PTB :: Volume #4

#355: Great counter offensive plan

Chapter 355 great counter offensive plan 第355章大反攻计划 Murphy listens to the announcement of system, in the heart cannot help but somewhat to admire, this Ge German a little strategy, unexpectedly obstinately this to brushing the event gave itself the entire high-rank using Prince Adam ahead of time. 墨非听着系统的公告,心中不由得有些佩服,这个葛德文有点谋略啊,竟然愣是利用亚当王子这个对刷事件把自己提前给整上位了。 This method is a little really fierce, in the reality feared that is is not the market elite, or strategy Grandmaster? 这手段着实有点厉害,现实中怕不是也是个商场精英,或者谋略大师吧? The words saying that this goods should not be an old man? Installs tender that in the game, Murphy looks at the facial features of Ge German, unavoidably so thinks. 话说这货该不会是个老头吧?在游戏里装嫩的那种,墨非看着葛德文的面容,不免如此想到。 Although vault of heaven world game the game role will simulate according to the appearance of player, so long as is willing to spend, continually the sons who create the world god can work as, gradually changes the age appearance definitely also to achieve. 苍穹世界这游戏虽然游戏角色会根据玩家的长相进行模拟,但只要愿意花钱,连创世神的儿子都可以当,稍微改变一下年龄样貌肯定也是能够做到的。 Therefore Murphy so suspected unavoidably, perhaps this goods is a 60-70 years old old man. 因此墨非不免如此怀疑,没准这货是个六七十岁的老头呢。 At this time Ge German is actually a solemn silence of face, in his heart is also long air vent, finally became the king, was also stimulated. 此时葛德文却是一脸的庄严肃穆,他心中也是长长的出了口气,终于成为国王了,转而又亢奋起来。 Becoming the king, must flex the muscles. 成为国王,更是要大展拳脚了。 Ge Dewen( King pill): „ As pill king, I will be loyal to my vowing as always, my family's glory, resists the tribe, puts down the beast person! 葛德文(洛丹伦国王):“身为洛丹伦的国王,我将一如既往的忠于我的誓言,我家族的荣耀,对抗部落,扫平兽人! Regarding the tomorrow's fight, I have prepared a plan, asking everyone to make corrections together. ” 对于明天的战斗,我已经准备好了一份计划,请各位一同斧正。” Is saying beckoning, immediately has the aide to bring to prepare the good prospectus. 说着招了招手,立刻有侍从拿来了准备好的计划书。 Today besides supporting various battlefields, I also handled a very important matter, that collects the military intelligence of tribe, was lucky adventurer who these do not fear the life and death, I basically grasped tribe's current military deployment.” “今天除了支援各处战场,我还做了一件非常重要的事情,那就是收集部落的军事情报,多亏了那些不惧生死的冒险者,我基本上掌握了部落目前的军事部署。” Was saying made the imaginary technique master upgrade the good sand table to push. 说着让幻术师将更新好的沙盘推了上来。 Sees the military deployment of tribe, the people expressed admiration. 看到部落的军事部署,众人纷纷啧啧称奇起来。 The army information on this sand table is so detailed, almost the designations of 90 tribe regiments can find. 这沙盘上的部队信息如此详细,几乎90的部落军团的番号都能找到。 Blayney( Prince Gill): Ge German your majesty, how you achieve, this- this was too astonishing.” 布莱尼(吉尔尼斯王子):“葛德文陛下,你是怎么做到的,这-这太惊人了。” Hehe, I can only say that I naturally have my means.” “呵呵,我只能说我自然有我的办法。” Murphy also the tribe army on observation map arranges, from the sand table, the force designators of two wings are few, moreover is some small clans that has no fame. 墨非也在观察地图上的部落军队布置,从沙盘上来看,两翼的部队番号非常少,而且都是一些没什么名气的小氏族。 Most powerful several main force regiments almost centralized in median line, is centered on named breaks Maofeng isolated hill, layer upon layer distribution. 