PTB :: Volume #4

#356: The knights charge!

Chapter 356 knights- charge! 第356章骑士们-冲锋! Wū wū wū wū! 呜呜呜呜! Miserable bugle horn sound sounds on the broad wetland wilderness, in the pride of the morning ascension, can see the innumerable person's shadows gradually to appear indistinctly. 一阵凄凉的号角声在广阔的湿地荒原上吹响,晨雾升腾中,隐约可以看见无数的人影逐渐显现。 The armor is clear, reflects the daybreak light that was just raising, the sword spear/gun like the forest, fills the air aura that desolate is killing. 盔甲鲜明,反射着刚刚升起的黎明的光,剑枪如林,弥漫着萧杀的气息。 The serious footsteps are trampling the swampy ground of mud, often complaint that can also hear the player. 沉重的脚步践踏着泥泞的沼泽地,不时的还能听到玩家的抱怨声。 Occasionally 1-2 unlucky eggs will also fall into the mire- this is the marsh land unique environment injury. 偶尔还会有1-2倒霉蛋掉进泥潭之中-这是沼泽地区特有的环境伤害。 The shadow of wyvern passed over gently and swiftly from the top of the head fast, brings for these soldiers consoles slightly, not far away is the camps of these barbaric beast people, so near distance fight may start momentarily, protects their in the sword except for hand, dragoon who only then in these sky flies round. 飞龙的阴影从头顶上快速掠过,为这些士兵们带来稍许慰藉,不远处就是那些野蛮兽人的营地,如此近的距离战斗随时可能会开打,保护他们的除了手中的剑,就只有那些天空中飞来飞去的龙骑兵了。 Quick 5000 people of infantry regiments several kilometers away the place outside the tribe position stopped, they exhibit an orderly square formation, has not actually launched the attack immediately, seems waiting for anything. 很快一支五千人的步兵军团就在部落阵地外数公里远的地方停了下来,他们摆出一个严整的方阵,却并没有立刻发起进攻,似乎在等待着什么。 In that morning, found at everywhere on the alliance and tribe's long saw line like the scene. 这一天早上,像这样的景象在联盟和部落漫长的拉锯线上随处可见。 In the entire alliance the route armies had been mobilized, over 100,000 infantries initiated the deceptive attack from each front simultaneously, they approach the camp of tribe, as if must attack momentarily, took to the tribe certain pressure. 整个联盟中路军都已经被动员了起来,超过十万名步兵从各个战线同时发起了佯攻,他们逼近部落的营地,仿佛随时都要进攻似的,带给了部落一定的压力。 However this is the camouflage of alliance, is used to attract the tribe troops the move. 然而这不过是联盟的障眼法,用来吸引部落兵力的招数罢了。 But this action true main force, enough 30,000 elite knights, actually centralized in more than ten kilometers away camp, is ready and waiting. 而这一次行动真正的主力,足足三万名精锐骑士,却集中在十几公里远的营地中,整装待发。 In these knights has the dragon that adjusts from the west line to install the heavy cavalry, the bugle summon ranger, there is a Gill sharp blade cavalry who adjusts from the east line, there is a private guard of each kingdom feudal lord, Saint knight regiment that the aristocrat knight, the hand of knight silver rolls...... 这些骑士中有从西线调过来的龙装重骑兵,号角召唤游骑兵,也有从东线调过来的吉尔尼斯利刃骑兵,也有各个王国领主的私人卫队,贵族骑士,白银之手骑士团的圣骑士军团…… Built up the elite knight in alliance each kingdom, it can be said that in the alliance history has presented the most powerful army. 集结了联盟各个王国的精锐骑士,可以说是联盟历史上出现过的最强大的一支军队了。 Not far away, Murphy also built up the air force of alliance, the dense and numerous lion vulture knight, great falconry, the dragoon, the dragon eagle knight, the vast wing just like the magnificent rug to spread out all over. 