物,不仅能确保姜毅彻底稳住神灵境界,还能变得更强。 Then was great antiquity Heavenly Dragon, Jiang Yi is really placed very high great expectations on it, even expected can before the emperor made the war approached it advances the god virtual environment forcefully, therefore the goal of present stage was- Saint sovereign was greatly perfect! 然后就是洪荒天龙,姜毅真的是对它寄予了非常高的厚望,甚至奢望能在帝约大战来临之前把它强行推到神灵境,所以现阶段的目标就是-圣皇大完满! Therefore...... 所以…… Two god bone spirit marrow, two god Yang blood! 两颗神骨灵髓,两颗神阳血! As the matter stands, eight god bone spirit marrow and ten god Yang blood are first scheduled. 这样一来,八颗神骨灵髓和十颗神阳血首先就预定了。 When Qiao Wuhui, Jiang Yan, Jiang Kui, Jiang Ge, Zhao more and Jiang Tyrant, Qiao fragrant, when Jiang Yi to become God, the potential obtained the depth stimulation. At this time most needed the stimulation of divine object, turned into the true strength the potential of stimulation. 乔无悔、姜焱、姜夔、姜戈、赵时越、姜霸,还有乔馨,都在姜毅成神的时候,潜力得到了深度激发。这时候最需要神物的刺激,把激发的潜力变成真正的实力。 As the matter stands, besides Jiang Kui god bone spirit marrow, other needs god Yang blood. 这样一来,除姜夔一颗神骨灵髓之外,其余都需要一颗神阳血。 East bright like shadow, as the hope of concubine and eastern bright family, particularly for all eternity inheritance, needs to stimulate the strength continually, after all her role greatly was too too big. 还有东煌如影,作为皇妃、东煌家族的希望,尤其是‘万古千秋’的传承者,更需要持续激发实力,毕竟她的作用太大太大了。 Two god Yang blood! 两颗神阳血! To late clear also needs to enter the Saint sovereign, stimulates the moon totem to the full the strength, forms a stronger coordination with the solar totem of Golden Crow. 向晚晴也需要进圣皇,最大限度激发太阴图腾的力量,跟金乌的太阳图腾形成更强的配合。 In order to guarantee to break through absolutely safe, is the reward to late clear in the beforehand several splendid performance, two god Yang blood, 为了确保突破万无一失,也是奖励向晚晴在之前的几次精彩表现,两颗神阳血、 The king, has shed turned into Black Tortoise, the beforehand bloodlines also obtained enough stimulation, wallops on the difference for the last time, therefore also gives god bone spirit marrow. 还有大王,已经蜕变成了玄武,之前的血脉也得到了足够的激发,就差最后一次猛冲,所以也给予一颗神骨灵髓。 White, Spirit Mark has transformed to Saint heaven, the bloodlines is also stimulated, although before failed, but Jiang Yi also wants to give him again an opportunity, god bone spirit marrow. 白哉,灵纹已经蜕变到圣皇天品,血脉也得到刺激,之前虽然失败了,但姜毅还想再给他一次机会,一颗神骨灵髓。 As the matter stands, is three god bone spirit marrow and ten god Yang blood. 这样一来,又是三颗神骨灵髓和十颗神阳血。 Altogether divides 11 god bone spirit marrow and 20 god Yang blood, was only left over six god bone spirit marrow and five god Yang blood. 总共分出去十一颗神骨灵髓和二十颗神阳血,只剩下六颗神骨灵髓和五颗神阳血了。 What the late war most needs is the Saint sovereign leads, therefore, Jiang Yi has not fallen his mixes day of Lingbao. 后期战争最需要的是圣皇带队,所以,姜毅还是没落下他的混天灵宝们。 Han is arrogant, Li Yin, Jiang Bin, Zhou Qingshou, everyone god Yang blood. 韩傲、李寅、姜斌、周青寿,每人一颗神阳血。 Takes god Yang blood, god bone spirit marrow again, the secret escorts to the sea god island! 再取一颗神阳血、一颗神骨灵髓,秘密送往海神岛! The long-waited divine object, this only had five god bone spirit marrow. 万众期待的神物,就这样只剩下了五颗神骨灵髓了。 Feeling really insufficient minute/share, was rumbled the broken that two arms the Mt. Xumi old ancestors, refine!! 感觉实在不够分,又把须弥山老祖被轰碎的那两条胳膊,也炼了!! God bone spirit marrow, god Yang blood! 一颗神骨灵髓,一颗神阳血! After the prudent discussion, god Yang blood gives Qiao ten thousand years, six god bone spirit marrow give Xi Yan and one to give Zhou Buyi, one to give Yu Qingcang, one to give Cho Se-ung, one to give the Nalan bright mirror and one to give the alone this solitary one sword demon. 经过慎重讨论,神阳血交给乔万年,六颗神骨灵髓一颗交给夕颜、一颗交给周不已、一颗交给虞擎苍、一颗交给赵世雄、一颗交给纳兰明镜、一颗交给独孤剑魔。 Jiang Yi actually intends to give Jia to cultivate the behavior, but was turned down, therefore sixth gives the alone this solitary one sword demon. 姜毅其实有意给贾作人一颗,但被婉拒了,所以第六颗交给独孤剑魔。 Initially summit concise that blood demon pill in Kunlun Mountains, did not pass on responsibilities, gives can refine secure Ming of use only. 