最强大的几支主力军团几乎都集中在了中线,以一座名为‘断矛峰’的孤山为核心,层层分布。 No wonder one alliance makes certain breakthrough in the left and right today all day, the middle of the mill actually suffers heavy casualties, the attack kept off each time. 怪不得今天一整天联盟在左右两翼都取得了一定的突破,中路却是损兵折将,每次进攻都被挡了下来。 However this type piles the together layout the army, is far from really wisely, lacks the strategic depth completely, moreover shut off the escape route very much easily, conducts large-scale surrounding. 不过这种将部队堆到一起的布局,着实谈不上高明,完全缺乏战略纵深,而且很容易被切断后路,进行大规模的包围。 Aogerui as the big chief of beast person, defeated the storm kingdom, properly speaking should not pass the military? 奥格瑞姆身为兽人的大酋长,击败了暴风王国,按理说不应该这么不通军事的吧? Everyone has looked.” “各位已经看出来了吧。” Ge Dewen said: „ Beast person should conduct some secret plan, but the key point of plan, breaks Maofeng in this, according to my information network investigation, the tribe around breaking Maofeng arranged the sharpest Blackstone regiment. 葛德文说道:“兽人应该在进行某种秘密计划,而计划的关键点,就在这个断矛峰,根据我的情报网络调查,部落在断矛峰周围安排了最精锐的黑石军团。 Simultaneously high rank Shaman of shadow moon/month clan almost gathered there. 同时影月氏族的高阶萨满几乎都聚集到了那里。 Simultaneously also unceasing has the beast person hard labor large number of materials transportation there, makes anything is not possible to know specifically. 同时还不断的有兽人苦工将大量的物资运输到那里,具体做什么尚未可知。 Massive hot element lifeform also appear and disappear area that obviously, they are conducting some ceremony very much, if makes me guess boldly, they are summoning a powerful hot element feudal lord either, even king of Laghos Nurrows hot element. 还有大量的火元素生物也在那一带出没,很显然,他们在进行某种仪式,如果让我大胆猜测一下的话,他们要么是在召唤一个强大的火元素领主,甚至火元素之王拉格纳罗斯本人。 Either is conducting the arrangement of some powerful magic arts, some type can destroy a super magic of entire army one time. ” 要么就是在进行某种强大法术的筹备,某种可以一次性毁灭一整支军队的超级魔法。” At this point, the vision of people actually looked together to Murphy. 说到这里,众人的目光却一起看向了墨非。 Murphy's helpless shrugging, I used to strive casually, who knows that these beast people did not pass through hit, I have not made an effort they to drop down.” 墨非无奈的耸了耸肩,“我只是随便用了一下力,谁知道那些兽人这么不经打,我还没怎么使劲他们就倒下了。” This people have not done right after something else, the heart said that you install, we do not give you to work as the request. 这一次众人都没有接茬,心说你就装吧,咱可不给你当托。 Mladin, laughed actually. 倒是穆拉丁,哈哈大笑了起来。 Said is, these beast people are depend the person to be many, if not my soldier number are too few, can hit them depending on our dwarf regiments.” “说的就是,那些兽人就是仗着人多,如果不是我的战士数量太少,光凭我们矮人军团就可以把他们打回去。” Also disregarded regarding routine obstinate argumentative everyone of dwarf, the dwarf in iron furnace fort are actually many, cannot only defend. 对于矮人的习惯性嘴硬大家同样无视了,铁炉堡的矮人倒是不少,不也只能防守么。 Rosa said: Then Ge German your majesty, what you does have to plan?” 洛萨道:“那么葛德文陛下,对此伱有什么计划呢?” Regarding this situation, I thinks us to have no alternative, only then two countermeasures, avoid this to break Maofeng either. “对于这种情况,我想我们别无选择,只有两种应对策略,要么避开这座断矛峰。 