不远处,墨非也将联盟的空军集结了起来,密密麻麻的狮鹫骑士,巨鹰猎手,龙骑兵,龙鹰骑士,一望无际的羽翼犹如华丽的地毯铺展开来。 Murphy Station in a turret, looks at the surrounding army, the feeling of this leadership army, always makes one be crazy. 墨非站在一座塔楼上,看着周围的大军,这种率领大军的感觉,总是让人为之着迷。 King, we when?” Not far away, Tugra Yang cannot bear to Ge Dewen asks. “国王陛下,我们什么时候出发?”不远处,图拉杨忍不住对葛德文问道。 Ge German is quite satisfactory about this king, on the face is actually also maintaining the humble look. 葛德文对这一声国王陛下颇为满意,脸上却还保持着谦逊的神色。 Do not worry, when the enemy main force was transferred attacks again also with enough time.” “不要着急,等到敌人主力被调走再进攻也来得及。” „Can that plan really succeed?” “那个计划真的可以成功么?” Was quick we to know, Prince Lawrence- started.” “很快我们就知道了,劳伦斯王子-开始吧。” Nearby Lawrence nods, opens private chatted the channel. 一旁的劳伦斯点了点头,打开了私聊频道。 Lawrence: How did the friend of tribe, prepare? 劳伦斯:怎么样部落的朋友,准备好了么? Dominating the blade is brutal: Prepared, we built up 40,000 armies, this must take Ge Dewen, said that now where he is at? 霸刀无情:准备好了,我们集结了四万大军,这把一定要把葛德文拿下,说吧,他现在在哪? Lawrence: Ge Dewen the organization general attack, he was just succeeding to the throne the king, urgently needed one win the consolidated prestigious position, therefore launched this attack. 劳伦斯:葛德文正在组织全面进攻,他刚刚继位国王,急需一场胜利来巩固声望地位,所以才发动了这场进攻。 His plan launches the attack from each front simultaneously, attacks the peripheral foothold of tribe, fights a battle of attrition with the tribe, in the reserve military of alliance various parts were delivered from each kingdom, fighting the battle of attrition is favorable for us. 他的计划是从各个战线同时发起进攻,攻打部落的外围据点,跟部落打一场消耗战,联盟的后备兵力中各部分从各个王国被送过来,打消耗战是对我们有利的。 Moreover he does not plan to decide the victory and defeat today, so long as can capture several camps, was the victory. 而且他也不打算今天分出胜负,只要能攻下几座营地,也算是胜利了。 He also brings a 5000 people of regiment, prepares to capture a camp to show own valor/military skills personally, but this goods fear death, is far from the battlefield core, coordinates in 198,162 positions, nearby that tribe foothold, you, if the movement is quick enough, should have a half hour can gang up to surround and beat up him. 他自己也带着一个五千人的军团,准备亲自攻下一座营地来展现自己的武勇,不过这货可是怕死的很,离战场核心非常远,坐标就在198,162的位置,那附近就有一座部落据点,你们如果动作够快的话,应该有半个小时的时间可以围殴他。 Dominating the blade is brutal: Good, thanks Prince Lawrence, this matter, if became, we do not dare saying that certainly sells your Aogerui, to bear Auzoux, but sells the chiefs of your big clan absolutely not to have the issue. 霸刀无情:好的,谢啦劳伦斯王子,这事要是成了,我们不敢说一定卖你奥格瑞姆、耐奥祖,但卖你个大氏族的酋长绝对没问题。 Lawrence: Haha, I first thank. 劳伦斯:哈哈,那我就先谢谢啦。 Said that switched off private chatted. 说完关掉了私聊。 Meanwhile- tribe military compound. 与此同时-部落军营。 Iron bloody battle wolf( fights wolf chief): What kind of, how did the opposite say?” 铁血战狼(战狼酋长):“怎么样,对面怎么说?” Dominates the blade brutally( chief Tyrant blade): „The coordinates of Ge German in 198,162, sending one team of wyvern to investigate, has a look whether is true.” 霸刀无情(霸刀酋长):“葛德文的坐标在198,162,派一队飞龙去探查一下,看看是否属实。” Quick wyvern sent, soon after had the return. 很快飞龙就派了出去,不久之后就有了回报。 