PSME :: Volume #18

#1746: The hero's soul is immortal

Pen interest pavilion, renewed pill sovereign Emperor Wu most quickly! 笔趣阁,最快更新丹皇武帝! Next day, in March/three months three! 第二天,三月三! Jiang Yi has not arrived at Heaven, first was held internal sealing to enjoy the grand ceremony in the chaos world. 姜毅没有降临上苍,先是在混沌世界举行了一个内部的封赏大典。 Nine days of god, is not sealing enjoying, in the future the dark green profound still, they must be the supreme sovereign to say. 九天神教,不在封赏之列,未来苍玄平定,他们还是要做回至尊皇道。 The chaos fight the clan, is not sealing enjoying, in the future is to take over control to flaming Heaven, becomes the brand-new supreme sovereign to say. 混沌战族,也不在封赏之列,未来是要接管炽天界,成为全新的至尊皇道。 Blazing refine the pill of immortality master Men in Heaven, is actually willing to follow pill sovereign, forms ten thousand Shidan Imperial palace. 炽天界里的炼丹师们,却愿意跟随丹皇,组建万世丹皇宫。 After the gold/metal hou opinion, allows them to be separated from God Dynasty afterward, forms the new sovereign saying that this time is not sealing enjoying. 在金犼意见后,也允许他们事后脱离神朝,组建新皇道,此次也不在封赏之列。 Afterward...... 随后…… Jiang Yi respectfully requests pill sovereign, for ten thousand Shiguo the master, pill Imperial palace palace lord. 姜毅拜请丹皇,为万世国师,丹皇宫宫主。 Celestial Empress for Queen ten thousand world, special period, the responsibility of good town/subdues country. 天后为万世皇后,特殊时期,行镇国之责。 Ye Anran and Qiao fragrant, eastern bright such as shadow and Xi Yan, to late clear, is God Dynasty founds a country five concubines. 夜安然、乔馨、东煌如影、夕颜、向晚晴,为神朝开国五位皇妃。 Qiao has no regret, the God Dynasty first imperial prince, the line protects the power of country. 乔无悔,神朝第一皇子,行护国之权。 When Jiang Yan, Jiang Kui, Jiang Ge, Jiang Tyrant, Zhao jumps over, as well as blazing Heaven World Lord bell Reno, to found a country six big Son of Heaven. 姜焱、姜夔、姜戈、姜霸、赵时越,以及炽天界界主钟离诺,为开国六大天王。 Respectively, extinguishes the world Son of Heaven, to slaughter the Son of Heaven be Son of Heaven, the degeneration Son of Heaven and tyrant military Son of Heaven, as well as crucible used by alchemists to concoct the pill of immortality Son of Heaven. 分别为森罗天王、堕落天王、霸武天王、灭世天王、杀戮天王,以及丹鼎天王。 Demon tree, to defend country demon beast! 地魔树,为守国魔兽! To late Tong, Kong Qiu, the Qiao ten thousand years, seal to fight the king. 向晚彤、孔囚、乔万年,封位战王。 Respectively fights the king and peacock war king and day owlet to fight the king be the day fox. 分别为天狐战王、孔雀战王、天枭战王。 Alone this solitary one sword demon and Nalan bright mirror, to seal/confer Hou. 独孤剑魔、纳兰明镜,封候。 Respectively is the blood sword period of five days and purifying the mind period of five days. 分别为血剑候、清心候。 The Son of Heaven, the war kings and period of five days, the solution allow to set up a government office the independence, inherits the family bloodlines. 天王、战王、候,解允许开府自立,传承家族血脉。 Li Yin, Jiang Bin, Han proud, white, yellow pie, is the sovereign five big god health/guard, takes an oath absolute loyalty, the position compared with the Son of Heaven. 李寅,姜斌,韩傲、白哉、黄大饼,为人皇五大神卫,宣誓绝对效忠,位比天王。 Great antiquity Heavenly Dragon, solar Golden Crow, Black Tortoise and Zhou Qingshou, as well as by force east bright like smoke, forms the imperial family to grab the group, the official chooses a name- imperial supernatural might group. 洪荒天龙、太阳金乌、玄武、周青寿,以及被‘强迫’的东煌如烟,组建皇家劫掠团,官方定名-皇家神武团。 The supernatural might group is absolutely independent, subordinates Jiang Yi, anybody can not meddle, anybody can not assign. 神武团绝对独立,直属姜毅,任何人不得插手,任何人不得调派。 Great antiquity Heavenly Dragon is the assistant regimental commander, the position compared with the Son of Heaven! 洪荒天龙为副团长,位比天王! The week, secure Ming, hundred monster, blood sword hall, forms imperial family hand in hand backdrop, is under the charge to Son of Heaven Jiang Yan, subordinates Jiang Yi. 