Either hits the military to attack Maofeng, before the opposite party prepares the ceremony thoroughly destroys here, once succeeds, the tribe will completely lose the initiative. ” 要么就击中兵力攻打断矛峰,在对方准备好仪式之前彻底摧毁这里,一旦成功,部落将完全失去主动权。” The people are deep to be so. 众人对此深以为然。 However must attack or give way to traffic, the people have the view respectively. 但是要攻打还是避让,众人却各有看法。 Some people proposed: We do not need to take this risk, might as well bypass Maofeng directly, attacks their rear areas from the both sides, once we break through the angry tooth plain, the blockade halfway up the mountainside tunnel, shut off their escape route, this 500,000 beast person armies will become our prey thoroughly.” 有人提议道:“我们没必要冒这个风险,不如直接绕过断矛峰,从两侧攻击他们的后方,一旦我们突破怒牙平原,封锁半山隧道,就切断了他们的后路,这五十万兽人大军将彻底成为我们的猎物。” But immediately some people opposed, is not good, if the opposite party successfully summoned the king of flame demon, when the time comes surrounded was we.” 但马上就有人反对,“不行,万一对方成功的召唤了炎魔之王,到时候将会被包围的就是我们了。” Then also has humanity: Now the key is to clarify them to make anything, summons the flame demon feudal lord, prepares to use super magic.” 接着又有人道:“现在关键是要弄清楚他们到底在做什么,是召唤炎魔领主,还是准备施展‘超级魔法’。” Right, otherwise can only try one's luck.” “没错,否则就只能碰运气了。” Murphy is listening to people's dialogue, suddenly the miraculous glow flashes. 墨非听着众人的对话,忽然灵光一闪。 Hot element feudal lord? This I am ripe. 火元素领主?这个我熟啊。 He opens the private letter channel directly, opened the good friend to list to sweep one, fortunately, opposite party online. 他直接打开私信频道,打开好友列表扫了一眼,还好,对方在线。 Direct private letter dense past. 直接一个私信密了过去。 Hesdin: Is doing the friend. 艾丹:在干啥呢老兄。 Ragoli Awes: You who? 拉格里奥斯:你谁啊? Hesdin: My Mexican. 艾丹:我老墨啊。 Ragoli Awes: Murphys? How did you turn into human? 拉格里奥斯:墨菲斯?你怎么变成人类了? Hesdin: Trumpet that I practice. 艾丹:我练的小号。 Ragoli Awes: I depend, is so flamboyant? Your this trumpet may be a little fierce, the world announced that I may see, storm disaster hardship...... your younger sister's father solemn 80 levels of flame demon feudal lords have not mixed the exclusive title, you first mixed actually, words saying that asked me to have the matter? 拉格里奥斯:我靠,这么牛逼?你这小号可有点猛啊,刚才的世界公告我可都看见了,‘风暴灾厄’……你妹的老子堂堂80级炎魔领主还没混上专属称号呢,你倒是先混上了,话说找我有事? Hesdin: Inquired a letter/believes with you, what sound recently did the place of fire hazard have? What does king of Laghos Nurrows flame demon have to act? 艾丹:跟你打听个信,最近火源之地有什么动静么?炎魔之王拉格纳罗斯是否有什么行动? Ragoli Awes: Hehe, perhaps this, did not facilitate to say. 拉格里奥斯:嘿嘿,这个嘛,恐怕不方便说啊。 Did not facilitate to say...... hehe, it seems like really had the sound. 不方便说……呵呵,这么看来果然有动静。 If really nothing, why the opposite party mostly will be curious to ask, since the opposite party said that did not facilitate saying that instead explained had the matter to happen inevitably. 如果真的没什么事情的话,对方多半会好奇为什么自己会这么问,既然对方说不方便说,反而说明必然是有事情发生的。 Hesdin: Let me guess, the tribe will summon the king of flame demon to arrive at the Lord material potential surface? 艾丹:让我猜猜,部落将会召唤炎魔之王降临主物质位面? Ragoli Awes: I depend, how do you know? I knew, certainly is in the tribe has your spies is right, dry/does, the father knows that these stupid beast people could not become the important matter, turn head I must say one to the eldest child, cannot be used to them. 