Really the well-equipped regiments prepare to attack nearby tribe foothold in the target location, moreover is hanging pill Wang Family/prince flag, has not actually hung the coat of arms flag, including 4000 pill princes guard the imperial palace the infantry and guard the imperial palace the square formation that the shooter composes, 1000 pill Imperial family knight. 果然有一支装备精良的军团在目标位置准备进攻附近的部落据点,而且挂着洛丹伦王家旗帜,却没有挂纹章旗,其中有四千洛丹伦王家禁卫步兵和禁卫射手组成的方阵,还有一千名洛丹伦皇家骑士。 Looks at the disposition, really conforms to the status of king very much. 看配置,果然很符合国王的身份。 Iron bloody battle wolf( fights wolf chief): What kind of, can begin? Our 50,000-60,000 armies, can definitely take him.” 铁血战狼(战狼酋长):“怎么样,要不要动手?我们50,000-60,000大军,肯定能拿下他。” Because yesterday to brushing the activity very carried out successful relations, the clan that today several players control one after another wanted to participate to brushing, causes military that can assemble also in unceasing growth. 因为昨天对刷活动搞得挺成功的关系,今天又陆续有好几个玩家掌控的氏族想要参与对刷,导致所能调集的兵力也在不断的增长。 Tyrant blade brutally actually shakes the head: „ This matter is not simple, you read this map, these infantry regiments said that is prepares to attack comprehensively, but if our really past besieged Ministry of Education, they quick can support. 霸刀无情却摇了摇头:“这事情没那么简单,伱们看这地图,这些步兵军团说是准备全面进攻,但如果我们真的过去围攻葛德文部,它们很快就能支援过来。 Naturally what is most troublesome is that storm Dragon King Hesdin, if he brings the flying unit to come increasing, we were bad, make same mistakes over again. 当然最麻烦的还是那个风暴龙王艾丹,万一他带着飞行部队过来增员,那我们岂不是要糟糕,重蹈覆辙了。 Mentioned the storm Dragon King people on the scene were all silent, yesterday that fought hit their was too miserable, moreover is completely the steamroll bureau, tens of thousands armies hitting to collapse by a dragon, in the mentality has not dared completely on. 一提到风暴龙王在场众人全都沉默了,昨天那一战他们被打的太惨了,而且完全是碾压局,几万大军被一只龙给打崩了,心态上已经完全不敢上了。 In fact Murphy may not have the means to use yesterday now that to incur again, Sugg Russ's the abstention of control needs to imitate the energy, within ten days did not have the means to summon that powerful evil to be able again the storm. 事实上墨非现在可没办法再用出昨天那一招了,萨格拉斯的统御之戒可是需要充能的,十天之内都没办法再次召唤出那么强大的邪能风暴了。 If faces several tens of thousands of armies again, Murphy does not dare easily just, not to say hardly other, is only dozens great demon bat knights can drive back him. 如果再面对数万大军,墨非可不敢轻易硬刚了,不说别的,光是几十只巨魔蝙蝠骑士就能逼退他。 However this group of chiefs do not know these. 不过这帮酋长们可丝毫不知道这些。 That what to do? Considers as finished?” “那怎么办?难道就这么算了?” I look to might as well bet, perhaps our full speed action, can take Ge German.” “我看不如赌一把,咱们全速行动,没准能一口气拿下葛德文。” King pill that is, taking us was also the big heroes of tribe.” “洛丹伦国王啊那可是,拿下咱们也算是部落的大英雄了。” Must go to you to go, you on first, how do I bring up the rear to you?” “要去你去,你先上,我给你压阵怎么样?” „, The solemn tribe warrior, how can be timid.” “靠,堂堂部落勇士,怎能如此怯弱。” Time that the people are quarrelling, high rank Shaman actually weak raised the hand. 众人正争吵的功夫,一个高阶萨满却弱弱的举起了手。 