周不已、安冥兮、百里莫妖等,携手血剑堂,组建皇家‘天幕’,由森罗天王姜焱负责,直属姜毅 The backdrop is the intelligence system, serves all parties, is actually not restrained all parties. 天幕为情报系统,服务于各方,却不受制于各方。 Ji Ling Xuan, south phoenix treasure, the dark blue cold moon/month and Qiao Lingyun, desolate Fengwu, Yu Jingzhan, Jiang Wan'er, Yan Qingwu, form the first imperial family to subordinate martial Yuan jointly- five lines of schools. 姬凌萱、凤宝南、沧寒月、乔灵韵、萧凤梧、俞景战、姜婉儿燕轻舞,联手组建第一个皇家直属武院-五行学院。 Concubine Ye Anran, holds a concurrent post of the first chief. 皇妃夜安然,兼任第一任院长。 Ji Ling Xuan and others, fellow branch chiefs. 姬凌萱等,各位分院院长。 Five lines of schools for imperial martial Yuan, may gather Spirit Mark to God Dynasty. 五行学院为皇家武院,可向神朝各地招揽灵纹 When Zhao more, Cho Se-ung and other former Warring States and heaven powerhouse, moved into pill Imperial palace, and formed day military palace, when slaughtered Son of Heaven Zhao more for the first palace lord, was responsible for guarding pill Imperial palace, 赵时越、赵世雄等原战国和天国强者,入驻丹皇宫,并组建‘天武殿’,杀戮天王赵时越为第一任殿主,负责镇守丹皇宫, Day martial hall was not controlled by the imperial family, subordinates pill Imperial palace. 天武殿不受皇家控制,直属丹皇宫。 After completing seals to enjoy, Jiang Yi leads the people to arrive ahead of time constructed a good black stone palace. 完成封赏之后,姜毅率众人来到了提前建好的一座黑石殿。 On the black stone palace is hanging a blood-color signboard- hero's soul palace. 黑石殿上面挂着一个血色牌匾-英魂殿。 The hero's soul palace is divided into two parts. 英魂殿分为两部分。 In the future part can place these heroes who could die in battle. 一部分会摆放未来可能战死的那些英雄。 Part is to hold a memorial service the millenniums ago these hero's souls that died in battle, placed is the Celestial Empress personally carving spirit tablet. 一部分是祭奠千年前战死的那些英魂,摆放的全是天后亲自雕刻的灵位。 After millennium ago offering sacrifice to heaven grand ceremony, the God Dynasty destruction, the nobilities great general falls from the sky in abundance, no one can set up a stone monument the grave for them. 千年前的祭天大典之后,神朝覆灭,王侯大将纷纷陨落,没有人能为他们立碑起坟。 Nowadays, ten thousand th God Dynasty will soon reconstruct, Celestial Empress and Jiang Yi hold first memorial ceremony for them here. 现如今,万世神朝即将重建,天后姜毅在这里为他们举行第一次祭奠。 Jiang Yi looks at stone Dianli a spirit tablet layer upon layer, looks at the above familiar blood characters, returned to once age absent-minded, facial features have delimited in his mind. 姜毅看着石殿里一层层的灵位,看着上面一个个熟悉的血字,恍惚回到了曾经的年代,一张张面容在他的脑海划过。 Jiang Yi, Celestial Empress and Qiao fragrant, stand in the forefront, prays silently. 姜毅天后、乔馨,站在最前面,默默祷告。 My brothers, if you have the soul to read the residual world, coming to this Heaven old city to have a look.” “我的兄弟们,如果你们还有魂念残留人间,来这上苍古城看看吧。” This is you ten thousand world who uses the life to cast inherits.” “这就是你们用生命铸就的万世传承。” Here is your eternal soul homes to return.” “这里是你们永恒的灵魂归宿。” We, achieved.” “我们,做到了。” You, rest.” “你们,安息吧。” I, will never forget the experience that we fight side-by-side, will never forget your once payouts.” “我,永远不会忘记我们并肩作战的经历,永远不会忘记你们曾经的的付出。” I, will never forget that you give my second life.” “我,永远不会忘记你们赋予我的第二次生命。” I, will pledge to fight to the death to guard ten thousand th God Dynasty.” “我,会誓死捍卫万世神朝。” I, will protect the dark green profound mainland forever.” “我,会永远守护苍玄大陆。” Please forgive me, was unable to construct toward truly. When I expel the emperor clan, defends the ancestor place, must lead you to lord over for nine days, overlooks the mountains and rivers, the testimony ten thousand th God Dynasty glory, witnesses the glory of ninth emperor clan, witnesses the dark green profound ancestor...... the eternal restless glory......” “请原谅我,还不能真正建朝。待我驱逐帝族,守住祖地,必带你们高踞九天,俯瞰山河,见证万世神朝的荣耀,见证第九帝族的荣耀,见证苍玄祖地……永恒不息的荣耀……” Jiang Yi lowers the head slightly, prays silently, single knee kneels down, twittering light language: Thank you...... grants my new student|life...... thank you...... my forever brothers......” 