拉格里奥斯:我靠,你怎么知道的?我知道了,一定是部落里面有你们的间谍对不对,干,老子就知道那些愚蠢的兽人成不了大事,回头我得跟老大说一声,可不能太惯着他们。 Hesdin: Right, moreover we also know that they summoned the position of ceremony to break Maofeng. 艾丹:没错,而且我们还知道他们召唤仪式的位置就在断矛峰。 Ragoli Awes:...... My his mother was speechless, this also hits a yarn, but also without starting the details made one checking a bottom fell, words saying that you me told these did do? You know also asked me? 拉格里奥斯:……我他妈无语了,这还打个毛线,还没开打呢底细都让人给查个底掉了,话说你跟我说这些干什么?你都知道了还问我? Really so, Murphy heart said as the matter stands, only the bad details, when the key can complete the summon, do not kill the past time happen to summoned, that hit in the muzzle. 果然如此,墨非心说这样一来,就只差细节问题了,关键是什么时候能完成召唤,可别杀过去的时候正好召唤完毕,那岂不是撞枪口上了。 Murphy compared self-knowledge, the king of flame demon extinguished world level BOSS, if really to the king on flame demon, oneself this storm Dragon King may completely not be. 墨非还是比较有自知之明的,炎魔之王可是灭世级BOSS,要是真对上炎魔之王,自己这个风暴龙王可完全不是个。 Hesdin: Because we are the good brothers, the brothers have to be difficult I naturally unable to look do not manage, must remind to you, the plan of tribe had been known by us, when the time comes you must really respond the summon, that jumps toward the pit. 艾丹:因为咱们是好兄弟啊,兄弟有难我当然不能看着不管了,怎么也得给你提个醒吧,部落的计划已经被我们知晓了,到时候你要真的响应了召唤,那就是往坑里跳啊。 Although said that the projection pattern will not really die, but falls the rank level not to feel better. 虽然说投影模式不会真死,但掉等级位阶也不好受啊。 Ragoli Awes: Anything did not say that Brothers, you are really really kind. 拉格里奥斯:啥也不说了,兄弟啊,你是真够意思啊。 Hesdin: Therefore tomorrow afternoon can you king of following flame demon on, not injure accidentally the allied force together when the time comes. 艾丹:所以明天下午你到底会不会跟着炎魔之王一起上啊,可别到时候误伤友军。 Ragoli Awes: Tomorrow afternoon? Haha, did these fool beast people tell you? Your was flickered, how must summon the ceremony of king of flame demon possibly to complete quickly, least must wait till can start to summon the ceremony the day after tomorrow, I have am the supervisor in that side, told me personally. 拉格里奥斯:明天下午?哈哈,那些傻逼兽人这么跟你说的?你被人忽悠啦,要召唤炎魔之王的仪式怎么可能这么快完成,最少也要等到后天上午才能开始召唤仪式呢,我有手下在那边当监工,亲口告诉我的。 Hesdin: Really? That several beast person said with, me almost on letter/believes, many thanks reminder. 艾丹:真的?靠,那几个兽人说的跟真的似的,我差点就信了呢,多谢提醒。 Ragoli Awes: What thanked, our what related, you're welcome, words saying that you won't prepare to attack Maofeng ahead of time? 拉格里奥斯:谢啥啊,咱们什么关系,不用客气,话说你们不会准备提前进攻断矛峰吧? Hesdin: Could not attack, wetland here terrain anything situation you were not do not know, all was the mud swamp, the attack delivers the head/number of people, we prepared to circle directly, attacked the escape route of tribe, under the projection pattern will consume the strength in the Lord material world in any case continually, so long as to enough made hot element who were summoned dissipate finished up. 艾丹:进攻不了啊,湿地这边的地形都什么情况你又不是不知道,全是烂泥沼泽,进攻就是送人头啊,我们准备直接绕过去,攻打部落的后路,反正投影模式下在主物质世界会持续消耗力量,只要离得够远让被召唤来的火元素自己消散就完事了。 Ragoli Awes: Said is also, I did not accept the summon when the time comes. 拉格里奥斯:说的也是,那我到时候就不接受召唤了。 