当初在昆仑之巅凝练的那颗血魔丹,当仁不让,交给了唯一能炼化使用的安冥兮。 As for other harvests, defers to the respective demand, conducted the detailed assignment. 至于其他的收获,也都按照各自需求,进行了详细的分配。 For example, the golden God Venerate state of mind, and souls of several Saint sovereigns, gave Jiang Yan. 比如,黄金神尊的神魂,以及几个圣皇的灵魂,都交给了姜焱。 God Yang blood, the god level soul, massive Saint sovereign soul, the ultimate objective is to advance the Saint sovereign peak him! 神阳血、神级魂,大量圣皇魂,最终目标是要把他推到圣皇巅峰! For example Cho Se-ung, obtained the precious god bone spirit marrow, obtained the poor strange ancestor's complete remains. Does that not only need enhance the strength to him, anticipates to stimulate the deep potential of bloodlines, becomes truly has the qualifications enter the Saint sovereign boundary poor strange Spirit Mark, otherwise depends on poor wonderful roaring flame only Spirit Mark, is not enough to support the Saint sovereign boundary. 比如赵世雄,得到了宝贵的神骨灵髓,更得到了穷奇老祖的完整遗体。这么做不仅是要给他提升实力,更期待激发血脉的深度潜力,成为真正有资格进圣皇境界的‘穷奇’灵纹,否则单靠‘穷奇烈焰’灵纹,不足以支撑圣皇境界。 Again for example, white, besides god bone spirit marrow, the remains of three Saint sovereigns, is stronger to push him to wallop the Saint sovereign. If this is not successful, could not really be justified. 再比如,白哉,除了一颗神骨灵髓,还有三颗圣皇的遗骨,也是要强推他猛冲圣皇。如果这样还不成功,就真的说不过去了。 Also for example Nalan bright mirror. Although he rejects god Yang blood very much, is always thinking departure, but again under force of Jiang Yi, complied. To be better to promote the boundary and Spirit Mark, in addition gave three Saint king Baogu. 还比如纳兰明镜。他虽然很拒绝神阳血,总想着离开,但再姜毅的强迫下,还是答应了。为了更好提升境界和灵纹,另给了三颗圣王宝骨。 Yu Qingcang, after obtaining the long-awaited god bone spirit marrow, will derive lord of that Xumi earthen bowl container to be more primitive together a purer chaos air/Qi with Yu Tianqi, with be reborn. 还有虞擎苍,得到了梦寐以求的神骨灵髓之后,也会跟虞天启一起汲取须弥之主那个‘钵盂’里更原始更纯粹的混沌之气,用以脱胎换骨。 Wait...... 等等…… After the resources assign completely, everyone seeks to close up the place in the vast mountain group of chaos world respectively. 在资源全部分配完毕之后,所有人都在混沌世界的浩瀚山群里各自寻找闭关地点。 A person wrests away about hundred li (0.5 km), even several hundred li (0.5 km) place, the self- seal, the self-torture trains hard. 一人霸占近百里,甚至几百里的地方,自我封闭,苦修苦练。 Jiang Yi continues such as the shadow to cultivate with east brightly together, except for mystery that discussing six six bury, wants to draw support from east brightly like the shadow, condenses the fourth first ancestor mark. 姜毅继续跟东煌如影一起修炼,除了探讨六道六葬的奥妙,还是想借助东煌如影,凝聚第四道始祖印记。 Perhaps is finally official ordered by the emperor personally concubine status, possibly was among two people cultivates the number of times to be many, has been familiar. This closing up, atmosphere obvious was more relaxed. 或许是终于正式的钦定‘皇妃’身份,也可能是两人之间修炼次数多了,已经熟悉了。这次闭关,气氛明显的轻松了很多。 pill sovereign continues to lead refine the pill of immortality master Men, studies pill technique, concise Elixir. 丹皇继续带着炼丹师们,研究丹术,凝练丹药 When leisure, pill sovereign also continues to track down infinite Good Fortune Pill. 闲暇之余,丹皇还继续追寻着‘无限造化丹’。 Whether this Elixir can succeed, perhaps really can affect the emperor makes the result of war. 这颗丹药能否成功,或许真的能影响到帝约战争的胜负。 The Saint sovereign and Spiritual God that they can portray have calculated the limit at present. Before each experienced more than ten, dozens years of resources accumulations, the continual transformation, the continual growth, the respective secret makes the support, had today's achievement. To train again newly, is impossible. 他们能塑造的圣皇和神灵目前已经算极限。每个都是经历了之前十几,几十年的资源积累,连续蜕变,连续成长,还有各自的秘密做支撑,才有了今天的成就。想要再培养新的,已经不可能了。 In this case, might give lives infinite Good Fortune Pill to be equivalent the two times expanded the Saint sovereign number. 这种情况下,有可能会赋予二次生命的无限造化丹就相当于扩展了圣皇数量。 In all people of closing up, only absent-minded, when is Li Yin. 在所有闭关的人里,唯一一个恍惚的,当属李寅。
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