姜毅微微低头,默默祷告,单膝下跪,呢喃轻语:“谢谢你们……赐予我的新生……谢谢你们……我永远的兄弟……” Celestial Empress also knees down, silently heart language: „ Offering sacrifice to heaven grand ceremony, just liked yesterday, your calls, your wishing and words are still as ringing, I will never forget, God Dynasty will never forget. 天后也单膝跪地,默默心语:“祭天大典,恍若昨日,你们的呐喊、你们的祈愿、言犹在耳,我永远不会忘记,神朝永远不会忘记。 The hero's soul palace, will stand erect forever in the imperial palace deep place, witnesses our unyielding spirits, eternal magnificence. ” 英魂殿,将永远矗立在皇宫深处,见证我们不屈的精神,永恒的辉煌。” On March 3, in the morning!! 3月3日,上午!! Under being a focus of public attention outside Heaven, the chaos world raises the vortex that rushes, glares fall. 在上苍之外的万众瞩目之下,混沌世界掀起澎湃的漩涡,一道道强光落下。 Jiang Yi, Celestial Empress and pill sovereign, as well as not returns to enlightened ruler Li Hanyao and others, arrives at Heaven hand in hand. 姜毅天后、丹皇,以及无回圣主李珺瑶等,携手降临上苍。 However, does not have the long-waited arrogant manifesto, does not have the hope to seal to enjoy the main hall for a long time, when they are...... the emperor makes unexpectedly!! 但是,没有万众期待的高傲宣言,也没有期盼已久封赏大殿,他们等到的竟然是……帝约!! And misleads by the scarlet day brightly, executes the day to echo, the era on September 1 , 17, the dark green profound sovereign said that with black demon emperor clan and white tiger emperor clan and dragon clan, Taichu emperor clan, north too emperor clan, signs the emperor to make together.” “受赤天和光明蛊惑,诛天附和,纪元17年9月1日,苍玄皇道与黑魔帝族、白虎帝族、龙族、太初帝族、北太帝族,共同签订帝约。” Is acted by the emperor clan, suppresses eight continent sovereigns saying that guaranteed the dark green profound sovereign said the centralized complete strength, suppression ten thousand th God Dynasty.” “由帝族出面,压制八洲皇道,确保苍玄皇道集中全部力量,镇压万世神朝。” Dark green profound supreme sovereign say/way guarantees for three years completely to solve ten thousand world the danger, stabilizes the dark green profound aspect, and rebuilds ten thousand gods, north allowing the gluttony monster clan to revisit, southwest the antique temple heavy palm, resumes emperor race's control to the dark green profound foreign country.” “苍玄至尊皇道保证三年之内彻底解决万世的危险,稳定苍玄局面,并重建万道神教,准许饕餮妖族重临北地、太古神庙重掌西南,恢复帝族对苍玄外域的掌控。” If the dark green profound supreme sovereign say/way cannot achieve, three years later, the emperor clan will publicize the secret treaty, and involves comprehensively dark green profound.” “如若苍玄至尊皇道做不到,三年后,帝族将公开密约,并全面介入苍玄。” „The present was the era in March 19, emperor period was about the era on September 1 , 20. Remains the time, 18 months.” “现在是纪元19年3月,帝约之期为纪元20年9月1日。所剩时间,十八个月。” This sudden manifesto, making the earnest atmosphere solidify rapidly, lets converge outside powerhouse to change countenance in abundance. 这突如其来的宣言,让热切的气氛迅速凝固,让云集外面的强者纷纷动容。 Does the emperor make? 帝约? Emperor clan...... invasion? 帝族……入侵? Does the emperor clan need to visit the dark green profound mainland comprehensively? 帝族要全面踏足苍玄大陆? The supreme sovereign said that signed such secret deal with the emperor clan unexpectedly? 至尊皇道竟然跟帝族签订了这样的秘密交易? The supreme sovereign said that actually invited the emperor clan, visited dark green profound? 至尊皇道竟然邀请帝族,踏足苍玄? Is this real? 这是真的吗? Is Jiang Yi to be better to control dark green profound, smears the scarlet day intentionally? 姜毅为了更好控制苍玄,故意丑化赤天? It is not right!! Is impossible!! 不对!!不可能!! Such secret treaty involves the emperor clan, related to the entire day, how could to compile at will. 这样的密约涉及到帝族,涉及到全天下,岂能随意编造。 In other words...... 也就是说…… The dark green profound sovereign said, betrayed dark green profound? 苍玄皇道,出卖了苍玄? To say...... 岂不是说…… The true war did not end, but will soon start!! 