Ended the dialogue, Murphy looked at the vision again to the people. 结束了对话,墨非再次将目光看向了众人。 The people are still quarrelling. 众人却还在争吵呢。 Hesdin( Prince Otte Rank): I think that I know the beast person was doing, they are truly preparing to summon the king of flame demon, will hold the summon ceremony the day after tomorrow, at this time they are constructing the summon altar, material that the construction altar that these hard labors transport needs.” 艾丹(奥特兰克王子):“我想我知道兽人到底在干什么了,他们确实在准备召唤炎魔之王,而且将在后天上午举行召唤仪式,此时他们正在建造召唤祭坛,那些苦工运送的正是建造祭坛需要的材料。” The people look surprisedly to Murphy. 众人惊讶的看向墨非。 Ge Dewen has doubts saying: Prince Aidan, such detailed information, how you know.” 葛德文疑惑道:“艾丹王子,这么详细的信息,你是怎么知道的。” Murphy shows a faint smile, hehe, I can only say that I naturally have my means.” 墨非微微一笑,“呵呵,我只能说我自然有我的办法。” Ge Dewen first stares, immediately laughed. 葛德文先是一愣,随即大笑了起来。 Prince Aidan is really the hero of alliance, as the matter stands, the following plan was very easy, we cannot make the king of flame demon be summoned this world, once succeeds, we will lose the advantage thoroughly. “艾丹王子果然是联盟的英雄,这样一来,接下来的计划就很容易了,我们决不能让炎魔之王被召唤到这个世界,一旦成功,我们将彻底失去优势。 Therefore my plan is, tomorrow will gather all military to breaking Maofeng initiates fiercely attacks. 所以我的计划是,明天集中所有兵力对断矛峰发起猛攻。 Although the enemy military are many, but the knights of our alliance are the powerful soldiers, well-equipped well-trained, if can initiate the colony charge, certainly can penetrate the defense line of enemy. ” 敌人兵力虽多,但我们联盟的骑士都是强大的战士,装备精良训练有素,如果能够发起集群冲锋,一定可以击穿敌人的防线。” Immediately some people voice the question: But your majesty, the terrain issue how result of marsh land?” 马上就有人发出质疑:“可是陛下,沼泽地区的地形问题怎么结局?” Because the marsh land is muddy, is river-rich, is unable to make the large unit advance fast, this causes the defensive side to have the natural advantage. 由于沼泽地区泥泞不堪,河流纵横,根本无法让大部队快速突进,这就导致防守方有天然的优势。 Some people proposed: Concentrates all master armies, with the ice is the magic freeze swamp ground, kicks out road of the hard cold ice.” 有人提议道:“集中所有的法师部队,用冰系魔法冻结沼泽的地面,扑出一条坚硬的寒冰之路。” This actually good plan, but brings to pave the way for the noble master, this many makes the Talat wizards however somewhat uncomfortable. 这倒是个不错的计划,只是把高贵的法师拿来铺路,这多少让达拉然的大法师们有些不爽。 However for the victory of alliance , can only comply. 但是为了联盟的胜利,也只能答应了。 Ge Dewen continues saying: „ The military of tribe is scattered, they are obviously impossible to expect that we will gather the huge forces to attack. 葛德文继续道:“部落的兵力非常分散,他们显然不可能预料到我们会集中大量兵力突击。 We will concentrate the sharpest 30,000 knights, initiates from the upfront attacks, I will personally lead this army, Wuseer, matches Dan Dassault, Tugra Yang, Rad misfortune, you lead the respective army to launch the attack along with me together. 我们将集中最精锐的三万骑士,从正面发起突击,我将亲自率领这支军队,乌瑟尔,赛丹・达索汉、图拉杨、加文拉德・厄运,你们率领各自的部队随我一同发起进攻。 The in the air army I suggested that is led by Prince Aidan, Crown Prince Fox Tad is the adjutant, continuous cover our attacks. 空中部队我建议由艾丹王子率领,弗斯塔德亲王担任副官,全程掩护我们的进攻。 