PDG :: Volume #8

#749: Motion

The entrance of US ABC Television station. 美国ABC电视台的大门口。 Fang Xingjian and Katherine have gone down car(riage) slowly, looks at the present television station building, Fang Xingjian Martial Intent has swept, nodded saying: „ Human is very many, but is this television station coverage scope broad enough? I hope that world many people can see me to teach Sword Technique as far as possible. 方星剑凯瑟琳缓缓走下了车,看了看眼前的电视台大楼,方星剑武道意志一扫而过,点了点头说道:“人是挺多的,不过这个电视台覆盖范围够广么?我希望全世界尽可能多的人能看到我教导剑术 The degree of adaptability, noon evening late at night, must have the television station endlessly to duplicate in the morning to broadcast. ” 还有配合度,早上中午晚上深夜,都必须有电视台不断重复播放。” Katherine nodded, in the expression has one to say proud: „ Please feel relieved that Xingjian, this is the ABC television station, does not have the issue. 凯瑟琳点了点头,语气之中带着一丝骄傲说道:“请放心吧,星剑,这是ABC电视台,没有问题的。 As for the degree of adaptability, Elena and father had greeted with Robert, absolutely does not have the issue. ” 至于配合度,艾莲娜和父亲已经和罗伯特打过招呼了,绝对没有问题。” As one of the world maximum television stations, US ABC broadcasting company is 500 strong enterprises that deserves, in US altogether over 200 attached television stations, the audience range almost distributes in the entire American range, absolute jumbo. 作为世界最大的电视台之一,美国ABC广播公司乃是当之无愧的500强企业,旗下在美国一共有超过200个附属电视台,受众范围几乎分布在整个美洲范围,绝对的巨无霸。 When Fang Xingjian and Katherine speech, was men and women walked, the male abundant god was handsome, bright golden hair, a pair of deep blue eyeball, the body wear worked as the season most popular western-style clothes, a self-confidence and arrogance of face. 就在方星剑凯瑟琳说话的时候,又是一对男女走了过来,男的丰神俊朗,一头灿烂的金发,一双碧蓝的眼珠,身上穿着当季最流行的西服,一脸的自信和高傲。 Female enchanting charming, puts on the fashion, just like model who on the T stage just walked. 女的则妖娆妩媚,穿着时尚,宛如T台上刚刚走下来的模特。 Hears their dialogs, that white man laughs, looks at vision contemptuous of Fang Xingjian: Child, you do know what you come is where? Even if the top star in Hollywood, the emperor giant star in Europe, stood does not dare to speak this words here.” 听到两人的对话,那名白人男子哈哈一笑,看着方星剑的目光略带一丝轻蔑:“小朋友,你知不知道你来的是什么地方?就算是好莱坞的顶级明星,欧洲的天皇巨星,站在这里也不敢说这种话。” Condescending man named Ford, is a renowned entertainment program director, many ace programs of ABC television station is operates by his one, regardless of being the personal connection is broad in the television station or the entertainment world, the fame is enormous. 居高临下的男人名叫福特,乃是一个著名的娱乐节目导演,ABC电视台的许多王牌节目就是由他一手操作,不论在电视台还是娱乐圈都是人脉广阔,名气极大。 Only listens to him to say self-important: Here spoke must be careful, otherwise when the time comes how refrigerated does not know that this line cannot be so good to mix.” 只听他老气横秋道:“在这里说话还是要小心点,不然到时候怎么被冷藏的都不知道,这一行不是可这么好混的。” Said that Ford of these words shows a faint smile to look to Katherine: Miss Katherine, your friend does not know the business evidently......” 说完这番话的福特又微微一笑看向凯瑟琳:“凯瑟琳小姐,你的这位朋友看样子不怎么懂行啊……” Originally he knows Katherine, even he already to was the international supermodel, was Katherine of princess drools with envy, opposite party the appearance or the stature might be considered as he are always rare, let alone the princess of real estate big shot. 原来他是认识凯瑟琳的,甚至他早就对又是国际名模,又是千金小姐的凯瑟琳垂涎三尺,对方不论是外貌还是身材都堪称是他平生少见,何况还是房产大亨的千金小姐。 Therefore saw that they resemble male and female friend same to appear here, cannot bear suppress Fang Xingjian. 