Or we reported the big chief, making the big chief dispatch troops to cope with that Ge German, when the ambusher appears, we come a canary again, comes a counter-encirclement. “要不咱们还是报告大酋长吧,让大酋长派兵去对付那个葛德文,等到伏兵出现,我们再来个黄雀在后,来个反包围。 If by some chance the enemy is extremely powerful, we at the worst not on and that's the end, information that if the opposite gives real, making the big chief get rid of Ge Dewen, we can also result in merit that provided the essential information. ” 万一敌人太过强大,我们大不了不上就是了,万一对面给的情报是真的,让大酋长把葛德文干掉了,我们好歹也能得个提供关键情报的功劳。” The people listened to be shocked, reported to the big chief? 众人听了都愣住了,上报给大酋长? However thinks carefully, actually is also this truth, now everyone mentality a little instigates, might as well make the big chief go, when this person who takes the lead considers as finished. 不过仔细想想,却也是这个道理,现在大家心态都有点怂,不如让大酋长去当这个出头鸟算了。 Dominates the blade brutally( chief Tyrant blade): Right, how such a makes us not to suffer a loss, if the people of alliance dare to play us, the big chief made them unable to eat to capture absolutely.” 霸刀无情(霸刀酋长):“对呀,这么一来怎么弄咱们都不吃亏,要是联盟的人敢玩我们,大酋长绝对让他们吃不了兜着走。” After ten minutes, several people arrived in the fort of big chief hurriedly. 十分钟后,几个人风风火火的来到了大酋长的要塞之中。 Big chief big chief, we discovered the new trend of enemy.” “大酋长大酋长,我们发现了敌人的新动态。” The pill King Ge German of alliance, to promote the prestige, the preparation launches the general attack, his army here, our time has the opportunity to take him at one fell swoop.” “联盟的洛丹伦国王葛德文,为了提升威望,准备发起全面进攻,他的部队就在这里,咱们这次有机会将他一举拿下啦。” Big chief, we deliberately considered that this strikes the glory of murder class king unable to make you miss, therefore sends the information specially.” “大酋长,我们寻思这击杀人类国王的荣耀怎么也不能让您错过,所以特意送来情报。” Saying that several players talked at once, for fear that Aogerui does not know that is information that they brought. 几个玩家七嘴八舌的说道,生怕奥格瑞姆不知道是他们带来的情报。 Aogerui looked at several people of one, cold snort/hum, had not actually done right after something else. 奥格瑞姆看了几人一眼,冷哼了一声,却没有接茬。 Sarru Farr, today frontline trend how?” “萨鲁法尔,今天前线的动态如何?” Alliance as if prepares to launch the large-scale attack, lots of infantries appeared in the frontline position, but they have not attacked.” “联盟似乎准备发起大规模进攻,大量步兵出现在了前线的阵地上,不过他们还没有进攻。” Sounds with several people of bringing information somewhat to. 听起来和几人带来的情报有些对的上。 You said carefully how this information does come?” “你们仔细说说,这情报是怎么来的?” Several players have actually thought that excuse, naturally is a narrow escape, fights bravely and seize the captive and severe punishment to interrogate and torture, the intelligence analysis and wyvern heroically to investigate, finally determined the authenticity of information. 几个玩家却早就想好了说辞,自然是九死一生、英勇奋战、抓捕俘虏、严刑拷问、智力分析、飞龙侦查,最终确定了情报的真实性。 In brief sounds to be how credible how. 总之听起来怎么靠谱怎么来。 Aogerui listened to finish to believe several points, the key was these fought bravely yesterday heroically, performance and heroic, even cut to kill a human king, Aogerui trust degrees to these young chiefs also promoted much. 奥格瑞姆听了却信了几分,关键是这几位昨天英勇奋战,表现的及其英勇,甚至斩杀了一名人类国王,奥格瑞姆对这些小酋长的信任程度也提升了不少。 