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#748: Dissemination

The answer of this issue just like the ant same nest in her at heart, making her very uncomfortable, incomparably longs for this issue the answer. 这个问题的答案宛如蚂蚁一样窝在她的心里,让她无比难受,无比渴望这个问题的答案。 But the Fang Xingjian power and influence deeply carves in her innermost feelings, making her constrain own curiosity and impulsive unceasingly. 方星剑的威势又深深刻在她的内心,让她不断压抑自己的好奇和冲动。 When Fang Xingjian has turned around, Elena low head, constrained impulsion in oneself heart, on the mouth said: „ Sorry, Teacher, Tom spirit wolf technique is moving under water the aspect to be extremely formidable, we cannot find him. 方星剑转过身来时,艾莲娜还是低下了脑袋,压抑了自己心中的冲动,嘴上说道:“抱歉,老师,汤姆的幽灵狼技能在潜行方面太过强大,我们也没能找到他。 However three people of law enforcement department, die now two wounded, I obtained some materials from their mouth. ” 不过执法部的三人,现在一死二伤,我从他们口中得到了一些资料。” Elena, three people of law enforcement department lie low in the lawn, a headless corpse, the other two fainted. 艾莲娜的身后,执法部的三人平躺在草坪上,其中一具无头尸体,另外两人都已经昏死过去。 Did not matter, sends for continue pursue on the line.” Fang Xingjian the unusualness quantity on hand was enough at this time, regarding Tom anything does not care. “无所谓了,派人继续追着就行。”方星剑此时手头的超凡者数量已经足够,对于汤姆什么的也根本不在乎。 The matter of law enforcement department makes him somewhat care actually, asks: Um, looked up in this world the information of powerhouse?” 倒是执法部的事情让他有些在意,问道:“嗯,查到这个世界上强者的信息了么?” Yes.” Elena said: Red Alliance, Bright Council, they are the strongest unusual influence of this world......” “是的。”艾莲娜说道:“赤色联盟,光明议会,他们便是这个世界的最强超凡势力……” The material that obtains from two law enforcement department unusualness mouths is not detailed, actually also enough Fang Xingjian judges a lot. Especially about Red Alliance and Bright Council in the materials of several most powerhouses, this is the law enforcement department understands very clearly. 从两名执法部超凡者嘴中得到的资料不算详细,却也足够方星剑判断很多事情。特别是关于赤色联盟光明议会中几个最强者的资料,这都是执法部了解得非常清楚的。 Children of God? Super Human System? Such looks like, I in the fellow who on Sun knocks down, was he.’ Fang Xingjian said according to the material judgment: If he is the most powerhouse of this world, I did not need such to take into consideration actually.’ ‘上帝之子?超人系统?这么看来,我在太阳上打晕的家伙,就是他了。’方星剑根据资料判断道:‘如果他就是这个世界的最强者,我倒是不用这么顾及了。’ Especially his these days research also has the achievement, besides operating the powers of some opposite party within the body systems, had understood the system takes Material Particle as the part of principles of carrier. 特别是他这段时间的研究又有成果,除了操纵一部分对方体内系统的权能外,更是了解了系统以物质颗粒为载体的一部分原理。 Katherine has completed Material Particle, I still have not actually been able to induce Miracle World, in other words is the influence insufficient?’ 凯瑟琳完成了物质颗粒化,我却仍旧还没能感应到奇迹世界,也就是说影响力还是不够么?’ That...... Can more person Material Particle?’ ‘那么……要把更多人物质颗粒化?’ Like this words, Fang Xingjian previous time has given world Ether Particles, these time spreads Material Particle to the entire world. 这样算起来的话,方星剑上一次就是给予了一个世界以太迷子,这一次则是将物质颗粒蔓延到整个世界。 However if makes the entire Earth people transform is really the body of Material Particle, masters the Knights Cultivation method naturally, that naturally was thoroughly reversed the history of entire world, moreover in this process, Fang Xingjian was equal to having millions of experiment materials, even possibly observed the process that Knight System effectively formed and evolves. 