所以一看到两人好像男女朋友一样出现在这里,就忍不住打压一下方星剑 Actually sees the Katherine wear a look of cold frost, looks at Ford saying: Mr. Ford, please immediately apologize to Mr. Fang, otherwise then in my Douglas family is the enemy.” 却看到凯瑟琳面带寒霜,看着福特说道:“福特先生,请您立刻向方先生道歉,不然便是于我道格拉斯家族为敌,。” What?” Ford has not thought that the response of Katherine so will be intense, is startled and gets angry: „Does Katherine, know that what you were saying?” “什么?”福特根本没想到凯瑟琳的反应会这么激烈,又惊又怒道:“凯瑟琳,知不知道你在说些什么?” But Ford television station old people, he had the human in the board of directors, even he had part as the stock of reward in the hand, under the hand had does not know how many TV stars and directors were his student, in the ABC television station was the absolute established hero, how can tolerate Katherine so to ridicule itself? 福特可是电视台老人了,他在董事会有人,甚至他自己就有一部分作为奖励的股份在手上,手底下更是有不知道多少电视明星、主持人都是他的学生,在ABC电视台可谓是绝对的老牌功臣,怎么能容忍凯瑟琳如此奚落自己? Your Douglas family is fierce, cannot manage the ABC television station. 道格拉斯家族再厉害,也管不到ABC电视台来。 Nearby female companion was the new promote director of television station, the appearance is also delightful, the stature sex appeal, a name brand, hear that sneered saying: Katherine, should not be too rampant, here is not the estate of your Douglas family, speaks at a venture again, after you later two, do not think on any program of ABC television station, difficult.” 一旁的女伴也是电视台的新晋主持人,长相甜美,身材性感,一身的名牌,闻言冷笑道:“凯瑟琳,你不要太嚣张了,这里又不是你们道格拉斯家族的楼盘,再乱说话,你们以后两个以后就别想上ABC电视台的任何节目,寸步难行。” Ford nods arrogantly, Katherine he is very difficult to force out, but one side has not seen the young man, by him in the power and influence of ABC television station, forced out also forces out. 福特倨傲地点点头,也许凯瑟琳他很难封杀,但一旁从没见过的年轻男子,以他在ABC电视台的权势,封杀也就封杀了。 The obvious two people are the personnel of television station, was not clear recently several Tianxi seacoasts **** violent change. 显然两个人身为电视台的人员,并不清楚最近几天西海岸****的猛烈变化。 However when he must speak, cold snort transmits from the mouth of Fang Xingjian, the air is almost all of a sudden sad just like the deep sea, Ford with the female director is one knees down, just like is the mouse meets the tiger to be the same, a urine bashful taste such remained from their both legs. 不过就在他要说话的时候,一声冷哼从方星剑的嘴巴之中传来,空气一下子沉闷得宛如深海,福特和女主持人几乎是啪嗒一下就跪倒在地,宛如是老鼠遇到老虎一样,一股尿臊味就这么从他们双腿之间留了出来。 Has anything saying that Katherine, you must learn to disregard the ants.” After Fang Xingjian cold snort, then turned around to depart: Does not need to explain that stepped on directly on the line.” “有什么好说的,凯瑟琳,你要学会无视蝼蚁。”方星剑冷哼一声后,便已经转身离去:“无需解释,直接踩过去就行了。” Then, he moved toward the television station hall with Katherine, leaves behind Ford and female director looks pale kneels down on the ground, in the eye is the color of angry distortion. 说完,他已经和凯瑟琳一起走向电视台大厅,留下福特和女主持人面色苍白地跪倒在地上,眼中全是愤怒扭曲之色。 Mr. Ford? You how?” 福特先生?你怎么了?” Mr. Ford? Your incontinence? Wants me to help you call the doctor?” 福特先生?你失禁了?要我帮你叫医生么?” Mr. Ford, I hold you to get up.” 福特先生,我扶你起来吧。” Such was surrounded in the entrance for more than ten minutes, finally was held, he with great difficulty stands, has run into the office with the female management dingily, then has cleaned the body hurriedly, has changed the pants clothes. 足足在大门口被这么围观了十多分钟,最后被人扶起来,他才好不容易站起来,和女主持一起灰溜溜地逃进了办公室里,然后匆匆忙忙擦拭了身体,换了裤子衣服。 