In addition, by the Var big duke, the Maugue Laney big feudal lord, Crown Prince Mladin, Blayney Prince and the others led the infantry to take the lead to launch the attack, attracts the attention of tribe. 除此之外,由伯瓦尔大公爵,莫格莱尼大领主,穆拉丁亲王,布莱尼王子等人率领步兵率先发起进攻,吸引部落的注意。 When the reserve forces of enemy assigned out, penetrates the defense line of enemy by these 30,000 knights and 3000 in the air army one breaths again. 等到敌人的预备队被调出,再以这三万骑士、三千空中部队一口气击穿敌人的防线。 Our goals are to destroy the altar on Maofeng, prevents to summon the ceremony, therefore does not need to fight the battle of attrition, once breaks through the direction to climb mountains immediately, kills off these beast person Shaman, then immediately retreats. ” 我们的目标是摧毁断矛峰上的祭坛,阻止召唤仪式,所以不需要打消耗战,一旦攻破方向立刻上山,杀光那些兽人萨满,然后立刻撤退。” This plan is nothing less than bold, but the successful possibility is extremely high, today a day of battle of attrition has allowed both sides to understand the terrain of wetland, this marsh land is unable to concentrate the large-scale army, particularly the cavalry battles, the enemy is not certainly able to expect this action. 这个计划不可谓不大胆,但成功的可能性极高,今天一天的消耗战已经让双方都对湿地的地形有所了解,这种沼泽地区根本无法集中大规模的军队,尤其是骑兵进行作战,敌人一定无法预料到这种行动。 Moreover Ge German must on the battlefield, this also be unexpectedly his one throws personally describes. 而且葛德文竟然要亲自上战场,这也算是他的一种投名状了。 In pondering one, people in abundance nod approval. 在思考了一阵之中,众人纷纷点头赞同。 Murphy also cast the yes vote. 墨非也投出了赞同票。 In Ge Dewen heart the big feeling is excited, the feeling of this command outstanding heroes is really good. 葛德文心中大感兴奋,这种号令群雄的感觉着实不错。 However he has not fluttered, fluttered previous time almost died to the pit by Hesdin, these must stand firm time. 不过他并没有飘,上一次飘差点就被艾丹给坑死了,这一次怎么也得稳住了。 When the conference ended, Ge German shouted Murphy, Lawrence, Sean, Mia alone. 等到会议结束,葛德文却单独把墨非、劳伦斯、肖恩、米娅喊到了一起。 He first looked to Murphy, Prince Aidan, tomorrow's action I and 30,000 knights the life and death safety all looked your, please must protect our sky.” 他先看向了墨非,“艾丹王子,明天的行动我和三万骑士的的生死安危就全看你的了,请务必守护好我们的天空。” Murphy somewhat is also accidental, never expected that Ge Dewen trusts him, ok, this person of pattern is very big. 墨非也有些意外,没想到葛德文这么信任他,行啊,这人格局挺大啊。 Nods, felt relieved that for the victory of alliance, I will certainly fight with you shoulder to shoulder, I by my honor guarantee, will not abandon your.” 点了点头,“放心吧,为了联盟的胜利,我必将与你并肩战斗,我以我的荣誉担保,绝不会背弃你的。” Ge Dewen nods, the vision looked to Lawrence, Mia, Sean. 葛德文点了点头,目光又看向了劳伦斯、米娅、肖恩三人。 Has not waited for Ge German opens the mouth 还没等葛德文开口 Lawrence said on own initiative: Relax the big brother, we will not play tomorrow absolutely again to brushing.” 劳伦斯就主动道:“放心吧大哥,我们明天绝对不会再玩对刷了。” Ge Dewen actually shows a faint smile, perhaps, I do not need you again to brushing one time.” 葛德文却微微一笑,“不,恐怕我还需要你们再对刷一次。” Prince Lawrence gawked, immediately is understanding. 劳伦斯王子愣了一下,立刻会意。 How needs me to do?” “需要我怎么做?” Relation tribe's that side player, told them, tomorrow continues to brushing, person who this you must sell time- was I, you told them......” “联系部落那边的玩家,告诉他们,明天继续对刷,这一次你们要卖的人-是我,你就这么跟他们说……” Ge Dewen was saying then mentioned own plan. ’ 葛德文说着便讲出了自己的计划。’ Lawrence listened to two to stare the eldest child. 劳伦斯听了两眼瞪得老大。 „Can this be good?” “这样能行么?” How does not try to know that in any case takes risk is not you.” “不试试怎么知道呢,反正冒险的又不是你。” Lawrence heart said that is also. 劳伦斯心说也是。 Immediately contacts with that several players of tribe. 立刻联系了部落的那几个玩家。 Lawrence: I said that the friend of tribe, tomorrow will also continue not to brush? ” 劳伦斯:我说部落的朋友,明天还继续刷不?” Dominating the blade is brutal: Brushes a chicken feather, this afternoon that fought us to be given the pit to be miserable by you, died more than 10,000 armies, the hero hung several, but also brushed anything, the brothers feared. 霸刀无情:靠,刷个鸡毛,今天下午那一战我们可是被你们给坑惨了,死了一万多部队,英雄挂了好几个,还刷什么啊,兄弟们都怕了。 Lawrence: This does not blame us, was your too vegetable/dish, tens of thousands people could not be victorious the a dragon, Mladin for a long time has not killed, where you must handle dwarf to have that many matters earlier. 劳伦斯:这可不怪我们,是你们太菜了啊,几万人连一条龙都打不过,还有穆拉丁那么长时间都没干掉,你们要早点搞定矮子哪有那么多事。 Dominating the blade is brutal: That Hesdin is hanging that opens hangs compels, mother wanted simply invincibly, how the father hit. 霸刀无情:那个艾丹是个开挂的挂逼啊,尼玛简直都要无敌了,老子怎么打。 Lawrence is also silent, the heart said that this Hesdin is so fierce? Looks also not much, average not wonderful appearance. 劳伦斯也是默然,心说这个艾丹真的这么厉害?看着也不怎么样啊,平平无奇的样子。 Lawrence: That does not have the means that that Hesdin with Mladin is the good friend, the friend has to be difficult to affirm that supports, moreover others will fly, we want to block cannot block. However does not need to be worried, this we had a perfect goal to sell to you time, Ge German, he but now King pill, got rid of that plot points absolute sea him. 劳伦斯:那也没办法啊,那个艾丹跟穆拉丁是好朋友,朋友有难肯定过去支援啊,而且人家会飞,我们想拦也拦不住啊。不过不用担心,这一次我们有个完美的目标可以卖给你们,葛德文,他现在可是洛丹伦国王了,把他干掉那剧情点数绝对海了去了。 Moreover he equips also well, a top disposition, after killing, absolutely developed, moreover he does not cope with Hesdin, if he were ganged up to surround and beaten up Hesdin definitely not to help. 而且他装备也好,一身的顶级配置,干掉之后绝对发达,而且他跟艾丹不对付,他要是被围殴艾丹肯定不会去帮忙的。 Dominating the blade is brutal: Go away, you also said that Ge Dewen was a king, his military so many, you dare to sell us not to dare to buy. 霸刀无情:滚,你也说葛德文是国王了,他兵力那么多,你敢卖我们还不敢买呢。 Lawrence: Relax, I just held the alliance high-level meeting, he must on personally the battlefield, when the time comes happen to be an opportunity tomorrow, asked that you do not do dry/does, we make...... 劳伦斯:放心吧,我刚开完联盟高层会议,他明天要亲自上战场,到时候正好是个机会,就问你干不干吧,我们这么弄…… Was saying planning saying that. 说着把计划讲了一遍,。 The opposite party listened to be really excited. 对方听了果然心动了。 Dominating the blade is brutal: Sounds very has the feasibility actually, ok, decided that how many brothers I go to contact, when the time comes acts together, what do you want to trade? 霸刀无情:听起来倒是挺有可行性,行,就这么定了,我去多联络几个弟兄,到时候一起行动,你想换点啥? Lawrence: Aogerui, bears Auzoux and Sarru Farr king...... 劳伦斯:奥格瑞姆、耐奥祖、萨鲁法尔大王……都可以。 Dominating the blade is brutal: The hero of this rank is not fond of playing jokes, this, will look tomorrow the situation I am contacting with you. ” 霸刀无情:这个级别的英雄可不好弄,这样吧,明天看情况我在联系你。” Tyrant blade brutally switched off the private letter, on the face actually showed the look of suspicion. 