Pondered the moment, Aogerui takes up a crystal ball, this thing is actually bears Auzoux to give to him, can the long range leave the communication. 沉思了片刻,奥格瑞姆拿起一颗水晶球,这玩意却是耐奥祖送给他的,可以远距离通讯。 Wields with the hand gently, above appears to bear the face of Auzoux immediately. 用手轻轻一挥,上面立刻浮现出耐奥祖的脸来。 Anti- Auzoux Grandmaster, how long does your side also want to be able the kick-off?” “耐奥祖大师,你那边还要多长时间才能开始仪式?” Big chief, here also requires day to prepare, tomorrow morning the ceremony can formally start.” “大酋长,我这里还需要一天的时间进行准备,明天上午仪式就可以正式开始了。” Day, Aogerui heart said that but actually can also try, if can cut to kill a king of alliance today again, tomorrow summons the king of flame demon, that this fought is easily accomplished. 一天的时间,奥格瑞姆心说倒也可以试一试,如果今天能再次斩杀一名联盟的国王,明天召唤出炎魔之王,那这一战就摧枯拉朽了。 The enemy separation of force, pours in any case can also try. 反正敌人兵力分散,倒也可以试一试。 Sarru Farr, what trend does the enemy currently have?” “萨鲁法尔,敌人目前有什么动态么?” These alliance armies start to assemble on the drawing saw line, as if prepared to launch the general attack, the building up military was over 100,000 people, was primarily the infantry.” “那些联盟部队开始在拉锯线上集结,似乎准备发起全面进攻,集结兵力超过了十万人,其中以步兵为主。” Doesn't have the cavalry?” “没有骑兵?” Swamp region cavalry might as well infantry is easy-to-use, only then main road nearby ground suits the cavalry to pass fast.” “沼泽地带骑兵还不如步兵好用,只有大路附近的地面适合骑兵快速通过。” Aogerui nods, finally felt relieved, breaking around Maofeng is the big piece swamp, the cavalry definitely is unable to pass, alliance's powerful knight army that he most dreads, as for these human infantries, does not have the advantage before the beast person infantry. 奥格瑞姆点了点头,终于放下心来,断矛峰周围是大片的沼泽,骑兵完全无法通过,他最忌惮的还是联盟强大的骑士部队,至于那些人类步兵,在兽人步兵面前毫无优势。 He looked at one to attempt everywhere, what made his pleasantly surprised was, army that ceremony human king personally led happen to near main road, this facilitated. 他又看了一遍地图,让他惊喜的是,那支仪式人类国王亲自率领的部队正好就在大路附近,这样就方便了。 Valok Sarru Farr, I have a duty to give you, according to the information showed, here is the regiment that the kings of alliance personally lead, if can cut to kill it, can attack the morale of alliance enormously, you lead 20,000- no, 30,000 wolf cavalries in the past, can look get rid of him. “瓦罗克・萨鲁法尔,我有一个任务交给你,根据情报显示,这里是联盟的国王亲自率领的军团,如果能将其斩杀,可以极大的打击联盟的士气,你带领两万-不,三万狼骑兵过去,看看能不能把他干掉。 Is certainly careful, if discovered that is not right to remove immediately, I will send the dragoon to provide the air umbrella for you. ” 一定要小心,如果发现不对劲就立刻撤回来,我会派遣龙骑兵为你提供空中掩护。” Since the hell roared to be missing, Du Longtan died in battle, the outstanding cavalry commanded only has Sarru Farr king. 自从地狱咆哮失踪,杜隆坦战死,优秀的骑兵统帅就只剩下萨鲁法尔大王了。 Yes- big chief.” Sarru Farr was saying then left the assemble forces. “是-大酋长。”萨鲁法尔说着便离开调集兵力去了。 Tyrant blade brutal and the others saw, signals with the eyes mutually, maintaining composure with, started to assemble the respective army similarly, prepares to look at the situation to act. 霸刀无情等人见了,互相使了个眼色,不动声色的的跟了出去,同样开始调集各自的部队,准备看情况出手。 