不过如果真的让全地球的人都转化为物质颗粒的身体,自然而然掌握骑士修炼的方法,那自然是彻底将整个世界的历史扭转了,而且这个过程中,方星剑等于拥有了千千万万的实验材料,甚至可能观察到骑士系统真正形成、进化的过程。 Then tries to be good first.’ ‘那么先试试行不行。’ Fang Xingjian looks at present Elena, finger lifts gently, the body of opposite party then fiercely floats, although Elena has the promotion system, are more is Ether Particles regarding enhancement of mortal body, but has not changed the physical essence of mortal body. 方星剑看着眼前的艾莲娜,手指轻轻一抬,对方的身体便猛地漂浮起来,艾莲娜虽然拥有升级系统,却更多是一种以太迷子对于肉身的加强,而并没有将肉身的物理本质改变。 Such person also has the formidable physical quality, is makes Fang Xingjian try his method. 这样的人还拥有强大的身体素质,正好是让方星剑试试他的方法。 Dedicated, earnest, remembers my following movement, this is my protestantism your Sword Technique, makes you be reborn sufficiently, strength again upper formation building.” “专注,认真,记住我接下来的动作,这是我新教你的剑术,足以让你脱胎换骨,实力再上层楼。” The ice-cold sound has blown in the Elena mind, a next quarter numb feeling spreads from her chest, the biocurrent in within the body condenses, the spread, flowing, initiated a faint trace strange change to occur in within the body. 冰冷的声音在艾莲娜的脑海之中吹过,下一刻一股酥酥麻麻的感觉从她的胸口蔓延开,体内的生物电流凝聚,蔓延,流动,引发了一丝丝奇异的变化在她的体内发生。 Has remembered, this set of metempsychosis reincarnation sword is one set completely changes your body essence, opens Sword Technique of road of human body evolution, is one set in within the body movement, does not have pure of any outside body movement internal strength, you remember surely, cannot have the tiny bit mistake.” “记住了,这套投胎转世剑乃是一套彻底改变你身体本质,开启人体进化之路的剑术,也是一套只有体内运动,无任何体外运动的纯‘内功’,你千万记牢,不能有一丝一毫的错误。” During the speeches, the energy in Ether Particles changes into wild electric currents, the direct arbitrary bang enters the body of Elena, is stimulating her each member and atom from top to bottom in the unique method, as if each electric current changed into sword of the thunder to be the same, was washing the body of Elena by enormous and powerful sword strength Tianwei. 说话间,以太迷子中的能量化为一道道狂暴的电流,直接蛮横的轰入艾莲娜的身体,以独特的方法刺激着她浑身上下的每一颗分子、原子,似乎每一丝电流都化为了一股雷霆之剑一样,以浩荡剑力天威洗涤着艾莲娜的身体。 One day later, consecutively 100 Material Particle were born from Elena within the body, her strength has not obtained the qualitative promotion, the intensity and potential of her body were different from the past. 一天之后,连续100颗物质颗粒艾莲娜的体内诞生了出来,她的战力没有得到质的提升,她身体的强度、潜力都已经和过去不同。 Looks Elena that wakes, Fang Xingjian said: Then you go back the later every day to practice.” 看着醒过来的艾莲娜,方星剑说道:“接下来你回去之后每日练习。” Elena nodded, is feeling the difference in within the body, as if the body stiffened once more. 艾莲娜点了点头,感受着自己体内的不同,似乎身体再次变强了。 In her mind is also thinking the description of metempsychosis reincarnation sword: 1.08 billion pellets? So long as continues Cultivation, body transformation is 1.00008 billion surely Material Particle, then can be aloof the limit of mortal mortal body, has the gods same strength?’ 她的脑海中还想着投胎转世剑的描述:‘1080000000颗粒?只要继续修炼,将身体转化为1000080000千万物质颗粒,便可以超脱凡人肉身之限制,拥有神明一样的力量?’ At this moment, with the aid of the changes in within the body 100 Material Particle, she can feel the opposite Fang Xingjian as if also owner similar strength of indistinctly. 这一刻,借助体内100颗物质颗粒的变化,她能隐隐约约感受到对面的方星剑似乎也拥有者相似的力量。 Teacher, is this strength that you grasp?’ ‘老师,这是你掌握的力量么?’ At this moment, ambition of flaming combustion from her moral nature flood. 这一刻,熊熊燃烧的野心从她的心底里泛了出来。 