真正的战争不是结束了,而是即将开始!! Outside after the Heaven old city continues one to constrain very much, fell into the terrified confusion. 上苍古城外面持续了很一阵压抑后,陷入了惶恐混乱。 They are witness the magnificent ceremony, anticipated that the brand-new peace, did wait till...... the nightmare unexpectedly?? 他们是来见证盛典,期待崭新和平的,竟然等到了……噩梦?? The emperor clan, does the emperor clan need to visit dark green profound? 帝族啊,帝族要踏足苍玄? The emperor clan sends out, the attached royalty definitely follows, the world strong clan will also rush. 帝族出动,附属皇族肯定跟着,天下强族也会闯进来。 Can the dark green profound mainland, degenerate into the places of hundred war? They must turn into the prey! 苍玄大陆,要沦为百战之地了?他们岂不是要变成猎物了! Jiang Yi resounding sound reverberation world. 姜毅高亢的声音回荡天地。 Dark green profound is our dark green profound, cannot compromise to the emperor clan. Dark green profound is all living things ancestor place, cannot degenerate into the emperor clan slave field.” “苍玄是我们自己的苍玄,绝不能向帝族妥协。苍玄是众生祖地,绝不能沦为帝族奴场。” We must let entire day under see, our dark green profound person will not dread any oppression, we will pledge to fight to the death to defend our homelands.” “我们要让全天下都看到,我们苍玄人不会畏惧任何压迫,我们更会誓死捍卫我们自己的家园。” I here, initiate the invitation to dark green profound regional heroic people outstandingly. The common protection is dark green, meets head-on the emperor clan hand in hand.” “我在这里,向苍玄各地的英雄人杰发起邀请。共同守护苍玄,携手迎战帝族。” Perhaps, the emperor clan is very strong, is very strong.” “或许,帝族很强,真的很强。” But, fights the clan wildly, will cling to tenaciously Northeast, the degeneration heaven, hand in hand will be wild. The new world, has moved in the west, defends the western land. Executes a day of temple, will protect dark green profound. “但是,蛮荒战族,都将死守东北,堕落天国,都将携手蛮荒。新世界,已经移驻西部,防御西部大地。诛天神殿,更将守护苍玄。 But our ten thousand th God Dynasty, before January/one month, hand in hand the new world, was just wild and executed a day of temple, in the nether world hell, lured and killed the Emperor Tianqi clan massive god demons. ” 而我们万世神朝,刚刚在一月之前,携手新世界、蛮荒、诛天神殿,在幽冥地狱,诱杀天启帝族大量神魔。” We are stiffening, we will also be stronger. Although compared with the terrifying emperor clan army, we is very weak. However...... we have you!” “我们正在变强,我们也会更强。虽然比起恐怖的帝族部队,我们还很弱。但是……我们有你们!” Dark green profound land, 1 million li (0.5 km) mountains and rivers, any region, some strong clans, any some territories, have the Nirvana boundary. “苍玄大地,百万里山河,任何一个区域,都有一些强族,任何一些领地,都有涅槃境。 If, in a mountain range can stand a Nirvana, in a kingdom stands, sect Menli stands, 1 million li (0.5 km) mountains and rivers, myriad gates, the mountain range, will be over a thousand Nirvana. ” 如果,一片山脉里能站出来一个涅槃,一个王国里站出来一个,一个宗门里站出来一个,百万里山河,万千宗门,山脉,就将会是上千涅槃。” Any stand the Nirvana, you are dark green profound saving, is the dark green profound protector. From the present to September of next year, can report to Heaven momentarily.” “任何站出来的涅槃,你们都将是苍玄的拯救者,是苍玄的守护者。从现在到明年9月,随时可以到上苍报道。” If there is a soul boundary powerhouse also to hope that to protect dark green contributes a strength unreliably, we also lift both hands welcome!” “如果有灵魂境强者也希望为守护苍玄贡献一份力量,我们同样举双手欢迎!” „The powerhouse who is not willing to stand, the loyal hope you, can help world's people, changes over to safe area that defines.” “不愿意站出来的强者,忠心的希望你们,能帮助世界各地的民众,转入划定的安全区。” Meanwhile, I promised to everyone, regarding all stations heroic person, will not make you work as the sacrificial victim, only needs in obeying the law for us. Moreover, two years, most two years. The emperor approximately fights for two years later, if you could not notice that any successfully hopes, we will arrange space military, delivers you to return to the safe area.” “同时,我向所有人许诺,对于所有站出来的英雄人杰们,绝不会让你们当牺牲品,只需要替我们驻守法阵。而且,两年,最多两年。帝约大战两年之后,如果你们看不到任何胜利希望,我们会安排空间武者,送你们返回安全区。”
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