30,000 wolf cavalries, it can be said that tribe most mobile units, do not look at the tribe 500,000 army huge quantities, but majority is an infantry, the escape route kept hundreds of thousands, the left and right divide hundreds of thousands, regarding breaking around Maofeng conducts the defense hundreds of thousands, the mobile military that can transfer truly at will is also less than 100,000 people. 三万狼骑兵,可以说是部落大部分机动部队,别看部落五十万大军数量庞大,但大部分都是步兵,后路留了十几万,左右两翼分出去十几万,围绕断矛峰周围进行防守的又有十几万,真正能随意调动的机动兵力也就不到十万人。 As for the cavalry, were less. 至于骑兵,就更少了。 These 30,000 wolf cavalries can be said as a beast person strongest mobile military. 这三万狼骑兵可以说是兽人最强大的一股机动兵力。 At this moment, under Sarru Farr's leadership, this powerful cavalry unit dashes about wildly following the main road, scouted quickly found the position of that human infantry. 此时此刻,在萨鲁法尔的率领下,这支强大的骑兵部队顺着大路一路狂奔,很快斥候就找到了那支人类步兵的位置。 That army is attacking a beast person foothold, immediately must take. 那支军队正在进攻一座兽人据点,马上就要拿下了。 That also has anything quite to hesitate, Sarru Farr orders, the tidal wolf cavalry called to kill, the infantries of alliance launch the defensive formation immediately, in the middle of the crowded formation, can see pill king Qi who indistinctly, under the flag, a golden armor wore the knight of royal crown to fight in the direction. 那还有什么好犹豫的,萨鲁法尔一声令下,潮水般的狼骑兵嗷嗷叫着就杀了过去,联盟的步兵立刻展开防守阵型,密集的阵型当中,隐约可以看到洛丹伦的王旗,旗帜下面,更有一个一身金甲头戴王冠的骑士在指挥战斗。 In Sarru Farr heart one happy. 萨鲁法尔心中一喜。 The enemies only have 5000 people, 30,000 pairs 5000, how hit wins. 敌人只有五千人,三万对五千,怎么打都赢了。 The wyvern scouts have investigated all around, not other military, but in order to be calm and steady, Sarru Farr called two meters beast person military governor, you two led to scout the army to stand guard in the surroundings, if there is reinforcements to report me immediately.” 飞龙侦察兵已经侦查过了四周,并没有其它兵力,不过安稳起见,萨鲁法尔还是叫来了两米兽人督军,“你们两个带领斥候部队在周围警戒,如果有援军立刻报告我。” Is a king.” “是大王。” However the fight continued for dozen minutes, does not have the meaning of reinforcements. 然而战斗持续了十几分钟,却丝毫没有援军的意思。 This pill Wang Family/prince guards the imperial palace worthily is the top infantry, the defense gnaws full power for a short time unexpectedly motionless. 只是这洛丹伦王家禁卫不愧是顶级步兵,全力防守一时半会竟然啃不动。 After opening circular , the crowded lance and shield wall simply is the steel hedgehog, although the wolf cavalry the mobility is good, but the impulse and defensive power are ordinary, does not dare to this formation, really to take your time hardly. 开了圆形阵之后密集的长矛和盾墙简直就是个钢铁刺猬,狼骑兵虽然机动性好,但冲击力和防御力一般,根本不敢硬冲这种阵型,真能慢慢来。 How many chiefs who in the distant place observes somewhat were anxious, I depend, does Lawrence give us unable the real information? 在远方观战的几个酋长都有些急了,我靠,劳伦斯给我们的不会真的情报吧? That this may a little lose face the action that the king head/number of people let. 那这把国王人头让出去的举动可就有点丢人了。 Meanwhile- alliance camp. 与此同时-联盟营地。 Ge Dewen opens the eye suddenly, beast person started to take action, we also prepared to attack.” 葛德文忽然睁开眼睛,“兽人开始行动了,我们也准备进攻。” Action! 