Damn, exactly what happened.” “该死,到底发生了什么事情。” Ford to the present was still bewildered, became angry out of shame, did not make clear just the kneeling down incontinence reason is anything, but also knows that this matter had certainly the relations with that Asian young people. 福特到现在仍旧是莫名其妙,恼羞成怒,搞不清楚刚刚自己跪倒失禁的原因是什么,但也知道这件事情一定和那个亚洲年轻人有关系。 He scolded for five minutes in office, immediately works on the telephone to plan to telephone to investigate the status of that Asian, prepares to retaliate the opposite party. 他在办公室里骂了五分钟的时间,立刻抓起电话就打算打电话调查那亚洲人的身份,准备报复对方。 Several telephones told, he sits on the chair, was still indignant, in the television station nearly 20 years, he such has not lost face. 几个电话吩咐了下去,他才坐在椅子上,却仍旧愤愤不平,在电视台快20年了,他都没这么丢脸过。 At this moment, cell phone sound gets up, Ford looks like the electricity showed that immediately becomes a face is respectful, said: Hey...... Chairman...... I knew...... Good...... Good...... I knew......” 就在这时,手机声响起,福特一看来电显示,立刻变得一脸恭敬,说道:“喂……董事长……我知道了……好的……好的……我知道了……” After having made the telephone call, surprised of his face: Chairman personally came unexpectedly, what guest is so honored?” 挂了电话之后,他一脸的惊讶:“董事长竟然都亲自来了,什么客人这么尊贵?” Shook the head, he stands to walk toward the conference room immediately, enters the conference room, then discovers several directors, Director, the several directors and general managers of management, even several work rooms, the laboratory, the presidents of development division have arrived in full, is unprecedented Grand Formation accommodates simply. 摇了摇头,他立刻站起来朝着会议室走去,一进入会议室,便发现几位当家主持人,导演,还有管理层的几位总监、总经理,甚至几个工作室,实验室,发展部的总裁都已经到齐了,简直是前所未有的大阵容。 Ford enters a familiar director to ask: Hi, Jemmy, is the scene so big? Do you know what's the matter?” 福特走进一名熟悉的主持人问道:“嗨,杰米,场面这么大?你知道是怎么回事么?” Does not know.” Is called Jemmy's director shrugs saying: Heard that had any super client to come, the chairmen went to greet personally.” “不知道。”被称为杰米的主持人耸了耸肩说道:“不过听说是有什么大客户来了,董事长都去亲自迎接了。” „Does chairman greet personally? Is the exclusive live transmission power? It is not right, this is also insufficient the chairman also to come up, do some people need to acquire the company?” Ford shook the head, somewhat does not ravel, the so grand reception, he really has not met. “董事长亲自迎接?难道是独家直播权?不对啊,这也不至于董事长也上去,还是有人要收购公司?”福特摇了摇头,有些弄不明白,如此隆重的接待,他还真是没遇到过。 At this moment, conference room front door opens, chairman walked, sees his, Katherine and Fang Xingjian however follow on the heels leisurely, three people were talking at will anything, but actually can also see the chairman to have obvious showing good will. 就在这时,会议室大门打开,董事长走了进来,就看到他的身后,凯瑟琳方星剑施施然地跟在后面,三人随意地交谈着什么,但却也能看到董事长有着一丝明显的示好。 Cracks a joke, the biggest shareholders of ABC television station are Disney Corporation, but present chairman chairman and chief executive officer of Disney, Robert. 开什么玩笑,ABC电视台的最大股东乃是迪士尼公司,现在的董事长可是迪士尼的董事长兼首席执行官,罗伯特艾格。 But what monster is Disney? The subsidiary company are innumerable, the staff total surpasses 200,000, property about 100 billion dollars colossus. 而迪士尼又是什么样的怪物?旗下子公司无数,员工总数超过200000,资产近100000000000美金的庞然大物。 Saw that Ford at this moment one face flattered to look at Fang Xingjian and Katherine, the eye of Ford almost must stare. 看到福特此刻都一脸讨好地看着方星剑凯瑟琳,福特的眼睛几乎都要瞪出来了。 What person have I annoyed?’ ‘我到底惹了什么人?’ Cold sweat unknowingly flowed from the back of Ford. 一丝冷汗从福特的背脊上不知不觉流了下来。
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