霸刀无情关掉私信,脸上却露出了怀疑的神色。 Around him, is actually today participate in together to brushing that group of players, they also in own conference. 在他周围,却是今天一起参与对刷的那一批玩家,他们也在开自己的会议呢。 Iron bloody battle wolf( fights wolf chief): What kind of? How did that side say?” 铁血战狼(战狼酋长):“怎么样?那边怎么说?” Lawrence said that must sell to us...... Tyrant blade brutally to say Ge German talked a moment ago two people. “劳伦斯说要把葛德文卖给我们……”霸刀无情说着把两人刚才的对话说了一遍。 The iron bloody battle wolf knits the brows immediately, feeling has the issue, the world announced that Adam just degenerated BOSS, Ge German was the king, this inside must say that did not have the relations to have the ghost, you said that can be Ge Dewen under the wrap/sets to us? He knows that we are doing to brushing, therefore arranged a trap to us.” 铁血战狼立刻皱了皱眉,“感觉有问题啊,世界公告亚当刚刚堕落成BOSS,葛德文就当了国王,这里面要说没有关系就出鬼了,你们说会不会是葛德文给我们下的套啊?他知道我们在搞对刷,所以给我们安排了一个陷阱。” Dominating the blade is brutal: „ I look mostly am so, but he does not know that we have known his conspiracy, we happen to can do things the other way round, our like this, how you look. „ 霸刀无情:“我看多半是如此,不过他不知道我们已经知道了他的阴谋,我们正好可以反其道而行,我们这样这样这样,你们看如何。“ The blade of end: I depend, dominating blade plan is good, I look at the line.” 末日之刃:“我靠,霸刀这计划不错啊,我看行。” Gold compared with ignorant/veiled: Right, decided.” 黄金比蒙:“对,就这么定了。” Meanwhile- 与此同时- Ge Dewen asked: What kind of, did the opposite party comply?” 葛德文问道:“怎么样,对方答应了么?” Lawrence nods: „ The opposite party complied, but- feels like a little suspected. 劳伦斯点了点头:“对方答应了,不过-感觉似乎有点怀疑。 Hehe, will certainly suspect, Adam to brushing main organizer, he had an accident, the players of these tribes are not really silly, without the suspicion matter exposes has ghost. “呵呵,当然会怀疑,亚当可是对刷的主要组织者,他都出事了,这些部落的玩家又不是真傻,如果没有怀疑事情败露才有鬼呢。 They can certainly guess correctly that I had known their conspiracy, therefore they will certainly do things the other way round. 他们一定能猜到我已经知道了他们的阴谋,所以他们一定会反其道而行。 However what they do not know, I have known they know we know their plots. 但是他们不知道的是,我已经知道了他们知道我们知道他们的阴谋。 Therefore they do things the other way round, I can instead do things the other way round, when the time comes we want like this again this, they were hopeless to sing. ” 所以他们反其道而行,我会反反其道而行,到时候我们只要这样这样再这样,他们就没戏唱了。” The Lawrence two eyes still stare the eldest child, Sean were understanding diligently, Mia is actually bewildered, this anything with anything. 劳伦斯两眼瞪得老大,肖恩还在努力理解,米娅却是一脸茫然,这都什么跟什么啊。 Murphy actually understood what is heard in one side, this Ge Dewen also really played the scheme to play to become addicted, is only the matter so will be really smooth? 墨非在一旁却是听明白了,这葛德文还真是玩计谋玩上瘾了啊,只是事情真的会如此顺利么? Perhaps Prince Aidan, this matter also needs your coordination.” “艾丹王子,这件事情恐怕还需要你的配合。” Murphy has not rejected, in any case the own model/pattern Xian person is you, you did not fear that I fear anything, does not have the issue.” 墨非倒也没有拒绝,反正亲身范险的人是你,你都不怕我怕什么,“没问题。” ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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