行动! Has prepared the good several hundred masters to start to the ground use frost magic, the muddy swamp ground to be frozen a piece by piece hard ground simultaneously instantaneously, and was frozen the frozen earth constitution that by the rough soil. 早已经准备好的数百名法师同时开始对着地面使用冰霜魔法,泥泞的沼泽地面瞬间被冻结出一片片坚硬的地面,由粗糙的泥土和冻结的冻土构成。 Extends toward the front. 一路朝着前方延伸出去。 Pastor in abundance true words technique bears, on the mount that exerts the knight . 牧师纷纷将真言术・耐,施加到骑士的坐骑上,。 Ge Dewen is riding a horse in front of the knight army who arrives is ready and waiting. 葛德文骑着马来到整装待发的骑士大军前面。 Alliance's heroic officers, the knights from various country's, in the front, the army of beast person are preparing an evil magic ceremony, they must be used from the evil witchcraft of different world, destroys our kingdom, tarnishes our lands, kills our people. “联盟英勇的将士们,来自诸国的骑士们,就在前方,兽人的大军正在准备一场邪恶的魔法仪式,他们要用来自异世界的邪恶巫术,毁灭我们的王国,玷污我们的土地,杀害我们的人民。 King Ryan died in battle, King Eden died in battle, Grey Mayen king died in battle, my Royal Father, Tyner Reyes king by these evil beast person shameless killing. 莱恩国王战死了,艾登国王战死了,格雷迈恩国王战死了,我的父王,泰纳瑞斯王被那些邪恶的兽人无耻的杀害。 Now, was the time makes these despicable domestic animals pay the price. 现在,是时候让这些卑劣的畜生付出代价了。 My by Alliance leader and name of King pill order you- charge knights, for your pledges, for your kings, for just and glorious- charge! 我以联盟领袖和洛丹伦国王的名义命令你们-冲锋吧骑士们,为了你们的誓言,为了你们的国王,为了正义与荣耀-冲锋! Wū wū wū wū! 呜呜呜呜呜! The resonant bugle horn sound heavenshaking resounds, 30,000 elite knights, toward breaking Maofeng initiated a charge of ultra long distance following this frozen earth main road. 嘹亮的号角声震天般响起,三万精锐骑士,顺着这条冻土大道朝着断矛峰发起了一次超长距离的冲锋。 Several kilometers distance seems like very far, however before the knight of sprint, less than 15 minutes ran full power merely. 十几公里的距离看似很远,但是在全力冲刺的骑士面前,仅仅不到十五分钟就跑完了。 When they break Maofeng after all, a beast person camp also appeared in the line of sight. 当他们毕竟断矛峰的时候,一座兽人营地也出现在了视线之中。 Destroys it! 摧毁它! Several wizards use the class/flow spark rain together, the front door of instantaneous camp drove out, the heavy armor cavalry swarms to enter, lead is the dragon the unusual branch of the services regiment that is installed the heavy cavalry and silver Saint knight comprised, just like a steel mighty current, shortly will wash away this beast person camp...... 十几名大法师一起使用流星火雨,瞬间营地的大门就被轰开,重甲骑兵蜂拥而入,带头的更是由龙装重骑兵和白银圣骑士组成的超凡兵种军团,犹如一股钢铁洪流,顷刻间就将这个兽人营地冲毁…… What! Does the alliance cavalry army launch the attack? Cannot resist.” “什么!联盟骑兵大军发起进攻?抵挡不住。” Waste, is the waste, 100,000 armies, three defense lines, how possibly cannot resist.” “废物,都是废物,十万大军,三道防线,怎么可能抵挡不住。” Big chief, the enemy is the rewiring knight, is powerful and aggressive, the brothers cannot withstand.” “大酋长,敌人全都是重装骑士,实力强悍,弟兄们顶不住啊。” Makes the wolf knight go...... damn, our fell into a trap!” Aogerui responded immediately, goes to shout quickly Sarru Farr that several young chief, makes them force up immediately, breaks Maofeng to make no mistake certainly. ” “让狼骑士去……该死,我们中计了!”奥格瑞姆顿时反应了过来,快去把萨鲁法尔喊回来,还有那几个小酋长,立刻让他们顶上去,断矛峰绝不容有失。” ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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