Three days later, three unusualness wake up from the sleep, grasped the metempsychosis reincarnation sword. 三天后,又有三名超凡者从睡梦中醒来,掌握了投胎转世剑。 Two days later, is ten unusualness wakes up. 两天后,又是十名超凡者醒来。 One day later, first ordinary mortal Cultivation has become the metempsychosis reincarnation sword. 一天后,第一名普通凡人修炼成了投胎转世剑。 The Fang Xingjian talent was too fearful, Dharma Prints 10th stratum, in addition the Sword Technique talent of first under heaven, making his research speed fast incomparable, after clarifying relation of Material Particle and system and Ether Particles, he within the several days, then created such one set the mortal transformation is Material Particle Sword Technique. 方星剑的天赋实在太可怕了,法纹十层,加上天下第一的剑术天赋,让他的研究速度飞快无比,在弄清楚了物质颗粒和系统、以太迷子的联系之后,他在短短几天之内,便创造出了这么一套将凡人转化为物质颗粒剑术 Naturally although this Sword Technique invented, but Cultivation also requires the time, Ordinary person must spend for 20-30 years, can from top to bottom transform mortal body is the Material Particle structure. 当然这种剑术虽然发明出来了,但是修炼也是需要时间的,普通人恐怕要花二三十年的时间,才能将浑身上下的肉身都转化为物质颗粒结构。 In this process, their physique because inspires the Ether Particles strength to strengthen unceasingly, most can be the ordinary first job transition degree. 这个过程中,他们的体质会因为不断引动以太迷子的力量而增强,最多能达到普通一转的程度。 Fang Xingjian understands that this is swordsmanship of one set of sufficiently reformation of the world, is he breaks through this 1st stratum Heavenly Palace key, is he obtains multi-system mysteries the method. 方星剑明白,这是一套足以改变世界的剑法,也是他突破这一层天宫的关键,更是他获得更多系统奥秘的方法。 ` Must disseminate this set of swordsmanship, more people learn this set of swordsmanship, the historical trend then jump over are unmodifiable, I have more cases to observe. ‘必须要将这套剑法传播出去,越多人学会这套剑法,历史大势便越不可改变,我也拥有更多的个例可以观察。 If can see the Knight System formation process, was too big to my help. ’ 如果能够看到骑士系统成型的过程,对我的帮助就太大了。’ After the moment, Fang Xingjian has awakened Katherine, asked directly: „Do you have the relations of television station?” 片刻后,方星剑唤醒了凯瑟琳,直接问道:“你有电视台的关系吧?” „?” Katherine is the top supermodel, network favorite, the princess, the fashionable expert, naturally also has the relations of television station, but she does not understand that Fang Xingjian wants this doing. “啊?”凯瑟琳身为顶尖名模,网络红人,千金小姐,时尚达人,自然也是有电视台的关系的,只不过她不明白方星剑要这个干嘛。 Fang Xingjian said: Helps me relate the television station, I must disseminate one set of Sword Technique.” The propagation mode of enough authority Fang Xingjian first thinks, naturally was the television station. 方星剑说道:“帮我联系电视台,我要传播一套剑术。”方星剑第一个想到的足够权威的传播方式,自然就是电视台了。 But the most powerhouse of this world also merely is God Level 3rd layer the words of strength, he naturally did not have too to have scruples greatly. 而这个世界的最强者也仅仅是神级三重的战力的话,他自然也没有太大顾忌了。 Disseminates Sword Technique? But this......” Katherine stares, does not clarify the Fang Xingjian blind alley. “传播剑术?可是这……”凯瑟琳一愣,更加弄不清楚方星剑的死路。 Not, but.” Fang Xingjian directs, will be reincarnated the content of metempsychosis sword to send in the brain of Katherine. “没有可是。”方星剑一指点出,将转世投胎剑的内容送入了凯瑟琳的大脑。 Exhausts all your means that after the television broadcasts, spreads this set of Sword Technique in online. I must person Cultivation this set of Sword Technique in the world.” “用尽你的一切手段,在电视播出以后,将这套剑术散布在网上。我要全世界的人都修炼这套剑术。” --------- --------- A chapter is late 还有一章晚点
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